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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 215


AST 215 - Meeting the Most Beautiful Woman of the Joyous Sect Again

In the future, the man she marries must be someone like her father. In this life, the man beside her must most certainly be one of those peerless legends that could stand tall within all of the nine continents!

’’Daddy, you're actually really strong! You made me worried for so long.’’ Canghai Mingyue hugged Canghai's arm happily and said proudly.

Canghai was also very happy. There was not one father who didn't want to be a figure of admiration for his children. Seeing his children being proud was a very joyous matter for any father.

After everyone chatted and rested together during noon for a while, the Canghai couple left and gave some time to the three youngsters. Before the Canghai couple left, they glanced at Qing Shui meaningfully. Those smiling eyes made Qing Shui feel a little uneasy.

’’Big sister Mingyue, what is the true strength of Senior? Those were strong Martial King cultivators, but they couldn't even make a move in front of him.’’ Huoyun Liu-li said with admiration in her eyes.

’’I don't know either. I thought daddy and mother should be at the beginning levels of Martial King, but now it seems that daddy is much stronger than a beginner Martial King. However, I don't know just how much stronger he is. Even one more level in the Martial King realm makes a huge difference.’’

After hearing Canghai Mingyue's words, Qing Shui confirmed his suspicions. She really didn't know the true strength of Canghai, but when they fought with the Immortal Sword Sect earlier, she wasn't too worried. She even dared to leave Canghai's name. Qing Shui didn't know what she was thinking. Maybe this was a kind of trust that she had in her father...

After the affair that occurred a while ago, the three headed out again. This time, they were clearly more confident. Although Qing Shui didn't increase his strength by too much, his attitude was superb. He also had more confidence in himself. Besides the strong Martial Kings, even if a master Xiantian cultivator met Qing Shui right now, it would be a match of life or death. It would also be difficult to tell who would win.

’’Hmm, Millennium Medicine.’’ Qing Shui and the two women walked on the Southern Ancient Pass again. Of course, they took a different path this time. They saw a simple and unadorned pharmacy after a little while. Its name was the Millennium Medicine.

Qing Shui's heart shook a little. When he searched for medicine last time, not only were there many medicine in stock but also ones that grew in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Only the main medicine of a thousand years was not there.

’’Mingyue, are the ingredients in this stone all one thousand years old?’’ Qing Shui asked without turning his head around.

Canghai Mingyue heard Qing Shui call her name. Although the two were friends and it was normal to call each other by their first name, she still didn't feel used to it on the first time.

She looked at Qing Shui's tall and straight back speechlessly, then slowly said, ’’This store isn't too big. There also isn't a lot of variety, but it does have some thousand year old medicine. Its reputation is pretty good, so we can take a look at it. Why? Are you an alchemist?’’

Qing Shui blanked out a bit and remembered that he only met Canghai Mingyue when he went to Greencloud Continent and because of Huoyun Liu-Li's connection. It wasn't strange that she didn't know about his ability of concocting medicine. When he thought about it more carefully, he can only concoct the Small Revitalizing Pellet. After all, his Golden Sore Ointment was still not good enough to brag about.

’’Alchemist? I only know how to concoct one kind of medicine, so I don't count as an alchemist.’’ Qing Shui shook his head and chuckled.

’’Only concoct one kind of medicine? Why? Even the weakest alchemist can concoct many different types of medicine after successfully concocting one.’’ Canghai Mingyue asked, puzzled.

’’I can only refine one kind of prescription.’’ Qing Shui turned his head and chuckled.

’’Oh, I understand now, so regular prescriptions aren't good enough for you. After we return, I'll give you one. I found it accidentally, and I was reluctant to sell it. However, it seems difficult to refine, and its success rate is very low. The ingredients required are also very precious.’’ Canghai Mingyue said as if she suddenly remembered it.

However, Qing Shui took it the wrong way. This woman whose beauty would bring destruction to kingdoms was willing to give something that she couldn't sell as a gift to himself, so it was difficult for Qing Shui to not think wrongly of her actions.

’’Ok, when I can refine this godly pellet, I will definitely give it to you first.’’ Qing Shui started walking towards the Millennium Medicine Pharmacy, but in his heart, he thought about Huoyun Liu-li who was on the side. His Golden Flint Iron Cauldron was a gift from her, so he would always give her some of the Small Revitalizing Pellet that he refined as well as a few other kinds of fruits. After all, he would always save a little of anything good for her.

After seeing Qing Shui walk inside, Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-li slowly followed him into this pharmacy.

After he walked inside, Qing Shui found that this pharmacy was indeed small. It had three rooms, and the furniture in the room were old yet clean.

