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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1715


Chapter 1715

AST 1715 - Qing Shui's Strength, 20,000 Dao Force

The old man's slender silhouette was standing upright in the air as the surrounding air rapidly became cold and eerie . It was as if a hint of black eerie wind was extending out ceaselessly .

The old man was a descendant of the ancient Xuan Snake . In the legends, the ancient Xuan Snake was an existence that could engulf the Dragon Tribe . Although the descendants were not as powerful as their ancestor, their bodies still contained the blood that had been bathed in glory .

If one wasn't capable, they wouldn't dare to be too arrogant . Qing Shui had confidence in himself, and it was the same for Xuan Yun . The latter's weapon was a Snake Spear that was over two Zhangs long and had the width of a person's wrist . It was dark green in color and exuded a piercing scent .

The scent didn't stink, but it was still unpleasant . Moreover, it was one that could still be felt without inhaling it . It was a smell that would go into a person's body directly, just like the stench that could be found on animals .

Qing Shui frowned . He knew that the Snake Spear must have been tempered using some kind of things . Otherwise, it wouldn't have such a powerful and piercing smell .

Silver Snake Chaotic Dance!

The old man attacked directly, rushing toward Qing Shui as he was swinging the Snake Spear . The surrounding was instantly filled with small and thin silver snakes that seemed like decorations . Beautiful, yet, filled with a killing aura .

These small silver snakes were all sashaying slightly as if they were dancing . However, Qing Shui knew that they were determined to kill .

One Spear Eliminating Cities!

Qing Shui's Golden Battle Halberd sent out an explosive force without being gaudy . The force pierced out toward the old man, drawing a trajectory in the air, just like a meteor .

Wherever the Golden Battle Halberd passed by, the small silver snakes would all shatter and disappear . However, they would soon be replaced by other small silver snakes .

Xuan Yun looked at the Golden Battle Halberd which was heading toward him and his countenance turned grim . This attack was very important . It was a test between cultivators in their first battle . Thus, he shouldn't dodge it . This was especially crucial when both parties weren't aware of each other's capabilities .


A small and gentle force charged out from the Golden Battle Halberd toward his body, but Qing Shui didn't feel anything .

This simple attack allowed both parties to know of each other's level . Qing Shui was a notch higher . In an exchange between experts, who was the stronger one wasn't important . However, if the gap between both parties was huge, then no amount of techniques would be able to salvage the situation .

The old man's countenance was very grim . He would have never expected that things would turn out this way . In a head-on collision, he would have actually lost to a young man . He found this hard to accept .

Qing Shui wasn't too surprised . After all, compared to before, he was several times stronger . His strength had grown from the initial 4,000 Dao force to the current level of about 20,000 Dao force . This was an astronomical increase .

He wasn't sure if this could be considered an unexpected failure . Even though he had previously felt that this young man wasn't an ordinary character, he hadn't expected that Qing Shui was so strong that he could be compared to a demonic existence .

He had initially planned on dealing a blow to Qing Shui but it now seemed that he wouldn't be able to get anything out of this place despite having his grandson dying here .

Qing Shui wasn't one one who would refuse to give way just because he was on the side of reason . However, there were some things which one shouldn't budge in . Qing Shui made his move .

Dragon Claw Crushing Gold Chant!

Qing Shui's violent strength was unleashed without any technique . Waves and waves of his strength were unleashed and his attacking speed was very fast . They were like great billows that would surge up to the skies .

Xuan Yun's attacks weren't as powerful as Qing Shui's . Instead, his attacks were more gentle in nature . However, it was a pity that he wasn't as fast as Qing Shui and could only be on the defense . He was the only one who understood the pain he was being put through .

Xuan Yun clenched his teeth and hung on . Although he wasn't one of the strongest in the Xuan Clan, he still had quite a high status in the clan . If he were to be defeated by a young man like Qing Shui today, the blow to both of him and the Xuan Clan's reputation would be devastating .

The old man had carried a huge burden on his back as he battled against Qing Shui . He had the increasing feeling that things weren't going well and he was struck at the shoulder and was sent flying back .

Although Qing Shui hadn't thought of having the match end in a draw since there wasn't a need for it, he didn't think of killing the old man either . Right now, he didn't want to offend the Xuan Clan, regardless of their strength .

’’You are not my match . You can leave . I hope that you'll be able to find out soon about who the person trying to pull a fast one on me is . ’’Qing Shui stopped and said calmly .

Xuan Yun felt extremely bitter inside . If he knew that things would turn out like this, he wouldn't put wouldn't put himself through all of this . This was how humans were . It was one thing for one to be weaker, but it was a fact that he had lost in a fight . The feeling between the two situations was very different .

With Xuan Yun's mentality, such a simple thing wasn't sufficient to pull him down yet . However, Qing Shui being too young had brought him a lot of pressure, making him feel that he had really grown old and useless . This pressure made him feel worse .

Xuan Yun nodded . He didn't say anything else and left with the other members of the Xuan Clan . Their backs appeared very heavy when they left, especially Xuan Yun's footsteps .

Qing Shui sighed . He knew that the matter with the Xuan Clan wouldn't be resolved so easily . When he had so many things on his platter, having one more thing wouldn't make a difference .

’’There's no need to worry . We aren't afraid of anyone . ’’ As he was thinking this, Qing Hanye walked up next to Qing Shui and said softly .

Qing Shui looked at this lady of indescribable beauty . When she looked at Qing Shui, who was watching the group depart, she thought that he was worried . Qing Shui smiled and shook his head, ’’I'm only a little worried for you guys . ’’

’’You don't always have to be worried about us . Jiange and I have been here for very long before you came . It's fine . There is a mysterious pattern or regulation in the natural world . Otherwise, all life would be wiped out . ’’ Qing Hanye smiled and said .

Qing Shui knew that what she had said made sense . Before he had arrived, it was true that she had been living here . However, it wasn't the same for Yiye Jiange and the others . Moreover, Qing Shui thought of the matter of the matter concerning the Watermoon Cavern .

’’If I didn't come, how would you deal with the matter concerning the Watermoon Cavern?’’ Qing Shui seemed very curious about this question .

’’There's no way that I'd get married to him . ’’

’’What if you had no way of going up against them?’’ Qing Shui gave it some thought and asked .

’’I'll fight it out with them . ’’

’’What if you couldn't win?’’

’’Then I'll commit suicide . ’’

’’What if they use your Master to threaten you?’’ Qing Shui continued to ask .

’’There are many things I can give way on, but not this . If things really came down to that, I won't be afraid of death . If I can escape, I'll make sure to have them pay back ten or even 100 times . ’’ Qing Hanye said with certain before looking at Qing Shui .

Qing Shui wore a faint smile .

’’What are you smiling about? Are you thinking that I don't value relationships?’’ Qing Hanye asked teasingly and lifted her head to look at the clouds in the distance .

’’No, I think that it's good . It's very good . ’’ Qing Shui knew about some of Qing Hanye's background . Everyone had their own reverse scales and there were some things which couldn't be changed by external forces .

’’If you were to force me to marry him, I wouldn't know what to do . Would there be a day where you'll give me away? If it means that you'll be able to protect everything else that you have now?’’ Qing Hanye didn't turn her head and asked in a soft voice .

Qing Shui was stunned . Qing Hanye's question might seem silly, but such events were common in this world . For the sake of survival, something like this was nothing .

Qing Shui looked at the beautiful figure that was standing by his side . At this moment, he realized that she was very lonely .


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