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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 200


AST 200 - Qing Shui's Demonic Beast, Fire bird

Qing Shui now really felt that there was a change in fortune. He never thought that all of a sudden, the wish he did not dare to dream of was fulfilled just like that. While he had yearned to have a flying demonic monster, he did not know when this wish would be fulfilled. He even planned for it to be a long-term goal.

Qing Shui regained his senses and saw that there were two other items listed below!

Rewarded with one perilla, 100 leaves could be harvested every 10 years! It tasted very refreshing and could be used for sauce, seasonings, broth, and such!

Rewarded with one thyme, 100 leaves could be harvested every 10 years! It tasted very refreshing and could be used for sauce, seasonings, broth and such!

Feeling quite happy, Qing Shui saw two extremely large blades of ’’grass’’ besides the Drunken Fragrance Fruit Tree. After all, the first three items were all very precious and even the latter two were priceless. Moreover, Qing Shui knew that these two ingredients were required for the culinary arts to create seasonings and broth.

The reward from the 4th level of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal expanded the land in the realm to about 100 mu. Qing Shui was thinking if the 4th level was a crucial point. Would the reward for the 4th level be better?

The first two levels only gave him plants as rewards and the 3rd level rewarded him with an ’’animal’’. To think that the 4th level not only gave him a 1000-Year Clam and a fire bird, the most important thing was that the fire bird was a ’’demonic beast’’ mount which would also be used for battles.

Qing Shui thought in satisfaction that it was definitely on a demonic beast level, and may even get stronger.

When Qing Shui looked towards the pond, he received another shock. While the Golden Medicinal Turtle was only the size of a wash basin, the silvery white 1000-Year Clam was the size of a water tank and had the thickness reaching one's knees. It was opened slightly, emitting a faint white light at the bottom of the pool.

After reaching the 4th level of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, the pool expanded by one-fold and even the black fishes and turtles were much more dispersed. It was only then did Qing Shui turn to head towards that gigantic Wutong tree.

It was because Qing Shui had wanted to see what the fire bird looked like. Ever since Qing Shui knew of the existence of the fire bird, he had sensed something weird in his mind. Thus, he tried to make sense of that feeling while walking over.


Accompanied by a high pitched cry of a bird, a gigantic flaming red bird flew down from the plane tree. It was like a gigantic ball of flames had a divine beauty to it, much like the flaming phoenix in drawings. It was just short of the most important thing, the phoenix crown!

Qing Shui looked at the descending fire bird agitatedly without blinking. When its wings were spread out, it would have a wingspan of 100 square metres (10 metres multiply by 10 metres), and it released a strong flaming aura.

’’This seems much stronger compared to the Snow White Crane and the White Feathered Condor?’’ Qing Shui could sense how strong the fire bird was from just its aura.

Qing Shui leaped up onto the back of the fire bird. At that moment, he felt an immense sense of achievement as he would also be one of the those with a demonic beast. Moreover, it was a strong flying demonic beast.

Following on, Qing Shui saw something which he did not know whether to laugh or cry. Each time it passed by the pond, it would pick up a black fish or a turtle.

Qing Shui stroked the warm flaming red feathers of the fire bird. Seeing that it stopped after eating about ten black fishes and a few turtles, he heaved a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that this fire bird would devour his Golden Medicinal Turtle and the 1000-Year Clam.

’’Little bird...Don't eat that old turtle and old clam, alright?’’ Qing Shui only casually brought it up, but did not expect that the fire bird would cry out humanely. Qing Shui could tell from its cry that it had understood.

To test his guess, Qing Shui tried to use his mental senses to get the fire bird to perform various actions, which it did accomplish with perfection. This caused Qing Shui to feel overjoyed.

The Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal was still quite small and did not allow for flying at fast speeds. Therefore, Qing Shui planned to experience the speed and power of his fire bird outside the realm at a later time.

Seeing that it was about time when he would be kicked out of the realm, Qing Shui washed up and changed into a set of clothes to exit. Before he left, he kept the book, prescriptions, and the pages of the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm. He carefully instructed the fire bird not to touch the plants and some other stuff.

The fire bird screeched happily!

Only then did Qing Shui leave the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal in satisfaction!

He went straight to bed and decided to sleep since it was still late at night. He dismissed the thought of trying out the fire bird since it may attract unnecessary attention from the experts of the Skysword Sect. It would also be troublesome if he were to offend that old demonic monkey.

