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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 197


AST 197 - Irresistible even to Immortals, Zhu Qing.

Qing Shui continued practicing his Bear Form while the little girl watched cheerfully from the side. Compared to the little girl as she giggled, Yiye Jiange watched Qing Shui's movements carefully. Now she knew that her strength could not be compared to that of the man who was once her disciple.

He seemed to have secrets all over the place. The longer she stayed with him, the more mysterious she found him to be. He seemed to make progress at every moment without anyone's help. Maybe he had a mysterious master that was not next to him? Or maybe his improvement was possible through understanding of cultivation books?

But could he understand concepts so thoroughly just through studying meticulously? He seemed to understand everything: medicine, concoction, martial skills, and even culinary arts. He was also at a level in which others looked up to him in each category.

What kind of person was he really? His growth was unbelieveable. In the future, he had to be the most magnificent character in the land of the nine continents. Maybe it wouldn't take long at all.

It seemed like the little girl was blessed with good fortune. With his love and care, maybe her problem could be solved in the future.

The snow stopped. In the morning, Qing Shui strolled aimlessly around the Skysword Mountain by himself and looked at the snowy scenery of Skysword Mountain. Qing Shui didn't know much about sentiments, but Qing Shui liked to look at these grand spectacles and landscapes, like the endless horizon, the vast starry sky, the tall, majestic mountain range, the boundless, obscure sea, and the turbulent rivers. Looking at these sights gave him a fantastic feeling, as if his horizons expanded. It was like how the sky that the frog in the bottom of a well saw became much bigger once it was outside the well.

He walked and looked along the Skysword Mountain's vast expanse of whiteness. His graceful pace was very elegant. Each one of his steps was about five meters long. He was used to this now, so he enjoyed this kind of haste in his steps. This was true wandering. Only this was worthy of being called wandering.

When Qing Shui felt that he awoke from a dream, he found that he had arrived at the hidden opening of the cave, the secret cave where he had accidentally peeped on Third Martial Aunt Zhu Qing.

Qing Shui felt something fishy, and turned his head, only to see Zhu Qing standing next to him, staring at him blankly. Before, Qing Shui had been absent-minded;he also remembered some images of Zhu Qing that he had seen previously. It was only when he was unexpectedly cornered by this woman that he had become conscious.

’’Hello, Third Martial Aunt!’’

’’Why are you here, Qing Shui?’’ Zhu Qing looked at Qing Shui oddly.

’’I wanted to look at the scene of the Skysword Mountain in snow, so I just wandered about aimlessly and accidentally got here. Why is Third Martial Aunt here as well?’’ What Qing Shui said really was the truth, but the question that followed was something that he had yet to summon up the courage to do.

’’For me, this is my personal resting place. Come, let's take a rest! We have some things to discuss!’’ Zhu Qing looked at Qing Shui and said, leading the way in.

Qing Shui wanted to find an excuse to leave, but Zhu Qing didn't give him an opportunity to do so. Qing Shui couldn't leave without saying goodbye, that would show how guilty he felt.

Qing Shui gathered his courage and entered the cave again. Qing Shui could finally look around this place with good reason. The cave wasn't big or tall;the length and width were both fifty meters long. There were many big rocks that blocked his line of sight!

As he glanced around the room, he noticed that it was rather clean and that there was no trace of any wild beasts!

When Qing Shui saw that bed again, he saw the gorgeous third martial aunt sitting on the side of the bed. He couldn't help but remember the scene of two snow-white bodies entangled that he had saw that day. Even the silky breasts and jade legs of this third martial aunt appeared in his mind. When he lifted his head, he saw Zhu Qing looking at his with a smile. That smile was very ruminating!

Zhu Qing stood up to light up a purple incense casually. The incense was as thick was a little finger, and its fragrance was sweet and exotic. It smells very nice, that faint smoke spiraling up and dissipating in the air.

’’Sit down. Are you scared that I might eat you?’’ After a while, Zhu Qing sat down and said tenderly as she patted the place next to her on the bed.

Qing Shui suddenly felt Zhu Qing was very beautiful. Most importantly, he had an urge to up and hug her, but Qing Shui suppressed that urge firmly.

Qing Shui's gaze fell on the snow white bedding on the bed. It was brand new. Why is there only Zhu Qing martial aunt? Where was the other woman?

Qing Shui was bewildered at how his self control was so bad today. This third martial aunt Zhu Qing was incomparably glamorous and mature like a honey peach. Her well-endowed body had fat where there was supposed to be and no fat where there wasn't supposed to be, but Zhu Qing's naked body constantly flashed in his mind. He also heard that ecstatic moaning sound ringing next to his ear incessantly.

