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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 151


AST 0151 - Flirting with a Beauty!

Qing Shui hesitated awhile. He nodded his head towards the woman before glancing at Qing Yi. Hearing the raucous laughter of Qing You and the others, he walked towards the backyard once again.

This time around, Qing Shui told himself that he had to use his warm and sincere heart to melt the coldness of Shi Qingzhuang's!

Just like the previous time, the woman of his desire was clad in fiery-red attire. It was akin to ice wrapped in embers. As she turned her head and saw Qing Shui, her countenance remained unchanged, without joy or sadness.

’’Qingzhuang, I've already smashed those that dare obstruct us!’’ Qing Shui gazed at the stoic countenance of Shi Qingzhuang. He couldn't help but feel a slight pain in his heart. He loved to see her smile, and especially the look she had when she was pouting.

After hearing the words of Qing Shui, Shi Qingzhuang obviously felt a sense of shock and amazement rising in her heart. Her clear eyes misted over as they stared at Qing Shui. Even now, Qing Shui did not know what Shi Qingzhuang was going on in her heart.

’’I'm here to propose marriage. Your mother said that you weren't willing to go out, so I have decided to come in and accompany you.’’ Qing Shui continued.

’’The date of our marriage is not set yet. Just let me know when you are willing to get married. The day of your choosing will be the day when I will marry you. What do you think about that?’’ Qing Shui gazed at Shi Qingzhuang, only to see a pair of eyes steadily staring at himself.

’’Qing Shui, can you not force me? Give me some space!’’

Qing Shui was stunned after he heard the words of Shi Qingzhuang. After he recovered, he bitterly replied, ’’As long as you don't marry or look for other men, I will give you all the space you need. Don't tell me... you do not intend to get married in this lifetime?’’

Shi Qingzhuang, upon hearing the words of Qing Shui, unexpectedly replied, ’’You don't need to be like this. 5 years. 5 years later, if you still want me, I will marry you. But who knows, you may have a harem by then.’’

Qing Shui was speechless. However, he had already promised her, so not to mention the 5 years, even if it was 10 years, then he would still be fine with it. Since it was still okay and Shi Qingzhuang agreed, their status could be considered engaged.

’’From today onwards, you are the fiancee of me, Qing Shui. I'm very happy. Finally, I have a ravishing beauty as my fiancee. As your husband-to-be, do I have any special privileges? For example...helping you to warm your bed...? Hehe.’’ Qing Shui laughed.

’’Nope, no special privileges. Although many people out there say that I'm already your woman, I won't allow you to touch me!’’ Shi Qingzhuang pouted charmingly. The killing power contained within that pout was exceptionally powerful, especially when a woman as cold as the ice-princess Shi Qingzhuang did it.

’’Why haven't you invited your husband-to-be inside your room. I need to spot check if you are hiding a man inside.’’

’’Go look for him then!’’

Qing Shui snickered as he passed by Shi Qingzhuang and prepared to walk into her room. As he came closer to Shi Qingzhuang, his hand snaked out and held the hands of Shi Qingzhuang.

Shi Qingzhuang only had the time to let out a small cry of surprise before she was pulled into her room by Qing Shui!

That familiar feeling of soft and gentle little hands, like her countenance, was cool to the touch. Holding onto her hands caused Qing Shui to want to warm it up, together with her ice-cold heart. He wanted to see how Shi Qingzhuang would look like after her icy countenance had melted away!

’’Qing Shui, what are you doing? You said you would give me some space!’’ Shi Qingzhuang panicked slightly as she blushed. She tried to loosen her hand from Qing Shui's grip, but he gripped it tighter.

’’I just want to hold your hand. What did you think I wanted to do? Could it be that you think...I'm not such a casual man. If you want to take advantage of me, I will resist!’’ Qing Shui teased as he saw the ever-reddening face of Shi Qingzhuang.

’’You are so naughty, go to hell!’’ Shi Qingzhuang quickly extended her hand to tap on Qing Shui's body a few times. Ever so nicely, the movement of her hands were knocking against his chest.

Looking tenderly at her, Qing Shui pulled her into his embrace and hugged her tightly!

’’Qingzhuang, ever since we left that day, you have always been on my mind. I don't know if this is love. Men are different from women. For men, lust always come first before love develops. That day when I first met you in the Qing Clan, I had always wanted you from the beginning...’’

’’Stop talking. You are not allowed to think of that without my permission. If you really, can't you respect me a little?!’’ Shi Qingzhuang felt that Qing Shui was too over-the-top with the way he was talking.

This was also the solution Qing Shui had discovered to melt Shi Qingzhuang's heart. No matter how ice-cold that jade-like face of hers looked, he just had to babble shameless nonsense until she couldn't maintain her expression. This was tearing apart that outer layer of coldness that veiled her true nature!

