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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 16


Chapter 16 - Respected Refinement Masters

Qing Shui and Qing Bei went to look Qing Hu and because he didn't suffered any grave injuries, so with two days of rest he would have to be already well! The small courtyard of Qing He is in fact of the same size compared with the one that Qing Yi has. Everyone on the Qing Family has a small courtyard and together with a enchanting scenery, the environment is really good and beautiful.

The living room is bright and spacious but also simple and crude, that is the Qing Family's style, they prohibit luxury. The room only has a set of wood furniture. The chairs were similar to an armchair and the tables were square. Qing Hu didn't come out from home, neither from his bedroom and even less to the living room. He didn't want others to see his swollen face!

’’Qing Shui, come to drink tea!’’ Qing Hai's wife, Song Yang called Qing Shui with affection.

’’Aunt, you don't need to bother yourself!’’ Looking at his beautiful aunt, Qing Shui feels that she is the most beautiful of his four aunts. She has long hair, a delicate white oval face and a small waist;she still looked very young. Qing Shui is fifteen years old and he is not more in the age where he didn't know anything plus the age of his past life, so he has more than 30 years. So for now he wasn't hungry for women, but when looking at this mature and lovely woman, a kind of urge woke up.

’’Could it be that she is a legendary strong woman?’’

’’This kid, Qing Hu, is a little troublesome. Countless times I told him not to get into something you cannot get out. Lan Yan already has an arranged marriage. She is going to marry the Tianhe City lord's son and although she will be only a common concubine, it's no good to look for trouble! He really makes me worry!’’

Qing Shui hears his fourth uncle sighing! Qing Shui is also a little worried because the personality and stubbornness of Qing Hu, he could make an error which cannot be repaired.

Qing Shui remembers his mother talking about that clan. It's a huge clan and at least now it's something unreachable!

’’Fourth uncle, what is the Tianhe city? It's very far away?’’ Qing Shui asks about it to Qing He. Qing Shui doesn't know much about this aspect of the continent.

The Baili city is the closest one to the Qing Family. The Baili city is the smallest and its part of the Canglang County. He feels weird when saying Baili because when he went to ask his mother about it, she said that the city's circumference is not less than thousands of miles. Perhaps is called Baili(100 li) city because it has something to do with the distance from the village to the city.

(TN: Baili means 100 li. He is confused because the name of the city is similar to the LI measure but the city is bigger to what the name implies)

Somebody from the Qing Family said that, but to Qing Shui what makes more sense is the other explanation. A hundred years ago the city was called Baili perhaps because at that time, the city had a circumference of 100 li. But now the city has expanded to that scale!

’’In this world, in Kyushu there are eighty-one counties per continent and every county has eighty-one cities. Canglang belongs to the northwest of the Qingyun prefecture plus the Baili city is the smallest on the west side. The people who came back from the Tianhe city said that Baili city is the smallest and even that the Canglang city is dozens of times bigger that the Tianhe's size. But not only that, there are signs of prosperity everywhere and you can found warriors cultivating everywhere. According to what they said, they majority of them are in the xiantian realm.’’ Inside the eyes of Qing He was filled with yearning.

’’Xiantian? Like grandfather said? The formidable and matchless realm, that xiantian realm?’’

’’Yes, like your grandfather said, that realm. They can be found everywhere on the continent but those whom tame beast, tamer master are even more frightful, they can tame demon beasts and even make them fight.’’

’’I'm moving away again from the main theme!’’ Qing He was awkwardly laughing at himself because he wanted to talk about them.

’’No, I want to know how they tame demon beast.’’ Qing Shui wanted to hear about the tamer master. He should listen to his fourth uncle although he didn't know much.

’’Those who hadn't tamed a demon beast can't be regarded as a tamer master. In order to become one tamer master you need a special talisman contract. Demon beast are intelligent and even you will be able to communicate with the ones who lived more than thousands of years or more. So wishing to obtain one is quite difficult. It's really difficult to become a tamer master and not only you need formidable strength, you even need the taming talisman, which is cryptic and difficult to understand.’’ Qing He continued talking while sitting on the chair and drinking tea like he was a tutor.

Before Xiantian is Martial Servant, Warrior, Wu Jian, Wu Shuai and they are considered houtian(Adquired). The Xiantian realm is a natural moat, million and millions of people stop outside. His grandfather is also making a great effort but is not capable of breaking though the Wu Shuai tenth layer.

The disciples of the third generation are in the warrior stage, the second generation on the Wu Jian and only Qing Luo is in the Wu Shuai stage. To everyone is like a dream being only one step away from entering, but this step may make him like other hundreds of millions of people regretting their life.

And although fighting skill, the Blue Lotus is in the Houtian category, the blue lotus in on the peak of said category. Xiantian fighting skills are like the stars on the sky, you wouldn't be able to grasp them, so that's why even if is in the hountian category peak, the skill is extremely precious. In the continent of Kyushu there are numerous warriors, but almost everyone has a houtian fighting skill. Only those from influential families or big clans will have xiantian skill, legend skills or even God Skills!

The blue lotus can only be cultivated to the houtian peak, like his grandfather. As long as his grandfather doesn't have the highest level of enlightenment, he wouldn't be able to take that step into the xiantian realm and be able to raise his life of 200 to 500 years. But even talking of the xiantian realm on the middle of a big city, you could count them with the fingers of your hand. His grandfather the master of the Qign Family is already the top figure on the city because still it has not been heard that a xiantian has appeared.

That's all he said to him. Now he knows why being in the xiantian realm has many benefits. The five hundred years will attract millions of people to make unremitting efforts.

Qing Shui doesn't know where he is with his strength, because the blue lotus is only a measurement of potential. Qing You and Qing Zi were already on the warrior's seventh layer.

Martial servant is not regarded as warrior, only those who reach the warrior stage can be called one. Almost everyone on the Qing Family's third generation is in the warrior stage. The Qing Family says that if you don't reach the warrior's sixth layer before the sixteen years old, then you wouldn't be able to breakthrough thought the warrior's sixth layer.

Even if the blue lotus is a houtian martial skill, it cannot breakthrough the xiantian realm but the probabilities are quite small. For example, the probability to have a breakthrough to the xiantian realm with the blue lotus is one percent of hundred. Even if your martial skill is trash you have the possibility to breakthrough to the xiantian realm, but the probabilities would be 1/10000. No one would touch these skill unless they are poor because the hope of enter into the xiantian realm would be 1/10000!

Although there are countless warriors, the popular are the tamer master, but also those who refine medicine, and even doctors!

Architect, forging master, tailoring master, cooking master... Etc. These are no longer a minority, compared to the warrior profession they may be only a little lower.

It's the so called, in every trade a master appears, although in Kyushu the martial arts are the prevalent. But the martial artists also want to eat, they also use weapons, they fell ill and also get hurt...

So no matter what profession you have, as long as you master it, you would gain tons of money, countless women and respect in the society. In result, many will follow you.

In special refinement master and doctors because they would be able to refine elementary pellets to stop pain and even to improve the probabilities by half to have a breakthrough to the xiantian realm with a Dragon Martial Pellet!

Thus the refinement masters are precious and important. Even if you're not famous, even if you don't make any good pellet, the position of refinement master is extremely respected. Because they could make elixirs in the future!

That was all his fourth uncle could tell him, and even his aunt said some things in the middle of the explanation. Qing Shui was interested in xiantian realm and in the refinement masters. Perhaps one day he will go to the refinement bussiness!


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