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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 178


AST 0178 Fight! Promoted to Elder! The End of Affinity Between the Master and the Disciple

’’Qing Shui, don't injure them too much during tomorrow's matches.’’

Qing Shui was startled by Yiye Jiange's words. He didn't think that she would know about this matter so quickly. The rumor probably spread when he went to Zhu Qing Peak with Wenren Wu-Shuang.

Those three must be responsible!

’’Oh, don't worry. Whatever you think, I am still one of the Skysword Sect.’’ Qing Shui said while grinning. Qing Shui had planned to cripple one of them since he had said some strong words before. However, he had to abandon that idea after hearing Yiye Jiange's words.

’’Ok, go rest now. You just returned, so have a good night's sleep!’’ Yiye Jiange said as she stood up.

’’You too. You should rest soon!’’ Qing Shui stood up and said with a smile, and then walked towards the house in the back.

Suddenly, Qing Shui turned his head to look at Yiye Jiange, who was still standing there. ’’Master, do you feel lonely? Do you have any goals or anything that you want?’’

’’Qing Shui, come take a walk with Master. I have some words for you.’’ Yiye Jiange looked at Qing Shui and said softly.

The two walked towards the peak of the mountain. The moon was still bright in the starry sky, but Qing Shui saw how lonely and helpless Yiye Jiange looked under the moonlight. Her penetrating lonely figure was deeply engraved into Qing Shui's heart.

Since ancient times, all the beauties were lonely!

Although it was already spring and very warm, it was still quite chilly at night. However, this slight chill was nothing to Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange. The cool breeze blew Yiye Jiange's sleeves. Her clothing was whiter than snow, and she looked like an immortal. Yet, at the same time, she also looked so weak and delicate.

’’If only she ccould find a man she likes who is qualified to protect her, cherish her, and lift her up to the sky.If she can find that man, then maybe she will be very happy.’’

A person was lonely because she doesn't have anything that she wants or cares about!

’’I am an orphan. Do you know how it feels to have no kin in the world?’’ Yiye Jiange said softly.

Her words shocked Qing Shui. Without having any kin or family was too sorrowful for a child. Qing Shui thought of the possibility of being alone in this world.

In his past life, Qing Shui had a happy and healthy family with parents who loved him dearly and a brother who was always nice to him. He could be unruly, trying to squander his parents' love, and have a temper with them. But no matter what, he was still their child;he was their blood-related child, so they saw him like a treasure.

Even when he arrived at the world of the nine continents, he still had a mother who loved him dearly. He could feel the most mighty, maternal love in the world. He really could not imagine how it would feel like to be an orphan, but he could only imagine the hesitation and helplessness.

It was like how a city is strange because there wasn't anyone, like family, that you love there.

Qing Shui knew that in order to change this kind of loneliness that came from the spirit, especially for orphans without family, they would need to have their own children to help them feel better. They can use their children and their significant other to create a new family, but Qing Shui knew that Yiye Jiange would not change so much in a short time.

After she finished speaking, Yiye Jiange silently watched the beautiful and bright silver moon in the sky. The bright moonlight that illuminated her added some mourning to her expression.

Even after Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortals, his heart was still caught by Yiye Jiange's lonesome silhouette. Under her bright clothes, she had misery and pain that no one else knew.

Although Yiye Jiange didn't talk about it, Qing Shui could see that there was more to her than just being an orphan. Qing Shui discovered that the goddess-like Yiye Jiange was carrying too much weight on her back.

Qing Shui knew that he was not strong enough, so he continued increasing his cultivation. He could solve all these problems when he had enough strength. Qing Shui cycled the Ancient Strengthening Technique again and again. After one month's intense training, he could go through 69 cycles of Qi which made aspects of his strength increase a little.

Qing Shui found that when he broke into the tenth-interval cycles (e.g. 10th, 20th, 30th) for the Ancient Strengthening Technique, his strength would not increase by a multiplier of ten. For example, his strength only increased by a thousand when he broke through the 59th cycle, but his strength increased by three-thousand when he broke through the 60th cycle.

