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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 206


AST 206 The Young Miss from Yan Clan Who Sells Tea Leaves

Only when he attains the 5th Heavenly Layer of the Ancient Strengthening Technique would he have the hope of allowing himself to head to the Yan Clan!

Qing Shui only returned in the morning to the resting spot where Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li were. When he came into contact with Huoyun Liu-Li's gentle and concerned gaze, he felt very warm in his heart. He felt satisfied to have such a lady thinking about him!

Qing Shui felt very thankful. If he were in his previous life, Qing Shui would have thought that a woman like this would be out of his reach. In this life, he was able taste the warmth and care of such an unparalleled beauty.

Canghai Mingyue remained the same, as if nothing could peak her interest. She gave off a strong and dominating presence which seemed to be able to cause one to back off once he was in contact. She was beautiful, so beautiful that even the beauty of someone who could cause the sufferings of the country and its people would not be able to compare.

She was different from Shi Qingzhuang's coolness, and had the pride of a loner. She was one who was indifferent to everything. A friend was easy to find but a bosom was hard to wish for. She was like a phoenix who soared through the clouds;no one could understand her or knew what she was thinking. Nobody knew for what reason, what she wanted, or what she pursued.

The three of them continued on their way after having a simple meal. They had already entered the Jiang Yan Country. Qing Shui estimated that it would take them about two days to leave Jiang Yan Country. The Golden Winged Thunder Condor and flaming bird would have no trouble flying for two days. While Qing Shui spoke to Canghai Mingyue the night before about Yan Jiang Country, he ended up changing his mind and decided not to pass by Yan City.

Although the goal was difficult to reach, at least he had a goal and the possibility of attaining it. Qing Shui knew that it would be hard to break through to the 5th Heavenly Layer. Since he knew alchemy, he might be able to find a suitable prescription or refinement based on the prescriptions he had accessed to help his cultivation.

Huoyun Liu-Li would sometimes accompany Qing Shui or Canghai Mingyue. Qing Shui felt that it seemed funny but he was also touched. This lass wanted neither to neglect her Master nor him.

There were also eighty-one cities in Yan Jiang Country. They entered Moyu City which was at the distant borders of the Yan Jiang Country but they did not stop. Looking down from high in the air, they could not clearly see how the city looked like since it was too big. However, it still felt as if those tall buildings were very small and insignificant.

Standing from a high place, one would be able to look into the far distance. When one was standing from a high place, one would also lower his head to look at things. It felt as if he was able to save a lot of effort and strength. Gradually, one would discover that he would grow to like that feeling. Those who looked down on the rest of the world all stood at very high places. They would not only lower their head but also look in contempt at everything else.

It only took them two hours to quickly fly past the buildings, mountains, and forests of the city since smaller cities would only have a circumference of 1000 li while bigger ones would have a circumference of tens of thousands li. This was also why Qing Shui only thought of venturing the world after getting the flaming bird. Otherwise, It would be an almost impossible task unless he could learn those techniques that would allow him to move across far distances as if they were just a short distance away, or if he could get his hands on the legendary 'checkpoint'.

Although Qing Shui was shocked when he first saw the description for the 'checkpoint', he did not feel that it was something unexpected. The 'checkpoint' that Qing Shui was thinking of was known for being a magical item but it was seen as a treasure in the world of the nine continents. It was not segregated into different grades as there were different uses for them, but they were all strong enough to make one's hair stand.

Legend said that the 'checkpoint' which existed in the world of the nine continents allowed for the holder to be able to immediately reach one of the nine designated spots. The nine spots were respectively located in a place within the capital of each continent. As for whether it was really the case, no one knew as it was not known that anyone had laid their hands on one.

While Qing Shui was also full of desire for the 'checkpoint' since it could save a lot of time and would be extremely useful during escape attempts, there were no clues on where to start looking for such a mythical item.

The strong wind in the air was nothing to those who had attained Xiantian. If it was an ordinary person, he would not be able to withstand the strong gales. He would not even be able to breathe and would only feel as if he were being cut through by a blade. It goes to show how fast the Golden Winged Thunder Condor and the flaming bird were.

In the strong wind, they would even channel some Qi of Xiantian when they spoke. If not, they would not be able to hear each other. Therefore, they usually did not speak during flight. Of course, it would be a different case altogether if they were sitting down. The protruding parts on the back of the flying beasts would block half of the height of a person. However, when they were flying very fast, those who were weak would not even be able to sit as the speed would be too fast and unbearable for them.

Standing from a tall spot, the sky seemed so vast and endless, making one feel that they were insignificant and helpless. Being able to see that vast scenery made Qing Shui feel especially good and peaceful.

They went on flying until the next day. When it was noon, Canghai Mingyue looked at Qing Shui and said softly, ’’Yan City is just right in front. Let's allow the beasts to take a rest while we grab some food. We'll stay for two hours before we continue on our way.’’

