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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 168


AST 168 - One needs to be strong to be arrogant!

Jin Xu stood there blankly. The other Skysword Sect disciples were also absolutely silent. Even the Protectors and substitutes were shocked.

Jin Xu gathered himself, and all his blood flooded to his face. Was he too careless? How could he compete with him if he dropped his weapon? Was this a form of humiliation?

’’You can pick up your sword and try again, but you have to be more careful this time.’’ Qing Shui said while smiling. Although his eyes were clear, it made others feel strange.

Jin Xu clenched his teeth and picked up his long sword to attack Qing Shui again. He was extra careful this time, but he still could only make one move!




Qing Shui made him drop his sword again, and caused both of his arms to become numb!

Under the fighting arena, the eyes and hearts of the entire crowd were also numb. Qing Shui did not use his Xiantian Qi from either the beginning or to the end. He didn't even move a single step from the position that he was standing in.

’’Am I dreaming? Can he really beat Jin Xu with this little effort?’’ This exclamation woke up the rest of the audience who were still in shock.

’’So handsome and so strong!’’ A girl said yearningly.

Qing Shui looked at Jin Xu, who was sitting at the fighting arena. He looked as if he was dumb, and shook his head while sighing. If he could stand up, his chances of breaking through Xiantian would be greatly increased. However, if he was not resolute, he would stay stagnant his entire lifetime.

There were all kinds of expressions and desires when he looked around. Some were attracted to the crowds while others wanted to see humiliation. A few wanted to take advantage of others when they were in their most depressed state. Qing Shui felt really irritated!

’’I, Qing Shui, will start a martial challenge today. Today, anyone can challenge me. I will accept everyone. However, after today, no one should bother me anymore. I will only use my skills to kill after this day!’’ His dull tone was full of indifference to this type of fights, but he had no choice. It was as if everyone below the arena were clowns to him.




’’He is so full of ego, but big sister likes him...’’

Numerous discussion and insults sounded out incessantly, but Qing Shui just ignored them!

’’You country bum. You haven't even seen the world yet. I will let you know that there are stronger people than the strongest person today.’’ Once the angry voice sounded out, the man already stood on the fighting arena.

Qing Shui looked at the first man who couldn't hold himself back. He was tall, big and his limbs were unnaturally thick and large. He was Herculean with a pair of oxen eyes and messy hair. Qing Shui suspected that these kinds of people were obviously strong but stupid. How could he have also broken through Xiantian?

Qing Shui knew with one look, this macho man depended on his strength. He didn't say any extra words. Qing Shui merely waited until the opponent positioned himself and signaled that he was ready. Qing Shui dashed straight ahead towards the man. His speed wasn't too fast, and a slight layer of gold manifested on his right hand.

During this period of time, he unexpectedly reached the second level of the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal! Unfortunately, he gave his first try displaying his skill to this thick and muscular man.

The man shot out of the arena immediately, and it was accompanied by the sounds of two bones breaking. He passed out without a sound, and this was already Qing Shui going easy on him.

’’Only one move again!’’ Some people exclaimed below the arena.

Many spectators became silent. A Xiantian lost his consciousness with only one move...

’’I will wait 15 minutes. If no one challenges me, then I will leave. The same conditions I spoke of before still apply. After this day, I hope that no one will bother me again.’’ Qing Shui used his most low-key tone to talk in an indifferent voice which displayed his overwhelming pretentiousness.

’’I have decided to marry him. He is the man with the most personality that I've ever seen.’’ An infatuated woman looked at Qing Shui in the arena.

’’Look at yourself. Can't you see that he already has a beauty by his side?’’ Another woman whispered disdainfully.

The surrounding arena was silent!

’’I can't let the Protectors of the Skysword Sect lose their spirit even when we lose our battles. I don't want others to see us as cowards!’’ Following the sound of this voice, a tall and sturdy young man, clad in purple, walked towards the arena.

’’Substitute Elder Huo Nan. He won tenth place as a Substitute Elder in last year's competition. His strength is Xiantian Grade 2.’’ Someone exclaimed.

’’This time, it will be interesting.’’

’’Let's see how that kid can be so arrogant now. He is so conceited just from beating a beginner Xiantian Protector.’’


Qing Shui paid no attention to those discussions and looked at the resolute teen holding a thick steel rod. He also heard that he was the tenth in all the Substitute Elders.

What difference does that make? He disregarded this Xiantian Grade 2 as he was able to kill a Xiantian Grade 4. In addition, he learned the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm which added more power to his dominating strength.

He looked at this tall, sturdy, and silly teen who has unyielding character and an unwavering position. Qing Shui did not want to be too fierce, but he still needed to intimidate the other younger generations.

’’Very good, you truly are a man!’’ Qing Shui chuckled and told the tall and sturdy man. Qing Shui's words provoked another wave of protest, but they did not insult him too much. If there really were people cursing at him, he wouldn't mind killing someone.

’’Come!’’ Huo Nan held the steel rod horizontally.

Qing Shui shook his head and instantly increased his speed to the limit. The silver sword in his hand was integrated with a small technique of the Tiger's Descend. He hacked down the steel rod that only had time to defend its wielder.

Everyone could only hear a loud roar and the sound of metal striking against each other!

’’Only one move again!’’ This time, his voice was louder. The people surrounding him all looked at this pleasantly shocked expert with anger.

’’He hacked another one to unconsciousness!’’

This time before Qing Shui even finished talking, everyone under the arena left. The unconscious ones were carried away too!

Qing Shui looked at the only one left, Wenren Wu-Shuang...

Qing Shui's actions were quickly spread around to everyone in the Skysword Sect, and now even the Sect Master and the other Elders heard of this. They were all astonished but happy. As for the injured ones, they challenged Qing Shui themselves. Wounds were unavoidable results in these skirmishes.

He stayed at Skysword Peak with Wenren Wu-Shuang until noon. Although the people around them kept staring at him oddly, Qing Shui didn't care!

In the afternoon, Wenren Wu-Shuang returned to Zhu Qing Peak. Qing Shui didn't have a flying bison, and his goddess master was not there. Qing Shui could only stroll around Skysword Peak. Tired of the others looking at him like a freak, Qing Shui found a remote lane to go sightseeing around the peaks.

A mountain was beautiful because of its grandeur, might, and elegance. If one could feel its exalted energy, it would make the mountain much more desirable. There was another saying that immortals and hidden masters liked to live on high mountains, which showed that mountains were paradises.

The Skysword Mountain was a big mountain, and the Skysword Sect only occupied a small portion of it. Therefore, there were many desolate mountains peaks that were not developed. After all, there was no use for them for the time being.

Qing Shui let his imagination roam free and wandered aimlessly. The places that he reached became more and more bleak. Just when Qing Shui decided to return, his keen ears heard a small sound. Although it was very quiet, Qing Shui heard it clearly.

It was a woman's voice, and was the sound of moaning when she was having fun with a man!

Qing Shui couldn't help but try to see who would be doing their business here. If they were coming here to take care of their business, this must be an affair. When he came to the Sect, it was early February. Now, it should be almost March. Were they not scared of freezing the ’’weapon’’ by doing it here?


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