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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 194


AST 194 The Difficult Prescription of the Great Revitalizing Pellet

Qing Shui was still playing happily together with the little girl and Yiye Jiange, unbeknownst to him that a beauty peerless in her generation tried to forget all traces of him.

As they headed back to the hall, there were many areas holding small feasts under the moonlight. They happily chatted about everything and anything, drank wine, and talked about women as well.

’’Jiange and Qing Shui, come here!’’

Qing Shui turned his head to see that Baili Jingwei had just come out from the hall and was calling out to them.

When they entered the hall, they discovered that Baili Jingwei, Gongsun Sanqian, and Zhu Qing were also all drinking wine. Qing Shui and Jiange joined the table, and the mood heated up.

’’Jiange, I'm elated to see the day has become where you are living your life now. The way you are bringing the lass around with Qing Shui, and the lass calling the two of you ’’mommy’’ and ’’daddy’’ is simply spectacular.’’ Baili Jingwei laughed and said.

Gongsun Sanqian and Zhu Qing also smiled as they looked at Yiye Jiange and Qing Shui. Qing Shui returned their smiles shamelessly while the lass stared with her big eyes, as if she was competing to see whose eyes were bigger.

Yiye Jiange smiled, embarrassed, and her gaze fell upon the lass. Her eyes were bright like the sun, moon, and stars and turned extremely soft before she turned to look at Qing Shui with a distressed gaze. Eventually, it seemed as if she saw something as she broke into a smile and shook her head.

Baili Jingwei smiled and said, ’’Alright, alright, this is good as well. We like you this way too. You've been carrying too many burdens all these years and it's about time you put them down. Sometimes, putting it down would mean to pick them up.’’

Baili Jingwei's long brows and eyes reflected wisdom and were as profound as if they were an abyss!

Yiye Jiange looked at Baili Jingwei. Other than her master who was no longer around, she held the most respect for this Eldest Martial Brother with unfathomable wisdom and heeded his words the most. It was the same feeling she held for her father in the past, and Baili Jingwei was both a brother and a father to her!

The way he said it... could it be that he had seen through the lass's Seven Apertures Mystical Heart or was it Qing Shui? Could it be that Qing Shui really had some connection with herself?

She thought of how it would be if she was going to be entangled with this guy who was getting increasingly stronger. Recalling the scene of how savage he was on the Arena and the warmth and extreme patience he had when he usually fed the lass, Jiange unknowingly started to feel that he was an extremely attractive and mysterious guy.

’’Come, come, everyone have a drink!’’ Gongsun Sanqian picked up his wine and laughed.

The rest also quickly raised their cups and took a drink.

’’Today, everyone here are just friends. Let's chat casually!’’ Gongsun Sanqian smiled and said.

After all, he was a sovereign and had the aura of a seasoned strong expert with a high status. Thank goodness that the rest were his Martial Brothers and Sisters from over the many years;Qing Shui was not concerned about this at all. Luan Luan had the Seven Apertures Mystical Heart and could tell if the other party had evil intentions. Thus, she did not know what fear was.

’’Qing Shui, you were so dazzling that you had blinded us all. Thank goodness that you belong to our Skysword Sect. Jiange had good foresight, hahaha.’’ After saying this, Zhu Qing laughed gently. The laughter with a mature charm made Qing Shui recall the scene he saw in the cave.

He clearly recalled the two entangled, snow white, beautiful, and well-embodied bodies moving gracefully together. Today, her beautiful laughter turned into beautiful cries in Qing Shui's ears.

To think that the seductive and charming lady only likes women. Qing Shui felt that it was such a waste!

Facing this delicate and charming 3rd Martial Aunt, he could only laugh good-naturedly. He subconsciously did not want to have anything to do with her!

When it was about time, Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange brought the lass back to Cloud Mist Peak. Even if it was the 1st day of the year, Qing Shui did not want to waste time and disregard his training.

After reaching his room, he locked it and entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Today was the day that Qing Shui had been looking forward to for a very long time. It was the day the prescription for the Great Revitalizing Pellet would appear.

Qing Shui continued to refine the Golden Sore Ointment while the experience level increased in small and pitiful amounts. However, it was good that the massive experience requirement was almost fully achieved, but fully attaining it would require Qing Shui to remain in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and perform alchemy for a week.

He took a look at the nameless branch. It had a new strong branch which exuded an immense life force but Qing Shui could not determine what it really was. The time required for its growth was too perverse, but it also caused Qing Shui to be curious to know more about it. It had turned into a habit for him to take a look at this nameless branch to see if it had bloomed or had bore a fruit every time he entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

He took a look at the medicinal herbs in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. While these had only been there for two years, they had aged 200 years, giving him a great sense of satisfaction just by looking at it. While having medicinal herbs with 200 years was nothing, they would all become 1000 year old medicinal herbs in eight years. Thinking of how he would have a large field of 1000 year old medicinal herbs, Qing Shui could not help but feel agitated. It would be even better if time would be able to shift to eight years later.

Seized by a sudden impulse, Qing Shui slowly went around the the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. When he first inspected the area after discovering the existence of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he began to treat this place as a training ground. Today, after taking another slow walk around, he noticed that the area was significantly large. A land the size of 50-60 mu was, in fact, quite big.

