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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1587


Chapter 1587

AST 1587 - Off to Meet the Palace Lord of Sunset Palace

Even though rules are rules, sometimes there would be exceptions . This world consisted of five elements, but there were some things which belonged to none of these five elements . Some even belonged to more than one element .

Having more than one element was like a double-edged sword . The more elements one had, the more elements would counter him . At the same time, he would also counter more elements, provided he was strong enough .

For example, no matter how much elemental advantage an elementary level warrior had, he could never win against a Martial King . This was a gap in power, a boundary which could never be crossed . Having an elemental advantage could only overturn situations where both sides were equal in strength .

This was how the world worked . Everything had something it was weak against and something it was strong against . Only a few people managed to transcend this rule .

Qing Shui noticed the lost expression on the Yasha Leader's face, but he quickly recovered . He did not say much after that, and quietly returned to his tribe .

Although the Clam-men leader did not kill his opponent, he managed to restrain him, which was his main objective . His power had always been on par with the Yasha Leader . Previously, he had noticed the Yasha leader's expression and speculated that there was someone strong supporting him .

He was almost sure that Qing Shui was that person . There was something unpredictable about the mysterious Sea King Palace's Guardian . He had managed to impress everyone the last time he showed his powers .

Just as Muyun Qingge said, there were many Aquatics who were loyal to the Sea King's Palace . This was to be expected;people would always aim high . Only idiots would pledge loyalty blindly, but Qing Shui hoped that people would stick to their own principles even when facing more powerful forces .

Everything Qing Shui had done was to maintain the power of the Sea King's Palace and trying to prevent some people from leaving . As long as Qing Shui was here, he would eliminate anyone going against the Sea King's Palace .

Muyun Qingge was smart . Naturally she had figured it out . She was slightly touched, but the fact that this very man had seen and touched her body made her feel weird .

That incident just happened under some special circumstances, so there was not much to say . Even though he was her saviour, it felt uncomfortable to have her naked body seen and touched by a mere friend .

The only reason she agreed was because she knew back then that she was going to die soon . Moreover, it did not seem like she could have prevented the incident given the situation . This made Muyun Qingge frustrated and, for some reason, uneasy as well .

Yiye Jiange also seemed to notice something going on between the two, but she stayed quiet . Some things needed time . Outside interference would only disrupt the rhythm .

What else could happen between a man and woman, other than that . . . Yiye Jiange only shook her head . This was to be expected when getting involved with such a man . There was nothing strange about other people falling for him, since she herself had also fallen already .

There was a merry mood all over the Sea King's Palace . Everyone had witnessed the Hundred Slayers Regiment's strength . Furthermore, the Sea King's Palace was going to assemble more teams in the future like this . Anyone who had the ability and was capable had a chance .

This filled the men with fervor . Everyone wanted to become stronger because in this continent, power meant everything . Being a part of a group like the Hundred Slayers Regiment meant that they would not have to worry about pills and battle strategies anymore . Plus, they would be able to learn formations too .

Qing Shui, on the other hand, decided to take a look around . He went somewhere near the Sunset Palace's camp alone . It was quite reckless of him to do so, but he wanted to witness how strong his opponents were .

The underwater tent he saw in the distance was something special . It was made out of a material that could ward off water . The material was thin but sturdy and was mostly resistant to undercurrents undercurrents .

While he was still quite some distance away, two figures appeared from the water . By now, Qing Shui was already familiar with most of the tribes of the Aquatics and he could tell that the two were Aquatic snakemen . These people resembled humans, but they would still retain some of their original forms .

The two Aquatic Snakemen were in fact, Snakewomen . They had stunning snake-like waists, even more alluring than those of human women . Qing Shui still preferred human women .

The two women had cold eyes, just like those of a snake . Those eyes somehow ruined their beautiful complexions, giving off an unappetizing feeling, as if one was being glared at by a venomous viper .

’’Whoever you are, turn back now!’’ One of them said to Qing Shui .

’’This should be the Sea King's Palace territory, right? Who says I can't be here?’’ Qing Shui said with a smile .

’’It doesn't matter whose territory this is . You are not allowed to be here . ’’ The woman glared at Qing Shui .

Qing Shui sized up the woman speaking to him . She did not seem to be old, maybe around 30 years old . She was still young and had a more attractive figure than the other woman .