On the second day, Qing Shui did his morning exercise on the mountain peak. In addition to shadow boxing, he specifically cultivated the three basic forms of swordsmanship hundreds of times. The purple robes of the Skysword Sect that he wore also made his temperament even more mature and charming.

Imbued with the fourth layer of the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, piercing, pointing, and packing all these actions had positive results that surprised Qing Shui. The Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique unexpectedly made the weapons substantially firm!

Yiye Jiange watched Qing Shui practice swordsmanship from afar as her eyes were full of spirit, especially when she saw the inch-long yellow Xiantian Qi emanate from the tip of Qing Shui's blade. She opened her small mouth in surprise. Unfortunately, Qing Shui could not see this beautiful scene.

After breakfast, Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange arrived at the main hall of Skysword Peak and saw many people walking towards the arena in the back.

’’Did you know that the first Substitute Elder, Tie Songshan, challenged the new Protector Qing Shui?’’

’’Qing Shui? Is he that awesome person who defeated others with only a single move?’’ A youth said, pleasantly surprised.

’’What an awesome person. Once he fights with Elder Tie, he will bow down to him in one move. No good comes to a person who is too arrogant.’’

’’That's right. That kid is really too rampant. This time, he hit a wall with nails.’’


’’Qing Shui, I won't go to watch, but remember don't injure them too much.’’ In the hall, Yiye Jiange softly reminded him once again.

Qing Shui forced a smile. This was all because he said that his martial skill was used to kill the other day. His goddess master must be scared that he would kill them.

When Qing Shui walked near the arena, he saw the purple-clad Tie Songshan standing in the arena!

’’Qing Shui is here!’’

Someone yelled, attracting everyone's gaze onto Qing Shui!

’’Wow, this purple Protector clothing is so pretty. I like it!’’ The voice of a woman said.

’’I like his wildness. Too bad that I'm not as strong as him, or else I would be even more rampant than him.’’


Qing Shui immediately saw the purple-clad Wenren Wu-Shuang in the crowd. Although she wasn't way above the common crowd, she was still the most beautiful person in this scenery.

He smiled and nodded towards Wenren Wu-Shuang. Qing Shui was holding the silver longsword that Baili Jinwei gave him as he walked towards the arena which started a lot of discussions among spectators! Some were compliments while others were insults;most of the Zhu Qing Peak's disciples were talking about Qing Shui.

’’Protector Qing Shui is the most handsome Protector in Skysword Sect. I would be satisfied even if I only had an ephemeral relationship with him in the future.’’ A tall woman said with infatuation while holding Qing Shui's arm.

’’I would be satisfied if he spends one night with me.’’ The flattering woman with an oval-shaped face next to him said disdainfully.

Wenren Wu-Shuang, standing not too far away, had a small smile, ’’This little man grew up.’’

’’You really don't have to do this.’’ Qing Shui looked at Tie Songshan and said unenthusiastically.

’’No matter the outcome, I won't regret standing on this arena today, so I would choose the same thing if I had the option again. Or else, I would not be able to live with myself, and it will cause me to stay stagnant in my cultivation.’’ Tie Songshan said firmly.

’’I said before that my martial skill is used to kill. Are you not scared that I will kill you?’’ Qing Shui's energy emanated without any restriction, accompanied with waves of a tiger's roar which shook everyone's minds and souls. After Qing Shui cultivated his Tiger Form to the small success stage, he discovered he could add waves of the Tiger's Roar to shake everyone's minds and souls to his energy.

The people under the arena wanted to curse him or discuss how he was egoistical or fake, but they abandoned the plan after feeling that strong energy.

’’As a martial cultivator, there is always the danger of dying. As I am standing here today, I will not regret anything even if I die. Come on, you don't have to go easy on me.’’ Tie Songshan took a long sword out of its sheath and said, his words were like a low roar.

’’Come, show me your strongest moves or else you won't have any chance to make a move.’’ Qing Shui held his silver sword casually without taking it out of its sheath.

The low waves of the Tiger's Roar still sounded in the surroundings and spread around Qing Shui's body. That pressure was uninterrupted like the waves of the sea.

