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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 218


AST 218 - The recipe of Endurance Pellet, Golden Flesh LingZhi

Canghai Mingyue saw that her father's bangle had also a 3rd grade black gemstone. She reached her hand towards the black gemstone near her chest. She knew that it was a 4th grade black gemstone...

’’Senior, I promised to send you gifts. Are you treating me like an outsider?’’ Qing Shui shook his head.

Canghai had been thinking, ’’I am not treating you like an outsider, but you have no relations with my daughter.’’ He had tried to give her to Qing Shui many times, but was only rejected by him. Qing Shui had only wanted Canghai to remember the favour.

Canghai Mingyue heard the phrase ’’Are you treating me like an outsider’’ and thought that he was really thick-skinned. What else were you if not an outsider? However, thinking about that made her embarrassed.

’’Daddy, forget it. I have this medicinal recipe for him.’’ Canghai Mingyue smiled. She then took out a leather sheet and passed to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui smiled and accepted the sheet from Canghai Mingyue. Seeing that she was looking a little strangely at him, Qing Shui thought about it. He smiled bitterly, and hurriedly took out a small ceramic bottle that he had prepared for her.

’’Please forgive me for forgetting about Great Little Miss.’’ Qing Shui awkwardly handed over the gift quickly.

Looking at Qing Shui, the Canghai couple smiled. They were especially happy seeing the interaction between Qing Shui and their daughter.

Qing Shui stole a glance at the recipe and spotted ’’Endurance Pellet’’, so out of curiosity, he quickly glanced down. It only required five ingredients, and he could gather all of them very quickly. Although, he could not do so for the other as it required a Fruit of Endurance.

The remaining ingredients were the Thousand Year Lingzhi, Beast Internal Pellet, the teeth of the Snow White Wolf, and the gut of the Beast Bear. Qing Shui saw the Thousand Year Lingzhi at Millennium Medicine, so obtaining it should not be a problem. Qing Shui still had the Internal Pellet from Golden-Ringed Snake King in the Realm of the Violet Immortal. There were still two other beasts, Snow White Wolf and the Beast Bear, but Qing Shui could replace them with the blood of Golden Medicinal Turtle and 1000-Year Clam.

This meant he could cultivate it rather quickly, and Qing Shui found himself excited. It was a pity that the effects of the pellet were not written on it, but the name of the medicinal pellet was the ’’Endurance Pellet’’. The effects could easily be guessed, but the specifics were unknown.

The ingredients written on top were either ingredients from beasts or thousand year medicinal ingredients, so the effects should be good.

The effects were not written down. Qing Shui looked at Canghai Mingyue with his deep eyes that flashed a magical gleam in hopes of probing to see that she was also looking at him.

Every time he looked at her, he felt that the heavens were too kind to her. Not only did they give her peerless beauty, but also bestowed upon her remarkable talents and powerful parents who doted on her.

’’Do you know the effects of this medicine?’’ Qing Shui felt a little hot. After all, he had stared at her for three full seconds in front of her parents.

’’This Endurance Pellet can increase 50 percent of one's endurance levels, and a beast's endurance.’’ Canghai Mingyue was equally embarrassed, glaring hard at Qing Shui. She blamed him for being rude to her in front of her parents.

’’Mm, beasts can use it too,’’ Qing Shui thought. 10 percent of endurance. Endurance was a good thing. If one could only withstand 10 strokes, increasing 10 percent meant being able to tolerate 11 strokes. At maximum speed, beasts could travel 10,000 li, but increasing 10 percent of endurance meant they would be able to travel 11,000 li.

’’Mm...not bad, it's a good medicinal pellet. It actually increases endurance. I'll give you some after I cultivate, and to your big bird too...’’

Canghai Mingyue turned a bright crimson upon hearing the words ’’big bird’’. Her delicate and charming expression shocked everyone. Qing Shui thought to himself. She had heard about what the people below said at Cang Lang Country.

After Qing Shui heard what the people below said, he realised that some people did refer to a man thing as a big bird.

Canghai Mingyue recalled that she had once said that she liked Qing Shui's big bird...

She did not feel anything at that moment, and was confused by what he said following that. She only understood what was a big bird after overhearing the flirting couple below. She could only pretend to be ignorant. She inwardly scolded Qing Shui for being a bad egg, and for bullying an innocent woman.

Bringing up the big bird again and recalling the wretched look of that man on that day, she suddenly felt so ashamed, and could not wait to beat Qing Shui up.


