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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 154


AST 0154 -Small Success with the Tiger Form;Ripe Fruit

Unconsciously, time slowly passed by. Two months' time had suddenly gone by;there were less than ten days until Chinese New Year!

Qing Shui woke up in the morning and looked at the heavy snow falling outside the window. There was pure white snow everywhere he looked. The ground seemed as if it were wrapped in a sheet of silver!

The third generation of the Qing Clan still continued to cultivate in this type of snowy weather. A few tens of people practiced the same pose. Surprisingly, their power had a slight sound of the Tiger's Roar!

In addition to the crucial cultivation that he practiced inside the spatial realm for the past two months, Qing Shui also helped everyone in the Qing Clan to cultivate Deer Cantering and the Tiger Form. Now they were on the right track, but they still had quite a bit of time before achieving the small success stage. From an amateur's point of view, their aura was quite imposing, but it was not enough to intimidate a master!

Although they made Qing Shui happy, the person that made him feel the happiest was Mingyue Gelou. People whose meridian energy channels were all connected are really cultivation geniuses. In two months' time, she reached the small success stage for the Tiger Form at the same time as Qing Shui even though she started later!

Qing Shui wondered how fast Mingyue Gelou could cultivate the Tiger Form if she had the Ancient Strengthening Technique. She liked Deer Cantering even more than Tiger Form now. Everyday, aside from accompanying little Yuchang, she spent almost all her extra time on cultivating!

Qing Shui felt that maybe it was because Mingyue Gelou had purely practiced ’’Tiger's Roar’’, enabling her to quickly pick up and understand the Tiger Form. However, how could she be faster than himself? She really was a person whose meridian energy channels were all connected. Ever since he had broken through the fourth heavenly layer, all the meridian channels in his body were also connected. Was it also understanding the technique?

Qing Shui thought his understanding was rather good due to his experience of two lifetimes!

Maybe it was Mingyue Gelou's success that provoked these kids. Now, every one of them cultivated as though they were obsessed. Although Qing Shui knew the real reason behind her success, Qing Shui liked to see these upset kids cultivate frantically. They would be embarrassed if they allowed a woman who previously knew nothing about martial arts beat them!

Qing Shui and Mingyue Gelou had both reached the small success stage with the Tiger Form. But since Qing Shui's cultivation experience was a lot deeper than hers, both the Tiger Form and the Tiger's Roar he created were not on a level that could be compared!

What surprised Qing Shui the most was that small success with the Tiger's Roar produced an actual tiger's roar. The sound that Qing Shui made was dull, and shook everyone's heartstrings, while Mingyue Gelou's was sharp and ear-piercing!

’’Could it be that the sound of the Tiger's Roar was different for males and females?’’

After reaching small success with the ’’Tiger Form’’, Mingyue Gelou's strength was increased by five hundred jin. With the two Endurance-Enhancing Fruits she had, she had about seven hundred jin of strength. Although she was still small and weak-looking compared to an average, strong adult male, her strength was actually more than twice of his strength!

He opened the door and walked outside. Nowadays, everyone was already used to it. Although Qing Shui had left, everyone still continued to practice without stopping. Usually, they would practice the Tiger Form and the other four forms together, and then practice what they wanted to work on later. Then, the ones at similar strengths would spar with each other!

Mingyue Gelou always woke up very early, but the little girl liked to sleep. Mingyue Gelou knew that Qing Shui did not lock his door when he slept at night (this was a habit that Qing Shui adopted later), so sometimes she would leave the little girl in order to secretly squeeze in Qing Shui's blanket. Qing Shui pretended to not realize, but for numerous occasions, he just wanted to turn from side to side with her!

Looking at the thick snow everywhere, Qing Shui walked to a place where he stood every day and slowly unfolded his Taichi Fists. Gradually, the snowflakes in the sky followed Qing Shui's slow posture and floated around him. Then, they quickly melted in the sky!

In the middle of practice, Qing Luo went to the Hundred Miles City. To everyone's surprise, he opposed the idea that the Qing Clan should follow Qing Shui and move to Cang Lang County together. He was quite resolute, and said that he could only think about it after Qing Shui had established some position of influence in Cang Lang County.

Although Qing Luo did not say the reason, everyone already knew. Cang Lang County City was the capital city of the entire Cang Lang County. It was the biggest and most bustling city with the deepest waters in Cang Lang County. It was full of opportunities, but how it not be a stepping stone for others?

Since the old man had already stated his intent, the entire third generation of the Qing Clan was dispirited and helpless. They could only work hard to cultivate. If they had Qing Shui's strength, they would be more than capable of going to places like the Cang Lang County. They wouldn't even need to be protected by others like they were now!

