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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 164


AST 164 - Skysword Sect's Goddess Master

’’Of course I do. Almost everyone in the Skysword Sect knows about you. Martial Aunt Yiye Jiange had said that she would not be accepting any more disciples. Now, everyone is interested in what kind of influential man had been able to change the mind of the great Martial Aunt Jiange.’’

Qing Shui couldn't help but force a bitter smile when he heard the youth's words. It seemed that his goddess-like master had a unique status in the Skysword Sect.

’’So, how do you feel after seeing me in person?’’ Qing Shui said with a small smile.

’’It is better to hear the rumors than to see you in person. Hehe! No offense, but you don't look like you have formidable strength. Although, it seems that your looks are very attractive to women,’’ the youth said. After a moment of thought, the youth chuckled a little and glanced at Wenren Wu-shuang.

Qing Shui was gloomy because he felt that this youth had some negative feelings towards him. However, his personality was straightforward and upright. Qing Shui always had favorable impressions towards these types of people. He didn't like those two-faced liars who acted one way in front of a person and another way behind his back.

’’Then, can we go up now?’’ Qing Shui lifted his head to look at the countless steps, turned around, and said to the youth.

’’I will take you guys up there. The superiors gave an order that, regardless of who I met, I would have to take them to the main hall’’, the youth said with a smile.

’’Then, thank you for going through the trouble.’’ Qing Shui said calmly.

’’It's no bother. I'm the most ordinary disciple here. I'm Huang Liang. If you don't have a bad impression of me, then I hope to keep in touch with you in the future.’’ The youth said cheerfully.

’’Ok...’’ Qing Shui said faintly.

His tone in the youth's ears seemed a bit scornful, but the youth was not offended. The Skysword Sect had almost ten thousand disciples. In order to be accepted as a disciple to one of the ten Elders, one had to qualify with their merits and worship ceremonies from their previous reincarnation. In order to be accepted to be a disciple to one of the ten Elders, one required the necessary qualifications of Therefore, it was normal for an ordinary disciple like him, who still had to take turn to guard the mountain, to be scorned upon.

Qing Shui would not at all be scornful towards these kind of people. Unfortunately, Huang Liang did not know that right now!

As they quickly advanced, the three followed the stairs that seemed to lead to heaven. During their walk, they saw a few youths in yellow garments who were also moving quickly. When they passed Huang Liang, they said that they needed to take care of some business outside.

It took no less than half an hour for them to finally reach the end of the staircase. They saw a vast expanse of land that seemed to be an outback. They could see many Skysword Sect disciples in yellow, green, blue, scarlet, and purple garments all walking about.

The strength of each person in the Skysword Sect was represented by the color of their clothes, dividing their strength and status. With a quick look, they could see that the yellow garment was the lowest. Scarlet was for Guardians, and purple was for Protectors. Those above the Elder rank wore anything they liked. For example, Baili Jingwei liked gold while Yiye Jiange liked to wear snow white.

This place was created by shaving off the tops of the surrounding mountains. With the rubble, they formed pieces of flat land that were connected together. Many halls stood around, but one cannot see the end of a hall with a single look. No matter how you looked at it, its circumference should be around ten li.

’’So generous.’’ Qing Shui sighed!

Standing at this tall and erect summit, he could feel that the spiritual influence here was blatantly abundant and thick. He could see that the clouds around were clear and distinct;their splendor and magnificence made him feel as if he was in a dream.

When Qing Shui was looking at this beautiful sight, he heard a burst of sonorous laughter. Then, he heard Baili Jingwei's familiar voice, ’’Qing Shui, you finally came. This old fogey thought it would take you a few years.’’

Baili Jingwei didn't seem any different from the first time Qing Shui had met him. He had a young face despite his white hair, and his eyebrows seemed to have grown a little longer. However, his energy was a lot more formidable than before, which showed Qing Shui that he had recovered.

’’Old man, you don't need to come here in person. Just call for me, and I would be there for you.’’ Qing Shui bowed respectfully.

