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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 192


AST 192 The Difference Between A Bad Person and A Bad Egg

The mood of the Sect Exchange Competition plunged with the withdrawal of the Tong Clan, especially after hearing Tong Tu's death wish and warning for the Tong Clan.

’’Leave a path for the Tong Clan, and let the members of the Tong Clan bring back my words to the head of the Tong Clan. Do not seek revenge for me, do not think about seeking revenge, and do not leave the Silver Spear City for a hundred years.’’

This was an obvious sign of showing inferiority to the other party. It indicated to Qing Shui and the Skysword Sect that they have decided in the future, they would not think about being involved in Cang Lang Country.

Many people could not understand. How could a young chap of the Skysword Sect already possess such powers? To the extent that the Silver Spear City, which was highly ranked in the Cang Lang Country, admitted signs of defeat? They submitted to the humiliation of the party who brought it to them.

Could it be that this chap from the Skysword Sect was already so powerful? A few white-haired old fellows shook their heads and sighed as they were able to tell the inkling to the matter.

While Qing Shui had not reached the level to do as he wished in Cang Lang Country, who could do anything to him with the protection of the Skysword Sect? After ten or even twenty years, how much stronger would he be able to become? Tong Tu was also very old and could tell the severity of the problem when he realised that he could not kill this chap.

Tong Tu was far-sighted. He was worried that the Tong Clan would not know any better and attempt to look for Qing Shui to seek revenge. They had already lost out in terms of reasoning. How could the Skysword Sect let them do as they wished since Qing Shui was under them? In ten or twenty years in the future, it was highly likely that the Tong Clan would be completely eradicated by this savage and merciless chap!

Baili Jingwei smiled as he looked at the competition. In the past, Gongsun Sanqan would always be required to step out to defeat the opponents with his 8th grade Xiantian level. That was because it was a publicly known secret that Baili Jingwei's injuries had made his powers even weaker than that of Yiye Jiange's.

After meeting Qing Shui, the injuries that had bugged many Xiantian alchemists for over 10 years had not only recovered, but he had also regained his abilities of his fully mastered grade 8 Xiantian level. Most importantly, with such a rare talent like Qing Shui under the Skysword Sect, it would not be impossible for the Skysword to reach greater heights or even gain control of a continent.

The competition outside was in full swing while Qing Shui was at Cloud Mist Peak, accompanying Shi Qingzhuang. In the afternoon, the lass's voice was heard.


Shi Qingzhuang looked in a daze at this unbelievably beautiful little girl who had called Qing Shui ’’daddy’’. Her big eyes were like crystals, her long eyelashes slightly perked up, and her cute little nose rose up excitedly when she entered the room. After seeing Shi Qingzhuang, her big eyes blinked a few times before she turned towards Qing Shui.

Qingzhuang stared at the lass without blinking before she looked at the awkward Qing Shui as she smiled and said, ’’When did you have such a big daughter? She's so beautiful.’’

’’I picked her up. It's been over half a year.’’ Qing Shui said, embarrassed.

’’I wasn't picked up, not picked up. The things that are picked up are all lousy stuff.’’ Luan Luan said, feeling grieved as tears started to fill up her eyes and was ready to pour out at any moment.

’’Not picked up, not picked up. Luan Luan is the little angel given to me by the heavens.’’ Qing Shui broke into sweat and quickly used his unprofessional methods to cheer up young kids.

’’Lass, did you come because you smelled something?’’ Qing Shui diverted the topic, knowing well that she had come to look for food. He recalled how her nose was twitching when she entered the room;it was absolutely cute.

The lass grinned and quickly answered ’’yes’’ before her eyes started to look around the room. Qing Shui patted her little head. He heated up the remaining half pot of the All Aspect Nourishment Soup till it was hot and boiling before serving it.

He scooped up a bowl, and blew each spoonful cooler to feed the lass one mouthful after another. Shi Qingzhuang was stunned as she saw how beautiful the scene was as Qing Shui fed the little girl. She then recalled that it was a similar scene of how Qing Shui had fed her earlier.

