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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 17


Chapter 17 - The eldest grandson, Qing Zi

Qing Shui was interested in the xiantian realm and in the refinement masters. Perhaps one day he will go to the refinement business! He is aware that this path will be very difficult, but despite that, he has a great confidence!

’’Fifteen years, I already lived fifteen years in this mountain village near the Baili city. I should look outside sometime because I feel that I have reached the limit of the ancient strengthening technique heavenly third layer peak. I feel my whole body with the strength of more ten thousands of jin, plus the transformation of the concealed weapon. Now it's possible to defend myself!’’ Qing Shui was thinking that without experiences outside or fighting, it would be very difficult to breakthrough his bottleneck.

’’Mother should come in a few days, in that time I would tell her that I'm leaving.’’ Qing Shui is determined.

’’Why other people have a mysterious artifact, or a space ring, why not me?’’ Qing Shui doesn't want to admit that he is a waste but still he had that reputation.

’’Having not a space ring is really inconvenient, but fortunately I have this monstrous brute force. Comparing my strength of ten thousand jin with the warrior seventh layer, with only one punch I could knock down them, and they would need half a month to get out of the bed!’’

’’Returning ten times their strength, using it skillfully and cleverly, the solitary nimble fist is a first class ability. But if I use it with my full strength and cleverly in the right places, I could destroy their acupuncture points, joints and even arteries, leaving the enemy crippled!’’

Qing Shui leaves his fourth uncle's small courtyard, but learning many things at once leaves him sighing endlessly. Fortunately, he already passed though many things and his age is not small so he could stay calm all the time.

’’I can't be arrogant and neither very flashy. If I am not so naïve then I will make tons of money!’’ Qing Shui says to himself repeatedly times.

But that he cannot breakthrough though the heavenly third layer peak let Qing Shui helpless. Because he was yearning for the heavenly four layer strength. He was longing day and night for the fourth layer which could bring him many skills.

’’Ah! It's you, Qing Shui!’’ Qing Shui suddenly heard someone shouting his name.

It was the third generation eldest grandson, Qing Zi. He was behaving quite friendly. Although they didn't meet often, every time was Qing Zi who started the conversation.

Qing Zi was already 25 this year, and although he has a regular appearance, he has a powerful back and shoulders. Standing in front of him, their statures were almost the same. The only difference was that he looked thin while Qing Zi looked robust.

’’Qing Zi-ge, you had time to come here?’’ Qing Shui felt that something was strange looking at Qing Zi, because everyone who reached the warrior's sixth layer would be training hard.

’’Hehe, you have to know, I recently have a breakthrough. That's why I can relax for now.’’ Qing Shui felt that is funny seeing the simple and honest Qing Zi scratching his head, he felt closer to him. Because it seemed as if they were on the same age, so it was possible to get along well.

’’Ah, congratulation for your breakthrough, Qing Zi-ge!’’ Qing Shui said from his heart. Qing Shui is aware of what the other person wanted him to say. It could be for ridiculing Qing Shui who was a waste but Qing Zi was not the same as the others, Qing Zi is known for being simple and honest. In his past life they would be as honest so much that you could say that they were stupid.

Qing Zi looked very happy when scratching his head.

’’Qing Shui, you must put a great effort. If you need help with something, I will certainly aid you.’’ Qing Zi said sincerely. His voice sound genuinely and friendly and him scratching his head when said looked more friendly.

’’I can do it, but after you will not be able to compare yourself with me. In that time you will not feel happy for me!’’ Although he said kidding, all of what he said was not a joke. At this moment, Qing Shui was confident like the robust body of Qing Zi.

’’I know that you can. If you surpass me, I would be really happy. I would be happier than you!’’ Qing Zi said laughing while patting Qing Shui shoulder.

’’Why, why are you going to be happier?’’ Qing Shui is aware of this point, as long as the fierce competition between the family members continues;only the strongest can be the family head. Only the strongest of this generation has the hope of one day becoming the family's head.

A phoenix's tail is not equal to a chicken's head!

That's why asking this is not strange. The strongest of the third generation, the one who had a breakthrough was Qing Zi. He is the one who has the greatest chance of becoming the family's head. And although he was simple and honest, he was not stupid. His insight reached quite far, so Qing Shui is certain that apart from his grandfather, Qing Luo who is quite astute, the family's head will be Qing Zi.

’’Because we are family. If one day you reach the xiantian realm, the family will be proud of you. I also felt wronged, that's why, if we brothers become a xiantian expert, that scene will be very beautiful.’’ Said Qing Zi happily.

Qing Shui is no longer sure if Qing Zi is a straightforward man like he as it appears, or if he is a man of great wisdom who often appears slow-witted. Still his vision of the future made happy to Qing Shui.

Two people walking side by side!

’’Qing Zi-ge, have you ever gone outside?’’ Qing Shui asks.

He wasn't amazed by what Qing Shui asked, happily scratching his head answered: ’’At most, I only went to the Baili city. That place compared with this place is more flouring and prosperous.’’

’’Qing Zi-ge, you wish someday to travel around this wonderful world?’’ Qing Shui usually works hard, but he hasn't even walked more than 100 li(Baili). He feels embarrassed, and although in this world there is not transportation like airplanes or cars like in his previous world, the distance from where his family is can be crossed in one day by one first-rate horse.

’’I heard to Grandpa say that in the outside world is very exciting but also very dangerous. And if you don't have the strength, then going outside is meaningless. That you will lose your little life easily.’’ Qing Zi was a little perplexed.

From his perplexed look, Qing Zi could tell that Qing Shui was yearning for the outside world. A girl doesn't dream for love, and young boys don't dream for strength. They dream for travel around the world and make a name for them, they dream of being immortalized!

’’Certainly, one day we will go to the outside world. A world that only belongs to us.’’ From the way that Qing Shui said it, it shows his determination.

Qing Zi was looking astonished to Qing Shui.

In this moment, Qing Zi felt that Qing Shui was enigmatic and impossible to comprehend! That he was quite odd!

’’Don't tell me that one day, he would stand on the peak of this continent!’’


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