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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 150


AST 0150 - Fight! Decide the Marriage!

’’Haha, your Situ clan really won't need to raise your head after today!’’ Qing Shui smiled and said calmly. His voice was not loud, but it was clear and spread to the ears of everyone surround him.

The sound of discussion around them grew even louder!

’’Qing Shui is a Xiantian cultivator, but who is this old man from the Situ Clan? Is he also a Xiantian cultivator? How can he be so aggressive?’’

’’I don't think you would know this, but he is Situ Jianyi from the Situ clan. He's Situ Nantian's grandfather. He has been a Xiantian cultivator for more than thirty years. How can Qing Shui, who has just reached the Xiantian realm compare to him!’’ A formidable middle-aged man said, pleased with himself.

’’Big sister, do you think big brother Shui can win against this bad old man?’’ A cute little girl said miserably to the tall and beautiful woman next to her.

’’He can, Yaya, don't you want big brother Shui to win?’’ The woman smiled while rubbing the little girl's head, spoiling her.

’’Big brother Shui has to win. My sickness was cured by big brother Shui. Big brother Shui is a good person!’’ The little girl who was called Yaya said so while pouting cutely.

’’The Situ clan is too arrogant. It would be a good thing if they were beaten down by the Qing clan this time around!’’ Passerby X said.

’’It doesn't make a difference whether the Situ clan is beaten down or not!’’ Passerby Y said, unconcerned.

’’That failure of a son from the Situ clan, the one who lost his balls, he dared to peek at my wife taking a shower, and I have to f**king pretend like nothing happened. I am a man, but I have to tolerate this. I still have children to raise, or else I would have fought him to the death. When Qing Shui crippled his balls, the pent up anger in my heart also dissipated!’’

Passerby Y, ’’...’’

’’Young man, there's always another sky above the highest sky, and there is a always stronger man than the strongest. Steel can be bent easily. If you are too arrogant, it is easy to die by violence!’’ When Situ Jianyi saw Qing Shui being so egotistical, his temper flared up. He found that he was especially prone to being angry today.

’’There's always another sky above the highest sky, and there is a always stronger man than the strongest. This idiom is not bad, but you are not that person who is stronger than the strongest. I still have errands to run today, so don't delay my lucky hour!’’ Qing Shui hooted disdainfully.

’’Haha, so egotistical. Didn't you say that you would beat up whoever dared to obstruct your path? Let's see if you will beat me up, or if I will kill you today!’’ Situ Jianyi had never been ignored by another person. Even when he was at Cloud Pavilion, he was a respected protector!

Situ Jianyi already knew about how Qing Shui humiliated the Situ clan from Situ Nantian, which included how he made the young son of the Situ clan's master lose his balls. In addition to this disgrace, he also wanted to snatch away the woman who had already been betrothed long before.

The more he thought about it, the more angry he was. He was seething with anger. If he didn't argue verbally with him and kill him directly, it would be difficult to dissolve the resentment inside his heart!


’’Situ Jianyi laughed indignantly. His Xiantian Qi emanated frantically. A silver-white, foot-long Xiantian Qi slowly extended from his hands and emitted a threatening cold air!

’’Xiantian Master!’’ Many people cried out in surprise!

’’A man with thirty years of Xiantian experience really cannot be compared to a man of the junior Xiantian level. He is probably above the third level of Xiantian!’’ The formidable middle-aged man from before said while stroking his chin, looking forward to the fight.

’’The little doctor won't be in trouble right?’’

’’The little doctor is also a Xiantian master!’’

’’We really hope such a good doctor won't die tragically!’’ The people whom he had helped all spoke with worry.


Qing Shui stood up and leapt out of the horse carriage and walked towards Situ Jianyi step by step. He was so graceful that not a single bit of noise was released as he walked. ’’I'm in a hurry today, so I won't tangle with you. Today is not an appropriate day for having any fatalities, or else I would have most certainly killed you on the spot. Qing You, take over the carriage and catch up!’’

’’Wow! I like that!’’

’’He's so cool!’’

’’I like this type!’’ Stars started to fill some girls' eyes.

’’Well, how dare you!’’ Situ Jianyi was extremely furious. No one had ever looked down upon him this much before, but he did not know that he would experience more attacks that were worse than this!

Qing Shui casually sent the two huge rocks flying with a slap of his hands. The width was just enough to let the horse carriage pass. At this moment, the seething Situ Jianyi walked in a zigzag path and charged into Qing Shui with an unusually high speed.

