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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1585


Chapter 1585

AST 1585 - Black Demon Merman Chu Dongri, The Hundred Slayers Regiment To Battle

Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange immediately went outside of the Sea King's Palace . When they heard that Muyun Qingge had already gone to the scene, they hastened their pace and quickly rushed over to catch up to her .

This area was about a thousand li away from and a thousand li above the Sea King's Palace . There was already a fierce commotion outside of the palace . Most of the Carp Tribe had already spread their influence towards the Sea King's Palace . Their population was quite overwhelming too, and their forces should never be underestimated .

Qing Shui thought, as he continued his journey, that the master of this Sunset Palace should be Mermaids . Normally, no one would regard a Mermaid as a powerful existence when they heard its name . To be honest, Qing Shui still couldn't believe it even until now .

Muyun Qingge was a Drakaina . In comparison to Merfolk, Qing Shui felt that the Drakaina Tribe was stronger . However, when he thought that Jin Liyu could become stronger, why not the Merfolk? According to rumors, Salamanders were considered to be a strong existence, too .

Anything was possible here . Qing Shui didn't feel strange about it . However, there were many things that were new to him, so he needed some time to process and accept them as facts .

Currently, the Sea Dragon Palace and the Vicious Shark Palace were already finished . The Sunset Palace had come for them to uphold their justice . The Sunset Palace did not care for either side - which side was right and which side was wrong . When they saw the Sea Dragon Palace and the Vicious Shark Palace being annihilated, they didn't need an argument .

Differentiation between the right and the wrong was useless in this case . Only the victor would become the king . The loser would become a bandit .

This made Qing Shui think of a situation in his past life . If one were to reason with the other, fist fights would ensue . Where there were fists flying around, there would be arguments . However, to be able to truly control the situation, one would still require power to back himself up . Otherwise, there would be nothing to discuss face-to-face .

As the protector of the Sea King's Palace, normally Qing Shui would not show himself this early . But now, the people of the Sea King's Palace were feeling insecure, and they needed Qing Shui's appearance to somewhat comfort most of their emotions and boost their morale .

Even though he had shown himself, he didn't move forward to the frontline . Instead, he entered a temporary cave, where most of the area was covered in water . However, these people were able to stay in here like fishes in water . Just like humans living with oxygen in the air, there was no discomfort whatsoever .

Qing Shui took a gander at the distance just now and noted that the movement afar was massive . However, he had seen bigger battles . This spectacle was just child's play . When he entered the cave, he saw that Muyun Qingge and a few powerful cultivators from Sea King's Palace were already here .

When the cultivators saw Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange entering the cave, they gave the duo a few polite greetings . Qing Shui exchanged his greetings as well before turning to Muyun Qingge and asked, ’’Do you have any plans?’’

’’This time, I don't care what reason they have . As long as they intend to betray the Sea King's Palace, I will make them pay . ’’ Muyun Qingge said with a casual smile, yet there was a certain aloofness in that smile of hers .

There were a few great water tribe leaders in the Sea King's Palace . Qing Shui observed the situation and felt that her words meant something . He couldn't be certain about it . Nevertheless, he assured her, ’’Don't worry, I will help you with that . I really hate treacherous people a lot . These people do not hold friendship in regard and will betray others at any given time . These kinds of people are despised by anyone . They will not have a good ending either . ’’

Muyun Qingge knew that Qing Shui was only trying to back her up . She laughed, ’’The Sunset Palace has already arrived, but they don't seem that willing to show their faces . These rebels from the Sea King's Palace are really pitiful to actually think they can rise to the top once they leave us . This is the Sunset Palace's same old trick . Their master was once tricked before, so they take delight in using this kind of trick repeatedly and consistently . If they were able to leave Sea King's Palace by relying on their own power, then I must comply with that . ’’

At that moment, the Merman came back again and reported, ’’Reporting to Palace Mistress, the leader of Shark Wolves has sent us a missive . ’’

Muyun Qingge took the missive from the merman and smiled after she read the contents, ’’Take a guess on what is written in here . ’’

Qing Shui observed the smiling expression on Muyun Qingge's face . Although he had some idea of what it was, he didn't utter a word .