When it was morning, Qing Shui quickly got up, skipped his morning practice, and called out for the fire bird. The fire bird seemed to be very excited since it was the first time it had come out. It screeched joyfully, releasing such a strong aura which astonished even Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was already able to sense the strong aura of the fire bird in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He had not expected that, when it left the realm to see the world out there, it unknowingly released an aura which had a similar tinge to the one that had the blood of a phoenix.

Qing Shui leaped up onto the fire bird. Before he gave any instructions, the fire bird took flight. Its large wings cut across the air with great haste. It was then Yiye Jiange chanced upon the scene of an upright figure standing on the back of the fire bird.

She would never had guessed that Qing Shui, who was still riding on the White Feathered Condor the day before, would suddenly appear on the back of a huge demonic monster. Most importantly, the demonic aura of this beast was only 2nd to that of the Skysword Sect's Protecting Beast.

Yiye Jiange noticed that ever since she met Qing Shui, she was better able to accept new things. She also gradually realised that nothing would be shocking. Anything that happened was normal.

Qing Shui stood on the back of the fire bird and experienced the sensation of the quick flying speed. The feeling of the wind in his face made him feel that an unconstrained emotion came up from the bottom of his heart as he looked over the vast lands and rivers of the world of the nine continents below him. The feeling he was having was much different than what he felt when he was on the back of either the Snow White Crane or the White Feathered Condor.

’’The speed of a flying ride is the best. Even if I were to head back to the Qing Village and back, it would take me at most slightly over two days.’’ Qing Shui felt agitated just thinking about it. His travel to the Cang Lang Country previously had taken him over two months.

Qing Shui took out the Strength-Enhancing Fruit and the Agility-Enhancing Fruit. He tossed them into the mouth of the fire bird, which gave a few happy cries after eating them. Qing Shui could hear the excitement in its cries.

It was too bad that there were no more Small Revitalizing Pellet, if not, it would definitely be very excited to be given two of those. He did not know if the pellet would be of any use to it, but the Energy-Enhancing Fruit and Agility-Enhancing Fruit would definitely be of use. For the moment, Qing Shui had no plans to let it take the Physique-Enhancing Fruit as ten years meant nothing to a demonic beast.

It was too bad that the Endurance-Enhancing Fruit had not ripen, but it would be soon. Qing Shui felt that the most important thing for a demonic beast would be its endurance. Take a flying demonic beast for example. Before it turned into a demonic beast, it was still a wild beast or ferocious beast. It would tend to be unable to fly for long due to the lack in endurance. This was especially the case for flying wild beasts.

Only when they had the core of a demonic beast would their endurance be better and thus be able to fly for longer distances. But the core was similar to that of a human's Dantian. The stronger the core of the demonic beast, the stronger it would be.

Qing Shui looked at the divinely beautiful big bird he was on and he felt a great sense of satisfaction. It was a sense of satisfaction which he had never felt before. For a long time, he could only postpone his dream of travelling across the land of the world of the nine continents since he did not have a flying Xiantian demonic beast. Now that he had a flying demonic beast of his own, it seemed like his plan of venturing the world would need to be brought forward.

He got the fire bird to head back. When they went back to the Cloud Mist Peak, it was just nice that Yiye Jiange and the lass caught sight of them!

’’Ah, pretty big bird.’’ The lass shouted cheerfully.

Qing Shui leaped down. The lass went up and stroked the flaming red feathers while laughing happily. Qing Shui looked towards Yiye Jiange with a gentle smile.

’’Haha, I picked it from somewhere...’’

Yiye Jiange looked at Qing Shui with an untainted smile on her face. The quiet goddess would have an especially pure and heartwarming smile when she looked at Luan Luan.

’’Master, I may be leaving these few days.’’ Qing Shui lifted up the lass and said.

’’Mmm, I know that the Skysword Sect will not be where you'll stay. There is a huge world waiting out there for you. I've discussed this with Martial Brothers and the others. Since you're only an Elder of the Skysword Sect in name, you can feel free to join any sects in the future.’’ There was something in the gaze which Yiye Jiange used on Qing Shui which made him feel melancholy.

Qing Shui let out a sigh and the mood turned slightly oppressing.

’’When will you be back?’’ Yiye Jiange asked softly.


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