The angry Situ Jianyi ruthlessly brought out the sharp Xiantian Qi with each of his fists and palms, using his whole body's momentum to close in on Qing Shui. Even the ordinary people within the hundred meter radius surrounding them felt the Qi hitting them and quickened their breathing!

Qing Shui automatically circulated the Ancient Strengthening Technique until it reached the pinnacle. He unfolded his Free Spirit Steps and used the Deer Cantering Technique to double his speed, plus another doubling of his speed that the Small Revitalizing Pellet gave, this not a simple one-plus-one-equals-two increase. The speed Qing Shui was exhibiting now made the true strength of Situ Jianyi's third-level Xiantian status far inferior.

In the moment they exchanged blows, Qing Shui executed his Primordial Flames. The purpose was to trigger the hidden card that he had planted on him earlier!

One move, a simple move exchanged between the two. Almost no one knew what happened, but Situ Jianyi's mouth was full of fresh blood, and he collapsed!

’’I said today is not an appropriate day for fatalities. There is a happy occasion to be set up today, so a little red should help add to the festive atmosphere!’’ Without turning back, Qing Shui climbed back on to the horse carriage that Qing You brought after he finished talking, and traveled through the quiet but vast crowd of people in the streets!

’’Wow, has my eyesight gotten worse?’’

’’He eliminated another Xiantian cultivator in one move again...’’ Yu Donghao blankly said while standing in the crowd.

’’When can I be this cool! Look at the expressions of all these ladies. It looks like they are itching to gobble up that youngster of the Qing clan. I'm so envious!’’ A big fatty said while drooling.

’’Fatty, are you not scared to push and split open other girls' belly?’’ A young man mocked.

This young man's words provoked a wave of laughter from the surrounding crowd!

From a distance, Wenren Wu-Shuang, in a snow-white dress, gazed at Qing Shui with a smile. The curves at the corners of her mouth were splendid and magnificent. Her precious and tall nose made that beautiful and unmatched jade countenance even more poised and elegant!

After Qing Shui and the thousand people from the Qing clan finally passed by, Situ Nantian and the others seemed to have finally awoken from what seemed like a dream. Panicking, they hurried to looked at the unconscious Situ Jianyi on the ground.

’’This isn't possible...’’ Situ Nantian and everyone from the Situ clan only had this one thought!

’’Big brother Shui, I worship you so much!’’ Qing You said for the tenth time.

Qing Shui, ’’...’’

Qing Yi smiled, but did not talk. She just kept on looking at Qing Shui. Anyone could see from her face that she had a truly content smile. A mother takes the most pride in her child. Qing Shui's true strength today was sufficient to make Qing Yi the most respected person in Hundred Miles City!

They could see Shi Dingtian and the rest of the one thousand of people from the Shi clan welcoming them from a large distance. Qing Shui knew without guessing that the Shi clan saw the fight scene that went down a moment ago!

Shi Dingtian would burn some incense even if he had connections with an ordinary Xiantian. To be able to have connections with a young Xiantian with such potential was the result of the ancestors' accumulation of karma. This is why Shi Dingtian brought the one thousand people who had some influence to welcome them for a few hundred meters, representing their respect and honor for the Qing clan!

’’Qing Shui, you all came!’’ Shi Dingtian smiled brightly and welcomed Qing Shui and company to the Shi clan!

’’Old master, thank you. You don't have to be so courteous;from now on everyone will be one big family!’’ Qing Shui's simple and honest smile appeared once again, but in Qing You's eyes, it was called the ’’lewd’’ killer smile!

’’Haha, yes, we will be one family from now on!’’ Shi Dingtian said happily. Everyone else of the Shi clan were also all wearing big smiles, especially a handsome man and a beautiful and mature woman, who were particularly happy. The mature woman looked similar to Shi Qingzhuang, as the similarities between the two were limitless. The only thing that she did not have was Shi Qingzhuang's cold aura!

Just as Qing Shui had surmised, they were Shi Qingzhuang's parents. The two parties got to know each other, and the Qing clan presented the betrothal gifts...

Qing Shui was able to complete the complicated etiquette with prior information from the elders!

’’Qingzhuang is not willing to go out. If you want to see her, then you should to go the rear courtyard!’’ The mature woman said towards Qing Shui. Her graceful eyes made Qing Shui stare blankly at her. At the same time, he told himself that she was Shi Qingzhuang's mother. Even though she was really beautiful, he shouldn't have ill thoughts!


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