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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 160


AST 0160 - Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm

She extended her jade-white hands to wipe off the blood that trickled down the corner of his mouth. Qing Shui attempted to dodge, but Wenren Wu-Shuang had wrapped her other arm around his neck.

In this moment, Wenren Wu-Shuang was gentle. She was carefully cleaning up bloodstains from Qing Shui's face, unperturbed by the mess it made.

’’Come, let's find out whether the man is dead.’’ After regaining some energy, Qing Shui pulled Wenren Wu-Shuang up and walked towards the man he sent flying with his kick.

The burly man on the ground was long dead一his chest was bored through by Qing Shui's kick and left a large bloody chasm in place of his heart.

The Tiger Tailwhip Kick lived up to its name of being a fatal technique. Qing Shui was surprised at himself for being able to perform the skill naturally!


Qing Shui spotted something silvery and gleaming that peeked out from the ragged clothing. He bent forward to take it.

’’Silver Pages!’’

Qing Shui counted nine pieces of the Silver Pages;each sheet was 7 inches long and 5 inches wide. Eight characters in golden seal script were printed on the rightmost side of the first sheet.

’’Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm!’’

Qing Shui couldn't help but recall the Double Damage displayed by the burly man during the fight just now. Could he have been cultivating this Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm?’’

’’Qing Shui, what is this? It's actually recorded on the Silver Pages,’’ Wu-Shuang looked at the silvery sheets in astonishment. Only precious items would warrant a record on the Silver Pages.

The Silver Pages were not made of ordinary silver, but the essence of silver. Nine mere sheets of Silver Pages were as valuable as the nine Gold Needles Qing Shui possessed.

’’Must be a set of technique,’’ Qing Shui said, and passed it to Wu-shuang without hesitation.

It was a small gesture, but it left Wu-shuang feeling warm and fuzzy. She accepted it and stood next to Qing Shui. Though absent-mindedly flipping through the pages, her concentration was not on the glistening sheets.

Qing Shui dug out a bundle from the man. Upon opening it, he discovered stacks of money, notes, a book, and a paper made of hide.

’’A book!’’ Qing Shui was elated because he loved books. Even Wu-Shuang came over to have a look.

Qing Shui turned the first page, and both went dumbstruck.

’’Spring Palace Portrait!’’

The characters were life-like and full of vitality. The men were bald and full of masculinity as they were drawn with powerful strokes, The women were incomparably graceful as even the most important part was drawn meticulously.

The first drawing depicted a woman kneeling on a bed with her full buttocks perked high, and a man kneeling behind her, halfway inside her. The woman in the painting was as beautiful as a peach blossom with eyes that were half-closed and mouth slightly parted. She looked pleased and invigorated as though she was enjoying it.

Qing Shui actually had a reaction from looking at the erotic painting, which looked more realistic than photos taken in his past life. The second picture was more awkward. The man was lying on the bed erected while a gorgeous beauty kneeled there perking her full, round buttocks. The mysterious region was clearly presented before Qing Shui as the woman in portrait held the erected genital in her hands, sucking part of it with her erotic, small mouth...

At this moment, Wu-Shuang spat out the word ’’despicable’’ and fled. Her face was crimson red and heart beated quickly. Qing Shui merely snickered and admired the look on Wu-Shuang's face.

Both of them had stared at the picture for some time. Qing Shui was perplexed;Wu-Shuang actually looked at it for such a long time. She probably thought it was wonderful too...

’’Wu-Shuang, don't you think this looks good too,’’ Qing Shui was especially happy.

Wu-Shuang was still deep in shock that the big thing could enter a woman...

She was disgusted at the second drawing;she didn't think that the woman would suck on...

Even though Wu-Shuang was in Night Fragrance Court, she had never witnessed such acts. She knew about intimate relations, but was not aware of the size it could be, or the fact that women could use their mouths.

’’Stop, stop saying those disgusting things,’’ Wu-Shuang said, feeling shy and flustered. The memory of her being exposed before him during her bath came into her mind. She had been in a similar pose as the woman in the drawing was in with her buttocks perked up. This made her turn a brighter shade of red.

Wu-Shuang thought of how Qing Shui was staring fixedly at her hips this morning. Could he be thinking of imitating the couple in the drawing, ’’Qing Shui! This is embarrassing! Stop your foolish thoughts!’’

’’Alright, I will keep the book. Let me know when you want to have a read, and I'll pass it to you. Or we can read it together,’’ Qing Shui chuckled and closed the book.

’’Go to hell,’’ Wu-Shuang hurled the Silver Pages at Qing Shui, who managed to catch it in mid-air and keep it.

Qing Shui decided to bundle all these items up. He could have continued horsing around with Wu-Shuang if it were not for the two coachmen waiting.

Dead men tell no tales;Qing Shui hastily dug a pit and buried the burly man.

’’Wu-Shuang, let's continue on our way. We have only travelled a small distance to the Skysword Sect. It is really inconvenient without an avian ride, ’’ Qing Shui said with a sigh.

’’You're right, but a Flying Beast is too rare, I'm not even sure if I'll ever see one in this lifetime,’’ Wu-Shuang looked longingly at the distant night sky.

Back on their way and in the carriage, Qing Shui was reading through the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm in the Silver Pages.

’’I was right. The Second Wave could create this much damage?’’ Qing Shui roughly read through the Silver Pages, and found the steps to be similar to the Buddha Palms.

He knew that the there were some Buddhist believers in the world of the nine continents, but was unsure if it was the same as the Buddha is his past life. There is said to be an all-powerful Buddhist Sect in the central continent, which the Skysword Sect can't be compared to.

Qing Shui put aside all extraneous thoughts and continued scanning the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm. As the name suggested, there were the nine waves in the technique;each has its own way of mustering up Qi, and using the previous waves as its basis.

One can increase ten percent of his strength after perfecting the First Wave, while the Second adds on an additional wave of power that builds on the foundation set by the First. The Second Wave does not, however, increase one's attacking power. It is discharged almost simultaneously with the First Wave, following only a split second later.

After the perfection of the Third Wave, it will increase another wave of strength on top of the initial foundation. It still uses one's own strength, but the power of the First Wave will be increased by 20 percent,and the Second by 10 percent. When performed, the First Wave will always be executed last, which means that the most fatal strength would always come last. It was an attack that comes in multiple waves that come after another.

And the Fourth follows on! The Ninth Wave does not increase attack, but has 10 percent more power than that of the Eighth or 80 percent more than the First.

’’What the... such a devilish technique!’’ Qing Shui could not suppress his excitement.


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