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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1588


Chapter 1588

AST 1588 - A Confession from the Sunset Palace's Mermaid Princess

Qing Shui was not afraid of any tricks they might have up their sleeves . For a warrior of his level, traps were useless .

As he followed the Apeman, he noticed that many people greeted him respectfully . It seemed like the Apeman had a decent position here .

The surrounding tents piqued Qing Shui's interest . There were tents everywhere as far as he could see, but he did not feel threatened at all .

The Apeman kept quiet and walked hurriedly, followed by Qing Shui . He did not seem to be moving quickly, but he was able to keep up with the apeman rather effortlessly .

’’The Palace Lord's tent is just up ahead . I cannot escort you any further, as it is against the rules . ’’ The Apeman's tone became polite after he witnessed Qing Shui strength .

Qing Shui did not doubt his words . He could feel a powerful presence from the middle tent . He nodded and started walking towards the tent, but stopped right in front of it .

Then, a soft voice came from inside the tent,’’What? Don't tell me you're scared already?’’ The voice was very soothing . Without replying, Qing Shui entered the tent .

The tent was very spacious . It was lightly decorated with nothing lavish . The interior was mostly grey, with some floating furniture . Overall, it was simple but impressive .

In the tent sat a woman sipping on some tea . Qing Shui could sense that she was strong, but there was also something not quite human . He recalled hearing a rumor saying that the Sunset Palace was ruled by Mermaids .

This woman was probably a Mermaid . She had a slender body with magnificent curves . She looked very se*y even though she was sitting . Qing Shui then looked at her face . It was stunning . She had dazzling eyes and beautiful brows . Her long gorgeous hair was clipped with a blue hairpin, making her look more elegant .

The woman stood up, showing her long, slender legs . She was slightly shorter than Qing Shui . She just smiled at Qing Shui .

’’Are you the Palace Lord?’’ Qing Shui asked with a smile, rather amused .

’’Do I not look like the Palace Lord?’’

’’Not really . ’’

’’Take a seat . ’’ The woman said and poured a cup of tea for Qing Shui .

’’What's with the sudden visit?’’ The woman continued as she poured the tea . She did not ask Qing Shui for his identity, because she already knew .

’’I was just wandering around and somehow ended up here, so I thought of paying you a visit . ’’ Qing Shui told the truth .

However, the woman seemed to doubt his words . Well, no one sane would have trusted him straight away with such blithe words like that .

’’My, what confidence you have, Master Qing! You came here alone and yet you're not nervous at all . ’’ The woman laughed out loud .

’’The Sunset Palace is an interesting name, huh? I wonder why it was named so . ’’ Qing Shui changed the subject .

’’How rude . How could you ignore my question?’’ The woman seemed to be pouting, but her tone was still gentle .

’’There's nothing to be nervous about anyways . Now, I've realized that this is a Mermaid paradise . ’’ Qing Shui replied . Even though she was the Palace Lord of Sunset Palace, she was rather charming . He thought it might be a good idea to be a little flirty .

That was what he thought, but the woman did not seem to waver at all . He was surprised at how composed she was . Had he lost all of his charm...?

’’Even you are full of lies . I guess good men are now extinct . ’’ The woman chuckled at Qing Shui .

Qing Shui paused, then smiled . ’’You're the first one to say that I'm a good man . ’’

’’Oh . Why so?’’

’’Because I'm a pervert . I can't resist temptations . ’’

’’There you go again with your lies . Do you have eyes for your Palace Mistress?’’ The woman smirked .

’’Alright, let's end this topic here . Though I do think that it's time for you to find a man . ’’ Qing Shui replied .

The woman was flustered, shook her head and then said, ’’Let's end this topic then . What business do you have here today? A peace negotiation?’’ The woman said, still with a smile on her face .

’’Well, forget about negotiations . I just came to see what kind of person someone who doesn't go with the flow is . I also want to know what your actual thoughts are and what is it that you really want . ’’ Qing Shui said bluntly, but his expression looked like an old friend joking around .