Tie Songshan stopped being polite, and the long sword in his hand emitted a half-inch long silver Xiantian Qi. His figure suddenly rose and hacked towards Qing Shui ferociously.

Qing Shui imbued the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique into the silver sword, however others could not see it. Qing Shui did not let the Qi out of the sword. When he saw Tie Songshan's sword, which carried the power of ten thousand and Xiantian Qi, hack down, it looked as if the surrounding waves of the Tiger's Roar were split in half.

From the others' points of view, it seemed that Qing Shui slowly stepped away to avoid Tie Songshan's lightning speed. It was incredibly strange!

Qing Shui casually avoided the first move. It was as casual as mundane walk without any martial skills. After Tie Songshan missed, he waved his hand and sliced sideways while flipping in the air. The air resonated with a buzzing sound.

Qing Shui side-stepped again while he unsheathed the long sword in his hand as quickily as lightning and pointed the hilt towards Tie Songshan, forcing him to back off four or five meters before he could find his balance.

’’Do you still want to fight? I promised a person that I will not harm you.’’ Qing Shui said softly.

The crowd now commented on how weak they felt Tie Songshan was!

’’What is this? The first Substitute Elder can't even stand three moves. They are obviously not on the same level, so what's the point of continuing?’’ A man said indignantly.

’’He is arrogant. He doesn't care about this kind of challenge. If it was me, I would be this arrogant as well. You still insisted on challenging him. What a humiliation.’’

’’Don't fight anymore;there's no point!’’

’’Just don't keep this title of the first Substitute Elder. There's no meaning to it.’’ Someone even shouted out bluntly.


Tie Songshan forced a smile and just stood there!

Qing Shui lightly jumped out of the arena. The eyes of those people who went to watch Qing Shui changed to a feverish worship. After all, Qing Shui was a Protector of the Skysword Sect.

Qing Shui found that Wenren Wu-Shuang had already disappeared. He smiled bitterly. This little girl left after seeing that he wasn't in trouble. She was worried about him!

When he reached the main hall, Qing Shui saw that Yiye Jiange was standing there with a smile on her face as she looked at him. That gentle feeling made Qing Shui feel very comfortable.

Qing Shui felt like Yiye Jiange was both his master and his friend. Although he called her master, there was no feeling of master and disciple between these two. After all, she did not teach him any martial arts. They did not have this kind of substantial interaction, and she was not strict like a master or guided him like his parents.

’’Master, why are you still here? Aren't you always busy?’’ Qing Shui grinned and said.

(TL Note: calls her old because of respect, literally ’’you old’’)

Yiye Jiange looked at Qing Shui silently. At that time, she didn't understand how she carelessly made him her disciple. Was this the so-called affinity? Yiye Jiange did not see how remarkable or talented Qing Shui would be when she decided to pick him as her disciple. She just felt that he was a man that was like a big child. He was delicate, pretty, and comfortable to look at.

’’Don't call me old, hehe, or else other people would call you old later.’’ Yiye Jiange said with a small smile. Her tone had a slightly playful fluctuation.

’’Other people can call me old. I'm not scared, even if they were to call me different ages of oldness or an old fogey. Actually, I can't wait until they call me an old fogey.’’ Qing Shui said without any shame.

Still smiling, Yiye Jiange looked at Qing Shui and said.’’You are learning some bad things. Did you want me to call you an old fogey?’’

Qing Shui blushed with shame. Everyone knew that only an old couple would call each other old fogeys. It was the same in the world of the nine continents, so Qing Shui looked at Yiye Jiange's smiling and extraordinarily refined face and laughed, ’’How can that happen? I won't dare!’’

’’Ok, I just finished discussing with the other Elders. We want to promote you to the Skysword Sect's eleventh Elder.’’ Yiye Jiange looked at Qing Shui teasingly and said while smiling.

Qing Shui was startled, ’’Can I not be promoted to Elder? To be honest, I did not even want to be a Protector. If it wasn't for you, I would be happy with being a regular disciple.’’