She even had the feeling that if the little girl was their child, she would feel very blissful.

’’Are you full?’’ After one bowl, Qing Shui smiled and asked.

’’I want more.’’ Luan Luan looked at the pot on the side.

After drinking another bowl, she patted her little tummy and gave a satisfied burp. She was just about to head out to play before she turned and said, ’’Auntie, you're so beautiful!’’

Qingzhuang was stunned for a moment before she smiled happily. It was a rare sight to see a smile from her, pure as that of a child's. The icy-cool pretty face turned extremely soft and warm in that moment and Qing Shui fell into a daze. The damage inflicted by the lass was really top-notch.

Kids do not know how to lie, especially young kids like Luan Luan. They would only praise the most beautiful, using their eyes and heart to judge beauty. Even a beautiful but bad-natured lady would appear ugly in front of young kids. The younger they were, the better they would be able to sense the good and the evil. It was just like how a kid less than one year would cry non-stop when carried by an evil person.

’’What are you doing?’’

Qingzhuang asked as she saw that Qing Shui had taken off his shoes and got onto the bed.

’’Chat with you. I'm also tired, so I'll lie down for a while.’’ After saying that, Qing Shui lifted up the blankets and went in, giving himself a little bit of satisfaction to use the blankets used by a goddess while an unparalleled beauty laid beside him!

Qingzhuang was speechless. The bed was not big to begin with. While it was spacious for one, it was a bit cramped for two persons to lie together. She was not used to it and felt a bit discomposed and nervous.

Qing Shui looked at the slightly embarrassed, cool, and beautiful face. It was too bad that he could only look as she was injured. If she was not, he would not have such an opportunity to share a bed with her.

’’Qingzhuang, you've finally warmed up the bed for your husband for once. It's so comfortable.’’ Qing Shui said intoxicatedly.

’’You bad egg!’’ Qingzhuang said coquettishly.

’’Qingzhuang, do you know the difference between a bad egg and a bad person?’’ Qing Shui laid on his side and said, smiling, as he placed one of his hands on Qingzhuang's abdomen to nourish her wound with the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique.

Qingzhuang felt a warm and tingling feeling on her abdomen from his hand, feeling a bit of itchiness on her wound. She knew that Qing Shui was helping heal her wound. She closed her eyes, not looking into Qing Shui's slightly demonic and intoxicating pair of eyes.

’’What's the difference? They are both bad.’’ Qingzhuang kept her eyes closed and said.

Qing Shui laughed before he said, ’’Qingzhuang, let me tell you that there's a very big difference. A bad person is just a person who is bad in nature, while a bad egg... What do you think would be bad?’’

After saying this, Qing Shui looked at the beautiful face. Her eyes were closed tightly as a red blush appeared, causing one to have the urge to commit evil.

’’Qingzhuang, I'm baffled at why you're always calling me a bad egg. Do you think that my...?’’

’’Don't you dare say! You're bad and only know how to bully me.’’ Qingzhuang quickly interrupted Qing Shui's sentence, knowing full well that the content at the back would let her feel extremely ashamed.

’’Give me a kiss and I won't say anything. Does that sound good?’’ Qing Shui shamelessly moved his face over.

’’Not good!’’ A clear and sharp voice spoke angrily.

’’Do you want to kiss me on the left or on the right?’’


’’Do you want to kiss me or be kissed by me? Think carefully before you answer. Lass, if you answer wrong, your husband will force himself on you, hehe.’’ As Qing Shui was saying this, he even reached out his hand into the air and made a lewd grabbing action.

’’I'm hurt, but you're still bullying me!’’ Shi Qingzhuang looked at Qing Shui with aggrieved eyes and said.

Qing Shui was dealt a hard blow by Shi Qingzhuang. The ice-cool beauty was acting spoiled? Qing Shui's stunned look made Qingzhuang realize the change in herself and also feel extremely embarrassed...


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