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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 167


AST 167 - A challenge from Peak of Houtian?

’’Master, didn't you promise me a big gift when I would become part of the Skysword Sect? Why haven't I received my gift yet, especially since the day is almost over? I can't bear to leave without it.’’

’’You are my only disciple, so I won't forget. Besides, who else can I give it to except for you?’’ Yiye Jiange said with a light laugh.

Wu-Shuang came over in a while. Yiye Jiange looked at Qing Shui, ’’Stay at Skysword Peak for today. There will be people who will challenge you and Wu-Shuang. I'll come for you before nightfall.’’

’’Mm, all right. It's up to you Master, and there's no need to trouble over me.’’ Qing Shui smiled and looked on as Yiye Jiange left on the Snow White Crane. The ethereal beauty that could overthrow a kingdom was still overwhelming. The poise of both Yiye Jiange on the Snow White Crane and the stunning lady on the Golden Winged Thunder Condor were similar in their air of grandeur and the lethality of their majestic beauty.

’’Qing Shui, you're daydreaming again!’’

’’Cough cough!’’

At this moment, Bali Wufeng came over beaming. ’’Congratulations on becoming a Protector. I'm actually here to thank you for healing my grandfather.’’

’’I cured your grandfather willingly, just as he said. Fate is a strange, reciprocative force. It only happens when it is mutual while also being priceless,’’ Qing Shui laughed. There was something positive about this aloof, young man.

’’Do you see it now? There's a bunch of people that are all waiting to challenge you. They had already decided on it even before you came. This occurred when they heard that Younger Uncle Master Jiange accepted you as her disciple,’’ Baili Wufeng said with a small smile.

Although Baili Wufeng was the grandson of Baili Jingwei, he was also his disciple hence the honorific of ’’Younger Uncle Master’’ for Yiye Jiange. The absence of his parents also meant that there wouldn't be any awkward situations.

’’Are you close to them?’’ Qing Shui looked at Baili Wufeng questioningly.

’’There is no good or bad relationship, but there are some who are close to the deputy Elders. They are not fond of unfamiliar Protectors suddenly popping up.’’

In that instant, more than 10 teenagers walked over, dressed in the same red clothes as Baili Wufeng. This identified them as Executives - the ones in hopes of becoming Protectors, or even Elders.

’’This must be Brother Qing Shui. Welcome! A few of us would like to exchange some pointers with you and this beautiful lady. What do you think?’’ The one who spoke was a tall, handsome chap with attractive eyes. It was a pity that Qing Shui did not particularly like seeing such effeminate eyes on this individual.

Exchanging pointers was just a subtle way of stating his intentions. To put plainly, it meant sparring. It could also be interpreted as a convenient excuse for a weaker disciple to challenge a stronger opponent.

The others looked on passively at Qing Shui and Wu-Shuang with their eyes lingering slightly longer on Wu-Shuang. Qing Shui had a familiar distaste for such glances.

’’He is the number one red shirt, Jin Xu. He possesses excellent skills among the non-Xiantians.’’ Baili Wufeng commented coolly.

Qing Shui knew it was a reminder for him that those at the peak of Houtian might have unusual techniques that can injure a Xiantian.

’’We will be waiting on the battleground behind,’’ Qing Shui said with a huge grin, and walked towards the back of the Great Hall.

There was quite a crowd around them and several Protectors as well. The Protectors could be seen from the colour of their shirts. All were watching the commotion rather gleefully. In particular, there was a bulky, young man in purple who seemed to relish every moment which made it difficult to read him.

’’Let's go, Wu-Shuang. Let's beat the dog before the lion,’’ Qing Shui shot a half-smile at Wu-Shuang and remarked sluggishly.

’’Brother Wufeng, come and have a look too,’’ Qing Shui said to Baili Wufeng with a chuckle.

’’Of course!’’ Baili Wufeng let out another rare grin.

When Qing Shui arrived at the purple Battle Stage, the chap named Jin Xu was holding his sword in the middle of the stage. His eyes were closed and head slightly lowered. He looked suave to everyone but Qing Shui. To him, Jin Xu appeared arrogant, ignorant, pretentious, and idiotic...

There were a number of female disciples below the stage, including a few yellow shirts who looked infatuated.

There were also some admirers among the Protectors. Although, they were watching in disdain, probably because they possessed higher skills.

The nine continents were filled with aura. In addition to being cultivators, they all appeared youthful. For example, Gongsun Sanqian looked thirty-ish, even though he was nearly eighty years old.

The female disciples of Zhu Qing Peak were charming, but everyone who was part of the Skysword Sect were immensely talented and had good bone structures. They had well-proportioned frames, and were firm, healthy, and sturdy. Their figures, body frames, and muscles were taut with perfect contours.

Qing Shui, holding onto the silvery-white Three-Foot Indigo Sword, slowly ascended to the battle stage. At the same time, Jin Xu lifted his head and opened his pair of attractive eyes that were full of aggression and a will to fight.

He claimed to be the number one fighter;even beginner Xiantians would succumb to his unusual techniques. He doubted that this young, chiselled man could be Xiantian. He had painstakingly trained harder than the cultivators of the same age. His heart was set ablaze when he heard the news of Qing Shui becoming a Protector.

How could anyone be so lucky as to attain enlightenment and achieve Xiantian? His perceptiveness and willpower was not weaker than Qing Shui, but he had been unable to attain enlightenment or make any breakthrough. Although there wasn't any hurry, his desire to obtain the beneficial advantages of achieving Xiantian had been agonizing him.

More haste, less speed. However, he just could not get past his pride. He got even more jealous when Qing Shui attained Xiantian at an earlier age. Winning this battle would serve as a solace for his ambitions.

Qing Shui stood still, holding his sword.

’’Brother Qing Shui, I would have to trouble you to guide me along,’’ Jin Xu could feel his adrenaline pumping, but putting on such a false front was still necessary.

’’Let's begin,’’ Qing Shui responded with a smile. He had no interest in sparring with such amateurs;the sooner the fight was done, the earlier he could leave.

Jin Xu did not plan to be discreet as a challenger. He went ahead and pulled out his long, emerald sword. Following a short nod, he took an elaborate leap towards Qing Shui's right side. The average man held his sword using his right hand and would have trouble defending his right side.

Jin Xu had been proud of his speed and strength. Unfortunately, his opponent was the remarkable Qing Shui.

Qing Shui waited with his sword still in its sheath. When the seemingly swift opponent came dangerously close, Qing Shui had his sword at Jin Xu's wrist as if it had been there all along.



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