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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1750


Chapter 1750

AST 1750 - North Yang Ocean Domain, Drunken Night Inn

This was how the world in the ocean domain really looked like . Qing Shui only regained his senses after so long . He had always thought that the ocean domain was filled with desolate areas, with only caves around and such . It was only now that he knew he was wrong, very, very wrong .

Currently, he gained a brand new knowledge of the world in the water domain . His understanding of the landscape was now more comprehensive than it had been before . The world in the water was even bigger than that on the land, and there were also more races . At the very least, the land of the nine continents wasn't as huge as the one in the ocean domain . This was a straightforward evaluation . After all, no one really knew how vast the land of the nine continents was, nor how deep the water of the ocean domain was . He had only come to the conclusion through his own feelings and inferences .

’’Let's take a look around here . There might be someone selling the Sacred Mudra Flower here . ’’ Qing Shui gave it some thought and said .

Muyun Qingge was stunned for a moment before she smiled . Of course, she didn't believe that there would be people selling the Sacred Mudra Flower . Putting aside that it was an extremely rare item, who would be so generous to be selling them?

’’Alright . Where shall we go first? The inn or the medicinal hall?’’ Muyun Qingge asked .

’’Let's head to the inn first, since there should be more news there . We might be able to hear some useful information . ’’ Qing Shui said as he took the lead and looked for an inn on the wide streets .

Looking into the distance, there was an endless stretch of the lively market . There were all sorts of tribes on the streets and many of them preserved the special traits of their tribes . Those who appeared very close to that of humans would mean that their bloodline was nobler or that they were stronger .

North Yang Ocean Domain

This area belonged to the North Yang Ocean Domain . Qing Shui had already heard it from some conversations in the surroundings . Muyun Qingge walked a little behind Qing Shui as she looked around .

’’Qing Shui, there's an inn there!’’ Muyun Qingge looked into the distance and said as she pointed .

Qing Shui had been looking at the vicinity . He wasn't anxious and was just taking a casual look around . When he heard Muyun Qingge's words, he looked in the direction she was pointing to .

Drunken Night Inn

Qing Shui looked at the words and didn't feel that it was special . However, there was an incessant stream of traffic before the inn which showed that their business was quite good .

The carriages in the ocean domain were pulled by seahorses . These seahorses were different from the one in Qing Shui's previous life . They were like the horses on land, but with four very large soles . They had two horns on their heads and when they ran, it was with a very light step . They were many times faster compared to the galloping horses on the land .

The Aquatics won't sense anything around them when they were in the water . It was just like when the humans were on the land . However, in the water, they moved nimbly like a fish and the dimension in which they could move was wider . They could move up, down, front, back, left and right . On land, humans could only move front, back, left and right . When they wanted to move upward or downward, they must have a certain level of cultivation that would allow them them to fly .

The land area taken up by the Drunken Night Inn was huge . There were no restrictions on the people entering or leaving the inn . However, there were guards at the door and before entering, one must give the guards a demonic beast's crystal nuclei .

Qing Shui had a lot of crystal nuclei . In the ocean domain, gold and crystal nuclei were existences which had purchasing power . Many demonic beasts raised their cultivation through absorbing the energies in crystal nuclei .

The difference between Cores and crystal nuclei were that ordinary Cores require refinement and not just any demonic beast would be able to absorb them . However, the majority of them could absorb crystal nuclei, but there were some restrictions . For example, there wouldn't be much effect for cultivators to absorb the crystal nuclei of demonic beasts on the same or lower level . They would only be able to absorb crystal nuclei when they were not fully satiated . If they had reached a bottleneck, they won't be able to absorb them any more and must wait until they broke through a new level, before they could absorb more crystal nuclei to improve their cultivation .

Their cultivation must be stabilized . Otherwise, the absorption effect would be greatly discounted and they might even enter a state of Qi Deviation . It could be possible that they wouldn't be able to absorb them .

The buildings here weren't especially high and weren't closely built together . It could be because they had a lot of lands . Most buildings were about six stories high, in Qing Shui's previous life, they were about two stories high .

There were people standing guard at every single staircase and to ascend one story higher, one must pay up a demonic beast's crystal nuclei . Of course, food and wine would be charged separately . Moreover, there were also ladies with revealing clothes and well-embodied figures moving around, satisfying around, satisfying customers'varying needs .

Brothels were a common sight both on the land and in the water . Moreover, most people who could operate such services must be of a certain level of cultivation .

Muyun Qingge seemed to treat these as a common sight and followed Qing Shui up .

’’Hey Sir, are you here for food or for accommodations?’’

A soft and coyish voice rang out .

A charming lady walked over . She was tall and well-embodied . When she walked, the two balls at her chest kept jiggling, as if they were a pair of joyous little rabbits .

Qing Shui sensed the lady's aura . She wasn't strong . Of course, this was from his perspective .

’’For food!’’ Qing Shui smiled and said .

The lady was both a team leader and a waitress . She was also an existence similar to a brothel keeper . The prostitutes in this place were mostly under her rule .

’’Sir, this way, please . Your wife is really beautiful . It seems that you won't fancy our ladies here . ’’ The lady smiled and said as they walked .

The ladies in such environments were very open and had the tendency to sound tough as well . They felt that this was how the world was . This was the world in the ocean domain . It was very common for a powerful man to bring a lady here to have some fun . Therefore, her words weren't very astonishing .

When Muyun Qingge heard the lady saying that she was Qing Shui's wife, she unconsciously looked toward Qing Shui . He wore a calm expression and didn't explain anything . It was true that there wasn't a need for them to explain such things .

There weren't any seats near windows and thus, they found a seat that was slightly quieter . They ordered some dishes casually . After all, money After all, money wasn't an issue and they weren't here for the food .

There were many people in the surroundings . Although this place was a very high class, it was still very lively . Those who didn't wish to be in the liveliness could find their own rooms . Those who stayed here all enjoyed the lively atmosphere .

The reason Qing Shui came here was in order to find some useful information . Of course, that was why they were dining in the lively hall .

’’Old Xiong, have you heard of a piece of news recently?’’ A middle-aged man looked toward a burly looking man and said .

Qing Shui swept his gaze in their direction and with just a single glance at the person's aura, Qing Shui knew that he was very powerful . It was also because of this that he looked over .

’’What news?’’ The burly-looking man put down his chopsticks and asked the man seated at the opposite of him .

There were three other men at the same table and they also asked curiously .

’’I heard that the North Yang Palace and the Ocean Demon Palace are going to fight it out . ’’ the middle-aged man smiled and said .

’’They're going to get into a fight?’’ the man called Old Xiong asked, puzzled .

’’Mmm, the news is very reliable . ’’ the man said seriously .

Qing Shui thought about it . The Ocean Demon Palace . . . the North Yang Ocean Domain . . . This area should be the North Yang Ocean Domain and the North Yang Palace should be the authority in this area . What about the Ocean Demon Palace? Did they belong to this area or were they from a deeper region?

’’Why is the Ocean Demon Palace coming to such a faraway place to fight the North Yang Palace?’’ Old Xiong looked at the man, feeling very lost .


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