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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 152


AST 0152 - The Woman Whose Meridian Energy Channels Are All Connected

It had been three days since Qing Shui had fixed the betrothal with Shi Qingzhuang and the news was spreading like fire. Qing Shui had became the role model for the younger generation, a target that they had hope to achieve!

Since the event three days ago, no one from the Situ Clan had appeared on the streets of Hundred Miles City. The Qing Clan's reputation in the Hundred Miles City had soared. In addition, Qing Shui was on good terms with Yu Clan. Now, he had even become relatives by marriage with the City Lord of Hundred Miles City, the Shi Clan!

’’Brother Qing Shui is really awesome, unlike the rest of us. Wives are meant to be snatched. When I achieve Xiantian, I will focus on snatching beauties who had been betrothed to others. That feeling of stealing would definitely be the best!!’’

This was what Qing You had said when he came back, and the rest of the members of Qing Clan's three generations all nodded in agreement. Qing Shui did not know whether to laugh or cry. What sort of logic was that?

Other than training, Qing Shui mostly played with Little Yuchang. But there was one thing that he had not been able to decide. It was in regards to his journey to the Skysword Sect after the new year. But he could not decide if the entirety of the Qing Clan should move with him, or for him to go alone!

In the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he had been focusing on training other things besides the Ancient Strengthening Technique. Qing Shui had devoted the rest of his time mostly on the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique, although only training the Deer Cantering and the Tiger Form. Qing Shui only hoped to be able to comprehend more techniques from them!

Each time he had made a new discovery, he would record it down with pen and paper!

Training required taking one step at a time. Therefore, at that point of time, Qing Shui could only focus on training the Deer Cantering which he had achieved the small success stage as well as with the Tiger Form!

The ’’Tiger's Roar’’ was also considered a good technique for channeling Qi. After all, it was the technique of channeling Qi for the purpose of health preservation. He had once promised to teach Mingyue Gelou martial arts, so he might as well start by teaching her techniques to maintain one's health!

Every morning in Qing Clan, everyone and even the members from the 2nd generation had started practicing the Deer Cantering and the Tiger Form. The most obvious benefit of the Tiger Form was not just to cultivate one's presence. It could even increase a sharp and piercing Qi strength as well as additional offensive powers to one's attack, but the effects were limited. At the small success stage, one could increase his strength by 500 jin;at the large success stage, one could increase his strength by 1000 jin;and at the great perfection stage, the increase in strength would be 5000 jin!

As they could not practice the Ancient Strengthening Technique without the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, they could only achieve the large success stage. While the additional increase in strength was nothing to Qing Shui, it was still quite impressive for those who had not achieve Xiantian. If they achieved the small success stage, it would be the equivalent of taking a precious fruit with the properties of an Energy-Enhancing Fruit!

The Deer Cantering raises one's speed and nimbleness, while the Tiger Form raises one's attack and gives some killer moves!

’’Qing Shui, I'm already so old and stupid, so I may disappoint you!’’ Seeing that Qing Shui wanted to teach her martial arts, Mingyue Gelou was both happy and hesitant!

’’Don't worry, don't give yourself too much stress. Relax and take it as an opportunity. If you can master it, it'll be good. If not, your husband will think of other means to get you into Xiantian, no matter what!’’ Qing Shui thought that since they had a lot of time, he did not believe that there would be any way to turn Mingyue Gelou into a practitioner!

’’Mmm, I'll work hard!’’

’’Don't give yourself too much stress. Mingyue, you are very bright. It'll definitely work out!’’ Qing Shui said as he smiled warmly. He knew that a suitable amount of pressure could act as motivation. But if one were under too much pressure, it would cause the person to collapse!

Of course, there were also some people who were very amazing and could create miracles when faced with immense pressure. But luck played an important role as well!

Qing Shui first imparted her with the ’’Tiger's Roar’’, the basics of the Tiger Form. All the techniques of the Tiger Form would require the complement of the ’’Tiger's Roar’’! Since Mingyue Gelou did not know any martial arts, she could only start with practicing the Tiger's Roar before the Deer Cantering!


