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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 201


AST 201 - Initial Stage, Godly Cultivation Art

’’I don't know, but you don't have to worry about the little lass. I will think of something for her problems. Afterward, I'll write out the cultivation art for you. You must ensure and guide her in her cultivation in the future.’’ Qing Shui distracted the little lass as he spoke to Yiye Jiange.

’’Mhm, you must be careful since you are all alone outside.’’

Qing Shui could hear the reluctance in Yiye Jiange's voice. It seemed like she wasn't used to feeling concern for others. Qing Shui smiled;to him, it was already satisfactory that he could cause Yiye Jiange to be concerned about him.

After he returned, Qing Shui felt that he should bid farewell to Wu-shuang and... Zhu Qing. It had been almost half a month since he last saw Zhu Qing.

’’How fast has time passed!’’

When Qing Shui arrived at Zhu Qing Peak, there were no longer any female disciples standing guard. Nowadays, there would also be male disciples that appeared in Zhu Qing Peak, and even couples could be spotted there.

How unbelievable was this! He made some inquiries about Wu-shuang's location and discovered that she was residing in a courtyard of her own. After all, Wu-shuang was a Xiantian-level Protector in the Skysword Sect. Treatment towards her wouldn't be too bad.

’’Zhu Qing Peak no longer forbids male disciples from entering?’’ Qing Shui asked Wu-shuang when he met her, with a touch of bewilderment in his voice.

’’Yes. Over ten days ago, Master abolished the rules and no longer forbids male and female disciples from falling in love.’’ Wenren Wu-shuang replied as she took note of the bewilderment of Qing Shui.

Qing Shui snickered as he continued. ’’Are you not inviting me in to have a seat?’’

Wenren Wu-shuang involuntarily blushed, and, after a moment of hesitation, allowed Qing Shui to enter. Her place didn't seem to be too big, and she had a small and extremely cozy kitchen.

Against the snow-white walls was a pink-colored sofa. In front of the sofa, there was a small dining table manufactured from wood. Qing Shui gazed at Wenren Wu-shuang, who was standing beside the sofa.

’’I need to be away for a period of time.’’ Qing Shui held Wu-shuang's hands as they sat down on the sofa.

’’How long would that be?’’ Wu-shuang gazed at Qing Shui in shock as she asked, feeling somewhat ill at ease.

’’No idea, but it should be quite some time before I return!’’ Qing Shui replied lightly.

Wenren Wu-shuang went silent as she bowed her head, not saying anything. Qing Shui also didn't expect her reaction to be like this. Holding her hand, he brought it in front of his chest.


Wu-shuang called out in surprise but didn't resist as she quietly lay in Qing Shui's embrace.

At this time, their relationship had already gone to the point beyond friends. Qing Shui hesitated no longer as he moved with customary expertise, planting a kiss on Wenren Wu-shuang's lips and using his tongue to interact with the dainty, fragrant tongue of Wu-shuang.

This time around, against all expectations, Wu-shuang passionately coordinated with Qing Shui as her tongue took the initiative to tangle with Qing Shui's tongue. Seemingly lost in enjoyment, Wu-shuang closed her eyes.

Gradually, both of them were lying down on the sofa. Wenren Wu-shuang climbed atop of Qing Shui as Qing Shui opened his eyes wide, kissing her with no reservation. That suggestive position, as well as feeling something hard humping her, caused Wu-shuang's cheeks to redden.

Like a conditioned reflex, Wu-shuang tightened and squeezed her legs together, only to hear Qing Shui's naughty laughter as his hands explored and squeezed Wu-shuang's perky butt.

Using his hands to press down on her buttocks, Qing Shui humped and thrusted from below. His hard rod got increasingly stronger and stronger, until it pointed straight at the heavens!


A light moan escaped the lips of Wu-shuang. Her eyes slowly opened, and had an indescribable charm reflected within them. Qing Shui then flipped her over, pressing her down. His chest felt Wushuang's towering twin peaks jutting against it.

