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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 188


AST 188 - Sect Exchange Competition, Qing Shui Got Heartbroken

Qing Shui looked with interest at those flirtatious ladies while he still held onto Wenren Wu-Shuang's hands. He still felt that the peerless beauty beside him was much more charming than they were and was a figure that those weeds could never compare to.

’’Isn't it a nice view?’’ Wu-Shuang saw that Qing Shui's eyes did not blink as he looked at those appealing ladies, each of them having the appeal to bring out a man's urges.

’’It's nice, but they can't compare to you at all’’ Qing Shui replied without turning his head;his eyes were still fixated on the well-developed breasts and bottoms of those ladies.

A weird feeling surged from within Wu-Shuang as she saw how focused Qing Shui was as he looked at those ladies' assets. She would rather Qing Shui turn those undaunting eyes onto herself...

’’Wu-Shuang, can you tell me about Duo Cultivation? I'm very curious, can one really raise his or her cultivation from doing that act?’’ Qing Shui seemed to be talking to himself yet seemed to be asking Wu-Shuang.

Wenren Wu-Shuang wanted to find a hole and burrow into it, but seeing that Qing Shui had not turned back, she was shocked by Qing Shui's words, and could not recover from her embarrassment, even after some time.

’’Wu-Shuang, will you be taking part in the Sect Exchange Competition?’’ Qing Shui acted as if nothing had happened as he turned around, only to see Wu-Shuang's beet red face.

He reached out his hand and felt that the texture of her face was smooth, tender, and slightly warm to the touch. He squeezed it lightly. His hand numbed from the tingle before he moved to touch her forehead and said in concern, ’’You are having a fever.’’

Wu-Shuang slapped away Qing Shui's hand angrily. Facing Qing Shui, she had a deep sense of helplessness. The image she tried to upkeep was long gone. Her past self, which knew no embarrassment or anger, now repeatedly learnt what frustration and helplessness was from Qing Shui.

The next day, Qing Shui did not go. There were those from the Torrid Fragrance Valley, all ladies. If Qing Shui were to see that beautiful figure, he would definitely be happy, very happy.

Because that beautiful person was none other than Shi Qingzhuang.

Back then, Shi Qingzhuang had told Qing Shui that she would be joining a big sect. Since Qing Shui did not know much about the different sects, he did not ask. And being the cool beauty she was, she did not have the practice to initiate the conversation.

Qing Shui did not know that he had missed out on seeing the beauty that day and that the beauties from the Torrid Fragrance Valley had also come.

Shi Qingzhuang knew that Qing Shui was at the Skysword Sect, but it was weird that while she knew that her fiance-in-name was here, she did not feel anything. Having not met him for over a year, her feelings for him had pretty much faded.

Furthermore, Qing Shui was at Cloud Mist Peak, playing with Luan Luan. Yesterday, he had heard from Wu-Shuang that Protectors and Elders all had to participate.

The competition would usually last for 10 days. It would start with the battles of those in the Houtian realm. The first 4 days would be amongst those in the Houtian, the next 4 days would be between the Protectors, and the last 2 days would be between the Elders.

While it seemed like they were just exchanging blows, they were in fact seriously competiting. Whoever could win the Skysword Sect would probably soon gain the reign over the Cang lang Country.

Therefore, the triennial Sect Exchange Competition was also in fact a battle for the leadership of the Cang Lang County. Therefore, it was a must for Skysword Sect to have the final victory.

Qing Shui saw that the number of people for each group varied, some with 200 people while some with just over 20 people. But Qing Shui knew that there would not be many who would step up to join the battle.

Another 3 days had passed. Qing Shui had not taken a step out of Cloud Mist Peak. He was just immersed in his training, as well as teaching Luan Luan while Yiye Jiange was at Skysword Peak.

Today was the last day for outsiders to enter the Skysword Sect, and it would also be the day to confirm the sects participating in the competition. The rules for the competition was lax, with no restriction on the number of participants. However, only one person could step up each time.

The rules was that Skysword Sect would assign someone to step up to start the competition, and then anyone else could join in. While the first 4 days was the competition between the Houtian, the next 4 days between the Protectors, and the final days between the Elder, this rule was not clearly stated and was only silently followed.