Qing Shui looked at Canghai Mingyue, stunned, but the other party only showed her back when he turned to look at her. When Qing Shui heard the words Yan City, he felt a burning sensation within himself. While he said that they would not be stopping at Yan City, it was still good to take a look since they passed by.

He wanted to give his thanks to Canghai Mingyue, but he eventually restrained from doing so. He still felt very thankful for her, even though she was proud, aloof, and even a bit stoic.

An hour later, they got off at a less busy location, rented a covered horse carriage, and went off to Yan City's largest restaurant, ’’Red Maple Inn’’.

The prosperity of Yan City was not much different than Cang Lang Country and was almost on the same level. Qing Shui sat in the coach together with Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li with the muddled Huoyun Liu-Li sitting next to him in the middle.

The carriage was not very big and it was barely able to seat three people.

Canghai Mingyue once again made Qing Shui feel that she was unique, as she sat on the other side without any hesitation. She still kept her distance from Qing Shui.

While he was surrounded by beauties, Qing Shui felt especially displeased. When he saw Canghai Mingyue's gaze earlier, it was as if she did not care that he was a guy. It made Qing Shui feel that she did not give a hoot about him...

’’Liu-Li, let's change seats. I want to take a look outside.’’ Qing Shui said softly.

’’Ahh, mmm.’’ Huoyun Liu-Li seemed to have realised something and quickly agreed to change seats with Qing Shui. Huoyun Liu-Li turned her well-developed beautiful butt before Qing Shui, and Qing Shui wanted very much to stick his face into it.

Canghai Mingyue turned to throw a glance at Qing Shui before continuing to look outside, but there wasn't a single change in her expression!

Qing Shui leaned against the window and looked out at the passing traffic and stalls. There was a large variety of items on sale. There were plenty of voices from people calling out for customers as well as from those who were bargaining for a better price.

They passed by another stall, and he noticed that there seemed to be an unusual crowd over there. However, the voice that came out made Qing Shui fall into a shock!

’’To think that the Yan Clan's Young Miss is selling tea leaves. This is really a disgrace to the Yan Clan.’’ A scathing female voice rang out.

’’She's only Yan Clan's Young Miss in name. How does she look like Yan Clan's Young Miss? She can't even be compared to a servant in the Yan Clan. It is not embarrassing to rely on her own efforts to survive.’’ An old man said calmly.

’’Sir, please stop the coach!’’ Qing Shui suddenly shouted.

Qing Shui quickly got off the coach, not even saying anything to Huoyun Liu-Li and Canghai Mingyue.

’’Master, what's wrong with him?’’ Huoyun Liu-Li asked Canghai Mingyue anxiously.

’’Let's go, we'll go and take a look as well.’’

Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li both got off the coach as well. ’’Sir, please wait for us here for 15 minutes. If we're not back by then, feel free to go off.’’

After saying that, Huoyun Liu-Li handed the coachman a silver note!

Qing Shui walked towards the crowd. His sense of hearing was too keen, allowing him to clearly hear from such a faraway distance.

’’Sigh, this child is really pitiful. Even though she is a Young Miss from the Yan Clan, she can't even be compared to a child from a commoner's family.’’ An aunt spoke out, feeling sorry.

Qing Shui walked very slowly, and gradually squeezed through to the front.

’’Young Master Xiao, is this your elder cousin? The one who's selling tea leaves?’’ A young man's voice rang out in shock.

’’Haha, cousin? Is she deserving of that title? She isn't even my aunt's daughter but merely an illegitimate child of the Yan Clan.’’ A young voice which was full of disdain spoke out.

’’Then why did you not let me make a move earlier? After all, she is so pretty and charming.’’ The young man said lewdly.

’’Do you want to die? Before you can touch her, do you believe that Guo Polu would wipe out everyone in your family? If that happens, even I would not be able to save you.’’ The fellow addressed as Young Master Xiao said with a tinge of hatred.

’’It's no wonder that no one dares to bully her even though she is left to be wandering in the streets. Does Guo Polu like her? If so, why did he not take her away?’’

’’Guo Polu would very much like to do that, and had even sworn to only marry her. But this stubborn lass did not care for him.’’

Qing Shui had already joined the crowd in that moment. He saw an ordinary cart selling normal tea leaves which could be found in the mountains or near the banks of rivers. However, the tea leaves were picked out and harvested very meticulously.

When Qing Shui saw the girl behind the cart peddling tea leaves, he had a unique feeling and an unknown urge. With just one look, he was sure that the girl was the daughter of his mother who had been dearly missing her for the past 19 years. That face, which was 70% similar to that of his mother's, seemed a little young and was very much like his own. When Qing Shui saw the bean-sized red mark at the corner of her eyes, he was even more certain of her identity. The tall and slender figure seemed a bit thin and frail. While she was thin, she was not bony and her figure was well-developed.

