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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 199


AST 199 - 4 levels of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal

’’So what if we get fifty more years to our lives. Even if it can only increase the lass's lifespan by three days, we must still give it to her. Each additional day brings more hope.’’ Qing Shui sighed and said seriously.

Qing Shui was not merely saying it for show. Increasing ten percent of all abilities and fifty years of life were tempting, but it was more suitable for Luan Luan.

Yiye Jiange smiled, murmured a ’’See you tomorrow’’, and went into her room.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose and returned to his own room. He then locked the door and entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He kept thinking about the Wondrous Fruit. At that time, he had just planted it carelessly. Now that he dug a pit and watered it properly, the plant was not tall but full of vines.

Scanning through everything in the realm and feeling a little happy, Qing Shui started another day of training. The Ancient Strengthening Technique was still a cycle of seventy days, but under the pressure of the mysterious deity, his muscles were developed and the grape-sized dew in his diaphragm had an alarming density.

After circulating the Ancient Strengthening Technique for three consecutive cycles, Qing Shui stopped and made some food in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal for dinner. Qing Shui then laid by the pond for a rest after his hearty meal.

His eyes unconsciously landed on the book he carelessly threw in the realm. It was the Spring Palace Portrait, which he idly picked up to flip through it.

It was still as vivid and caused one's heart to boil hot;the depictions of the techniques were lifelike and graphic. It was as though they were right in front of you, especially the strokes that were realistically painted to depict the lovely lines of the lady.

Pictures after pictures made Qing Shui blaze with passion. He unconsciously used the Heavenly Vision Technique, and it made him dazed...

Many red dots and lines appeared on the characters in the paintings. There were also the eight extraordinary channels, and even the ’’weapon’’ of men.

Qing Shui rubbed his eyes. They were still there when he continued to use the Heavenly Vision Technique. Every painting was connected. Could this be the Duo Cultivation?

Qing Shui became excited. This mystical technique was a part of every man's dream. They could enjoy the greatest pleasures and cultivate themselves simultaneously. Besides, Qing Shui knew of the complementary effects of yin and yang.

Yin and Yang alone cannot last long. All creations of the heavens and earth bear both Yin and Yang. The heavens was Yang, the earth was Yin;day was Yang, night was Yin;up was Yang, down was Yin;heat was Yang, cold was Yin. Even for the human anatomy, the outer body was Yang, and the internal organs were Yin. Within the internal organs, the six hollow organs1 were Yang, and the five internal organs2 were Yin. Within the five internal organs, the heart and the lungs, which were positioned higher in the body, were Yang, and the kidneys and liver, which were positioned lower in the body, were Yin. For the kidney, the ’’essence’’ was Yin, and the ’’fire of the vital gate’’ was Yang.

The Yin-Yang Portrait of Taiji. Qing Shui flipped to the first page of the Spring Palace Portrait and looked at the red dots and lines. This time, he concentrated on the veins. They made his body flushed, and he eventually took off his clothes.

From the first painting, Qing Shui consciously followed the path on the man in the painting and channeled up the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique. Qing Shui found himself in the zone, feeling refreshed yet stimulated.

Following the order of the paintings and channeling up his energy accordingly, it made Qing Shui suspect that this could make him invincible, especially when the path actually reached the ’’weapon’’ below.

Qing Shui realised that the Spring Palace Portrait in his mind was gradually revolving in an increasing speed along with his Duo Cultivation, making him fresh and full of energy.

He finally stopped after ten portraits. Although it felt refreshing, it seemed to have expended a lot of time and much of his energy. After having a snack and daydreaming, QIng Shui decided to learn this Duo Cultivation. If only he had a beauty beside him to try out the effects.

The portraits had actually taken up half a day. Qing Shui tried cultivating Qi in different positions, and it made him realise the wonderful thing about the Duo Cultivation. It circulated everywhere, just like in the Spring Palace Portrait. The path of channeling was far and wide, circulating forward and continuously.

Gradually, the internal organs and the eight extraordinary channels formed various circulations which forged, transformed, and transport Qi...

Qing Shui knew this was Duo Cultivation. The ’’Qi’’ from the couple merged and transformed to warm the channels, making the Yin and Yang in a harmonious blend which complemented each other...

Successfully completing the cultivations of all 72 paintings used up a whole week's time. Qing Shui found out that it was a method of channeling Qi in the various positions. To be blunt, it increased the joys of practising the Duo Cultivation.

