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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1717


Chapter 1717

AST 1717 - Constitution Nurturing Pill Refined From The Desolate Beast Pellet

Qing Shui stopped thinking after a while . He quickly came up with the plan: Just go with the flow!

Qing Shui looked at the ingredients that came from the Hell Tigon . They had been put aside for some time, based on the time in Realm of Violet Jade Immortal .

Qing Shui gazed at the enormous Desolate Beast Pellet . The Hell Tigon was about 500 meters big, whereas the Desolate Beast Pellet was as big as half a human's size . It was rather small when compared to the body of a Hell Tigon . Still, it was gigantic for a Desolate Beast Pellet .

Qing Shui wanted to refine medicine immediately . He wanted to refine strengthened Constitution Nurturing Pill . At the moment, he and his family needed it . He, himself, wasn't in dire need of but the Mistresses needed it . With the aid of the Constitution Nurturing Pill, they could take a great step forward .

Qing Shui knew how to refine the Constitution Nurturing Pill . He had already refined three types of it to date . Using different grades of ingredients, the effects would be different as well .

The Realm of Violet Jade Immortal had adequate landscape as of now . Enough to refine the Constitution Nurturing Pill . Most essentially, Qing Shui had ample supply of ingredients of excellent quality at the moment . He even had the Spring of Life and water immersed by the Buddha Stone .

Qing Shui spent a day to prepare the ingredients, including those which boosted the therapeutic effect and increased the success rate . He realized the large field of ingredients before him as he was done preparing .

It was dull throughout the refinement . Yet, it was full of anticipation and excitement . It had been a while since Qing Shui last refined a new medicine . Still, he would refine pellets at times despite the lessen frequency .

His alchemy experience had been increasing, albeit slowly . Qing Shui didn't bother about the gradual creep in the experience anymore . It was pointless to worry .

After seven days, Qing Shui had refined the first furnace . He had succeeded, though only two of them were created . Qing Shui stared blankly at the black pearl-like Constitution Nurturing Pill . It was easier for others to think of this as poison!

Constitution Nurturing Pill: Consolidation and Cultivation, strengthens 5% of existing strength . Each pill boosts 1% strength, enabling breakthrough of existing hindrance on the first usage, excluding barriers in between grades (eg . barrier of the breakthrough from False Gods to divines) . Each human or demonic beast can only take ten pills . Not to be taken excessively by any means . No effects if taken excessively . Recommended frequency: One pill per month .

Qing Shui smiled looking at the newly produced Constitution Nurturing Pill, it was absolutely great . Strengthening 5% of existing strength, that equaled consolidation of 5% strength . Ten pills would be 50% . By consolidating 50% of the foundation, one could stabilize their strength by half . . Besides, that could mean a massive boost in strength from 1% cultivation . Hence, ten pills made more than 10% . After all, the sixth pill was 1% of the strength after taking the previous five pills .

Soon after, Qing Shui refined the pills again . The second time, three pills were produced with the same amount of ingredients . Four pills were produced for the third time . Eventually, it reached a plateau of five pills .

Five pills could be the maximum for each refinement, or it could be the limit of Qing Shui's current strength . Regardless, Qing Shui was delighted . Although he met some troubles with Wavemoon Cavern this time, the reward was great .

Qing Shui had used a lot of ingredients from the Hell Tigon for this refinement, including the tiger bones, the tiger guts, and the tiger heart .



Two months went by in a flash . It remained peaceful and quiet . Qing Shui didn't leave Sunset Sea King Palace even for once . Qing Xiu was three months old by now . He had learned to smile and spent less time sleeping .

Yiye Jiange focused her mind on this little kid these days . Qing Shui liked watching Yiye Jiange play with the little one . The warmth and beauty were beyond description .

As Qing Shui watched over warmly at the scene, he felt proud deep inside . This was his family!

Within two months, Qing Shui also went through huge changes . After all, the time was much longer in the in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal than in the real world . Qing Shui was getting more familiar with the Nine Yang Dragon Soul and Dragon Claw . The realm was getting higher .

Yet, it was still a small success stage, just a much stronger small success stage compared to two months ago . It could be considered a massive increment .

There wasn't much increment in strength alone, but the actual combating ability was very much higher . The surviving skill, as well as the technique damage, was much greater .

Qing Shui was looking forward to achieving large success stage or Great Perfection Stage . By then, his power would be more formidable and the strength would increase tremendously . Also, he could learn more techniques and battle skills in Dragon Form at the Great Perfection Stage .

Within these two months, the Mistresses learned formation with Qing Shui for four hours daily . Apart from that, they had also learned the Nine Palace Steps, the essence of it was to combine their motions .

Yiye Jiange had mastered the Nine Palace Steps basically but she never really practiced it . Qing Shui spent most of the time becoming her training partner, allowing her to break out with Nine Palace Steps, to chase after himself or to block out . Qing Shui also fought with Yiye Jiange using his own strength .

Qing Shui had used up the Constitution Nurturing Pills within two months . He felt his strength was more condensed than before . He used to think his strength was stable enough that he was complacent to stop its consolidation stop its consolidation .

Because of this, he realized his narrowed mind and ignorance . Feeling the current condensation of strength, he noticed the frailty and weakness of his previous strength . There was no end to learning in the martial world .

After using ten pills, Qing Shui's raw strength had risen from 150,000 Yang to 200,000 Yang . It was more than enough, much more than the normal increment of 20,000 Yang .

Nevertheless, Qing Shui came to a glitch, which was to break through the current hindrance . Qing Shui had probably reached the bottleneck and breached through it . Now, he felt the bottleneck was smaller .

It wasn't relatively small considering he was different . Qing Shui was satisfied with the great boost in strength . Essentially, the explosive strength had increased immensely . It was similar to the pure strength . It was just that one impacted via melody acceleration, the other impacted via double melody acceleration . Speed indicated strength and formidable power .

Qing Shui's body had formidable power . This explosive strength could be applied thoroughly and without restraint . Qing Shui was indeed pleased . Relatively, the Mistresses had only consumed two pills . Still, the first usage enabled breakthrough of a hindrance . Hence, their strengths improved remarkably and consolidated immensely . With the aid of Qing Shui, their strengths advanced swiftly .

Qing Shui was more contented with his demonic beasts in comparison to their strengths . The energy contained in the Core of Ancient Desolate Beast had a greater apparent effect on the demonic beasts .


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