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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 15


Chapter 15 - Lan Yan, Lan family's daughter

’’Lan Yan?’’

The name was unknown to Qing Shui but when thinking about it, an image appeared in his mind of a slender and elegant girl. Her two big eyes could absorb you, and also her small mouth was a little tilt.

Of course, she was an arrogant girl. The reason why Qing Shui remembers her is because between the people of the same age, is said that she is the envy of the genius. Everyone knows that Qing Shui is a waste, that's why he only saw her face long ago accidentally and because she has a well know reputation, Qing Shui was especially careful around her but he didn't expect her to be a beautiful girl. Even if she had fifteen years, her talent was second only to Qing You. She was the pride of the Lan Family.

The Lan Family unexpectedly was one of the biggest families on the Qing Family village. The population was flourishing;especially the third generation of the Lan Family which is always compared with the Qing Family. They had more offspring compared with the Qing Family.

The Lan Family always wanted to replace the Qing Family to become the protectors and change the village's name. So the Qing Family had not spared efforts on training the third generation because they are the family's hope.

’’Beibei, the injury of Qing Hu is serious?’’ Qing Shui frowned.

’’No, he has only a bloody nose and a swollen face. He was afraid to lose face so he hid inside his home.’’ Qing Bei said it with a smile. Maybe she thought on the appearance of Qing Hu.

’’Why are you laughing?’’ Qing Shui also feels like laughing. Qing Hu was beaten and it was something which happened often but he was afraid to lose face.

Qing Bei stopped her lively laugh and his delicate small face showed signs of being embarrassed. That let Qing Shui a little puzzled, because he knew the reason of it.

’’Gege, he said again that he liked Lan Yan?’’ Qing Bei sighs. Qing Shui feels that the sigh of this small girl was quite funny. The people on the continent were relatively precocious because when you reach sixteen, it was possible to take a wife.

’’But why he ended with bloody nose and a swollen face?’’ Qing Shui was quite puzzled.

’’Maybe the brat didn't want to let go the small girl?’’ Qing Shui frowns.

This time the one who was puzzled was Qing Bei.

’’Shui-gege, you are the same as her. Calling her a little girl as if you were already an adult is weird.’’ Qing Bei who always is indifferent, was whispering into Qing Shui's ear.

Since Qing Shui's body had changed, his attitude also had changed. After all, although he is in this small body, he is an adult. When he was able to cultivate the ancient strengthening technique, he didn't despair anymore on his daily life, so the Qing Shui that Qing Bei knows is tranquil, calm and has self-confidence. Or at least that is what Qing Bei knows in his mind.

After knowing that was nothing serious, Qing Shui let out all his tension. Qing Shui knows that Qing Hu loves Lan Yan, and although he had fourteen years, he already started to develop those confused feelings. In fact, those children from the nobility already embraced others people.

Qing Hu is small but very assertive. He already had in mind what he wanted and even persists, he does not give up. He started to pursue the girl, but she was already very mature and compared with Qing Hu, she was one year older. On his eyes, Qing Hu was a brat, but helpless she promised a commitment to Qing Hu.

’’She wouldn't marry Qing Hu if he can't defeat her.’’

Qing Hu hadn't thought much about that and accepted, because she wouldn't marry someone who is unable to defeat her. The game started but the difference between their strength was big, so he ended beaten, with a bloody nose and a swollen face!

The first time that she ended beaten him, also was the first time that Qing Shui become aware of her name. He noticed the reputation that accompanies the talentless little girl called Lan Yan from the Lan Family. And in the same time Qing Hu realized how difficult it would to marry Lan Yan.

That was half year ago!

Afterwards, this half year, Qing Shui started to instruct the solitary nimble fist to Qing Hu and Qing Bei. Qing Shui felt that the solitary nimble fist had in it a bit of taiji, a personal bunt. And because when you attack you have many weaknesses is that you need to make a mortal blow. After all the human body had many weak acupuncture points and weaknesses, such as Achilles heel!

’’Brother went to find her to compete, but he only lost!’’ Qing Bei said helplessly.

So he still lost? She was on the warrior seventh stage and he on the fifth. Qing Shui only can smile and shook his head.

’’Shui-gege, it was useful that you taught us the solitary nimble fist but it's a pity that his strength is too low. If older brother were in the warrior seventh stage, then he could not have lost to her.’’ Qing Bei was a little happy but also a little unwilling.

’’Eh? Why is that?’’ Qing Shui becomes interested because he knows how the martial skills were divided. They were divided into Houtian(Not innate), Xiantian(Innate), Legend, God-level, and each were divided into four levels!

The blue lotus of which mother spoke was a houtian martial skill and also it was a houtian the martial skill from the Lan Family. Their martial skill was called icebound sword and was an earth level. Even if Qing Shui wanted to know the level of the ancient strengthening technique, he wouldn't be able to tell because he doesn't know the level!

Qing Shui hadn't used the solitary nimble fist on another people, only on the Giant Golden Wolf, so when Qing Shui hears that Qing Hu used the technique on Lan Yan who was two levels higher, Qing Shui wanted to know the details about the match. Because among what Qing Bei was talking, Qing Hu suffered a misfortune.

’’At the beginning, it was clear that Lan Yan didn't see my brother as opponent, so I saw that she used the same strength like my brother. Maybe she thought that she didn't need to use martial skills against a rookie on the fifth stage to surpass him. She used her fingers instead of a sword, and because she underestimates the enemy, she was forced to retreat and not only that, even his arms were trembling.’’

Thanks to the dragon tomb technique he was aware where Qing Hu hit his enemy and it was on the Quchi Acupoint.

(TN: The Quchi acupoint is located on the elbow.)

’’After it was obvious that Lan Yan would use all of her strength. Almost every move of Qing Hu was repelled so in the end he lost!’’

’’That was good, to be able to temper oneself. Perhaps even Lan Yan will be able to improve herself. Qing Hu cannot lose himself on that;if not there will be future consequences.’’ Qing Shui is aware that the two families do not get along and it's unclear until when the families could maintain the peace. Maybe shorts five to eight years or it could be hundreds of years.

Qing Shui touched his forehead while thinking. Qing Shui was not worried about the Lan Family because the objective of Qing Shui was quite big. If the Qing Family was expelled from this place, how he could the fight against the most powerful people on the nine continents, or how he could challenge the sect that were passed generation on generation for thousands of years, or even think about challenging the influential clans that were about thousands years old!

But first he must understand the grudges of his mother transmitted generation to generation for thousands of years and challenge them!


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