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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1710


Chapter 1710

AST 1710 - The Arrival of the Wavemoon Clan

The Wavemoon Clan!

Qing Shui was stunned . He didn't know much about them but he had heard of them often . Because the Watermoon Cavern and the Wavemoon Clan were equally famous, they certainly had strength and were the strongest in this part of the world .

Originally just the Watermoon Cavern had already made Qing Shui's hands tied . However, his current strength had increased a lot by almost five times . If he were to face the Watermoon Cavern, it wouldn't be as bad as it went before .

’’Wait a minute!’’ Qing Shui looked at the young man who was coming over .

’’Oh, what is it?’’ the young man was watching Qing Shui . His face was serene and his expression as calm as water . if Qing Shui hadn't seen the shift in his expression as he caught sight of the three women, he would have thought that this man was just like water and rock .

’’I'm not sure what you meant with your previous comment . Why are you thanking me for no apparent reason?’’ Qing Shui asked immediately .

There was no way that Qing Shui did not have known what the young man meant, but he didn't like watching this man being a pirate with such ’’elegance’’ . He needed to make that man show his ugly side .

The man was amazed . Of course, he didn't think that Qing Shui knew nothing about what he meant . He also knew what Qing Shui was fishing for with this statement . It was just that he didn't understand how Qing Shui was able to continue speaking like before, after he had mentioned the Wavemoon Clan . It was something that made him do a double take . Perhaps it was because he was accomplished, or because of the women around him .

’’A young man needs to understand how to adapt to circumstances, and not embarrass themselves . ’’ The young man said elegantly to Qing Shui, his face showing the traces of a confident smile .

When Qing Shui heard what the young man said, he turned his head at the three women beside him, smiling . it seemed that the man facing him thought that he wasn't worthy of the women beside him .

’’Oh, then what you're saying is that you're trying to be a pirate for the Wavemoon Clan . ’’ Qing Shui smirked at this man .

The man's face color changed . It was an obvious fact that the Wavemoon Clan was respected greatly by him . Pretty much anyone in this region would show respect to anyone that mentions the Wavemoon Clan . He was the direct descendant of the Clan, holding an important position in it . With great natural gifts, it was even possible for him to take over the clan some day .

’’Young one, I hope you know the consequences of what you said . You won't be able to take it . ’’ Although the young man shrunk his forehead, he still said this with poise, but the coldness in his eyes had already created a want for killing .

Only himself knew that the reason he activated his bloodthirst wasn't solely because of the insult against the Wavemoon Clan . Of course, that alone was enough . At least it was to him, but the true reason was the three women, and that was the best excuse .

Qing Shui naturally saw through this facade and knew that the way things things were going won't be good . He wasn't one to be afraid of trouble, especially when his opponent put a strong focus on his women . That was something that couldn't be tolerated .

’’Haha, you're one of those weaklings that rely on a name . Everything that comes out of your mouth is the Wavemoon Clan . I don't even know what you really are without the Wavemoon Clan . ’’ Qing Shui said this without giving any ground, and to someone who was very insecure about themselves, it was extremely effective .

In this instant, the complex of the young man's face changed . From when he was little to now, even his own elders never talked to him like this . In addition, even among people on his own level, he was considered to be extremely strong . Despite so, people like him had a weakness in their hearts . It was that they couldn't reject their family when they needed help .

If it were someone normal then they wouldn't have had a reaction . After all, he didn't think about people with a cultivation realm lower than his, but he felt that Qing Shui wasn't someone normal . Through this conversation, he was able to discern that this bloodsoaked young man had reached his success now through many toils .

He knew that someone without a rich background wouldn't acknowledge someone like himself, who was helped by his own background . Anyone would be willing to be admitted, especially those people that were affirmed through their success . The use of a clan wasn't something to be taken lightly, but the most important was that they worked for it .

’’Who do you think you are, being so impudent? You're just a frog at the bottom of a of a well . Did you really think that just because you did something, you have the right to disregard everyone else? Today, I will show you how weak you really are . ’’ The young man stared at Qing Shui confidently .

Qing Shui laughed, saying: ’’Alright . Now you look like a man . ’’

’’Sir, this person is really weird . Maybe...’’ The old man in front said this with worry .

’’Seventh Uncle, I have the freedom to do this,’’ The young man quickly interrupted the old man .

The young man was a little disgusted by Qing Shui's behavior . Now that he was being made fun of by Qing Shui and the old man treating him like a child, as though he were not a match for this young man, he was a little unhappy .

When the old man called the Seventh Uncle wanted to say something, another old man stopped him by reaching his arm out .

The young man was called Huang Wu and was a descendant of the Wavemoon Clan's Huang Kuilang . This Huang Wu was the youngest of Huang Kuilang's grandchildren, who was a very talented individual, and one of the forerunners of the Wavemoon Clan .

’’Actually, whether you come out or not it doesn't matter . If you lose, someone behind you would show their face and maybe even come all the way . ’’ Qing Shui's words shattered the thoughts of the young man .

Because Qing Shui knew this man had an ulterior motive .

’’Don't worry, you can't win . ’’ Claimed Huang Wu

’’What if I do?’’ Qing Shui smiled at Huang Wu .

’’We shall leave and will not hinder you in any way . ’’ Huang Wu said after some thought .

From his standpoint, he his standpoint, he was already giving up a lot in this way . If it were up to a Qing Shui from before, he wouldn't have let him get off that easily . However, at this time he didn't feel like negotiating, and nodded: ’’I hope you can do what you say, lest you bring shame to the Wavemoon Clan . ’’

There was still some pressure needed for his big ego .

Qing Shui knew, that in the first place, if Huang Wu lost and embarrassed the Wavemoon Clan, they would come back . He was just hoping that it wouldn't be today and that this one engagement wouldn't make them his enemy . Whenever that happened, he didn't like the feeling .

Qing Shui couldn't think of another option . Sometimes it was like this, his surroundings arousing the envy of others, no matter if it was a treasure or a beautiful person . Another one was if someone needed to go through Qing Shui before they could continue racing to the top and tried to make you a stepping stone .

’’You're also underestimating the Wavemoon Clan . ’’ Anyone could make bold claims . Sometimes, it didn't matter what you said, as long as you could silence your opponent forever, then matters like this would be resolved . and wouldn't continue . No one else would even know what had happened or what had been said .

The man took out a weapon, seeming like a large fan . It wasn't the first time that Qing Shui saw something like this . He was holding the Golden Battle Halberd in his hand and the energy in his body was reaching its peak, and needed to be released . His opponent couldn't see that Qing Shui had already maximized his strength .


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