Qing Shui rubbed his nose and smiled awkwardly. Noticing the puzzled Huoyun Liu-Li, Qing Shui knew that she did not hear the conversation below that day, 只是不知道她知道这其中的猫腻不知道

Late in the morning, Qing Shui headed out alone. The two women did not follow after knowing that he was going to Millennium Medicine.

’’Liu-Li, come, let's take a walk and have a talk.’’ Canghai Mingyue pulled Huoyun Liu-Li's hand and said gently.

’’Mm, alright, I want to walk with Older Sister too.’’ Huoyun Liu-Li was now close enough to call Canghai Mingyue ’’Older Sister’’, and because of this she got teased by Qing Shui.

’’Liu-Li, let's talk about everything honestly today, and no one should be lying. How about that?’’ Canghai Mingyue smiled at Huoyun Liu-Li.

’’Mm, I would never lie to Older Sister, never.’’ Huoyun Liu-Li smiled back, looking sincere.

Canghai Mingyue laughed happily while looking into the distance, and started slowly, ’’Are you avoiding Qing Shui because of me?’’

After those words, Canghai Mingyue looked at the silent Huoyun Liu-Li. She had promised never to lie, and Canghai Mingyue trusted her because she would rather be silent now than lie.

’’Liu-Li, I will be honest with you. It is impossible between me and him. If you avoid him, wouldn't you cry when he finds someone else?’’ Canghai Mingyue sighed and said to Huoyun Liu-Li.

’’I don't understand this thing called love, but I know it isn't something that can be yielded. What do you think?!’’ Canghai Mingyue knew that Huoyun Liu-Li was stubborn;she would not give up unless she was persuaded.

’’Older Sister, you really don't like him?’’ Huoyun Liu-Li asked seriously.

’’Pff!’’ Canghai Mingyue laughed out.

’’Liu-Li, you are so cute, always giving away what you think is good. Sometimes, the thing may be better for you and nothing to others, just like love. What do you think? If a woman suddenly wants to give you someone she likes, would you accept it?’’

Huoyun Liu-Li listened to Canghai Mingyue's words, and was dazed for a while before slowly saying, ’’But he is really good, and I feel that only he can match up to Older Sister.’’

’’You little lass, overthinking again. If I can find you another great man, will you like him? Some things can't be forced. I just wanted to tell you today to grab what you like, and don't let yourself regret it.’’ Canghai Mingyue sighed and replied.

Huoyun Liu-Li was quiet for a while before nodding at Canghai Mingyue, and smiled happily. That smile was relieving as if a heavy burden was lifted.

Canghai Mingyue was, however, sighing inwardly, ’’This silly little lass!’’

Qing Shui walked towards Millennium Medicine and saw from a distance, an old man looking around. It was around noon, and the old man must have been waiting for a long time.

Seeing Qing Shui, the smile on the old man's face had an indescribable relief as he welcomed Qing Shui in passionately. Qing Shui realised this time the shop did not have any customers, and guessed that they were all kindly rejected by the old man.

Once again at Ye Er's room, the girl smiled and greeted happily after seeing Qing Shui.

Qing Shui did not beat about the bush. He took out two bottles, the blood of Golden Medicinal Turtle, and 1000-year Clam. ’’Consume one drop daily.’’

The old man stared at the rare liquid in the bottle. He could not entirely believe that it would increase Ye Er's lifespan by 50 years, but couldn't bring himself to say it, for it might seem disrespectful to Qing Shui. The old man had the mindset of ’’treating a dead horse as if it was alive’’. Though he wished that Qing Shui could heal his granddaughter, he knew it was tough;many experienced and powerful medicine cultivators were helpless to the problem.

Qing Shui could see the doubt in the old man's expression and heart, and smiled, ’’You have seen many, and must have ran about for the sake of your granddaughter. You would know that it is difficult to heal her. It is difficult for you to believe that this can increase 50 years of her life.’’

’’No, of course not, I believe you sir.’’ The old man smiled awkwardly.

Qing Shui hesitated for a while, and took out two ceramic bottles of pellets for the old man. ’’Respected one, you should be able to recognize this.’’

The old man took one bottle doubtfully, opened it up, and closed it immediately, ’’You are above the King Grade in medicine cultivation. Ye Er has hope.’’ He was agitated as hands were trembling.

’’Old man, I will give these two bottles to you. The limit for everyone are two pills. You can take them right now. Your granddaughter will have to wait half a month after finishing the liquid in these two bottles before consuming the pellets. This will increase her life by another 50 years.’’ Qing Shui said gently.

Since he was doing a favour, he might as well give it all!