Yiye Jiange smiled, ’’Can it be that the Shark Wolf tribe is requesting for reinforcements or asking for help?’’

’’Yiye Jiange is smarter still . The Shark Wolf tribe said they were compelled to the situation in the missive, and that they had no choice left . They even said that their hearts have always been with the Sea King's Palace . ’’

Qing Shui didn't say anything, but he knew that this sort of thing would happen numerous times in a day . There were many incidents where one would be devoid of choices or would not have the knowledge of the result of certain choices, thus unable to make comparisons .

A single person and groups of people would always experience moments when a choice was needed to be made . Every choice could potentially affect their entire life . No one would know for certain that the choice he made would be the best one . The next best thing he could do was to make make a choice without regret .

The Shark Wolf tribe had chosen this path and they could only walk on it until the end . Qing Shui felt that it wasn't necessary to write this missive . Of course, he couldn't dismiss the thought that this was part of their plot to dismiss the opponent's troops . After all, there were facing a Black Demon Merman tribe in front of them . This was a strong group in the water tribe .

Muyun Qingge handed the missive to Yiye Jiange and said, ’’Jiange, tell us what we should do . The missive said they could act as a planted agent in the enemy's base . ’’

’’It's not necessary for us to go down this path . On top of that, they are not quite trustworthy . The Shark Wolf tribe is cunning in comparison to the others . You can't just simply believe some of their words . The Sunset Palace is powerful, but it's not like we don't have the strength to counter them . ’’ Yiye Jiange replied with a smile .

’’I almost forgot that we still have a powerful protector . Qing Shui, we have to depend on you this time . ’’ Muyun Qingge giggled .

Both forces set into their battle formations in preparation for the battle . Even though there wasn't any special formation, it was still a type of positional battle . This way, they could allow themselves to cooperate with one another more smoothly while battling .

The Sea King's Palace still had the Carp tribe acting as the vanguard of the formation . After all, the Carp Dragon Gate formation was considered quite powerful . It was still extremely effective against those with slightly weaker power in the battlefield .

The probability of this formation failing was less than one over ten thousand . Not only could this formation allow the Carp tribe to grow stronger, it could also could weaken the opponents the tribe fought . Thus, this formation was considered to be one with the offensive and defensive elements .

Jin Liyu had grown more mature than before . After he had experienced this incident, he became earnest and dependable instead . Now, he was leading the Carp tribe with every ounce of his strength . There were no complaints from him either .

It was a disgrace for the Carp tribe to be stripped of the position of the Third Palace Lord . As time went by, some people were beginning to realize the reason for the disgrace . Even the entire Carp tribe were condemned by the public because of that . In the beginning, most of the ignorant people in the Carp tribe fiercely retorted against their own people . They even made a move against them . However, the Carp tribe had decreed an order, making them unable to strike back . If that wasn't the case, some of them would be kicked out of the tribe immediately .

Because of that, during this period of time, the Carp tribe were also living in an arduous condition . Qing Shui didn't say anything when he saw that situation with his own eyes . He wasn't afraid of people who had who had endured hardships for the sake of retaliation, but he was afraid of small-minded people . He felt he had no problem controlling Jin Liyu and the Carp tribe, so he had no fear of the Carp tribe becoming stronger . On the contrary, he had hoped that they would become more powerful instead . If they were stronger, they could provide tremendous help to the Sea King's Palace .

At that moment, Qing Shui caught sight of Black Demon Mermen and the Shark Wolf tribe . The Black Demon Mermen were bigger in build than the Black Scales Mermen . Their heights were all about seven or eight meters tall . Similarly, their pitch-black body had scale-like armors on them too, which looked quite ferocious and vehement .

Even though they looked human, an enormous sharp horn could be seen sticking out from their heads . Each of them was weilding a giant Black Gold Club, and they were all emitting a wave of horrifying aura from their bodies, which was quite ferocious .

The people from the Shark Wolf tribe looked a bit like wolfmen . Both their arms were as sharp as a wolf's claw, yet as sturdy as ever . Their well-built bodies had inherited the feature of a Shark tribe, which was why the Shark Wolf tribe was easily considered a powerful group of cultivators .