At the end, they would tabulate to see which sect had won the most number of rounds. Of course, the strongest winner at the end was also crucial.

’’Qing Shui, the competition will be starting tomorrow. Do you want to take a look?’’ Yiye Jiange asked Qing Shui when she came back.

’’We'll see. I should be going. There are so many people, it will definitely be very exciting.’’ Qing Shui casually laughed. He did not feel like going, especially not to see the competition between those in Houtian.

’’As you wish. But you definitely need to go for the last 2 days.’’ After saying that, Yiye Jiange carried the lass to the main hall.

’’Haha, Martial Brother Tong, did you see that cool beauty of the Torrid Fragrance Valley? Don't you like cool beauties the most? They should be considered the best of the best.’’ A plump youth looked at a warm and handsome youth.

’’Of course, what should be. That is a top notch beauty. Those whom I've played with previously do not even have the right to carry her shoes. This time I must definitely capture her heart and make her melt for me. I, Tong, love to see the moment when icebergs melt.’’ Tong said frivolously.

’’Does Martial Brother Tong have confidence this time?’’ The plump youth squinted his long and narrow eyes and said.

’’Fatty, since when have I, Tong, failed? Each time I have hidden my identity as the Young Master of Tong Clan;if not, I'm afraid there would be no challenge.’’

’’Right, right, right. So how does Martial Brother Tong plan to win the heart of that cool beauty this time?’’ The fatty's long and narrow eyes flashed as a sneaky smirk broke out on his face.

’’Fatty, shall we have a play of a hero to the rescue of the beauty?’’ Tong looked at the fatty and grinned.

The fatty broke out in sweat, ’’This move is too old. It's better to come up with something new.’’

’’Martial Brother Tong, actually, I have a method to let the beauty fall into Martial Brother's arms.’’ The fatty grinned and said with a face of sincerity.

’’Oh, fatty, come share it with me. While you look a bit ugly and fat, you have quite a lot of funny ideas.’’ Tong said, totally unconcerned.

The fatty grinned and said, ’’When that cool beauty steps up, you can also step out. With Martial Brother's capabilities, wouldn't it be an easy feat for you to defeat her? But I heard that cool beauties all have a unique trait that is their biggest weakness.’’

The fatty grinned and looked at Tong.

’’Damn it, fatty, stop keeping people in suspense. Spit it out;if not, I will bash you until you cry for your parents.’’ Tong acted as if he was going to hit him.

’’I'll say, I'll say. Wouldn't that be fine?’’


’’Cool beauties tend to be pure, chaste, and may even be a bit of a freak for cleanliness. They tend to hate guys touching them. With Martial Brother's cultivation, it shouldn't be hard for you 'accidentally' take advantage of her. By then, Martial Brother would only need to put up a refined act and apologize for her to have a good impression of you.’’ The fatty's long and narrow eyes stretched even longer.

’’But I'm a Xiantian, would it be alright for me to step up?’’

’’Are there clear rules of when a Xiantian can step up or not?’’

’’Alright, fatty, you are really lewd. To think that you had such an idea. I can't help but feel like taking advantage of her right now.’’ Tong said, full of yearning.

The fatty's long and narrow eyes looked at Tong, but that smiling gaze now turned chilly!

At that moment, in a room, Shi Qingzhuang sat on a pure white bed, hugging her knees. Her pyjamas could not hide her fantastic figure. It also added to her cool, seductive charms.

Coming to the Skysword Sect made her unconsciously think about Qing Shui's voice and appearance. The things that had happened between them kept flashing across her mind, and as she recalled certain scenes, a light shade of pink crept up on her cool look. A light smile lit up on her face as she thought about it.

Unfortunately, that there was no one around to appreciate that beautiful smile. Even the smile of a melted iceberg could not compare to the smile with a hint of embarrassment that lit up from the bottom of her heart. It was extremely fatal.

’’Rascal, I've come to the Skysword Sect, but I don't even see you.’’

At that moment, Qing Shui was training hard in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, ignorant of the fact that a lady of unparalleled beauty was thinking about him. He would never have dreamed that such a lady would do such a thing.