’’I would like to speak with the master of the Sunset Palace . Pass this on to him . ’’ Qing Shui said in a serious tone .

’’Speak with our Palace Lord? She's not someone you can speak with whenever you please . ’’ The woman said, still glaring with those cold eyes .

’’Tell me . What positions do you two hold? Don't make me beat you into a pulp . I think it would be wise to report to higher ups when there is something you can't handle . ’’ Qing Shui replied . He was not angry, but wanted to make the opponent think that he was .

’’How arrogant! Let's fight to teach you a lesson . ’’ The other woman said all of a sudden . Her voice was not as cold as the former, but was clearer . She seemed to be younger .

Qing Shui said nothing and chuckled . With a flicker, he disappeared and appeared right in front in front of the two women . He slowly raised his hands, clasping his hands on their throats . His movements seemed slow, but the two were not able to dodge .

Without any other thoughts, he calmly said, ’’Now do you believe me?’’

It was instinctual for demons to bow down to stronger opponents . To them, it was not an act of shame, but one of survival .

’’Alright, I believe you . I'll go and report if you'd just let go of me . ’’ The older woman spoke .

Qing Shui loosened his grip . He never intended to take their lives either . He just felt like seeing how things played out .

Cough . . . cough . . . . . .

The women tried to regain their breaths and stared at Qing Shui with animosity, reminding Qing Shui not to leave before disappearing into the water .

Qing Shui did not have any intention to follow them anyways . But he knew that he would not get to meet the Palace Lord that easily .

Fifteen minutes later, the two women resurfaced, bringing along dozens of soldiers led by a strong Aquatic Apeman .

’’Who's causing all the ruckus here? Don't you know this is the Sunset Palace?’’ They started the intimidation right off the bat . It seemed like the Sunset Palace had quite the reputation here .

Too bad they were dealing with Qing Shui . It was time to settle things once and for all .

Qing Shui sized up the Apeman . He was around 3 meters high and still retained some ape-like features on his face, but he was already considered a humanoid or an intelligent type of animal .

These tribes did not undergo Form Transformation, as they still retained some of their animal features . Unlike Muyun Qingge, who could be considered completely human, there were few tribes who could really undergo a Form Transformation .

’’The only thing I know is that this is the territory of the Sea King's Palace . I sent you to bring your Palace Lord, but you brought me an ape instead?’’ said Qing Shui .

The Aquatic Apeman became agitated upon hearing Qing Shui's words . He absolutely hated being called an ape, but an ape, but he managed to contain his anger . He stared at Qing Shui with his reddened eyes, ’’You have to prove yourself worthy before seeing our Palace Lord . Die!’’

The Apeman lunged towards Qing Shui . He was several times larger than Qing Shui . With just one leap, he was already looming above Qing Shui .

He swung his massive arms towards Qing Shui .

Back Connecting Fist!

Qing Shui did not dodge it . Instead, he used Force Thrusting Back Connection and launched his counterattack .

Qing Shui's mastery of the Back Connecting Fist was deep . His arms seemed to extend and landed right on the Apeman's fists . There were the sounds of bones cracking .

The Apeman was sent flying and coughed up some blood . He stared at Qing Shui in disbelief .

’’How did you learn our divine Ape Technique . . . ’’

Aquatic Apeman mainly relied on the strength in their arms . They also cultivated the Back Connecting Fist;this was the fist technique passed down by most Ape tribes, but Qing Shui's Back Connecting Fist was different, yet stronger .

Qing Shui understood immediately . To be called a divine Ape Technique, this technique must be very precious .

The other soldiers rushed into battle, but the Apeman stopped them . He turned towards Qing Shui and asked, ’’You seriously want to meet with our Palace Lord?’’

’’Yes . I wonder if this time, my message could be passed to the Palace Lord . ’’ Now, Qing Shui was confident that he would be able to meet the Palace Lord of Sunset Palace .

’’I'll go report to the Palace Lord, but I cannot guarantee your meeting,’’ the Apeman replied .

’’Tell her that the Guardian of the Sea King's Palace wishes to see her . ’’ Said Qing Shui . Since he had already started a ruckus, he might as well reveal his identity as a Guardian .

This time, the Apeman returned very quickly . ’’The Palace Lord says you're welcome to enter, if you have the guts . She will be waiting in the middle tent .

’’I accept . Lead the way please . ’’ Qing Shui replied courteously .

The Apeman nodded and began to lead the way .


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