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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 175


AST 175 Scarless, Heartwarming

Qing Shui brought his fantasy of Huoyun Liu-Li into his sweet dreams. In his dream, he felt the devilish figure of Huoyun grinding erotically against the lower part of his body. Her familiar and se*y voice lost all control and caused those who heard it to enter into a frenzy.

Qing Shui ignored his fatigue as he moved his hands about, touching every part of Huoyun's body. Placing his head right in the middle of her twin peaks, Qing Shuo gently sucked on that pinkish, protruding bud.

Huoyun Liu-Li was charming and extremely bold in bed. She even allowed Qing Shui to try out all the postures he learned from the Spring Palace Portrait to his heart's content.


On the second day as dawn approached, Qing Shui punctually woke up from his sweet dream. Sitting on the bed, he recalled the soul-stirring scenario of his dream last night as he lamented, ’’Why do all good dreams always end so quickly?’’

After Qing Shui woke up, he did his morning ablutions quickly. When he opened the door and saw Huoyun, he realised that she was only practicing her sword dance.

She was clad in purple with a hairpin inserted in her hair. Her shoulder-length black hair flowed in the wind, mirroring her movements as she wielded a longsword. A silver bracelet was seen equipped on her ankle while she was tapping her foot to a rhythm and dancing about.

Her countenance was dignified and serene. Her movements were graceful and nimble. Her speed was akin to the ocean waves, slow and steady yet filled with an unspeakable charm!

Qing Shui didn't even blinked as he stared at the agile silhouette of Huoyun Liu-Li, and especially those jade legs. Upon seeing them, he felt his blood surging through his veins as he recalled the fantasy he had last night.

The charming pair of phoenix eyes, her straight and se*y nose, and her exquisitely-shaped beautiful lips all had a beauty that plucked at one's heart strings. Huoyun was akin to a holy demoness. Involuntarily overwhelmed, he recalled the fantasy he had last night. Qing Shui felt as though he was still in his dream!

’’Am I beautiful to look at?’’

That jade-like body of hers walked towards the mesmerised Qing Shui as she laughed lightly. Her light smile had an indescribable and soul-stirring charm that had hints of seduction.

’’Beautiful, extremely beautiful.’’ Qing Shui rubbed his nose as he stared at the gorgeous Huoyun Liu-Li. Once again, he involuntarily thought back to the fantasy he had while dreaming. How good would it be if it could become reality!

’’Thank you for the Pellets and those amazing Fruits. If not for them, I would have never been able to experience what I felt today. To think that my speed increased, and even my sword dance became several times faster.’’ Huoyun's soul-stirring gaze flickered with a colorful glow as she stood only a foot away from Qing Shui.

Her body's lovely fragrance drifted over to Qing Shui. Not only that, the protruding twin peaks of Huoyun were only a fist's distance away from him.

Qing Shui wanted very much to advance a half-step forward to fondle and hug Huoyun, so he could sooth the itch in his heart just like in his dream. This situation was like seeing a piece of tantalizing Dimsum, but only be able to see and not eat it. The mouthwatering fragrance would keep rushing relentlessly to you, bringing great temptations.

Maybe it was because of her sword dance that Huoyun's face was flushed with a pinkish shade, making her appear extremely attractive. Her hair was slightly dishevelled which only added to her charm. There was even a drop of perspiration on that straight and sensual nose of hers.

Qing Shui smiled as he extended a finger to wipe away that droplet of sweat on her nose. ’’Why are you so polite? The day when you gifted me that cauldron, I didn't even thank you that much. Don't tell me you aren't treating me like family now?’’

Qing Shui's smile was filled with persuasiveness. The bean-sized speck of the Violet Jade Immortal Realm in the centre of his brows filled his smile with a seemingly demonic charm.

Huoyun was slightly startled at Qing Shui's little movement as well as that handsome countenance of his.

’’Who's going to be family with you?!’’

The sound of Huoyun's annoyed voice was low and se*y!

’’Big missy. Now that you've finished your cultivation, it's my turn to cultivate now. If not, I might not be able to control myself.’’ Qing Shui rubbed his nose as he smiled.

’’Control what?’’ Huoyun inclined her head as she asked suspiciously.