’’No, you can't. From today onwards, you are the eleventh Elder of the Skysword Sect. Tomorrow, we will hold an Elder promotion ceremony for you. Also, the relationship between us as master and disciple has ended. From now on, I am not your master.’’ Yiye Jiange said with a smile and looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui's heart ached as he looked at Yiye Jiange blankly. He did not consider her to be a teacher who influenced him greatly, lifelong mentor, or even as a father figure. It might even just be a name from his gratuity.

Why did it seem so difficult to bear when he was about to lose it? He felt as if he was abandoned and looked at Yiye Jiange in a daze.

’’I would rather not have this title as the Elder. Do you not want me anymore? Did I do anything wrong and made things difficult for you?’’ Qing Shui urgently looked at Yiye Jiange and said.

Yiye Jiange seemed very happy as she said, ’’I've already made up my mind. Today, you are an Elder of the Skysword Sect like me. I can't really teach you anything. Your potential in the future is unfathomable. Now I don't have the qualification to be your master.’’ Yiye Jiange said, and she seemed very happy.

’’No, I don't care. You are my master, no matter what. I will always call you master.’’ Qing Shui chuckled when he heard what he said.

Yiye Jiange helplessly said, ’’I already kicked you out of my door. In any case, I am not your master, and you are not my disciple.’’

Qing Shui touched his nose and shyly said,’’Master, tell me what I should call you if I can't call you my master. Senior sister? Jiange?’’.

Yiye Jiange was startled as he looked at Qing Shui. When Qing Shui said Jiange, there was an indescribable and strange feeling. After looking at Qing Shui for a while she said, ’’Isn't it ok for you call me Tenth Elder?’’

’’That's ok too. Oh yeah master, what are duties of an Elder in Skysword Sect?’’ When Qing Shui blinked, his eyes were craftily as he looked at Yiye Jiange.

She looked at Qing Shui silently. She knew that everything she said was useless. ’’An Elder has to defend the sect and maintain its status.’’

’’Master, how can I maintain it?’’ Qing Shui was very doubtful.

’’Attend the triennial Exchange Competition between sects and accept challenges and fight suppression from other sects when they occur.’’ It seemed to Yiye Jiange that Qing Shui could not abandon the word Master.

’’Skysword Sect has the trademark as the biggest sect in Cang Lang Country, so it has to be ready to accept any challenge from other sects in Cang Lang Country. It also has to attend martial skill exchange with sects from other countries.’’ Yiye Jiang said, smiling.

’’My strength is too weak;also, I usually won't be at the mountain.’’

’’Your strength is too weak? You can defeat Tie Songshan with one move. Your swordsmanship reached the realm of a true master and you are still saying that your strength is too weak? Isn't this a slap to other people's faces?’’ Yiye Jiange can't help but glance at Qing Shui disdainfully.

This is the first time Qing Shui has seen a ’’se*y’’ expression on Yiye Jiange's face and stared at her dumbly for a while. It's no wonder that things had become more precious when they were scarce. It was like how icy beauties were the most beautiful when the ice melts. The extraordinarily refined Yiye Jiange's beauty lied in how it was stained by these charming and breathtaking moments.

Qing Shui quickly dismissed that charming and gentle thought. He did not want to profane her, even if it was only in his heart. ’’Master, then how long is it until the triennial Sect Exchange Competition?’’

’’A little more than half a year, which is until the end of this year.’’ Yiye Jiange said.

’’Master, let's return to Cloud Mist Peak. I will leave after tomorrow. Even if I don't return by the end of the month, don't worry about me. I will certainly come back before the end of this year.’’ Qing shui thought about how he had to return to Skysword Sect every month. He didn't have a flying bison, so if he traveled just a little further, he would not be able to return in time for sure.

Yiye Jiange thought about the same thing, so she nodded and reminded him that he must return before the end of this year!

The next day, Qing Shui was promoted to the eleventh Elder of Skysword Sect. Qing Shui's name at Skysword Sect was already a well-known and he had a good reputation. He became the male youths' model and their motivation to work hard. He became the object of affection among Zhu Qing Peak's female disciples.

If Qing Shui knew that he became the main character in girl group's se*ual fantasies, what would he think?


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