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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 2


Chapter 2 - After Three Years

Time passed like a straight arrow and for him, the loss of time was more painful. Now he has eight years and even if his body has grown taller, he still has a thin face. The only change was that his black eyes were becoming more and more beautiful. However his body was still weak so he wasn't able to practice martial arts.

’’Qing Shui! Qing Shui!’’ A little boy who was robust like a small tiger was running while shouting his name.

Qing Shui continued running into the hillside since he yearns for tranquility with a peaceful state of mind so as not to being upset. But the opposite happened, the times running increased even more!

When Qing Shui turned his head, he saw his best friend Qing Hu!

Although Qing Hu was a year younger than him, thanks to the ’’Blue Lotus’’ handed down in the family, he was able to cultivate up to the warrior's third level! The stages were divided into;Warrior, Wu Jiang (Fierce man), Wu Shuai (Martial Commander), Xiantian (Innate), Martial Emperor, Wu Zun, Martial Sovereign, Wu Xu (False God). The path to being god is divided into ten levels, and every level has another ten levels more.

Qing Hu was the youngest of all the grandsons and there are other three which were born the same year. The four were grandchildren of the Qing family's master.

In the Qing family, every children despises Qing Shui, because in this world only are respected those who train martial arts, so it's was natural that nobody looked at him since he was destined to be a waste due to not be able to practice them. Nobody looked at him, except his only friend Qing Hu!

If you aren't able to practice martial arts, then you are doomed to be lonely!

Qing Shui true age was 26 due to his past life in which he had eighteen plus the age of this life which was eight. That's why he wasn't like the other children, crying due to not have others to play with or being noisy! Practically, nobody saw him crying or being noisy!

Qing Shui was quite bored because he didn't play with other brats because they were childish. But it was different with his ’’brother’’ Qing Hu, he was quite happy with him. Every person he meets, every one of them had cold eyes and despises him behind his back. So for Qing Shui, his brother was something irreplaceable. Even if the other was a kid, it comforts his heart!

Although his grandfather, the master of the Qing family was old he reached the peak of the Houtian stage and his sons were all in Wu Shuai's eight level, except his second son. He was in the Wu Shuai's nine level but he couldn't breakthrough it. Ones were better than others.

Currently, Qing He was focused in the martial path hoping that one day he could advance into the level ten of the Wu Shuai. Because as long as somebody of the second generation had the capacity, then he would have the chance to compete against the numerous influential families on the city.

In the third generation there are few talented people as well. The eldest grandson, Qing Zi who has 21 years reached seven level of the stage of Wu Jian, so even Qing Luo is training him personally.

As for the others, Qing You who barely turned 13 already had already breakthrough to the Wu Jian level six. That caused that Qing Luo could sleep happily and even wake up with a smile. It's was due that he was able to enter into the six level of Wujian, two years before his eldest grandson Qing Zi. That he could enter two years before was a big notice. Because Qing You is already no longer inferior to some other genius! So Qing Luo hides his high hopes in the bottom of his hearth!

What is respected in this world and what they talk at most is the martial arts. For Qing Shui that word is what he is most afraid of hearing. The only thing he can do is run quietly into the hillside and staring blankly on it when he is not eating or sleeping!

As the time passes, he was becoming more a more indifferent and it was natural because no other than his mother sees him with a smile, and Qing Luo was not the exception!

Qing Shui doesn't know but every time that Qing Yi looks at his small lonely and desolate figure, she cannot help but feel her heart aching. For three years she looked for medicine that could treat his illness but it didn't had the slightest amount of effect. She only shows a knowing smile when she see the small face of Qing Shui having a good dream!

’’Why don't you run before this uncle with his martial arts beat your ass!’’ Only when talking to Qing Hu, the face of Qing Shui becomes a little gentle.

’’It doesn't hurt so be free to do it, who is afraid of you!’’ Qing Shui said it indifferently. When looking at the seven year old kid talking like that it was quite adorable. He scarcely realized that he was a kid too!

’’You will come back! Aunt asked me to find you!’’ Qing Hu blinked his big eyes and noisily says it like a tiger!

When looking at his body and then the robust body of Qing Hu, he cannot help but let out a sigh.

Could be that I'm going to be like this all my life? Why everyone becomes an exceptionally strong person? Why I'm cannot be one of them? Why it cannot be easy one time...?

Qing Shui returns with Qing Hu, because it was time to eat and Qing Yi was about to look for him.

Seeing them come back, Qing Yi called them. Today was the last day of the month and the last day the whole family reunites to have a meal together, and it was as a form to communicate their feelings.

In the main table was Qing Luo together with Qing He, Qing Zi and Qing You! Downwards them, there were the rest of the second generation and after them in disordered way, the third generation.

Qing Zi and Qing You were able to take a seat in the main table due to their strength. That was a method of encouragement that Qing Luo implemented. It was precisely to give to the little children a belligerent nature. It was without saying that taking a seat on the main table was one kind of honor. And the allowance was much higher than others!

Qing Shui was next to Qing Yi eating in silence while the others are in groups of three to five. Those who had similar strength are gathered together. Qing Shui was all his childhood alone and his mother, Qing Yi was at loss at what to do!

Qing Yi sigheth for three years. In three years his son changed and even is he was lonely three years ago it not was to that extent. After all she was able to see his childish side sometimes. But now, that child where he go? If this continued, this child could collapse anytime. Looking at him walking outside, his lonely figure caused that Qing Yu shed tears!

She doesn't know how many times tears fell down in those three years!


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