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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 189


AST 189 - Killing in Fury! Eradicating Scum

At that moment, phrases like ’’burning in fury’’ and ’’hair standing on end with anger’’ were no longer sufficient enough to describe Qing Shui's fury!

Qing Shui had fallen into a daze for a short moment. He was surprised when he saw Shi Qingzhuang, very surprised. When he saw the beautiful and sad scene, he hoped that it was merely an illusion from him missing her.

The White Feathered Condor swooped down and Qing Shui jumped off. His shoulder-length hair freely flew with the wind. The purple mark between his brows turned blood red, giving him a demonic and bloodthirsty look on his usually elegant face.

Qing Shui landed very quickly, catching Qingzhuang before she hit the ground. Looking at the pitiful beauty who was half dyed in red, he felt so much pain that he had difficulty breathing.

’’Qingzhuang! Qingzhuang!’’ Qing Shui shouted. He collected the best batch of the Golden Sore Ointment he made recently, and even fed her the remaining few Small Revitalizing Pellet for the 20% increase of her body potential.

’’Why am I not able to refine the Five Dragon Pellet?’’ Qing Shui was regretful. If he had the Five Dragon Pellet, she would be able to recover very quickly.

He tapped on Qingzhuang's body a few times, and even took out the Gold Needles which he had not used for some time to quickly seal the meridian channels near her wound.

Qing Shui looked at that pale, pitiable, and beautiful face. She had difficulties breathing but her eyes, which still looked as cool and beautiful as ever even when smiling, was fixed on Qing Shui!

Qing Shui looked at that pitiable, cool face of unparalleled beauty as he trembled uncontrollably. He channeled his Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique into Shi Qingzhuang's body.

Only then did a few people from the Torrid Fragrance Valley manage to force their way through the crowd to get to where Qingzhuang was!

’’Zhuang Er!’’

’’Martial Sister!’’

Qing Shui looked at a middle-aged beautiful woman and a tall and seriously beautiful lady.

’’Master, Martial Sister, I'm fine!’’ Shi Qingzhuang answered weakly.

’’Hold onto her, and don't move her. Don't move the golden needles!’’ Qing Shui passed Qingzhuang to the beautiful middle-aged woman gently and instructed.

Then, Qing Shui turned his gaze towards the stage. At the same time, the beautiful middle-aged woman and the tall lady also looked towards the youth on the stage in fury!

’’I'll go kill him.’’ The tall beautiful lady spoke out and was about to step up.

’’Come back. He is a Xiantian, don't go.’’ The beautiful middle-aged woman hollered softly.

’’Master, I...’’

’’Look after Qingzhuang, he's dead for sure.’’

Qing Shui's voice was very soft, but most of the people around could hear him clearly.

The tall and indifferent lady looked at Qing Shui's back view in astonishment for a short while before she turned to take Shi Qingzhuang.

From the time when Qingzhuang was sent flying to then, it had only been three breaths' time. Only when Qing Shui slowly headed for the arena did the bustling discussions from the crowd start.

’’Wow, viciously destroying the flower. That's really nice.’’

’’Go viciously destroy your mother, it'll be even better.’’ A female disciple from the Torrid Fragrance Valley said loudly.

Guy: ’’...’’

’’The Silver Spear Tong Clan is really admirable. With such a young Xiantian expert, it seems like the Tong Clan's future in Cang Lang Country would be very promising!’’ An old man sighed softly and said.

’’Tong, I like you. I like your cold and bloodthirsty look earlier. How I wish you can pierce me as well. I like that beautiful and pitiable feeling.’’



Everyone had set their gazes on Qing Shui. Not a single person knew that a primitive white sword with engraved seven stars had appeared in Qing Shui's hand.

Although Shi Qingzhuang had been pierced with a serious injury by Tong, it was not unusual. After all, there had even been a case of death earlier. According to the rules, injuries and deaths were unavoidable during battle, so everyone was responsible for themselves in the event of such occurences.

The Torrid Fragrance Valley was infuriated, but there was nothing that they could do but to send an expert to injure the other party. If they were to send a senior expert, there was a possibility where the other party would admit defeat immediately. The elders from the Tong Clan would rather let him forfeit the match than for him to die. However, there were not many from the younger generation in Cang Lang Country who could win against Tong.

’’Who's this? So young.’’

’’How charming, I like him!’’


Qing Shui held onto the Big Dipper Sword and went up the arena, expressionless.

At that moment, the Tong who had regained his senses was on edge. The kick from Shi Qingzhuang, which was out to destroy his ability to procreate, now no longer hurt. It was fortunate that she slightly missed her target because if not, his balls would definitely break.

Even so, it still felt numb. Without at least ten days to more than half a month of recovery time, it would probably not rise again. Thinking of how he would have to spend quite some time without the company of women, he was filled with hatred.

He saw how the lady he sent flying was caught by this youth and that they seemed to be on very close terms. She had given the youth a highly intoxicating smile, but it was too bad that the smile was not for him.

His hand holding the spear tightened. He had the strong urge to kill someone, especially the charming and lady-attracting man in front of him.

’’You deserve to die.’’ Qing Shui looked at the suave Xiantian youth before him. He was the youngest Xiantian expert he had seen other than himself.

’’Haha, you? Come kill me if you have the ability to.’’ Tong shouted in disdain as he pointed the silver spear toward Qing Shui.