’’Naturally, I will respect you. In any case, I wouldn't be so bad to the extent that, for e.g., I would tear your clothes during the act... I would, at the very least, buy a new set for you. I wouldn't be like how you treated me that time after you tore my clothes...’’

Shi Qingzhuang's face became as red as a tomato. She hid her face in Qing Shui's chest, not daring to look up. Qing Shui loved the charm Shi Qingzhuang exuded even more when she was shy. He let out a burst of laughter!

A moment later!

’’Qing Shui, you're not allowed to bring this up anymore in the future...’’

Shi Qingzhuang finally inclined her pinkish face as she stated somewhat breathlessly. Qing Shui would rather see her in this state than her usual ice-cold countenance!

’’Qingzhuang, your appearance is so adorable now. You should be more like this in the future. A human should be fueled by their emotions, not keep them covered under a layer of ice!

’’I'm already used to it. Habits are very terrifying. In any case, I don't think that it's a bad thing. I don't want to change for anyone and there's also no one that possesses enough qualifications to make me change for him.’’ Shi Qingzhuang indifferently replied.

Qing Shui also knew that he didn't have the qualifications to change Shi Qingzhuang yet. After hearing that, he could only hug her tighter, hoping that she would be able to feel the warmth of his sincere heart.

’’Qing Shui, let go of me!’’

Qing Shui was feeling better when he heard that as he relinquished his embrace. The words of Shi Qingzhuang weren't merely a cold ’’let go of me.’’ This little victory was already sufficient to make Qing Shui feel slightly joyful.

’’Qingzhuang, what plans do you have in the future?’’ After Qing Shui released her from his hug, he started to survey her room.

The room was simple looking as the walls and ceiling were painted in a light green colour, giving people a sense of vibrancy. Inside her room, there was another door. After seeing that, Qing Shui walked straight over.

’’You can't go in there!’’ Shi Qingzhuang caught hold of Qing Shui in a fluster.

’’Is there a man hiding in there?’’ Qing Shui laughed!

’’Go to hell, go in then!’’ Shi Qingzhuang pouted as she pushed Qing Shui towards the door.


Qing Shui laughed and pushed open the door. Space was extremely limited in the room he had just opened. The walls were painted in an extremely light shade of pink, contrasting with the colours of the walls outside. Qing Shui was very surprised. Could it be that Shi Qingzhuang's heart wasn't as cold as she pretended it to be?

A slightly bigger than average single bed covered with a white quilt appeared as a waft of fragrance drifted over.

’’En, this is the same fragrance on Qingzhuang's body!’’


As Qing Shui's gaze landed on the bed, he discovered something that he missed out earlier. On the bed, there was actually a black-colored panty lying there...

At this moment, Shi Qingzhuang blushed as she quickly shoved her panty underneath the quilt!

’’Have you seen enough...’’

’’Oh, but you have not yet told me your plans for the future.’’ Qing Shui sat beside Shi Qingzhuang, shoulder to shoulder on the bed.

As Shi Qingzhuang turned her head back, her expression was just like a deer in the headlights. That straight nose of hers was especially se*y, and her soul-stirring face would invoke desires in men who couldn't help but involuntarily want to kiss her!

’’After the year is over, I'm going to a sect to learn an art!’’

Qing Shui mumbled an agreement, but didn't ask which sect she wanted. After all, he was not well versed with the names of the various sects of the continent.

’’Your lord husband today didn't prepare any special gifts for you. After the year is over, your lord husband will prepare something that you would definitely like!’’ Qing Shui spoke after a moment of contemplation.

Shi Qingzhuang didn't even refute it when Qing Shui referred himself as her lord husband. ’’Gift? I don't need it!’’

’’What if it's a gift that could increase your cultivation?’’ Qing Shui teased as he looked at Shi Qingzhuang.

’’Oh, I have to thank you for your gift then, don't disappoint me!’’ Shi Qingzhuang humorously added. It was rare for her to adopt such a demeanor.

’’No matter what, since I came all the way here today, let your lord husband, I, give you something as a present!’’ After he finished speaking, just like how he taught Wenren Wu-shuang, Qing Shui passed the Deer Cantering Technique over to Shi Qingzhuang!

Although Qing Shui was a few years younger than her, she felt a sense of helplessness every time she interacted with him. Somehow unknowingly, she had fallen in love with this fiance of hers...

Qing Shui was extremely joyful during this moment. The techniques he unlocked were all supporting abilities in nature, and thus was able to impart it to others. However, without the Qi from Ancient Strengthening Technique to support them, others would only be able to, at most, cultivate it to the small success stage. However, being able to gain an increase of 20% in one's agility wasn't too bad either.

This time around, Qing Shui shamelessly took all the advantages he could. Her little hands, willowy waist, perky butt...

’’You are still touching!?’’ Shi Qingzhuang also lost track of how many times she had already pouted.

’’Qingzhuang, come and give me a goodbye kiss. I'm going to leave soon!’’

Shi Qingzhuang, ’’... ’’


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