Kissing her face and her lips, Qing Shui moved downwards and started using his tongue to trace the contours of Wu-shuang's nipples through her clothes. How marvelous was that elasticity and fragrance!

’’Qing Shui, you can't!’’ Wu-shuang panted as she grabbed hold of Qing Shui's hands that were about to take off her clothes.

Qing Shui hugged her tightly and stopped his actions. He had seen a faint trace of sorrow in the bashful expression on Wu-shuang's face earlier.

Qing Shui snaked out his tongue, locking lips with her, and gently kissed her until her lips got slightly swollen before Qing Shui released her mouth.

’’Wu-shuang, I wanna touch you.’’ Qing Shui breathed as he gazed at the bashful Wu-shuang, who had her head lowered.

Silence answered Qing Shui!

’’May I..?’’ Qing Shui whispered as he gently licked the ears of Wu-shuang

’’Mmm.’’ The gentle sound of assurance rang out, but no one knew if this was the response of love from Wu-shuang, or Qing Shui's mastery of tempo control.

A hand lifted her exquisite chin, and another hand felt her erect nipples. Qing Shui gazed at the intoxicated, elegant, bashful face of Wu-shuang, who was drowning in passion.

Pausing for a moment, Qing Shui was satisfied as he gazed at the slightly dishevelled clothes and hair of Wu-shuang, lost in her beauty.

How regretful;Wu-shuang only allowed Qing Shui's hands to freely roam her upper body. As for the other vital areas, Wu-shuang still had the presence of mind to protect them tightly. Qing Shui was slightly miffed, but he was already satisfied enough. With a tug of his hands, the clasp of the robes of Wu-shuang came undone. Her pink, erect nipples and snow-white towering peaks seemed to radiate a holy light and a fragrance as they were revealed in front of Qing Shui.

Losing all control, Qing Shui's head moved forward as he cupped his mouth over one of the pink, erect nipples of Wu-shuang and started sucking gently on it. Wu-shuang was red as a tomato. Her body shuddered and squirmed involuntarily as waves of pleasure racked it.


After returning to Misty Peak, Qing Shui was still lost in memory of what had happened earlier. Earlier, as things progressed on, Qing Shui quickly ran out in a panic, fearing that he would lose control. He didn't have the cheek to look for Zhu Qing after that, and thus decided to directly return to Misty Peak.

At that moment, Qing Shui did feel an impulse to force himself on Wenren Wu-shuang, but he noticed that Wu-shuang seemed to have some troubles that she couldn't bring herself to mention and thus decided not to continue on with his actions.

Three days flowed by. Qing Shui played with the little lass everyday together with Yiye Jiange. Qing Shui didn't really understand why Yiye Jiange wanted to accompany him, but he liked having Yiye Jiangye around.

After the Endurance Fruit matured, Qing Shui knew that it was time for him to leave. This time around, Qing Shui didn't visit Wu-shuang, but went to look for Zhu Qing instead.

Many people greeted him on the way there, although most of them didn't say anything, even when they found out that Qing Shui wanted to visit Zhu Qing. After all, all of them could feel that Qing Shui was extremely close with Wenren Wu-shuang, and by proxy, Zhu Qing, because she was the master of Wu-Shuang. However, there was some that didn't think like this.

’’Do you think there's something going on with Elder Qing Shui and Master?’’ A female disciple of Zhu Qing Peak spoke to another melon-faced female disciple.

’’Something going on? What do you mean? Matters of the sect you mean? Seeing as they are both elders.’’ The melon-faced girl bewilderedly replied.

’’You are so stupid! There are rumours stating that Master is love with Qing Shui, and that they have already done the deed.’’ The female disciple from earlier spoke in a low voice.

The melon-faced girl dumbfoundedly replied, ’’That shouldn't be right, how is that possible?’’

Qing Shui sweated madly as he quickly rushed ahead. Soon after, he could no longer hear the conversation between the two female disciples.