The fierce aura was not worth mentioning to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui broke out in a ruthless smile, not concealing the emergence of his aura. A solemn aura spread out, as if multiple waves of tiger's roars sounded out which caused one to feel anxious.

When Tong was swayed, Qing Shui made his move. With remarkable speed, the Big Dipper Sword in his hand displayed a perfect hack without hesitation. Only by using his full self-control could Qing Shui dissolve the fury he was suppressing.

The faces of the people from Tong Clan immediately turned pale the moment Qing Shui released his aura. An old man rushed to the arena at the speed of light. ’’Rascal, don't you dare.’’

Even if the King of Hell were to be here, the sword would still hack down as intended. The Big Dipper Sword smashed down upon the silver spear which Tong had used to block in a panic.

An unpleasant piercing sound of metal scrapping together created a rumble!

Silence filled the air as Qing Shui stood there quietly.

’’Wow, not even dregs are left. Too violent, fantastic!’’ Passerby A's eyes gleamed as he said.

’’If only I were so valiant. That feeling of exploding someone must feel as good as having se* with women!’’ Passerby B said artistically with deep thinking eyes.

Passerby A: ’’...’’

The blood in the air meant that a person had been exploded into dregs, and a silver spear broken into two was far away. The old man also just reached the stage.

’’Don't I dare? Do you now think I don't dare?’’ Qing Shui's gaze was fixed on the old man. Qing Shui knew that this old man was stronger, not weaker than his goddess-like master.

’’Ahhh, child, child...’’

The old man sharp cries filled the air as he looked at Qing Shui with bloodshot eyes. His teeth were grinding loudly, ’’Why did you have to kill him? Why?’’

’’Why? Because he deserves to die!’’ Qing Shui stood there, his clothes splattered with blood, making him feeling even more demonic.

’’You deserve to die too.’’

At the area where those from the Skysword Sect had gathered!

’’Shall we go up too?’’ Zhu Qing said softly.

’’Let's not?’’ Yiye Jiange said, feeling complicated.

’’Why? That Tong Tu is the old chap from Tong Clan. While he isn't the strongest, he has the powers of the pinnacle of the grade 4 of Xiantian.’’ Zhu Qing looked at Yiye Jiange with a half-smiling face.

’’He can handle it.’’

Zhu Qing and the other Elders all looked at Yiye Jiange stunned before they turned to look at the upright figure on the stage.

’’Haha, old man. If you were to die here, would it be considered dying due to old age?’’ Qing Shui fixed his gaze on the mighty and coarse old man, and spoke in a tone which would make one's blood boil.

The old man was also holding onto a silver spear with a length of 1.2 zhang. Its body was like a winding life-like dragon which made one feel that it was more of an art rather than a weapon. It exuded a light aura.

The old man looked at the spear broken into two. Tong was his grandson, and an important member who would lead the Tong Clan to the peak of Cang Lang Country, or even out of Cang Lang Country. However, everything was destroyed by this young lad in front of him.

’’Rascal, I'll see that justice is served for the sake of my child.’’

His head of silver hair flew about and a dragon's roar sounded from the dragon spear he was waving!

It seemed like this spear was a treasure, but to think that it could give out the sound of a dragon's roar.

The tiger's roar by Qing Shui clashed with the other party's dragon's roar. The loud deafening roars filled the sky as the people below all looked at the scene in astonishment.

The old man made his move pouncing towards Qing Shui with his spear, as if a hidden dragon had emerged from the seas.

The dragon's roar got even more agitated and the spear acted as if it was alive like a dragon pouncing towards Qing Shui.

Swords flashed!

Using the Big Dipper Sword that accumulated the forces of the galaxy, Qing Shui rapidly lunged at his opponent. The forces of galaxy were sent out without any reservations!

Upon contact, Qing Shui realised the strangeness of the old man's spear as he felt an immense tremor when their weapons clashed. While the old man's dragon spear was pushed back, the other party did not have much of a reaction.

On the other hand, the old man looked at Qing Shui in astonishment.

He knew that the dragon spear could fend off the typical offenses, but he did not think that the opponent could barely push him back while receiving no injuries. That would require a large amount of power.

The dragon spear once again, with the strong Qi of Xiantian, sliced towards Qing Shui like a dragon sweeping its tail. Qing Shui still used sword pointing, releasing a circle of yellow Qi from the tip of the spear, and once again tapped on the head of the dragon spear.


This time around, the Earthly Qi of Xiantian fended off half the offensive powers, and returned half of it to waive off the powers of the dragon spear. Caught off guard, the dragon spear was knocked far away by the strength from Qing Shui's sword.

Thereafter, Qing Shui's sword attacked like a strong gale with heavy showers. Even the tiger's roar suppressed that of the dragon's!

Tiger's Mount! Amassing power!

He used sword point to thrust and hack repeatedly with the Tiger's Descend which clashed against the dragon's spear. With the support of the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, Qing Shui did not suffer any injuries, but blood was trickling down the corner of Tong Tu's lips.

While Qing Shui would not need to eradicate the roots, since they met after he killed the young, there was no need to let the old man live. The fact that he would be resented by the Tong Clan was set in stone. However, he did not care.

’’Do you still want to continue? You better head back and arrange for the funeral. You have another half a day to live.’’ Qing Shui retracted his sword as he looked at the pale face of Tong Tu, and said emotionlessly.


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