In about ten pages, Qing Shui recorded some insights, tricks, feelings, and his experience in cultivating the Deer Cantering and the Tiger Form. On the record, there were detailed steps and important information about cultivating them, so it should be a big help to the future generations!

Qing Shui made a few copies of these papers, and especially gave one to Mingyue Gelou. He told Mingyue Gelou that after he left, it would be on her to supervise the group of kids!

Mingyue Gelou held those sheets of paper as if they weighed a thousand jin. When she looked at Qing Shui, the rims of her eyes turned red. She knew that he would leave eventually. She also knew early on that this day would come, so she didn't have any extravagant hopes that she could make him stay. Unfortunately, even if she knew that the day of departure was quickly arriving, her heart still suffered incomparable pain, making her chest hurt!

Her tears poured out like the beads of a broken necklace. A heartbroken Qing Shui smiled bitterly and helped her to wipe her tears, but the more he wiped, the more tears poured out. Therefore, he could only hug her tightly in his embrace!

Unable to hold back any longer, Mingyue Gelou sobbed quietly.

’’It's ok, don't cry. It's not like I'm not coming back again. The outside world cannot be compared to home. You guys have to keep cultivating. When I have established myself, I will take you over there!’’ Qing Shui patted Mingyue Gelou's back and consoled her softly.

’’Yes, I know. I will continue to cultivate. I will go find you when I reach Xiantian, ok? I don't have a lot of extravagant hopes. I only wish to remain by your side with my little girl!’’

Mingyue Gelou hugged Qing Shui, and her soft words made it seem like she was talking to herself.

’’Mingyue, you have to remember that you're my wife, my woman. In addition to increasing my strength and experience, your husband is also going outside in order to find a way for you to break through to Xiantian. That way, we can have lots of time together!’’ Qing Shui held Mingyue Gelou's shoulder and said seriously!

’’Mingyue, come here. Your husband will give you something!’’

Yesterday, Qing Shui found that the Energy-Enhancing Fruits in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal were ripe. Naturally, he was happy. It would have taken a hundred years outside of the spatial realm to ripen. It is a pity that there were only ten!

The Agility-Enhancing Fruits still needed a few more days. The first time he picked the Energy-Enhancing Fruits was late, resulting in only a few day's time for the Agility-Enhancing Fruit to ripen.

’’What is this?’’ Mingyue Gelou asked, amazed as she looked at the two fire-red Energy-Enhancing Fruits.

’’Fruits that increase your strength! You can increase your strength by five hundred jin when you eat just one fruit. Unfortunately, each person can only eat two. If not, your husband would have let you eat tens of hundreds of them!’’ Qing Shui smiled and looked at her.

’’Qing Shui, giving me something this precious wouldn't be...’’

’’Mingyue, you still don't consider yourself as my woman. Do you not like me?’’ Qing Shui knew that he had to pressure her into taking it!

’’No, how do I not like you? If I did not, I wouldn't have let you do those embarrassing things to me!’’ Mingyue Gelou panicked a little and got a little embarrassed.

Surprisingly, Qing Shui didn't continue to tease her. When she said ’’If I did nott, I wouldn't have let you do those embarrassing things,’’ the charm that she exuded was particularly enchanting!

Watching her eat the two Energy-Enhancing Fruits, Qing Shui knew that now she was not that weak woman anymore. With her strength of almost two thousand jin and her small success in Tiger Form, she should be able to defeat a sixth grade Martial Warrior!

In two months' time, she reached the peak strength of a sixth grade Martial Warrior. Her understanding and naturally connected meridian energy channels, coupled with the help of his magical acupuncture and the Energy-Enhancing Fruits, unexpectedly allowed Mingyue Gelou's true strength to improve at a miraculous rate!

Another cause of happiness that Qing Shui discovered was that the Agility-Enhancing Fruits' effect was a permanent increase in additional speed. No matter the time, there would be an effect on the enhancement of speed!

This was the so-called progress of how the Agility-Enhancing Fruit changed speed. One Agility-Enhancing Fruit permanently increased fifty percent of one's current speed. As long as the speed increased, there would also be another corresponding fifty percent increase in speed!

After the Chinese New Year, the Agility-Enhancing Fruits would be ripe. At that time, he wouldl give two to Mingyue Gelou and two to Shi Qingzhuang as his promised gifts. In the end, there would a leftover of six fruits of each kind.

’’Let me just keep it for the future. The amount left is really small!’’ Qing Shui dispelled his plan to give them to the rest of the members of the Qing Clan. He wanted to let them train hard and discover their potential first!

There would be many more opportunities in the future!

As Chinese New Year slowly approached, Qing Shui and company were getting ready to celebrate the occasion at Qing Clan Village!


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