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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1733


Chapter 1733

AST 1733 - Ocean Demon Palace, Yan Ziyun

Shui Yunfeng noticed Xuan She's expression . He remained calm and chose to ignore that face .

This was the entrance to the Northern Ocean Dragon Mercy Path . However, it was yet to be the opening time so people rushed here one after another . It was still early when the Xu Clan arrived . Hence, there was no one else around where they stood .

In fact, it was the same for all of the great forces . The ordinary small forces wouldn't take initiatives to approach them . After all, they were here to fight over the treasure . When you were inferior to the opponents, you would end up being looked down upon or being remembered . It was not a good thing to be remembered in such a way .

Soon after, Qing Shui saw the Wavemoon Cavern which came with roughly more than 20 men . Qing Shui also got a glance of Huang Wu and apparently got noticed instantly as well, now that Qing Shui and Shui Yunfeng were together .

Besides that, the two ladies standing near to Qing Shui became the center of focus . Sunset Palace Mistress and Muyun Qingge . One from the Drakainas, one from the Mermaids . Many people threw their eyes over here and wondered who these two remarkable beauties belonged to . They got their answer when they looked at Qing Shui .

Huang Wu was stunned the moment he saw Qing Shui but he was back to normal immediately . He nodded to Qing Shui and didn't come forward .

Qing Shui nodded lightly as well . He didn't take it seriously . The chief of Wavemoon Cavern was a man who appeared older than Shui Yunfeng and Xuan She . The yellow robe couldn't conceal his gloomy and cold aura . Standing there, smiling, this man seemed extremely peculiar .

Next, Shui Yunfeng pointed out other forces to Qing Shui . Though they were not as strong as the Wavemoon Cavern and Xu Clan, they were still huge forces within this region .

Qing Shui listened attentively and remembered them .

After a short while, Shui Yunfeng gazed at a distance far away, looking astonished . Qing Shui was curious and then followed Shui Yunfeng's line of sight .

From a distant place, about ten shadows emerged, riding an enormous fish which was a hundred meters long, sparkling gold, and full of spiritual sense . It appeared extraordinarily lofty and majestic .

Golden Scaled Fish!

Qing Shui's eyes became brightened . To his surprise, it was the Golden Scaled Fish! It was the Ancient Mutant species, the Golden Scale in the ancient days . The Golden Scale was an enormous beast which was powerful in not only the ocean, lands but also in the air .

The Golden Scaled Fish was only a fish species from the Golden Scale bloodline . In fact, a lot of demonic beasts had the Golden Scale bloodline . However, the Golden Scaled Fish had a higher inheritance from the Golden Scale among the rest . Even their appearances were similar .

About ten men rode on on top . Qing Shui was amazed that these men were outstandingly good-looking . Qing Shui also felt that something was weird about them . Soon, he knew who these men were .

Ocean Demons!

They were from the Ocean Demon Palace . Qing Shui's eyes lit up . The Ocean Demon was an ancient tribe with a long history . Of those who had come here, the Ocean Demon ranked first for its historical inheritance .

The Ocean Demons didn't have primitive states . They had the human looks just like the Mermaids and the Drakainas . They would only exhibit some tribe traits under certain circumstances .

The Mermaids would have their legs transformed into huge fishtails to achieve the fastest speed in the water . This was the biggest trait to differentiate them from humans .

The Drakainas didn't have obvious traits except for their hands which would turn into dragon claws . This didn't seem like their own traits but more like a technique they practiced .

The Ocean Demon before him was one of these tribes . Their unique trait was the spirit-like feeling they gave out and their faint wispy existence .

The men and women of the Ocean Demon tribe were exceptionally good-looking . Not even one of them looked below average, each of them was gorgeous .

Indeed, there were many types of Ocean Demons . Yet, only the ones here were the genuine Ocean Demons . Some of the Ocean Demons were like monsters . They were not the real ones .

The Ocean Demon Palace was far was far away, further than anyone who had come here . The current Ocean Demon were legends who could hardly be seen . Hence, nobody recognized them here, neither did they recognize anyone here .

The Chief Ocean Demon stood stout and straight . The Chief could be confirmed to be a man from his robust face . Qing Shui concluded his gender from the masculine aura .

The ambiance was extensive and strong . His eyes were deep yet bright . His attractiveness was beyond description . Even Qing Shui thought that this man was an eye candy . It was best to describe him using the word ’’beautiful’’ .

In Qing Shui's view, it was definitely better to be a tougher-looking man . He himself looked pretty, even a bit devilish and feminine . Fortunately, his manly side was not depleted .

Qing Shui noticed three female Ocean Demons at the back . They were absolutely alluring with exaggerated curves which made people nosebleed . Nevertheless, they had pretty and fresh-looking faces, occasionally giving out lovely charms .

A lot of men here were captivated since this was the first time they had seen the Ocean Demons . They were full of curiosities .

Feeling the wandering sights, the Chief Ocean Demon raised his eyebrow and glared at the crowd which was having roaming imaginations . Many of them shivered and stopped staring heavy-heartedly .

The moment this man saw the two Mistresses beside Qing Shui, his eye brightened up and he stepped forward .

Qing Shui sighed in disbelief . The man must have found must have found out their identities . The Drakainas and Mermaids were of royal existence in the entire world of ocean domain . They were honorable . Although the respectability came from their bloodline, they would still be respected even if they were to be fallen one day .

Watching the male Ocean Demon who came forward, Qing Shui stood still . The two Mistresses also noticed the Ocean Demon walking towards them, their face didn't change a little .

’’Hello, ladies . I am Yan Ziyun . It's my pleasure to know both of you . ’’ Said the male Ocean Demon in a casual manner to Sunset Palace Mistress and Muyun Qingge .

’’I don't know you, and I don't want to know you . ’’ Sunset Palace Mistress said seriously with a frown .

Yan Ziyun was surprised . He was the young Lord of Ocean Demon Palace, the most honorable and had powerful strength . Regardless of seniors or juniors, his status was special . He was brought up to rule and manage the Ocean Demon Palace .

Muyun Qingge was straightforward . She didn't even look at the male Ocean Demon and shamelessly walked to the back corner so that she could hide behind Qing Shui .

As the male Ocean Demon said, Yan Ziyun should be his actual name, unlike Shui Yunfeng who used the title 'Chi Yan' on the outside while hiding his real name .

Yan Ziyun examined Qing Shui seriously . Qing Shui stared back at him calmly in response . There wasn't slight friendliness in his eyes, only composure .


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