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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1718


Chapter 1718

AST 1718 - Form Transformation of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, Metamorphosis

This made Qing Shui over the moon . All in all, Qing Shui was in need of strong and powerful assistants at the moment . He felt the subtle changes in the situation after the incidents lately . He even felt helpless and less capable than he desired .

Long ago, Qing Shui had once relied on his demonic beasts . Despite the weaker strength of demonic beasts compared to his in the later days, they were still fundamental . Basically, other demonic beasts had less scope for abilities at present, except for the Dragon Slaying Beast .

Due to that, Qing Shui justified that the demonic beasts' strength didn't grow at a slow rate, but his own strength spiked too rapidly . Hence, the demonic beasts weren't put to good use .

Though the Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider and Hellfire Phoenix had undergone form transformation, they were far behind the Hell Tigon . Thus, they weren't as useful .

The few demonic beasts had changed massively after using the Constitution Nurturing Pills . They had been improving constantly previously but the current strength gain was substantially stronger .

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant had the greatest transformation .

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, which Qing Shui had concerned about, underwent an incredible transformation . It was a ferocious, sturdy and big guy now . It could go through form transformation just like the Hellfire Phoenix .

Watching this 2 . 5 meters tall giant, its physique was comparable to Master Fattie . Still, it appeared to be more robust and dauntless . Qing Shui lost his words as he sensed its strength .

Metamorphosis . It was a real metamorphosis with Form Transformation .

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant achieved the raw strength of 30,000 Yang, after experiencing continuous improvement .

Dragon Elephant Force, Passive Skill . A permanent increase of 500-fold raw strength!

Transformed . It had finally transformed! Such a surreal transformation, Qing Shui couldn't believe it .

He resumed to further observe it after being stunned for some moments . It was too abrupt and hardly acceptable for him . He was largely struck with astonishment as the advance span this time was incredibly huge, in contrast to the usual gradual growth in strength .

Mighty Dragon Elephant's Recklessness: 50 times of a basic attack, maximum of 50 targets .

The number of targets remained the same, yet the attacking force had increased a lot . This was a great breakthrough .

Mighty Dragon Elephant Stomp, Grand Perfection Stage: 100 times the raw attacking force, potentially freezing multiple targets in the surrounding .

The formidable power had been upgraded . However, power itself was not significant . It was more important to make the opponents dizzy . Thus, it wasn't prominent whether it was the former 50-times raw strength or the current 100-times raw strength .

Instantaneous Diamond Evasion: Instant leap within 5,000 meters!

Diamond Sword Qi: Instant attack with a jet of Core Qi . Powerful damage and halves the speed of the target . Lasts up up to 2 hours .

Vajra Subdues Demons: Reduces multiple targets' strengths by one-tenth within a 1,000 meters circumference . Maximum of 200 targets . Lasts up to 2 hours .

This skill should be applicable, after the recent boost in Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant's strength . It should be able to stand its place in a fight now .

Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack: Instant activation of 200-times the current strength for a single-target attack .

This attack was also upgraded by a lot . This was apparently linked to the Dragon Elephant Force and could be limited by the Dragon Elephant Force .

Dark Infernal Flames: The Dark Infernal Flames below the feet enables 30% Armor Penetration effect in Dragon Elephant's attack . Simultaneously increases the speed of Dragon Elephant in the air by ten times .

Dragon Scale Armor: Passive skill, 20-times increase in defense and attack . A strong body and attack were the greatest foundation of the Dragon Elephant .

This skill greatly improved the defense and attack of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant . It was the Innate Skills of Heaven and Earth Battle Beast .

Dragon Elephant Might: Absolute oppression against animals except for beasts and dragons . At least a reduction in 10% strength . Optimally makes the opponent lose its battle strength, lack absolute oppression in the others . Zero consumption . Passive skill .

Demonic Dragon Heart: The powerful Dragon Elephant can improve four times its own strength by itself, resisting most of the negative effects .

Qing Shui was contented even after knowing after knowing the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant didn't gain any extra abilities . Under the effect of the magic treasure Heaven Shaking Drum, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant had already attained nearly 7,000 Dao . Plus, it had the ability to reduce 10% total strength, reduce speed, and neglect 30% armor force . That was incredible . It was capable of group killing, focused killing, controlling, and great escaping skills . It was applicable in all kinds of noxious battle environments .

It took a long while before Qing Shui came back to awareness . The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant didn't grow much on its own . Qing Shui spent some time in refinement and that brought rapid growth in his strength . At present, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant improved almost 20,000 in strength . That rewarded Qing Shui with a 4 . 000 Yang increment, though that wasn't much of a contribution to Qing Shui's 200,000 Yang strength .

The Nine Yang Dragon Soul's influence contributed to the total strength of more than 22,000 Dao . Once he refined these 4,000 Yang, he would gain even more . Even so, Qing Shui wasn't in a hurry .

’’Master!’’ Greeted the big guy to Qing Shui, in a straightforward way .

Qing Shui smiled, ’’There's no master here . We're a family so just call me Qing Shui . ’’

’’I'd call you boss then!’’ The big guy replied, since that was how the Hellfire Phoenix had addressed him .

’’Fine . What are you called?’’ Qing Shui asked with a smile . He felt He felt the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant look simple and steady after transforming into a big guy .

’’I'm Dragon Elephant!’’

Qing Shui rubbed his forehead, thinking that their names were too simple . The Hellfire Phoenix was Dark Phoenix . Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider was Dragon Spider . And now, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was Dragon Elephant .

At the very least, their names were easy to remember .

Qing Shui stared at the huge and tall body of the Dragon Elephant . He had to raise his head . He kind of liked its physique and dreamt of having such sturdy physique too . It was good to be strong as a man .

Looking at his own height, there was a huge discrepancy from the Dragon Elephant's . The height of 1 . 8 meters was tall enough in past life and even the present . However, there were many big guys in this world, especially the giants, who had the similar height as the Dragon Elephant for the shortest one . Also, there was the Beast Blood Tribe who were far taller and bigger than Qing Shui .

Fortunately, there was no direct association between strength and body size . There were many ordinary men in the Main Continent and most of them were like himself . It was merely a thought, but it must be really depressing to have such a gigantic body like the Dragon Elephant .

Next time, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant could battle together . Thinking of the scenario, Qing Shui was excited .


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