’’What are you saying? If you are here, then I have to see you, no matter what. Your master will be here shortly. And this one is? This little girl is very gifted.’’ Baili Jingwei chuckled. He couldn't help but beam at Wenren Wu-Shuang.

’’My girl...friend;I wanted to see if you will accept her into the Skysword Sect.’’ Qing Shui said yieldingly under Wenren Wu-Shuang's ’’threatening’’ gaze.

’’I accept. Of course I accept. Today, our Skysword Sect has another Protector.’’ Baili Jingwei said openly.

At that moment, Qing Shui saw his goddess-like master. Her clothes were still all snow-white. Her natural beauty that could topple kingdoms exuded a transcendent and pure temperament.

Qing Shui's mood became tranquil yet joyous when he saw Yiye Jiange. That feeling was very strange!

The corners of her mouth drew back to reveal a small yet enchanting curve when she saw Qing Shui, ’’You came. Did you finish taking care of your business?’’

’’No, I will take care of it once I will reach my true strength after a few years.’’ Qing Shui chuckled and looked at this goddess-like woman. He unconsciously remembered the similar majestic woman, whose beauty could damage the country and cause suffering to the people, standing on top of the Golden Winged Thunder Condor.

’’Let's go to the main hall, Xuxu. There are a lot of people here.’’ Baili Jingwei said as he looked at the Skysword Sect disciples with their multicolored clothes walking around.

The four walked towards the tallest and most majestic hall nearby.

’’Your master is so beautiful. She is not inferior at all to the woman on top of the Golden-Winged Thunder Condor.’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang said softly to Qing Shui, who was the last person in their walk to the hall.

Qing Shui smiled a little. These kinds of questions made his head ache the most. If he praised another woman and followed her example, Wu-Shuang would definitely feel uncomfortable. If he praised her instead, it would feel a little fake. This would be especially inappropriate in this kind of situation.

’’You are Wu-Shuang right? You're so pretty, no wonder this kid would be with you.’’ Yiye Jiange glanced back and smiled.

’’But you're the pretty one. When I'm in front of you, I feel quite envious of you.’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang said while smiling slightly. She was also a little nervous.

’’Wu-Shuang really knows what to say.’’

’’Qing Shui, tomorrow we will hold a ceremony for your and Wu-Shuang's official entrance into the Skysword Sect. We will also announce that Wu-Shuang is the 99th Protector.’’ Baili Jingwei said openly.

’’Why don't we also announce that I am the 100th Protector?’’ Qing Shui said after thinking a little.

’’Why? You also broke through Xiantian?’’ Yiye Jiange asked, surprised.

’’I should have broken through. I already finished off two Xiantian cultivators and another Xiantian Demonic Beast Golden-Ringed Snake King. I even brought its skin;it's halfway up the mountain.

Baili Jingwei's bright eyes shone even brighter. The corners of Yiye Jiange's mouth drew out a charming and extraordinary smile, making the sun and the moon lose their colors.

’’Jiange, you really caught a treasure this time. Qing Shui's potential is immeasurable in the future. Who would dare to say that your Cloud Mist Peak doesn't have anyone in the future? You would also have someone to participate and use your Cloud Mist Peak in the Sect battles. You can even join the martial exchange battles between cantons.’’

’’Master Elder, Master, who would be the most appropriate person for Wu-Shuang to follow?’’ Qing Shui said and smiled.

’’She would be best under our third junior sister, Zhu Qing. Her faction only has women, so all the techniques could only be cultivated by females.’’ Baili Jingwei said without a trace of hesitation.

’’Thank you Master Elder!’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang said and bowed.

’’Haha, let's call all of them together today. Let's all eat and drink immediately!’’ Baili Jingwei laughed and said straightforwardly.

’’You don't need to call;we already came!’’

A wave of resonant and deep voices sounded. Eight men and women entered successively. Their ages varied, but they all, without exception, exuded the energy that only Xiantian cultivators could emit.


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