It was the first time someone had ever spoken to her like that . Moreover it was a young man . She didn't lost her cool just like that, but she still felt uncomfortable . No one liked to have their mistakes pointed out . It was not easy to accept criticism positively .

’’I don't care how I do things, as long as I get the results . What do you think, Mr . Qing?’’ The woman was still smiling, but it seemed forced .

’’You haven't answered my question . What are your intentions towards the Sea King Palace?’’ Qing Shui repeated his question .

’’The Sea King's Palace destroyed my subordinates, the Sea Dragon Palace and the Vicious Shark Palace . Do I need any other reason?’’ The woman glanced at Qing Shui, hoping to see any reaction, but she failed .

Qing Shui shook his head,’’There's definitely more to it than just this . Come on, spit it out . I do not wish to settle this unpleasantly . ’’

The woman stared at Qing at Qing Shui . This man was not easy to deal with . Not only was he strong, he also had remarkable confidence as well . Such vigor . . . she could barely hold back the urge to fight him .

She laughed at her own thoughts . How many years had it been since the last time she felt like this, she wondered . Could this be destiny?

However, she did not want to make this man a foe, nor did she want him to kill or hurt her . These feelings inside her grew more and more intense .

He was good at reading people, so he quickly noticed that something weird was going on with her expression . ’’What's wrong?’’

The woman came back to her senses . She quickly recovered, smiled and replied, ’’Would you believe me if I said that I want you?’’

Qing Shui flinched . It was hard to understand a woman's thought process . Most of the time he thought they were just unreasonable and unpredictable .

Puzzled, Qing Shui stared at the woman . He could not help but admit that she was extremely beautiful, even comparable to Muyun Qingge and Yiye Jiange - she was a Mermaid after all .

’’I'm being serious here . If you agree to be my lover, I can let go of everything here . ’’ The woman said blushing, making her look more attractive .

Qing Shui did not expect this sudden pleasant surprise, and he was not prepared for this . Normally he was the one who made the first move . But this time, the one making a move on him was a mature, elegant and strong, beautiful Mermaid . Plus, she was the Palace Lord of Sunset Palace . Moreover, this was their first time meeting .

’’Now, what can you do to make me believe you?’’ Qing Shui was filled with a sense of accomplishment .

’’I'm not a kid anymore, you know . I belong to the proud Mermaid race . You might not believe might not believe me but when I look at you I get this nostalgic and familiar feeling, as though I've known you for a long time . ’’ The woman said truthfully .

’’Only a hero is befitting for a beauty like you . I'm no hero, so I can't accept your proposal . ’’ Qing Shui rejected her .

Qing Shui also remembered a rumor saying that she had cast away all romantic feelings ever since she gotten hurt in the past . Although he did not doubt her completely, he had already decided not to be involved with women like this . He already had a lot of women . There were plenty of good women out there, but there was no way he could have them all .

Women always became more excited the more they get rejected [ED note: what...] . The Sunset Palace Lord felt a blow when she realized that Qing Shui was really rejecting her . Despite her killer looks and her cultivation in charm techniques, this was the first time someone had rejected her .

’’Am I not beautiful? I know what the rumors about me are, but I can assure you, I have never had a man before . Indeed, I was in a relationship once, but I never even held hands with him . Of course, I have cut off all ties with him ages ago . ’’ She said seriously .

’’Yes, it's true that you're beautiful . But why would you want a man who can get any pretty lady he sees?’’ Qing Shui laughed and replied .

The woman paused, then said, ’’Okay . How about we have a duel tomorrow, just to make an excuse for me to withdraw my troops? This is a one-time offer . ’’

Qing Shui could sense the tension in the air but he kept his smile and said, ’’Okay then . I will take my leave now . ’’

As Qing Shui was about to exit the tent, a voice rang behind him, ’’Tomorrow, the Sunset Palace shall bring forth the Silver Battle King Crab . ’’


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