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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1727


Chapter 1727

AST 1727 - Treating Wounds, Bury the Hatchet

Qing Shui smiled as he greeted Shui Yunfeng . He then invited him to take a seat .

In response, Shui Yunfeng nodded back at Qing Shui with a smile and thanked him before sitting down .

Shui Yunfeng had undergone significant changes . His attitude, as well as the fact that he thanked him, had already come to show that he changed a lot . This was also something which Qing Shui had wanted to see . This proved that the people who had received Holy Saint Inheritors shouldn't be too wicked .

After getting the alcohols ready, the two then proceeded to have a drink with each other .

’’Qing Shui, I understand that I have gone a bit overboard with what I did before . Thank you . ’’ It seemed that Shui Yunfeng had finally managed to think things through . His family couldn't survive without him . Even if Qing Shui had said that his disease was incurable, he knew that he still mustn't die . He would also no longer challenge Qing Shui to a life-and-death battle .

Though he might be young, he was still someone with a huge family . He had what he was supposed to have and did what he was supposed to do . A person's life didn't just consist of se* and only se* . Though it would be very regretful to lack such things in life, sometimes, this was just how life was meant to be . A person couldn't just live for the sake of themselves . They still had responsibilities of their own .

He had never once closed his eyes since the time he went back . He had spent all his time pondering over this thing . Furthermore, after going back and finding peace for himself this time, he had also come to realize that most of his women still loved him . Aside from them, there were still his children . In fact, his women knew that without him, their life in the future would turn out to be very miserable .

Ever since he went back, he had had a long chat with his family . Now, he finally understood that in the past, he was actually the one reluctant to hear about things they said . He would often get impatient whenever someone mentioned it, as he found it to be a very shameful thing to discuss .

One of the earliest women which he met was the one who spoke crucial things to him for the most amount of times . That woman had always been very knowledgeable, as well as a generous person . Even at his most unstable state, he had never once gotten angry at her before .

The return trip this time even made him felt like he finally saw the sun coming out of the blankets of cloud . This was why the first thing he spoke when he opened his mouth was words of gratitude . It came out deep down from his heart .

’’I haven't even helped you cure your disease yet . Thank me when I finish instead!’’ Qing Shui chuckled and said . After that, he once again poured him a cup of wine .

’’Qing Shui, the reason I thanked you wasn't for helping me cure my disease . You brought me out of the blind alley which I have been stuck in for many years . I know better than anyone that my wounds can never be cured . ’’ Despite all that, Shui Yunfeng was still a bit gloomy speaking up to this point .

’’Of course, I understand well enough about the condition of your injuries . I would definitely not have said that unless I am certain up to an extent . Have some confidence in me!’’ Deep down, Qing Shui also felt really happy, seeing Shui Yunfeng like that,

’’Is it really curable?’’ Shui Yunfeng nervously asked . However, he also acted only a bit surprised as he had not been able to confirm Qing Shui's statement .

’’Well then, why don't we find the answer? You will find out whether it's curable or not in a moment . ’’ Qing Shui stood up .

Shui Yunfeng was amazed . There were even more surprises in his eyes now . He was very excited . Soon after, he stood up and said to Qing Shui, ’’Alright then . Let me give it a try . What do you need?’’

Qing Shui shook his head, ’’I have already prepared the things that are necessary for the procedure . Let's go into the room so that I can help you cure cure your wounds . ’’

Shui Yunfeng's upper body was naked . Qing Shui prepared two boxes of Gold Needle . Despite all that, Shui Yunfeng was still a bit nervous . It was very easy for Qing Shui to kill him while they were in the middle of the treatment .

But as he thought deeper into it, he understood that it was unlikely for this young man to kill him . Otherwise, he wouldn't have wasted his own energy to talk him out of his problems . Let alone, he was also aware of what the young man was worried about . It wasn't just merely because he was a Holy Saint Inheritor .

Another reason why he believed Qing Shui wouldn't harm him was due to the intense righteous qi within the young man's body . He couldn't be more familiar with it . The reason being that the energy within Qing Shui's body was even purer than his very own . He only lost in terms of the amount of energy he possessed within his body .