’’Do you not know that your looks cause raging flames to burn in my heart? I can't wait to push you down with all my strength. Do you now know what I'm dealing with now? This feeling is so unbearable...’’ Qing Shui bitterly smiled.

Huoyun was flabbergasted for a moment before she recovered and smiled. Her smile was akin to the blooming of a flower. She stated, ’’Does sister really have such lethal and dangerous beauty?’’

Qing Shui suddenly extended his hands and cupped Huoyun Liu-Li's face. Under her astonished gaze, Qing Shui walked a few paces back as he begun his morning practice.

Every morning, it was a habit for Qing Shui to practice the Taichi Fist to calm the fires in his heart. With a calm heart and steady breath, his steps became filled with heaviness and slowness. His movements appeared to be as slow as a snail, but also mysteriously fast at times.

After finishing his set of Taichi Fist practices, he immediately started on his Tiger Form techniques. Stance after stance, each routine was executed perfectly with sufficient ferociousness as a low sound of a Tiger's Roar accompanied his attacks.

Two different styles of martial arts caused Qing Shui's body to be covered with a sheen of perspiration. Huoyun noticed Qing Shui from afar as his aura had instantly turned from a kind, charitable old man to a fearsome murderer who wielded a sabre!

Qing Shui focused intently on his practice, especially the Tiger Tailwhip Kick he once used before. This was an extremely sinister move. Not only was its attack power overwhelming, but also as long as this attack hit a vital point, there would be no way for the enemy to survive.

They ate breakfast together, but it was unbelievably prepared by this rare beauty. Without the Drunken Fragrance Fruits, the appearance of the dishes was dreadful and the dishes would be tasteless. At the very least, one could tell that it was cooked, and could still identify which dish it was supposed to be.

Huoyun Liu-Li looked at Qing Shui with trepidation, as though she was waiting for Qing Shui's verdict.

’’Let's eat! Why are you not eating?’’ After Qing Shui sat down, he smiled as he noticed Huoyun Liu-Li standing there motionlessly.

’’Do you want me to order some other dishes for you from the kitchen? My culinary arts are just too lousy. I'm afraid you wouldn't be used to it.’’ Huoyun smiled wryly.

’’I've never tried it, so how do you know I wouldn't be used to it? It looks much better compared to before. You are already loads better compared to other beginners.’’

After speaking, Qing Shui began to devour the food with great speed. It wasn't extremely salty or too peppery. Although it wasn't extremely delicious, the food was prepared by a beauty.

Looking at Qing Shui stuffing himself with no change in his expressions, Huoyun Liu-Li couldn't help but feel a wave of happiness. This happiness was the happiness of simplicity. It was the joy of someone simply eating the food you personally made.

’’Qing Shui, did you beat up Hu Yilang?’’ Huoyun laughed.

’’Hu Yilang? Who's that?’’ Qing Shui was lost for a moment.

’’In this region, everyone calls him Brother Hu. He depends on the wealth of his clan as well as the power of his grandfather. A good-for-nothing wastrel.’’

’’Oh, him? I've never met him before.’’

Qing Shui smiled as he relayed his entire journey from beginning to the end to Huoyun Liu-Li. He caused her to burst out in peals of laughter, and she even commented that Qing Shui was even more tyrannical than a tyrant.

’’This Elder Sister will help you chase away those random people.’’ Huoyun contemplated a bit as she suddenly spoke to Qing Shui as if they were in a discussion.

’’Oh, thank you if it's not too much trouble. What's the strength level for the Hu Clan and the Giant Sword Sect?’’

’’The Hu Clan could be considered a large and impressive clan with its integrated roots. For the Giant Sword Sect, its power is still slightly weaker compared to the Skysword Sect. The Ancestor of the Hu Clan is one of the grand elders of the Giant Sword Sect. That is why the Hu Clan is considered powerful. However, there are many clans like the Hu Clan that shared the same roots as the sects of Cang Lang Country.’’

’’Regardless, they would still have to show me respect.’’

’’Anyone who doesn't show respect to you is basically asking to be stepped on. In the future, does this mean that I can act more arrogant?’’ Qing Shui laughed.

’’Are you not arrogant enough already? Even I don't dare to offend you.’’


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