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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1693


Chapter 1693

AST 1693 - Can you be my Protector as well?

This could also be considered a fortune . She had encountered the Dragonwolf Old Ancestor by chance while roaming the Giant Beast Mountain Range at the west of the Greencloud Continent . This was a major reason as to why she could become the Great Palace Master now .

It was just that the Dragonwolf Ancestor didn't have long to live and was on his deathbed . This was also the reason why he had granted Qing Hanye his inheritance, which made her so powerful now .

The Dragonwolf Ancestor had only granted a portion of his strength to Qing Hanye . But even so, right now Qing Hanye's strength was immeasurably deep . Sadly, the Dragonwolf Ancestor had passed away ten years ago .

Right now there were two factions in the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace . Qing Hanye as the Great Palace Master was one faction, while the other faction was headed by the Second Palace Master . When the Dragonwolf Ancestor was alive, nobody dared to entertain any such thoughts or say anything, as Qing Hanye's strength was overwhelming . But after ten years, it was inevitable to have such conflicts, as a mountain cannot have two tigers .

Right now, there were more people supporting the Second Palace Master . After all, Qing Hanye was just a woman who was also an outsider . Although she had obtained the inheritance of the Dragonwolf Ancestor, they still found it hard to approve of her .

’’The Second Palace Master is truly a character . If I wasn't a woman, most probably he wouldn't have waited ten years to do this . But now, he can finally endure it no longer . Sadly, he doesn't know that he has just wasted the best opportunity . ’’ Qing Hanye stood beside Qing Shui . Both of them stood side by side, glancing at the foot of the mountain not far away .

’’I believe this . It's only expected that a normal man would do this . ’’

Qing Hanye turned and glanced at Qing Shui . From the start, other than some agitation on her face, she looked extremely calm;as calm as water .

Emotions between males and females were too complex . She was fond of Qing Shui, but she had experienced much, too much in these thirty years . The death of her grandfather and many other things caused her state of heart to be no longer as pure as before .

Humans would always grow up;there would be times when they grew more mature . She didn't know that she had grown up, or that her love for him had faded as time passed . When she didn't see him, she would long for him . But when he was right in front of her eyes, her state of heart was calm instead .

’’You are just like back then, truly a demon . ’’ Qing Hanye retracted her gaze and spoke lightly .

Qing Shui could also sense the transformations in this woman . That sort of fluctuation in the inner heart was extremely obvious . He wasn't disappointed but felt somewhat relaxed instead . He smiled, ’’I climbed up here step by step . ’’

Qing Hanye seemed as though she wanted to smile . At that very instant, extreme charm radiated out from her for just a moment . Even Qing Shui couldn't help but to be slightly stunned .

Qing Hanye and him felt like they were strangers now . But then again, it was only to be expected . She didn't really have much interaction with Qing Shui and the separation had already lasted tens of years . It was only natural that the two of them became strangers .

Although>Although it was so, she still felt a sense of familiarity to him, an extreme familiarity . Earlier, she also thought of that dream that happened between them, but as her personality was always filled with charm, there wasn't too much change to her expression .

That dream was sufficient to make her collapse and she would never forget it, ever . She always had him in her mind for so many years, waiting for his news but sadly, she had never manage to find any traces of him . After all, she had already left the Greencloud Continent after that, while this place was the North Ocean Region of the Haohan Continent .

She couldn't ignore him, but she felt like she no longer knew him . There was a point of her that hadn't changed . She still trusted this man . This man wouldn't have any designs on her and even if he had, she wouldn't mind it .

’’I wonder what you plan to do regarding this problem of the Dragonwolf Palace . ’’ Qing Hanye changed topic and spoke of the problem today .

Qing Shui didn't feel strange . He then questioned her, ’’What do you mean what I plan to do?’’

’’You represent the Sunset Sea King Palace while I represent the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace . Regardless of the conflict between me and the Second Palace Master, on the surface, both of our Palaces are at war . Tell me, what should I do?’’ Qing Hanye spoke in a relaxed manner . Somehow, after encountering Qing Shui again, she felt pretty relaxed .

’’There isn't any conflict between us, unless you want us to fight each other . ’’

’’What do you mean there's no conflict? The Dragonwolf Palace might obstruct the advance of the Sunset Palace . ’’

’’Nope, it's fine . No one can block them . The world is so vast and it isn't easy to easy to get acquainted with someone . Tell me, do you think we need to fight it out here? It's unknown how large the north ocean is . We should turn our gaze further . ’’ Qing Shui smiled .

Qing Hanye's expression remained calm . She could see Qing Shui's point as well . She then sighed lightly, ’’How good would it be if you were someone from my Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace . If that were the case, I wouldn't be afraid even if the heavens collapsed . ’’

Qing Shui started a little, because he couldn't understand those words . They sounded like a declaration of love, and although she had once told him that she was fond of him, that was many, many years ago . Right now, Qing Shui couldn't be sure if she still had feelings for him . He felt that time could change everything . Thirty years of time wasn't a short period .

He didn't know what to say . He knew that since Qing Hanye could arrange a meeting with him, she should be very clear of his circumstances . She should also know that Yiye Jiange was his wife, among others .

’’Although I'm not someone from the Dragonwolf Palace, we are still friends . That is, unless you are unwilling to acknowledge me, someone from your past . ’’ Qing Shui smiled . He didn't need to act as though they were still very close . There was simply no need for that .

After Qing Shui knew that Qing Hanye was the Great Palace Master, he felt very relaxed in his heart . Also, he heard that there was some conflict between her and the Second Palace Master and he smelled an opportunity . If the Sunset Palace could form an alliance with the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace, they would be able to invade the Northern Ocean Region quicker .

’’I .

’’I don't treat you as a friend . ’’

Qing Shui's countenance had no fluctuation when he heard her words . Qing Hanye then slowly continued, ’’In my heart, you are always my kin . ’’

Qing Shui stared at her bright eyes . It was very rare for him to see such pure eyes filled with innocence . There were no complex emotions in them at all .

’’Then just treat me like your elder brother . How do you plan to deal with the Second Palace Master?’’ Qing Shui solemnly nodded his head as he stated .

’’You are still like this . I'm sure I'm older than you . Anyway, there will definitely be a death match between me and the Second Palace Master . ’’ Qing Hanye smiled at Qing Shui as her countenance grew relaxed .

’’I will aid you!’’

’’You don't need to interfere in this . I can do it with my strength . If it were ten years ago, I might not be confident but now, he isn't my opponent . After I gain control of the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace, why don't you come over here and be my protector?’’ Qing Hanye laughed .

’’But I'm already the protector of the Sunset Sea King Palace . ’’

’’There isn't any conflict . Protectors have the most freedom and an individual can be the protectors of many sects, as long as he can manage his time . ’’

This was the truth . Just like back then, Qing Shui was the protector for the Hundred MIles City, a country after that, and a continent after that . As long as there was no clash, everything was fine . Protectors had the most freedom . It's an indication of one's strength . Protectors wouldn't be able to become the protectors of two opposing powers, but there are still some exceptions, albeit very rarely .


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