Seeing that there were not many changes to the inscription steele, he wished that there would be inscriptions after the words indicating that the 4th Heavenly Layer was activated. Looking at the Golden Medicinal Turtle's lazy crawl on the banks, Qing Shui was speechless seeing how it was hanging its four limbs in the air again. Would it not agitate the other turtles who could only crawl?

Hearing a ding sound, Qing Shui happily opened his eyes. He accumulated sufficient experience to obtain the prescription for the Great Revitalizing Pellet. The soft sound was extremely soothing to Qing Shui.

Feeling agitated, Qing Shui looked at the prescription for the Great Revitalizing Pellet reflecting in his mind!

Prescription for the Great Revitalizing Pellet: Flower of Life, 1000-Year Deer Antler, Blood Red Camellia, Blood of a 1000-Year Camellia, Blood of a 5000-Year Turtle, Powdered Bones of a 1000-Year Tiger, Phoenix's Tail, Energy-Enhancing Fruit, Agility-Enhancing Fruit, Endurance-Enhancing Fruit, Physique-Enhancing Fruit, Devil's Snare, 1000-Year Blood Coral!

’’Damn it, damn, damn!’’ Qing Shui depressedly tried his best to finish looking through the prescription. He had never heard of the Flower of Life, but just from hearing the name, he knew that it was not an ordinary item. While he had heard of the Blood Red Camellia, he had not seen it before. He would be able to get both the 1000-Year Deer Antler and the Blood of a 5000-Year Turtle. As for the Powdered Bones of a 1000-Year Tiger...he could not possibly scrape some off the lass's White Jade Snow Tiger, not forgetting that the tiger had not reached a thousand years.

Qing Shui had a headache just from looking at the term Phoenix's Tail. From his previous life, it would refer to the feathers from the tail of a phoenix. He did not know if a phoenix existed in the world of the nine continents. He already had the Strength-Enhancing Fruit, the Agility-Enhancing Fruit, and the Endurance-Enhancing Fruit, but where could he steal the Physique-Enhancing Fruit from...?

The 1000-Year Calm was even harder to find than the Powdered Bones of a 1000-Year Tiger while the Devil's Snare and the 1000-Year Blood Coral made Qing Shui feel ever so helpless. One of them disappeared without a trace while the other was deep at the bottom of the ocean.

’’This is depressing, what kind of prescription is this?’’ Qing Shui sighed helplessly. What use was the prescription if he was not able to gather the ingredients?

How Qing Shui wished that he could do away with the Phoenix's Tail. If only the ingredient was a medicinal herb that looked like a Phoenix's Tail. If not, would it not be driving him to his death? The feathers from the tail of a phoenix... he felt stumped just from looking at the name. As for the other ingredients such as the Blood of a 1000-Year Clam, Powdered Bones of a 1000-Year Tiger, and the 1000-Year Blood Coral, they still sounded more achievable.

Right. He forgot to check the effects of the Great Revitalizing Pellet. Even if he was not able to create it, he would need to check out its effects!

Effects of the Great Revitalizing Pellet: Increase 20% of the user's overall powers, increase 20 years to the user's lifespan, and heal internal injuries within a short amount of time. Within the first hour after taking the pill, the user's powers would be increased by one-fold, and the user's abilities would be weakened to the level of an ordinary person for a month. Each person could only take one, and any additional pellets would only heal internal injuries.

Qing Shui looked at the prescription in a daze. Raising the user's overall powers by 20% was similar to the effects of taking one Small Revitalizing Pellet. Also, it would increase the user's lifespan by 20 years. The most perverse effect was that it would increase the user's powers by one-fold for an hour. Imagine that you were being beaten up and your life was threatened, but suddenly your abilities increased by one-fold. One must know that sometimes one plus one may not necessarily equal two!

Qing Shui looked yearningly at the medicinal effects, but decided to put it aside and take a look at the next information. There was only one sentence, which was that he was 200,000 experience away from the next Beauty Pellet!

Beauty Pellet? What kind of thing would require 300,000 experience? He already felt exhausted from the Great Revitalizing Pellet which required 100,000 experience. It was still far for him to be able to attempt to refine it. It was even possible that he may never be able to refine one in the course of his life...

Looking at the effects but unable to refine it, Qing Shui felt very disappointed and depressed. He did not even want to accumulate experience to get the next prescription and the Heaven Defining Pill.

In the end, Qing Shui dismissed the negative thoughts he was thinking. After all, in the world of the nine continents, everything was possible. In his previous life, he could just sell the prescription in the market for a dollar. An expert wearing tattered clothes would buy it, but would eventually save the world.

The effect of increasing a lifespan by 20 years made Qing Shui think of Luan Luan. If he were able to refine it, Luan Luan would be able to get an additional 20 years to live. Coupled with the Longevity Fruit, it would be 30 years in total. Gaining 30 years would allow him a higher chance to find the medicines that could save the lass.

Qing Shui felt very helpless. The feeling of guarding a mountain of gold yet dying of starvation was the worst. It was a feeling of breathlessness. Irritated, Qing Shui released the Tiger's Roar without caring, letting go of his irritation!

Tai Chi. He could only fanatically repeat the stances of Tai Chi. Such mentally nurturing fist techniques also had a huge effect. He practiced it repeatedly...


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