To Qing Shui, it wasn't a hard task to cure this kind of wounds . However, Qing Shui also couldn't afford to cure all of his wounds at once . After all, he hadn't fully confirmed Shui Yunfeng's identity .

Qing Shui tried to sense his body and felt that approximately thirty meridians within his body had snapped . For the time being, only two meridians were left unsnapped . It was precisely these two meridians that helped ensure he was at least still behave like a normal person .

In comparison to other parts, the meridians here were a lot thinner . Once they snapped, or so much as got damaged, only a very few psychiatrists would actually be able to cure it . These meridians were very well-hidden . After all, it was not often that they would get wounded .

While injecting needles into Shui Yunfeng, Qing Shui also told him about ways to rotate his qi . The Gold Needles itself contained the Qi of Rebirth and Qing Shui still had his treasure, the Diamond Staff which helped boosted his Force of the Five Elements significantly . As a result, his Five Elements Compatibility Force would become many times more powerful .

The entire treatment didn't last long . Still, it still took still took a while . The treatment lasted about six hours . Qing Shui had managed to help him connect back eight of his meridians . Seeing that it had been done, he slowly came to a stop and took out the Gold Needles one by one .

Shui Yunfeng wiped off the sweat on his head . He, at that moment, was in a state of shock which even words couldn't describe . Whether Qing Shui was able to cure him or not, he held the most authority to talk about it . No one could have felt even clearer than himself . He looked at Qing Shui with eyes that look like he was worshiping a god .

’’I can roughly recover a third of them . You should restrict yourself during this time . If needed, you can release these restrictions, but keep in mind that the time of the next treatment will then have to be delayed even further . If you do restrict yourself, however, I can once again help you carry out a treatment after three months . You will be fully recovered by half a year . ’’ Qing Shui smiled and said as he put back his Gold Needles .

’’Thank you!’’

Shui Yunfeng was very agitated . He was agitated to the extent he became a bit in disbelief . He was unable to even speak properly . It took him half a day to finally speak and that was all that he said .

’’You are welcome . But you will still have to agree to the conditions which I say . This still applies even after all of these . ’’ Qing Shui chuckled .

’’I know! Don't worry about it . Even if it really was incurable, I didn't plan to continue forcing you to do the impossible . The things which you said before had helped me see through many things and regained my happiness . I was really startled by the surprise you gave me today . ’’ For a moment, Shui Yunfeng felt as if the world has gotten a lot brighter . Now, he was able to see through many things which he used to mind a lot before .

Now, he felt like he stopped caring as much about gaining benefits from others as before . He noticed that he now that he now had become more generous than ever before . He couldn't be bothered to argue for many things . Similarly, his view toward Qing Shui was also getting better and better .

With such a formidable medical expertise, he must make sure that he made friends with Qing Shui, even if he might be stronger than him in terms of strength . Psychiatrist, formidable ones in particular, often held a very precious status across the continent .

Shui Yunfeng took out a marriage proposal letter and passed it to Qing Shui, ’’This is for you . Prior to this, I am not sure how I ended up that way myself . I would like to make friends with you . You can ignore the benefits which I had taken into consideration when thinking about making friends with you . It does include the fact that you can help cure my wounds . However, the main reason why I want to get to know you more is that you helped become myself again and reminded me that I had children as well as families . If anything was to happen to me, they would all be done for . ’’

Qing Shui smiled and carried on saying, ’’We wouldn't have known each other if we hadn't fought . There have been many cases in which two enemies make amends with each other and became friends . Once a fight is dismissed, the newborn friendship would instead be even stronger . Since you didn't know me well at that time, it was understandable why you would react that way . I like making friends, especially true friends . ’’

’’By the way, about Miss Hanye and I . Yesterday was the first day when we truly came across each other . I hope that you won't ponder too much over this . She possesses the Nine Ying Body . I am sure that you know better than anybody else . ’’

Qing Shui smiled and nodded . He understood what Shui Yunfeng meant . In other words, even if he was given a chance to marry Qing Hanye now, he wouldn't dare to do it . Prior to this, he was only seeing Qing Hanye as his final hope to cure his disease .

For someone as outstanding as Qing Hanye, she must belong to only Qing Shui and nobody else .


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