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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 165


AST 165 - Sovereign of the Skysword Sect, Gongsun Sanqian

A deep voice resounded and eight people progressively entered the room. There were both men and women in varying ages, but they all exuded strong auras of Xiantian and above.

The leader of the group was a tall, smart, and handsome middle-aged expert. He wore a faint smile and had an indescribable grace. Although his hair was grey, it only added to his manly charms and established an impression that he had been through many things. The one who had spoken out earlier was this imposing man.

There was only one lady amongst them and she stood out from the rest. Because of this, Qing Shui noticed her in a single glance. All her features exuded a graceful charm: a small face, well-embodied and enchanting figure, great chest, plump bosom, slender waist, a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes perked up, and even her reserved speech and manner.

She should be his 3rd Martial Aunt, Zhu Qing. However, she had taken such great care of herself that she looked like a young married lady in her 30s. She was not very tall and could even be considered dainty, but she had a perfectly proportioned figure that made her seem slender and delicate.

The rest of them were older male experts except that one of them looked like a youth, but was actually in his 40s. Other than Yiye Jiange, she was the youngest amongst them.

’’You must be Qing Shui. This time around, we've all gathered primarily because you had healed our Eldest Martial Brother's injuries. We are both curious and grateful for you. I'm the type of person who likes to speak his mind, so I hope you understand!’’ The leading white haired graceful man said in smiles.

’’Qing Shui, this is your Second Martial Uncle Gongsun Sanqian who is also the Sovereign of the Skysword Sect.’’ Yiye Jiange smiled and introduced him to Qing Shui.

’’I would like to pay my respects to the Sovereign. Indeed, I also like to hear straightforward words more so than hypocritical ones, even if they would put me down.’’ Qing Shui bowed and said.

’’Haha, good. I like you. I've heard quite a lot about you from Eldest Martial Brother. If there are no strangers around, I would prefer if you would address me as Martial Uncle.’’ The graceful man smiled and said heartily.

’’This is your 3rd Martial Aunt Zhu Qing...’’

’’This is your 4th Martial Uncle...’’


When Zhu Qing was introduced, Qing Shui heard a beautiful laughter directed towards him from this beautiful young lady. Her voice was melodious and even a bit sensual. He still felt that her smile was very beautiful. In addition to her bright eyes and white teeth, she appeared to be very charming.

’’Zhu Qing, we'll let Wu-Shuang learn under you. It's good news that now you have one more disciple who has the title of Protector.’’ Baili Jingwei laughed.

’’Wu-Shuang is also such a great beauty. I, Zhu Qing, have gained a marvelous pupil.’’ Zhu Qing warmly held onto Wenren Wu-Shuang's hand and said.

’’Disciple pays my respects to you, Master.’’ Wu-Shuang bowed to Zhu Qing.

’’Haha, forget about those common etiquettes. Moreover, you joined us after attaining Xiantian. As your master, I will give you a big gift to make it up to you.’’ Zhu Qing smiled and said.

’’Jiange, the late young disciple you have taken in is really intriguing. After two more years, even 2nd Martial Uncle probably would not be as manly as him.’’ Zhu Qing looked at Yiye Jiange cunningly and said.

’’Ahem, Zhu Qing. What are you talking about?’’ The graceful man said awkwardly. It was rumored that many ladies from Zhu Qing Peak had a secret crush on this strong and manly Sovereign.

Zhu Qing had often teased him with this.

When evening came, everyone finally split into their own sects. Each of them returned to their peaks!

’’Wu-Shuang, train well, and don't be hooked by others. If not, I'll still have to snatch you back.’’ Qing Shui said as he left reluctantly.

’’What are you talking about? Alright, you too.’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang said coquettishly. It wasn't clear if Qing Shui meant to train hard or not to fall for other people.

’’Qing Shui, let's go. Master will bring you back to Cloud Mist Peak.’’ Yiye Jiange said to Qing Shui and headed out of the hall.

’’Qing Shui, come up.’’

Doubtful, Qing Shui glanced at the Snow White Crane that Yiye Jiange told him to get on.

’’Cloud Mist Peak is different from the rest. It is an independent summit surrounded by bottomless cliffs. Without either a flying ride or being someone who has attained the cultivation level of the realm of Martial Saint should not dream of ascending into the skies.’’ Yiye Jiange hitched herself onto the back of the crane and explained to Qing Shui.

Martial Saint. What a far distance away it is for Qing Shui. The world of the nine continents had different cultivation realms: Martial Student, Martial Warrior, Martial General, Martial Commander, Xiantian, Martial King, Martial Saint, Martial Emperor, False God, and divine. Each of them were further broken down into 10 grades. Although he was a Xiantian, it was even more difficult to break through to achieve the Martial King realm. Attaining the realm of Martial Saint from the Martial King Realm was another daunting and difficult task.

Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange stood alongside each other on the Snow White Crane as they were surrounded by clouds and mist. Looking at the vast and endless starry skies in the distance, it felt as if humans were frail and insignificant beings.

It may be because it was his first time on a flying ride that Qing Shui was very excited. The back of the Snow White Crane was so wide that it was alike to a small plaza. Its snow-white feathers were as tough as steel.

They arrived at Cloud Mist Peak very quickly. Qing Shui looked at the mountain peak shrouded in clouds and mist. The mist was obviously thicker there than the other places.

’’Master, you lived alone on Cloud Mist Peak for all these years?’’ Qing Shui looked at the silent mountain peak and felt the desolation. He could see dense layers of weed and plantations in the far distance. There were even occasional cries of animals.

’’That's right. Wouldn't it be two in the future?’’ Yiye Jiange smiled and said as she patted the Snow White Crane.

After Yiye Jiange patted it a few times, the Snow White Crane gave out two cries and flew away.

’’Let's go, I'll bring you around Cloud Mist Peak. Since I said that I will not take in any disciple from the start and because I have the Snow White Crane, Cloud Mist Peak was given to me. I did not expect to have taken you in. It seems like I'm still the one with selfish motives.’’ Yiye Jiange looked at Qing Shui gently and said.

The Cloud Mist Sect was also windy with a wide staircase leading to the top of the peak. This added a divine and solemn aura to it.

The two of them walked along the stairs and had a chat about trivial things. In addition to the shrouding mist, the two of them appeared like gods. Yiye Jiange appeared even more extraordinary, as if she was a being who could transcend the world.

At the very peak, there was another tall and prestigious hall. However, it was not as big as the one in Skysword Peak. Behind the hall were rows of rooms. Qing Shui knew that at the other peaks, they would be housing the disciples of his Martial Uncles and Aunt. He will have to take turns to stay in these rooms...

’’Master, do you feel lonely staying in this mountain by yourself?’’ Qing Shui asked when he felt the solitude of the place.

’’Lonely? Maybe in the past. When you get used to loneliness, you will realise that a person can also feel lonely when creating trouble.’’ Yiye Jiange said softly. There was an indescribable charm and misery to her words.

’’Do you mean a lonely woman's heart?’’

’’You rascal, what rubbish are you spewing? Are you asking for a beating?’’ Yiye Jiange spoke in a tone she rarely used.


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