There was no one standing guard on Zhu Qing's courtyard. Just as he entered, Qing Shui saw Zhu Qing walking out. His eyes involuntarily brightened as he took in the appearance of Zhu Qing. Although she was still somewhat skinny, her aura was no longer as dark as before. Her se*y collarbones seemed exquisitely carved out by a knife. Although she had lost some weight, her boobs and buttocks didn't suffer any reduction in size. On the contrary, because she had lost weight, this further accentuated and emphasized the fullness of her breasts and butt.

After noticing Qing Shui, Zhu Qing, who could be considered a mature woman, smiled, and the presence of a milf blasted out. This was what a real woman was;she had the smell, the passion, and the charm of a real woman.

’’Qing Shui!’’ Her voice, although slightly hoarse, was light and extremely comfortable to hear.

’’Why are you still this skinny?’’ Qing Shui princess-hugged her and walked inside her room.

’’Ah, what are you trying to do in broad daylight.’’ Zhu Qing was so shy that she couldn't even lift her head.

’’Hehe, I want to do you in broad daylight.’’ Qing Shui smiled as he whispered in her ear.

’’Lock the door.’’

Qing Shui carried Zhu Qing and walked into the same bedroom chamber that they had done it in the past. Closing the door, he pressed Zhu Qing down on that comfortable bed.

’’I missed you!’’ Qing Shui gazed at Zhu Qing as he lightly spoke.

Zhu Qing joyfully smiled, ’’Me too, I have been dreaming about you every single day.’’

Qing Shui kissed those smoking hot red lips of Zhu Qing and frenziedly sucked the fragrant saliva in her mouth. Both of his hands roamed and grabbed the towering peaks that seemed to be untouched by the passage of time.

’’I'm leaving tomorrow.’’ Qing Shui relinquished her mouth.

Zhu Qing was stunned for a second before she bitterly smiled, ’’Since this is the case, I want you to make love to me with all your might today.’’ After which, she pulled Qing Shui's neck downwards and started another round of kissing.

As their robes fell to the ground, Qing Shui gently kissed the jadelike skin of Zhu Qing that felt incredibly smooth to the touch. That bashful look on her face as Zhu Qing sat on the bed wasn't able to hide the desire that she felt.

What a top-grade specimen!

Qing Shui abruptly recalled the ’’Duo Cultivation Method.’’ Upon seeing the desire on Zhu Qing's face, he knew that she was already ensnared in passion...

Qing Shui, after enjoying the look on Zhu Qing's face, slid his rod in and entered her. The instant he entered, he circulated his Qi based on the Duo Cultivation Method as he enjoyed her.

Maybe because she knew that Qing Shui was leaving, Zhu Qing was exceptionally passionate today. And just when the Qi had flowed to Qing Shui's rod, Qing Shui could clearly feel the existence of a pure energy at the point of where his Yang and her Yin connected as it flowed into his body. Frozen in shock, he was worried that this cultivation art was some demonic technique that stole the Yin energy of woman to nourish his own Yang energy. In that moment of his hesitation, that pure energy had entered into his Dantian and increased the size of the golden liquid inside it.

Just at the moment of his panic, his Qi from the Ancient Strengthening Technique unknowingly activated and circulated around his body before flowing into Zhu Qing.

After the exchange, Qing Shui felt an extremely warm, miraculous energy building up in his body, nourishing his Dantian, meridians, energy channels, and that droplet of golden liquid. After knowing that Zhu Qing wouldn't lose out, he paid no more attention and started to lose himself in enjoying her.

Gradually, Qing Shui discovered that the amount of energy lessened with each exchange. There was a huge decrease in quantity of the miraculous energy from the first time he had experienced the exchange. Now, there was only a miniscule amount of energy.

Zhu Qing looked as though she could also feel the changes in her body when she gazed at Qing Shui with a wild look in her eyes.

’’Third Martial Aunt, do you mind climbing on top of me?’’


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