Qing Shui was surprised when he saw that Mingyue Gelou had picked it up very quickly. She was able to smoothly activate the meridians, gather Qi, and channel it at one go. This caused Qing Shui's thoughts to be cut off. He naturally used his Heavenly Vision Technique on Mingyue Gelou, and he was immediately stunned!

’’Naturally born with all meridian channels connected...’’ Qing Shui could only think of this!

At first, it was shock, and then, he felt a sense of regret. Such was a talent for martial arts, but she had not received any training previously. It was too much of a waste for her to miss out on the best age for training!

He did not know if his knowledge would be able to make some redemption, and help her progress on the path of cultivation!

’’Qing Shui, is this how it's done? I felt the movement of some Qi!’’ Mingyue Gelou broke off Qing Shui from his daze as she asked hesitantly!

’’Mmm, good, very good! Mingyue, remember that unless I tell you to. Focus on only training the Tiger Roar's Qi technique!’’ Qing Shui said, smiling happily!

Qing Shui felt that it was already tough for Mingyue Gelou to be starting her training only at the age of twenty-four or twenty-five. If she were to pick up rubbish techniques, it would only cause her more harm than good!

No matter what, his Ancient Strengthening Technique was a technique of at least the Legendary Realm or higher. The techniques to maintain one's health should be quite good as well. The ’’Tiger's Roar’’ was one of the techniques amongst them, how could it possibly be trash?

Therefore, Qing Shui planned to use the supporting techniques he knew to let Mingyue Gelou progress on the path of cultivation. After all, one who was born with meridian channels all connected was the most suitable candidate for cultivation!

’’Mmm, I understand!’’ To be able to receive Qing Shui's approval, Mingyue Gelou was very happy. She was afraid that she would be too stupid to understand and would not do well. She was afraid to see disappointment in Qing Shui's eyes!

’’Mingyue, I'll come by during the night to apply acupuncture on you to open up your body's potential. It would allow you to strengthen your constitution, cleanse some of the impurities in your channels, and make your training more effective!’’ Qing Shui decided to hasten Mingyue Gelou's cultivation progress!

’’Mmm! Then come to my room tonight! For you...I'll leave the door open!’’ After saying this, Mingyue Gelou turned beet red and ran into the building!

Qing Shui smiled bitterly at he looked at his body that had acted up. His self-control was getting weaker. He had not looked for Mingyue Gelou for three days, and now that he had seen that charming and poised appearance. He could not help but recall that purity and seductiveness when she felt good during their se*!

’’Brother Shui, there's someone outside looking for you!’’ Qing Bei came in and told Qing Shui!

’’Who's looking for me?’’

’’I don't know them. There's a big beauty and a little beauty who said that you had treated them before! Oh right, the little beauty said that her name is Yaya, and she was calling you Brother Qing Shui!’’ Qing Bei said with a hint of craftiness!

Qing Shui knocked on Qing Bei's head lightly and headed for the entrance amidst Qing Bei's grumblings!

’’Brother Qing Shui!’’

The pretty little girl happily ran towards Qing Shui when she saw him, and pounced into his arms!

’’Thank you, Qing Shui. We will be leaving today and have come to bid you goodbye. You're the only half a friend we know in Hundred Miles City!’’ The tall and beautiful lady said and smiled.

’’Half a friend?’’ Qing Shui laughed!

’’I don't know much about you, and you probably the same for me. But I feel that you are quite a nice person and we have had contact over three times, thus you can be considered half a friend!’’ The lady said and smiled gracefully.

Qing Shui only knew that the lady was called Qianyu Qingqing and it was because they had hit it off. Another reason was because Qing Shui felt that they were a bit similar. Or perhaps, she was a bit similar to his mother!

For a moment, Qing Shui suspected if she was the elder sister that he had never met before in his life. But Qing Shui had heard from his mother that the sister of his had a red mark the size of a rice above the corner of her left eye! But this lady did not had that mark, and age wise, she did not seem to be a year older than him. Therefore, Qing Shui dismissed this thought!