Qing Shui felt his desires becoming especially strong;he even slowly approached the bed uncontrollably. At this moment, Zhu Qing stood up, and the clothes on her body slowly fell. In a short moment, she stood there, absolutely naked.

Her snow-white body emerged in front of Qing Shui. Her slightly trembling breasts were plump and tall, her waist was slender, and her butt was extremely ample. From the side, that round shape directly attacked Qing Shui's last reasonable thoughts.

Seeing Zhu Qing's naked body was like pouring oil on fire to Qing Shui. He couldn't control himself anymore, and embraced that rapturing body. Quickly, the clothes on his body also came off completely!

Every part of Zhu Qing's body was stroked by Qing Shui, especially the pink parts on her breasts, which were kissed by Qing Shui frantically. She loathed men, but she didn't move at all. When she saw the erect, big thing of Qing Shui, she was so scared that her complexion turned deathly pale.

Qing Shui had never burned with this much desire like today. When he saw the burning incense unconsciously, he seemed to have some thoughts, but he separated that pair of snow-white, slender legs and inserted all of his near-bursting weapon in once he found the right place!

There was a moan of pain, and Zhu Qing's eyes were tearful. Her lovely face frowned a little;she was clearly enduring immense pain. Qing Shui's heart didn't know how to feel. This third martial aunt was actually a virgin. Not only had she never experienced a man, she even loathed men. Could it be that she had an encounter with strange men when she was small?

Qing Shui leaned on her body and felt her jade-smooth skin. His hands were also fondling Zhu Qing's impressive breasts!

’’What kind of incense is it? It has such strong power.’’ Qing Shui's eyes was only an inch away from Zhu Qing's eyes. He stared into those foggy eyes. They were deep and enchanting!

’’You found out? This is Ecstasy Incense, irresistible even to immortals.’’ Zhu Qing said bitterly.

’’Why are you doing this?’’ Qing Shui said, a little angry.

Zhu Qing was silent and refused to make a sound!

Qing Shui started to move forcefully. So you are trying to drug and rape me? I will let you feel ecstasy today. Her soft and delicate moaning sounded. Maybe it was because some time had passed that Zhu Qing didn't feel the pain anymore. After all, she was a cultivator.

Slowly, Qing Shui started to hear that familiar elated moan again, and he put in more energy into the work. That moaning became even louder in ecstasy. Zhu Qing half-closed her eyes, and a layer of pink appeared on her charming face.

’’Third Martial Aunt, is a man or a woman better?’’ Qing Shui said with a little vengeance as he worked on Zhu Qing forcefully.

’’You really did find out.’’ Zhu Qing said as she gasped for breath. Her half-closed eyes had an unexplainable charm.

’’If you don't want others to know what you did, the only way is to not do it. There is no wall that the wind can't pass through. I just don't understand why are you doing this to me.’’ Qing Shui hugged Zhu Qing as she bounced up and down rapidly.

’’I don't want to live like before.’’ Zhu Qing suddenly held Qing Shui after speaking. Her body twitched violently, and she leaned next to Qing Shui's ear. Her tender moans sounded like a song and a sob at the same time.

’’Do you feel good?’’ Qing Shui bit her sparkling, translucent earlobe and said devilishly.

’’I almost died. I never knew I could feel this good with my body before!’’ Zhu Qing said, amazed. After she took a long time to return to consciousness, her face was full of grace, like the peace after a storm.

’’You still won't tell me why you did this today?’’ Qing Shui held her and started a round of slander again.


Qing Shui looked at her flushed face, full of the most attractive mien!

’’Today was an accident, but I already wanted to do this with you a long time ago. I didn't think it would be so fast. I wanted to find a man because I didn't want to be like how I was before. It's just that, once I see a man and think about the things that I have to do with him, I feel unbearable disgust. However, I didn't hate you when I had my first time with you.’’ She said timidly as she enjoyed physical pleasure.

’’You didn't hate me, so you decided to drug and rape me?’’ Qing Shui said bitterly.

’’What are you saying? Who talks about another person like that...’’

When he sent her into the peak of happiness again, Qing Shui also released his own fire.

Qing Shui had never thought about this in his dream. Before, he had the fantasy of spending money to find another woman to make the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal level up to the fourth layer. Now he had accidentally avoided some troublesome business. Qing Shui now really wanted to see whether or not the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had really leveled up to the fourth layer.


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