The inkstone-like ground was so bright and clean that one could see his reflection in it. The counter was also polished with inkstone, but it was not transparent, so he couldn't see the things inside the counter. However, the surface could show one's reflection.

Qing Shui discovered that there weren't many people in the pharmacy. There were only a few people looking at the tag on the shelf behind the counter. There was an old man with white hair and beard looking at them kindly behind the counter and giving them explanations from time to time.

’’Millennium Goosefeather Flower, a million tael of silver.’’

Qing Shui stared blankly at the tag on a foot long box and became shocked. Even if he wanted to buy it with the silver that he had right now, he would be far from buying enough.

’’Millennium Violet, one million and fifty hundred thousand taels of silver or one Longevity Fruit.’’ Qing Shui was a little doubtful when he saw the tag on this box. It was not a problem with the price, but how high the value of Longevity Fruits were.

’’Millennium Ginseng, one Longevity Fruit or a pellet that can extend the lifespan by five years.’’ Qing Shui seemed to get the message from what he had seen so far.

The shop owner seemed to need things that extended lifespans.

It was a pity that he gave his two last Longevity Fruits (Physique Fruits) to Huoyun Liu-li. Qing Shui looked at a few others. The ingredients here were almost all ten thousand years old, but most of them had to be exchanged with other things. There were only a few that could be bought with money.

Huoyun Liu-li also saw many ingredients that could be exchanged for one Longevity Fruit. She thought about how she ate two Longevity Fruits before, but now she saw Qing Shui frown wherever he stared.

’’Does he not have any Longevity Fruits left? Did he only have two?’’ Huoyun Liu-li looked at Qing Shui silently, and her heart was confused for a moment. That complicated feeling was something she didn't even completely understand. She felt happy, moved, and bitter...

Qing Shui looked at the thousand-year-old ingredients in the pharmacy. Each of them were placed in neatly arranged boxes on the shelves. A few customers went in and out of the pharmacy. Whether they were men or women, each of them gave him a feeling that they weren't normal citizens. They were either strong cultivators or fancily-clad and wealthy.

Cultivators came in to see whether there were medicine that were suitable for themselves and would help their cultivation progress. The wealthy ones who looked like they didn't have any cultivation skills probably wanted to buy something like a gift or birthday present.

’’Such a priceless pharmacy only has an old man sitting here to keep watch. Is he not scared of burglars? The value of these ingredients is not small.’’ Qing Shui didn't think that the people in this area were all kind-hearted and respectful.

For a person to be able to open a pharmacy of this kind, he must not be ordinary since these thousand-year-old ingredients were not owned by just anyone. This owner must have his own specialty. As he thought about it more, Qing Shui couldn't help but look at that kind old man with white hair and beard.

His eyebrows were long, and his eyes were thin. That gaze had an unspeakable benevolence and warmth. Although the old man was dressed plainly, he had a bone deep immortal aura about him.

The more Qing Shui looked, the more the old man's eyes became brighter because Qing Shui found that he couldn't see through the benign elder with his Heavenly Vision Technique. It was the same situation as Canghai;they both looked like ordinary men.

There were two situations in which he couldn't see through: either he was really an ordinary person without any cultivation or he put on a false image. Of course, in order to conceal himself from Qing Shui's Heavenly Vision Technique, his strength must be at least on the third grade of Martial King.

Was this old man a strong cultivator of at least the third grade Martial King? Qing Shui thought that was very unimaginable. How could an old man at a pharmacy be super strong?

Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-li already walked to Qing Shui's side. Seeing him stare blanking, it was not difficult to guess that Qing Shui might not be able to ’’afford’’ it.

’’Good things usually can't be measured with money. However, I can't help you. The things here can only be exchanged with other things.’’ Canghai Mingyue said softly.

’’Qing Shui, if you didn't give me those two Longevity Fruits, you would be able to exchange them for two kinds of thousand-year-old ingredients.’’ Huoyun Liu-li said with regret.

’’What are you talking about? I have plenty of those things...’’

Huoyun Liu-li, ’’...’’

’’Hello, three guests. What did you see? What can this old man help you with?’’ At this time, the kind old man walked over and said with a smile.

’’Old man, the ingredients that you have here are all for exchange, but I don't have the item that you marked on the tag. I don't know what kind of items you are looking for.’’ Although Qing Shui saw that these items all extended lifespans, the number of times that the Longevity Fruit appeared was especially high. However, his goddess master said extending Luan Luan's lifespan required more precious items, so the items on sale were probably not worth anything more than the Longevity Fruit.

’’Cough!’’ The old man sighed!

’’Anything that can extend lifespans is ok, but the normal pellets that extend lifespan for less than five years are already useless.’’ The old man sighed and continued.

