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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 158


AST 0158 - Lustful Xiantian Expert

Qing Shui looked at Wenren Wu-Shuang with a smile. He gazed at her natural, matchless beauty, her comely figure, and her unsurpassed air of elegance. The alluring image of her perky bottom while she bathed surfaced in Qing Shui's mind.

’’Where are you looking at? You rascal,’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang had noticed Qing Shui leering at her buttocks, and pouted coquettishly.

’’Hey, you look ravishing with or without clothes!’’ Qing Shui smirked.

Wenren Wu-Shuang struggled to maintain her composure and turned crimson. She glanced disdainfully at Qing Shui;her slight pouting was sensual and her red lips indicated her displeasure.

’’Alright, don't be angry. I'll whip up something good for lunch, and you can enjoy it to your heart's content,’’ Qing Shui stopped himself before the joke went too far.

’’Mm, the food rations I've been eating is too bland and awful!’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang said pitifully. It seemed to Qing Shui as though she was subtly flirting with him.

Upon seeing that affectionate side of hers, Qing Shui brusquely pinched Wenren Wu-Shuang's straight and seductive nose.

Qing Shui had wanted to rub her head like how he did for Qing Bei, but she wore her hair in a high ponytail;he could only pinch her straight and seductive nose.

Wenren Wu-Shuang found it amusing that Qing Shui pinched her nose. Though it is easy to overlook his age, he is his own product of self-cultivation and disposition. Some even mistaken him for being older than Wenren Wu-Shuang. In Wenren Wu-Shuang's eyes, however, the devilishly handsome face that captivates women was just a young man to her.

She brushed off Qing Shui's hand and lightly tapped on his head. Qing Shui closed his eyes in enjoyment.

It was these very pair of hands that triggered his enlightenment in alchemy. Primal Chaotic divine Needle Technique, Ancient Technique Flames of Yin-Yang, and even cultivating Small Revitalizing Pellets. No one knew when he would have learnt all these. Many disasters were averted thanks that bout of enlightenment. The Qing Clan would have vanished from history if not for his alchemy.

The more Qing Shui thought about it, the more he felt grateful to these pair of hands. Unconsciously, he took the jade-white hands into his own. They felt warm against the winter cold, but most importantly, they were soft, smooth, and comfortable to hold.

’’Hey, hey! What are you doing?’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang watched as Qing Shui looked besottedly at her hand, fondling it with care. It gave her a tingly sensation in her heart.

’’It is this hand that knocked me into enlightenment. It is a sacred hand, and I have to thank it!’’ Qing Shui said, and gave her a light peck on her hand.

’’Ah, it's ticklish! Here's another, then!’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang laughed and gave Qing Shui another knock on his hand.

Such a blooming and charming smile!

At noon, Qing Shui granted the exhausted coachmen a break and went to hunt for two Xueshan chickens. He promised Wenren Wu-Shuang a delicious meal.

De-feather, disembowel, start the fire, and cut the Xueshan chicken into pieces! Qing Shui moved with skillful speed, as though creating an art piece.

Take out the ’’pot’’! The ’’pot’’ that Qing Shui fished out from his baggage was actually brought from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Qing Shui then added less than half a piece of Drunken Fragrance Fruit, as well as other ingredients he prepared!

When the intoxicating aroma filled the air, even the dispirited coachmen turned to look excitedly at the pot before Qing Shui and Wenren Wu-Shuang.

’’Wow, how can this be so fragrant?’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang looked at Qing Shuang in disbelief.

’’Why not?’’

’’I meant, there actually exists such an enticing aroma. If not for this day, I wouldn't have known of such a wonderful smell,’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang commented while licking her lips.

Qing Shui's heart thumped hard against his chest when he saw that pink tongue. Even Wenren Wu-Shuang heard it as she turned red when she saw him staring at her lips.

On one side, the two strong coachmen looked especially dejected while chomping on the dry and tasteless rations. They contrasted themselves to Qing Shui and Wenren Wu-Shuang who were feasting at the pot. The chicken soup was as fine as nectar, and the chicken chunks were tender, fragrant, and heavenly!

’’Delicious, absolutely delicious. Qing Shui, can you prepare this for me everyday?’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang said as she rubbed her slightly bulging tummy in satisfaction.

’’Call me 'husband' and I will or 'hubby' can do too. If it's too much, 'brother' is also acceptable,’’ Qing Shui knows that one would hanker for more after trying the chicken for the first time. Hence, he could not resist teasing this exceptional lady.

’’Stop dreaming. Huh, you've taken enough advantage of me. Change your terms,’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang scowled, feeling anxious yet shy.

’’I can change my terms - you have to proclaim to the public that you are mine. You are to acquiesce,’’ Qing Shui joked with feigned deliberation.

’’No! Isn't it the same?’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang glanced at Qing Shui bitterly.

’’Then let's change to a simple one - kiss me. This is easy, isn't it...’’

’’Ah! If it's to bite your face, I will agree...!’’

Back on their way, it had been 10 days since the metallic bull beasts entered this desolate mountain range. In order to enter, they would have to go through the narrow and long valley.

’’Friend, you've been following us for such a long time. I'll be entering the valley if you don't strike!’’ Qing Shui suddenly declared with a crystal-clear voice. It was penetrating, but not loud.

’’Hahaha, you do have acute senses!’’ The mountains resounded with a wild laughter. A burly man with a flushed face appeared in the middle of the road.

Qing Shui sized the man up as he descended from the metallic bull beasts with Wenren Wu-Shuang!

He had coarse features, a monstrous nose, a gigantic mouth, and eyes that were piercing yet lewd. He looked forty-ish and dressed like a commoner. At that moment, he was ogling at Wenren Wu-Shuang with a glint in his eye that all men could recognize.

The most unique part of the burly man were his hands that were shaped like a palm fan. They were double the size of a normal hand, and had ten thick fingers that were unusually dull and golden.

’’Speak, why were you following us?’’ Qing Shui frowned. He could see that the man was strong, at least stronger than the guy from Situ Clan. But it did not seem strange meeting him here in such a desolate place.

’’I only desire two things in life - food and women!’’ The man answered with a sinister laugh which, coupled with his large eyes, could make one shudder.

Wenren Wu-Shuang felt uncomfortable, even fearful, as she looked into his devilish and lewd stare.


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