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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1687


Chapter 1687

AST 1687 - Dragonwolf Imprint, Breaking Cauldrons Sinking Boats


A thick, blood-colored vine shot forwards, emitting its powerful devouring Qi .

Currently, the Five Elements divine Refining Technique was Qing Shui's strongest attack after the Paragon Strike . Also, the energy consumption was very little because he had just received a large boost to his spiritual energy . This made the sensation he had before, of his attacks not being sufficient enough, completely disappear .

A demonic vine plus the golden armor from earlier made Qing Shui's confidence soar .

Roaming Dragon Steps, Paragon Water Flight!

Qing Shui was like a fish in water as he rushed towards the third palace master . Although he wasn't able to fully gauge the strength of his opponent, this short battle gave Qing Shui a rough estimation . He now had confidence that he would be able to defeat this opponent .

Just given his terrifying body strength, Qing Shui's attacks were like a windstorm, blasting towards his opponent . The Five Elements divine Refining Technique plus the Nine Stances of the Ancient divinity Battle Technique both exploded forth with his all-out power .

Right now, the third palace master was suffering unspeakably . Now, even if he could speak, he wouldn't choose to do so, because he was already almost unable to cope with Qing Shui's attacks .

He never would have expected the strength of this young man to be so crazy . In fact, he was actually very unlucky . He didn't think Qing Shui's strength would increase this fast . There was no need to doubt the benefits the ninth level of the Violet Jade Immortal Realm had given Qing Shui . The increase in spiritual strength had also caused his attack power to increase several times and boosted his defence tremendously .

It was very rare for Qing Shui to feel so comfortable fighting a tough opponent . He had enough endurance and wasn't worried about the energy consumption . Hence, he went all out without holding anything back;he wasn't worried about not having enough strength to continue fighting later .

Right now, the third palace master could only defend . Right from the start, the two of them had exchanged over a thousand moves . When experts fought, over ten moves could be done in an instant .

In fact, the third palace master was waiting for Qing Shui's strength to wane before he counterattacked . Naturally, he wouldn't miss some of the opportunities that he saw . Being on the defense required lesser energy compared to being on the attack . However, being completely defensive was dangerous, as one would be in a passive state . Also, one would never be able to win unless one attacked . Nobody knew if his defense would be broken by the next attack or not .

Qing Shui's moves were actually all very simple . However, he was fast, insanely fast . What made Qing Shui happy was that his strength and spiritual energy seemed to have fused into one . The Nine Stances and Five Elements divine Refining Technique also seemed to be merging right now .

This kind of fusion was a fusion of strength and spiritual energy . Qing Shui discovered that the power of the Nine Stances increased exponentially compared to the past . If not, he wouldn't be able to suppress this third palace master .

On the martial path, the fusion of spiritual energy and strength was an important sign . At the pinnacle of power, the path which was taken to get there didn't matter . Everything flowed back to the same source . The fusion of of spiritual energy and strength was a sign of a divine-level cultivator .

True divinities could overturn the sky and earth with a wave of their hands, toppling mountains and oceans . The power they used wasn't pure strength, nor was it pure spiritual energy . In fact, it was a complete fusion of both that granted them their abilities .

Qing Shui's transformation was exceedingly clear to the third palace master . Right now, he was truly frightened . This young man was simply too much of a genius . One must know that only true divinities had achieved such a fusion . In all the years he lived and all the years he had yet to live, he didn't have the confidence to achieve such a feat . Right now, the power of the Golden Battle Halberd also continued to increase unceasingly .

Nine Stances of the Ancient divine Battle Technique!

Right now, his Nine Stances could be said to have reached perfection . Qing Shui also didn't know how much he had practiced and used this . He only remembered three words: Practice makes perfect .

When one gets increasingly familiar with something, he would be able to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary . It was just like how Qing Shui had practiced the Basic Sword Techniques in the past,to the extent they could unleash the same level of power as legendary techniques .

The Nine Stances of the Ancient divine Battle Technique was originally a divine technique . When one reached the level of perfection, the power unleashed would naturally be even more terrifying . Now, the change in spiritual energy also caused his body strength to increase unceasingly .

The third palace master fought valiantly . He discovered that his opponent was gaining ground the more they fought, as though the word 'fatigue' wasn't in wasn't in Qing Shui's dictionary . In addition, Qing Shui seemed to grow stronger and stronger, while he felt increasingly helpless .

He knew that such a situation occurred because of one's state of heart . Because Qing Shui grew more powerful, the third palace master's battle intent actually diminished . If one's battle intent waned to zero, they would be completely finished . But when encountering an unexpected situation that was turning out to be disastrous, one couldn't help but to lose heart .

One Flow, Thousand Miles!

The helplessness in his heart would soon grow into a towering tree of despair once it germinated . The third palace master knew he couldn't afford to have this to happen . If he failed to control the situation, he might lose his life .

He gathered himself and steadied his mind . No matter what, he had to give his all for the sake of survival .

Everything happened within an instant .

Dragonwolf Imprint!

A fearsome demonic beast suddenly appeared, manifested by the third palace master . This demonic beast had the head of a dragon and the body of a wolf . The tyrannical might it exuded was as cold as the aura of a sharp sword, causing one's hair to stand on end .

Fast! Powerful! Sharp!

Qing Shui's spiritual sense was exceedingly sharp . A clear feeling appeared in his mind;this kind of feeling felt very mystical, but he couldn't be completely sure .

Indeed, when he parried this blow, he could feel this attack by the third palace master was much stronger and faster compared to earlier . In addition, there was a sinister and cold aura within his attack .

The weapon of the third palace master gleamed with a black luster and stabbed out towards Qing Shui in a spiralling manner .

Dragon .

Dragon Piercing Spin!

Nine Continents Mountain!

Qing Shui felt extremely uncomfortable under the pressure of that attack,and he directly summoned out the Nine Continents Mountain for defense .

Slashing Heaven Strike!

Qing Shui's Golden Battle Halberd shone with a resplendent golden luster . This was the combination of the Nine Stances of the Ancient divine Battle technique and the Golden Sword . The Nine Continents Mountain had already been knocked away and Qing Shui could only go all out in a head-on clash .

Qing Shui gathered his spirit;he didn't dare be careless . Every battle was a valuable experience, and this was especially so when fighting against such a strong opponent .

Bang, Pa!

What Qing Shui didn't expect was that this strike actually broke the dragon's thorn of his opponent . Qing Shui was stunned and so was the third palace master . One must know that the dragon thorn wasn't any ordinary weapon . It wouldn't shatter so easily .

Qing Shui contemplated a while and guessed that it should have something to do with strength . Also, it must have something to do with the level of the Nine Stances of the Ancient divine Battle Technique . Earlier, Qing Shui felt that he had made a breakthrough in the Nine Stances .

At the moment Qing Shui started, the third palace master had already recovered from his surprise . A crazed look appeared in his eyes and the remaining half of the dragon's thorn stabbed towards Qing Shui's throat .

Breaking Cauldrons Sinking Boats!

When Qing Shui recovered from his moment of shock, he only saw the thorn getting closer and closer to his throat . Before this, he had already used the Paragon Golden Armor . Even for someone like him, Qing Shui couldn't help but tense up at this dire moment .


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