’’I saw that many of the items for exchange had the Longevity Fruit as the price, but the Longevity Fruit wouldn't have any effect after consuming two, so why do you need so many?’’ Qing Shui thought about how many times he's seen the name ’’Longevity Fruit’’.

’’These tags could actually be exchanged for anything, and the value of these items are only enough to exchange for the Longevity Fruit. However, even now, I haven't been able to exchange anything for one Longevity Fruit. After all, one can only come across these items by chance although they can only extend one's lifespan by five years. I originally planned to change these tags after I find two Longevity Fruits, but it's been three years since I put the tag on.’’ The kind eyes of this old man was a little lonely.

’’Right now, I can concoct a kind of pellet that can double all the statistics of a person, which also applies to one's lifespan. However, each person can only consume two, so I would need to know what the strength of the person that you are trying to add the lifespan to.’’ Qing Shui decided to make a blank check first.

After hearing Qing Shui's words, the old man was obviously stunned. His eyes contained joy but also a lot of doubt. However, he looked at Qing Shui seriously.

Qing Shui found that the old man's eyes were incomparably bright and clear at this moment. Although he was pleasantly surprised, it was a happiness driven by greed. Was it because the old man had good self control or was it because this pellet was not suitable?

’’Mister, could you be an alchemist?’’ The old man looked at Qing Shui as well the two women at Qing Shui's side. His cool eyes displayed a pleasant surprise followed by astonishment.

Qing Shui could guess that the old man might be surprised because he discovered the strength of Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-li or because he didn't discover Qing Shui's strength.

’’I could be considered one!’’ Qing Shui said with a smile. After all, he would have to keep up this title later since it was very convenient for him to have this title as he traveled across the land of the nine continents.

’’Mister, you can actually refine a pellet that can double a person's lifespan?! I'm not sure if you are willing to diagnose and treat this old man's granddaughter. Hopefully, you can give her a chance seeing as she does not have much time left despite her young age. She is the only relative I have. Whatever I do, I won't let you leave without giving anything.’’ The old man looked at Qing Shui sincerely, but he couldn't hide a trace of sorrow in his eyes.

’’Qing Shui, you should take a look!’’ Huoyun Liu-li tugged at Qing Shui's clothes and said sympathetically.

This kind-hearted girl, where did her lovely and independent manner go?

’’Qing Shui, this old man only has this one relative now. You should at least try. After all, it won't take too long.’’ Canghai Mingyue looked at Qing Shui and said mildly. Her tone was gentle and soft, making her words seem like advice as well as a proposal. It was difficult to refuse her. Qing Shui couldn't deny her beauty;compared to Huoyun Liu-li's direct kindness, Canghai MIngyue had more skill.

’’Then please lead the way. I can only do my best, so I hope that you won't put too much hope on me.’’ Qing Shui smiled a little and said.

The old man happily urged the other customers to leave. His tone was sincere and apologetic. Then, he closed the door and led Qing Shui's party of three upstairs.

They followed the old fashioned wooden purple colored stairs up to the fifth floor. This place was not too big. After all, it was only as big with three rooms.

As soon as he reached the fifth floor, Qing Shui could smell a faint fragrance of medicine. The moment Qing Shui smelled it, he knew those were precious thousand-year-old medicine. He also knew that she was consuming some medicine that supplemented the body greatly.

There was a door on each floor, and he pushed open the one on the fifth floor. There was a drawing room as big as two rooms. From the decorations, it was obvious that this was a girl's room. Qing Shui saw a woman leaning against the window and looking out when he entered the room. She heard the sound and turned her head to look towards the door.

Qing Shui had only one feeling after seeing the woman's face: there are too many coincidences in one's life. This woman was actually the most beautiful woman of the Joyous Sect, the one Qing Shui injured at the Skysword Sect. Qing Shui couldn't help but remember the scene back when she was in the Skysword Sect's arena.

Her body was well-developed and enchanting;her breath was lovely like water;and her walk had a charm that was shocking and alluring. Her beautiful hair was draped over her shoulders. She had the most beautiful peach-flower eyes and a straight nose. Her slightly pouting cherry-like small mouth was not the most beautiful that Qing Shui had seen, but it definitely was the most wild and fanciful thought-inducing small mouth that he had seen.

She had the most exemplary snake waist and plump butt. Her butt was smooth, round, and perky. That line was extremely beautiful. Her pair of perfectly straight and slender legs swayed about like a wandering fairy.

’’It's you?’’ The woman's magnetic and hoarse voice sounded. Her beautiful eyes were clear as water. Her slighted pouted small mouth opened in astonishment as she looked at Qing Shui unbelievably.


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