Qing Shui felt very strange, feeling a slight anticipation for this unfamiliar elder sister. It was because she was his mother's flesh and blood and connected to him in blood. He wanted very much to take her away, bring her to his mother, and protect her. That feeling did not disappear just because they had never met. Could it be the feeling of blood being thicker than water?

When he saw her miserable state, Qing Shui's heart felt pained. He did not know why it suddenly felt painful and even his face seemed slightly pale!

Looking at that delicate face with a maturity unfit for her age and the tinge of indifference reflected in her clear eyes, Qing Shui could not even see any resentment and only saw an unbending will.

Qing Shui saw that while there were many people crowding around, there wasn't anyone who went to purchase the tea leaves.

’’Sir, why is it that there are so many people crowding around but no one is buying tea leaves?’’ Qing Shui asked an old man who was standing beside him.

’’Sigh, isn't it because of that Young Master Xiao? Who would dare to go and buy tea leaves?’’ The old man sighed and said.

’’What do you mean? Sir, can you tell me? I was also thinking of buying some tea leaves.’’ Qing Shui wanted to know more about this blood-related elder sister whom he had not seen before.

’’Sigh, if you want to buy tea leaves, wait till that Young Master Xiao is gone!’’ The old man sighed again and did not say anything else.

Qing Shui looked at this sister who was very quiet and did not said anything. He really wanted to know what kind of environment would make an ordinary 19-year-old girl so gloomy.

’’Master, take a look. Qing Shui and that lady looks so much alike.’’ Huoyun Liu-Li looked at Canghai Mingyue and said in astonishment.

Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li had followed Qing Shui to look at what he was doing and were a short distance away from him.

Just when Qing Shui wanted to step forth to purchase tea leaves, two men in their 30s who were dressed cleanly walked up in the front of the cart.

’’Pack these and those up, I'm buying them.’’ One of them pointed to half of the tea leaves and said.

’’Haha, they must have been sent by Guo Polu. If not, she would have long died of starvation in the streets.’’

From the voice, Qing Shui could tell that it belonged to that Young Master Xiao. He could not help but turn to look at that complacent and smart young man. He thought, ’’He must be from the Xiao Clan.’’

Qing Shui was now very curious about this Guo Polu. To be able to go against Young Master Xiao, he must be no ordinary man. Seemed like Guo Clan or Guo Polu had a very strong backing.

’’Haha, how is it? Are you regretting not listening to my aunt?’’

When Qing Shui heard that disgusting voice, he frowned. He was already holding onto a small rock and was just about to smash that hateful face when his hand was held by a small and warm hand.

Qing Shui looked at Canghai Mingyue who shook her head. When Qing Shui turned his head, it was almost touching that extremely beautiful face. He looked at that majestically beautiful face from a close proximity, and especially that pair of beautiful eyes which were dark as ink, extremely profound, and seemed to have the magic to cause one to fall into it. Her beauty was unique, just like an irresistible poppy.

Qing Shui was in a bit of a daze and could even feel her exhale an aroma that smelled like orchid. The gentle feeling in his hand made him feel strangely touched.

She was concerned about him?

Qing Shui looked with a pale face at the figure who was disappearing into the far distance. That small yet unbending back view seemed as if it had a will which refused to budge! He felt very sad and depressed. This was the sorrow of insignificant characters!

Qing Shui found a gossipy middle-aged woman amongst the crowd, paid her some money, and very quickly knew the whole story.

’’Five years ago, Mistress Xiao, who is the aunt of the Young Master and the official Young Mistress of Yan Clan, had wanted to wed her off to a strong clan, but Yan Qingqing had opposed to the marriage. Thereafter, Mistress Xiao tried to use despicable means to get the Yan Clan to drive Yan Qingqing out of the house while refusing to let her go off very far. Yan Qingqing had even thought of dying to put an end to everything. However, Mistress Xiao had told her, ’’You have a mother who is very likely to come and bring you away. Don't you want to meet that woman who gave birth to you?’’

’’She didn't leave this place because she's waiting for her mother to come for her.’’

Qing Shui stood there, feeling at a loss. That feeling of indescribable pain and helplessness made him tremble but he could feel a tinge of warmth from his hands.

Qing Shui did not know when Huoyun Liu-Lii grabbed his other hand as she looked at him worriedly. Her eyes reflected pain.

Qing Shui forced himself to squeeze out a small smile. He did not understand Canghai MIngyue, but he knew the charming and similarly prideful Huoyun Liu-Li. That gentle and pained gaze made Qing Shui feel very warm from within.

A person's heart could only be warmed by another!

Qing Shui did not know when Canghai Mingyue had released his hands. He missed that strange feeling and even felt a little bit agitated just from merely touching her! Thinking about it, he felt a bit foolish...

’’I think we should leave now. I don't want to stay here for another moment.’’ Qing Shui said, feeling pained.

’’Alright, let's leave immediately!’’ Canghai Mingyue agreed without any reservations.

Before Qing Shui left, he engraved a name in his heart, Guo Polu!


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