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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1556


Chapter 1556

AST 1557 - Victory, deterrence, presence, return


The opponent was obviously shocked upon seeing the Dragon Slaying Beast. It's obvious that he was clear about how formidable the Dragon Slaying Beast was. He gazed on the Golden Cloud Lions that were at unease before moving on to settle his eyes on the tiny body of the Dragon Slaying Beast. He was a bit puzzled. Compared to the Golden Cloud Lion, the Dragon Slaying Beast could already be considered a pocket-sized monster.


Though he might have heard of the Dragon Slaying Beast before, he was still a bit unconvinced with its strength. Despite how fierce it might be, what could it do do with such a small body to the Golden Cloud Lions that were almost the size of a small mountain peak?


Qing Shui pulled out a long Primordial Flame Dragon Whip with his hands. As he swung the whip, a grey dragon flashed past the air, creating traces of black shadow with it. Loud exploding noises could noises could be heard constantly.




The enormous Golden Cloud Lions let out huge roars possibly due to the boost in morale given by the old man. They formed a straight line together as they charged towards Qing Shui. While doing so, they were also spitting out golden liquid drops like drizzles.


Five Elements Metal Essence Elements Metal Essence Droplet!


This was a metal attributed essential object. It could be considered one of the stickiest objects across the world. Once a person got their hands of it, they would suffer the fate of having their body eroded and letting the droplets infiltrate the inner part of their body. The droplets were at very high temperature....


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