The competition started the next day at the 斗台. The place was already crowded with people.

The crowd completely surrounded the 斗台. Other than Qing Shui the Elder, Skysword Sect's Elders, Protectors, and 执事 all had their own responsibilities. Other than those designated to participate in the competition, the rest of the people were required maintain order at the site and be on guard duty.

The competition kickstarted with a disciple of Skysword Sect stepping up!

The competition was not exciting and was obviously just a simple exchange. Only when a sect lost 3 consecutive rounds did they send someone of a higher calibre to win a couple of rounds and get the record of a few winning rounds to their sect.

The first day ended without much excitement!

Qing Shui did not go, nor did he ask about it. But he decided to take a look on the 2nd day. After all, there was nothing much to do on the Cloud Mist Peak. He planned to head over at a later time.

At night, Qing Shui discovered that the nameless branch in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had already grown. It took a hundred years to sprout, and another hundred years to grow a small branch...

While the small branch looked very sturdy, short, and thick, its soft green color was very pretty.

The 2nd day of the competition started. Today's competition was much more intense than that of the day before. After all, it was inevitable for injuries to be inflicted during the competition. But as the injuries started to seem as if they were inflicted on purpose, the 'fury' accumulated within the various sects there soon exploded.

Injuries gradually became more frequent to the extent that no one came down from the stage without any injuries!

The scene continued until Shi Qingzhuang stepped up. Almost everyone cheered for the cool beauty from Torrid Fragrance Valley, and even the people below all turned quiet.

’’What a cool and beautiful lady.’’

’’She's too cold. While it's a pity, most men would not be able to take it and would definitely be frozen to death.’’


Facing Shi Qingzhuang was a bashful youth. With her appearance, the gazes of all the people below were attracted. The youth immediately blushed, and his hands started to tremble. He unexpectedly announced his loss, causing the crowd to break into laughter.

Amidst everyone's laughter, a warm and handsome youth holding a silver spear smiled gently as stepped up onto the 斗台. His pair of eyes never turned away from Shi Qingzhuang's cool and beautiful face.

’’I am Tong from the Silver Spear Tong Clan. Today, I'm amazed at young lady's beauty...’’


Shi Qingzhuang felt disgusted at the look of this pretentious youth. His smile looked so pretentious, and he still spoke out the praises she had heard over a thousand times. She could not help but strike with her sword to interrupt his words.

But Tong smiled and dodged the blow. He was a well-known genius from the Tong Clan who would usually get what he wanted, and had no shortage of women. With just a wave of his finger, there would usually be a bunch of beauties pawing after him.

But he did not like those who would come at his beck and call. He liked cool beauties. The more a lady detested him, the more he would like them. The more she was out of his reach, the more he would wanted to taint her. In Cang Lang Country, his Tong Clan had the capacity to be arrogant, so he, Tong, had such audacity to do whatever he wanted. Therefore, he grew up with the mentality that if Tong Clan was the best, he was the best. He did not concern himself with those of the same age as him.

On the arena, Tong easily dodged Shi Qingzhuang's attacks. His gaze of admiration never left her fantastic figure.

Tong wanted to take advantage and apologized. When he once again dodged Shi Qingzhuang's sword, Tong pretended to grab her wrist but slipped towards her mesmerizing bust.

Shi Qingzhuang's coolness could not hide her feelings of disgust as she swerved her sword to the side to block, her body inclining backwards. She then used Tiger Tailwhip Kick, a kick to destroy his ability to procreate, with an amazing speed.

Her kick was successful!

Tong bit his lips so hard that a trail of blood flowed out. Sweat broke out on his pale white face, and his gaze on Shi Qingzhuang turned to that of hatred. With a fierce gaze, the silver spear in his hands was like a silver dragon, moving lightly and freely!


The spear pierced through Shi Qingzhuang's lower abdomen, and she was sent flying off the 斗台. Blood splashed through the air, forming a sad but beautiful portrait of a wounded beauty!

Qing Shui, who was on the White Feathered Condor, had reached the Skysword Peak just in time to see Shi Qingzhuang sent flying. The wound on her lower abdomen was so piercing to the eyes, and a loud crash sounded, as if something in his heart was smashed!


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