The lady was not extremely beautiful by Qing Shui's standards. She did not have his goddess-like master's beauty that had surpassed worldly standards and could lead to the destruction of countries and cities. She did not have Wenren Wu-Shuang's unparalleled beauty of her generation;even the cool Shi Qingzhuang was also prettier than her. But this lady had an uncomparable graceful charm, and her movements had a sense of natural attraction to them!

’’If the opportunity arises, you can come look for me at Qianyu Clan at the Central Continent. We are considered half a friend, and you had also treated Yaya. If not, I wouldn't have recognised you as half a friend!’’ Qianyu said and smiled gently!

Her words would have sounded arrogant if it was said by another. But when they were spoken by her, there was an unspeakable charm to it which was hard to make one hate them!

’’Other than my kin, I do not have any friends. And now that I've made half a friend, don't you feel honored?’’ Qianyu blinked with her pair of bright, black, and beautiful eyes!

Qing Shui felt that the charms of this lady could only be surpassed by the beauty of his goddess-like master that had transcended worldly standards. Her charms caused one to be engrossed in it, as if it was a drug addiction. It was too bad that he would not be able to see it anymore in the future!

’’I do feel very honored and I also have Yaya to thank. If not, how could I make this precious half a friend!’’ Qing Shui casually said while teasing Yaya!

’’Yaya, say goodbye to brother!’’

’’Goodbye brother! You must come to visit Yaya!’’

Qing Shui waved his hands and bade them goodbye! Random acquaintances in life like them are like two intersecting straight lines. Once the intersection was passed, there may not be another chance to meet again in the future!

Qing Shui did not feel very depressed. Yaya's illness was in fact a type of slow-acting poison which would be hard to cure once it acted up. It just so happened that they had come from the Central Continent to where he was, and coincidentally met him. After he had saved Yaya's life, Qianyu had recognised Qing Shui as a half a friend of hers!

’’I wonder who would be so devious towards such a cute little girl!’’ Qing Shui even doubted if Qianyu Qingqing was aware of who had poisoned Yaya!

Looking at the horse carriage that got further away, Qing Shui decided not to think too much about it. Afterall, it was none of his concern!

Situ Clan!

’’Cough cough! Nantian, remember to not get involved with Qing Clan so much as that chap from Qing Clan is still alive. This is the end to me, but you guys don't have to worry. That little thing would not eradicate everyone. Just remember to take a detour if you come across the people from Qing Clan. Get the descendents of Situ Clan to exercise restraint when doing things!’’ Situ Jianyi weakly said as he coughed out another two mouthfuls of blood!

’’Grandpa, your grandson had caused you harm!’’ Situ Nantian cried bitterly and said.

’’Nantian, Grandpa's life has come to an end. Remember what Grandpa said, do not get involved with him any more. I have a set of techniques in my room and under my bed that is a manual I had come across with Xiantian martial techniques. If one has the potential, he would be able to attain Xiantian with 30 years of tough training!’’

Situ Nantian was very agitated, but he looked at Situ Jianyi with a calm and collected look. ’’Grandpa, can the Cloud Mist Sect help us?’’

Situ Nantian was still holding onto one last strand of hope!

’’If I'm alive, the Cloud Mist Sect would still help us, but not when I'm dead. Do you understand?’’ Situ Jianyi spoke with a clouded gaze!

’’I can't accept this!’’

These were Situ Jianyi's last words.

Qing Shui was aware of Situ Jianyi's death. He had never intended to keep him alive, but it was just that he did not let him die on the spot.

QIng Shui did not approve of the elimination of the roots. He was someone who would leave a way out, and would go easy on others whenever possible!

The Situ Clan was shrouded by gloominess while Qing Clan was filled with joy. They were living each day with much happiness, and exuded a daily fragrance that seemed to surpass even that of the specialities of Yu He Inn!

’’Mother, I may be leaving the Hundred Miles City after the new year. What plans do you guys have? Is it for everyone to follow me and settle down in Cang Lang Country or to remain in the Hundred Miles City?’’ Qing Shui felt that he needed to get this problem settled!


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