Qing Shui trained for a week and was tormented by the flames of desire. In particular, the guy below stayed erected for an entire week. Fortunately, Qing Shui discovered that this cultivation could enhance some mental power.

When Qing Shui could use this technique with his own will, he had already spent almost fifteen days in the realm. He knew his time was almost up.

At this moment, he felt a tremble in the realm. The boundaries of all four sides seemed to be retracting. In the distance, there appeared a Chinese Parasol. Qing Shui laughed out in joy.

’’The Realm of the Violet Immortal actually upgraded!’’

Qing Shui never thought he could witness the realm upgrading. That peculiar feeling was unimaginable. Time was short, but only a brief moment. Yet, it felt like it lasted a long time.

’’Maybe the realm's upgrade was connected to mental power?’’ Qing Shui guessed.

If it truly was linked to mental power, Qing Shui was depressed. He left this avenue without using his mental power. The cultivation technique for meditation had surfaced during his supporting techniques, but he had not continued learning it.

Meditation had one effect - enhancing mental power! Qing Shui stared at the few simple words, but had no use for it. He had not required much mental power for anything till now, and had put off its training.

Now it looked like one had to learn everything, as everything was useful. There weren't any useless techniques, only ignorant people. Qing Shui decided to start practising meditation tomorrow.

Qing Shui hurried up to the 4th level of the realm to see the rewards, running excitedly to the stone tablet. He could feel his heart beating rapidly.

The Realm of the Violet Immortal had fairly enlarged. Qing Shui saw that the pond was now at least 50 metres long, but its depth had not changed.

’’Let's see what good things are here!’’

Qing Shui, who always thought good things were meant to be slowly appreciated, held back his impulse and started from the first level!

The first level of the Realm of the Violet Immortal opened, revealing a Tree of Strength fruit that could grow on its own. It ripened every century, bearing ten fruits each time. Each fruit could increase one's strength by 500 jin, and could be used for pills cultivation as well. However, one could only consume a maximum of two pellets - there would be no use eating more than that!

The second level opened, revealing a Tree of Agility that could similarly grow on its own. It ripened every century, bearing ten fruits each time as well. Each fruit could increase one's speed by 50 percent, and could be used for pills cultivation as well, but one could only consume a maximum of two pellets. Eating more would enable one to enhance another 50 percent of his speed in fifteen minutes!

The third level opened;the Tree of Endurance on the third level ripened every century and bore ten fruits each time. Each fruit could increase one's defence by 500 jin. One could only consume two pellets at most. Eating more would be of no use, and it could be used to cultivate medicine!

The 5000 years of Golden Medicinal Turtle can be tapped for its blood to be used for medicinal cultivation, and could replace any common beast for medicinal cultivation.

Qing Shui was thrilled to see the 4th level!

The 4th level of the realm opened;the Tree of Physicality ripened every century, bearing ten fruits each time, and each fruit could increase one's lifespan by 50 years. One could only consume a maximum of two pellets. Consuming more had no use, and could be used for medicinal cultivation!

Qing Shui was touched! The Fruit of Physicality was finally out, and little lass could now increase her lifespan by 100 years. A good thing was that it was a fruit of physicality;there was one additional ingredient for the cultivation of Great Revitalizing Pellet.

Overjoyed, Qing Shui looked down happily!

There was a reward of a 1000 year old clam that can be tapped for its blood to make pellets. It could be used to replace a common beast to cultivate medicine.

Qing Shui was almost in tears. The heavens did not forsake him. No, they gave him what he lacked, just the Golden Medicinal Turtle and the 1000 year old clam that could replace any two common beast for ingredients.

Another reward was a 10,000 year old Chinese Parasol with a fiery bird on top that could be ridden and engaged to battle. The later generations of the Ancient Phoenix possessed a hint of the phoenix bloodline.

Qing Shui was utterly dazed with only the phrase ’’with a fiery bird on top that could be ridden and engaged for battles. The later generations of the Ancient Phoenix possessed a hint of the phoenix bloodline’’ in his mind.

Qing Shui could not help but stare at the 10,000 year old Chinese Parasol in the distance. It was said that the phoenix would land on the Chinese Parasol, but this Chinese Parasol here was much bigger than that at Falling Phoenix Town. Its branches were sturdy, leaves luxuriant, and its crown obscured. Its height had actually reached 50 metres. If not for the 4th level, many medicinal herbs would have suffered.


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