’’Sir, I need this and won't reject it. Wait a moment!’’ The old man said and went out.

There was only Qing Shui and a girl called Ye Er left in the room. The atmosphere turned a little awkward. Qing Shui was, of course, the only one feeling it, but the girl looked at QIng Shui with interest.

’’You're really only eighteen years old?’’

Qing Shui guessed she must have heard it from the disciples at Skysword Sect. After all, he was the youngest Guardian in the Sect, and the youngest Elder.

’’Age is not important,’’ Qing Shui smiled and replied. On the mainland, once one had entered Xiantian, age would not be an issue, since they would have 500 additional years.

’’Hur hur, that's true. I apologise for the previous time.’’ The lady looked at Qing Shui and said gently.

’’Apologise? I remembered injuring you the other time?’’ Qing Shui stared back at the lady strangely.

’’That time, I had thought that I didn't have much time left, and wanted to spar with you. I neglected the fact that your girlfriend had an injury. You must have been worried.’’

Qing Shui now knew the reason when she declared that she wasn't afraid of death. She was really not scared of dying.

’’I wasn't right too. I shouldn't have hit you so hard,’’ Qing Shui chuckled. After all, he was the one who had injured her.

’’What's past has passed, don't talk about it anymore. If not for the previous time, we would not be as familiar now. Qing Shui, I'm Qinghan Ye!’’ The woman said with her happy, pretty face.

At this moment, the old man carried in a huge silk bag, and passed it to Qing Shui. His face beamed with a benevolent grin.

Qing Shui saw that the inside of the bag was as big as a huge winter melon, but he was not able to see what exactly it was.

’’What is this?’’ Qing Shui asked, puzzled.

’’5000 year Lingzhi!’’

Qing Shui opened up the bag and saw that the Flesh Lingzhi inside was like a half metre long winter melon. It was golden in colour, shaped like a meat, even seemed to have its fibres jumping.

It was actually a golden coloured Flesh Lingzhi. Qing Shui knew this had a dope name, Tai Sui. The Flesh Lingzhi was also known as Tai Sui.

Tai Sui, or Flesh Lingzhi was neither a plant, an animal, nor a fungus, but a 4th type of organism. ’’Flesh Lingzhi is shaped like meat, hence being an organism. The white type was a kind of fat, and the yellow one looked like purple gold, gleaming and transparent yet hard as ice.’’ It was said that the Flesh Lingzhi was a medicine for immortality. Although it was proven to be false, the value was very well-known. Enhancing longevity was still possible.

Qing Shui did not think to expect to see the most treasured Flesh Lingzhi, Golden Flesh Lingzhi, in front of his eyes. It was even a 5000 year old Golden Flesh Lingzhi. Wouldn't it be called Golden Tai Sui?

Qing Shui knew it was precious, much more than the 1000 year old herbs below.

’’Respected Old One, this is too precious a gift,’’ Qing Shui hesitated.

’’Haha, it was previously to me, but this granddaughter of mine is 10,000 times more precious. Sir, it is for you, so let me be at peace. Even though this is not sufficient enough to repay your kindness, it is considered the best this old man has.’’

’’Then I shall accept it. I really like this Flesh Lingzhi, and it would be a great help.’’ Qing Shui did not expect any return for his kindness, but this Golden Flesh Lingzhi would definitely offset that kindness. It was much greater than what he had given.

When Qing Shui left and passed by those 1000 year old herbs, he had not opened his mouth, but the old man let him choose a few. Qing Shui took a 1000 year Snow Lotus. Since he had a Golden Flesh Lingzhi, he did not take another.

The old man insisted on Qing Shui taking more, so Qing Shui promised to come again when he needed them before leaving the shop.

Leaving the Millennium Medicine, Qing Shui put the Golden Flesh Lingzhi into the Realm of the Violet Immortal when he reached an empty and deserted place. He knew that it could grow in water, but it could also retain its original state in other places. Qing Shui decided to enter the realm at night to put the Lingzhi into a small marsh.

Seeing that the day was still early and there was no need to head back, Qing Shui decided to walk around the area to see if there were any treasures to discover.

The spacious street was almost filled with businesses, though Sects and Clans were mostly populated here. They were still humans who needed food and clothing, and who needed to feed their families. The funds of Sects and Clans were from these businessmen.

Discovering treasure was an arduous labour that required patience. Qing Shui did not see anything after walking in the streets for half a day, even though he could watch the beauties on the streets. With warmer weather now, there were many in thin clothes that could not hide their luscious bosoms, rounded hips, and the slender waists that attracted a great number of men's attentions.


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