’’The Sunset Palace Lord wants me to pass this word to you . If the Sea King's Palace wants to surrender to the Sunset Palace, you have to wipe out all the accounts from before . What do you think?’’ One of the abnormally tall fellows among the Black Demon Mermen stepped forward and relayed the words to Muyun Qingge .

He was in his prime of the Black Demon Merman, which was essentially a young age . The black scales armor all over his body were shimmering brightly . He was one of the five great fighters among the Black Demon Mermen, Chu Dongri .

She was also hopeful of controlling the people of the Black Demon Merman tribe .

’’You tell the Sunset Palace Lord this, I want her to tell me that personally . What kind of thing are you supposed to be?’’ Muyun Qingge's voice sounded cold when she spoke to him .

Huff huff!

Chu Dongri let out a rough and heavy howl-like breathing . His large eyes focused on Muyun Qingge as he said, ’’All these years, did you really think that I was your underling? When you become my prisoner, I will let you taste things that are worse than death . ’’

’’You are just a dog for the Sunset Palace . You have degraded yourself to that role . ’’ Muyun Qingge said calmly . Even though her words were harsh, she didn't feel anything about it . It made it seem like Chu Dongri was a pitiful man .

Just as Chu Dongri was making his next move, a Black Demon Merman held him back and said, ’’It's alright, boss . Don't give in to these people . Just change the subject . When we finally nab them, we can handle her properly by then . ’’

’’Since you all insist, then we will not go easy on you . Brothers, . Brothers, prepare to move out . ’’

His voice was quite distinct . Everyone was able to hear him clearly . The fight broke out instantly . All of the sudden, both forces were already locked in a battle .

The weaklings were the ones to make their move first . However, the troops from the Sea King's Palace were abundant . Moreover, the Carp tribe was quite decent in terms of power too . They were most suitable to battle in this form . As long as the supreme powerful cultivators were not in the battle, the Carp tribe would still act like an impregnable fortress .

Carps were a symbol of luck, so wherever the tribe went, they would bring good luck according to legend . Unfortunately, the Carps in the World of Nine Continents could still turn into traitors, which was definitely not a lucky symbol .

’’I should have allowed the Hundred Slayers Regiment to experience the carnage of the formation and use fresh blood to temper their willpower . ’’ Qing Shui said when he saw the struggle in front of him .

Muyun Qingge nodded her head to allow the Hundred Slayers Regiment to enter the battle . In that moment, the battle had escalated . The situation immediately became promising as soon as the Hundred Slayers Regiment charged into the battlefield . Even though the regiment only consisted of one hundred people, they were like an invincible dagger, going into a rampage to secure their triumph .

Qing Shui still felt quite satisfied when he looked at the Hundred Slayers Regiment . The superiority of the Black Scales Mermen had been unleashed completely .

The Black Demon Mermen abruptly burst into rage when they saw the sudden appearance of a hundred Black Scales Mermen butchering their troops . They quickly allowed some of the more powerful Black Demon Mermen to go out for the battle . The amount of these powerful men was not less than three hundred .

The Black Demon Mermen who were dispatched were considerably weaker than Chu Dongri . However, they were still considered to be powerful, even among the Black Demon Merman tribe . They had a high position in the tribe, and most importantly, their potential could grow stronger in the future as well .

Five Elements Formation Destroyer!

The Black Scales Mermen continued to unleash their penetrating attacks against their opponents . In between their assaults, they would change their offensive tactics and switch to defensive maneuvers . Everyone was now able to see that the squad of a hundred people was still in the midst of their altercation . Only a real professional could see how insufficient their cooperative ability was .

The Five Elements formation consisted of five positions . Each of the positions would represent the elements Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth . Furthermore, each position could be occupied by twenty people . Amongst the five elements, the Black Scales Mermen were represented by water . However, there were some exceptions for those who had cultivated techniques of other elements, which was why all five elements could be occupied completely . Only when all the positions had been occupied would the prowess of the Five Elements formation be unleashed .


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