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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 148


AST 0148 - Tiger Form, A Woman's Heart

Since he had managed to refine the Small Revitalizing Pellet, he could not treat himself too shabbily. It was just that this was the first time he had refined this kind of 3rd grade pill, and thus he was very excited. To be able to succeed on his first try, it must be partially thanks to the effects of the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron!

When he looked at the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron, he couldn't help but think of Huoyun Liu-Li, but it was too bad that his mind soon wandered back to Wenren Wushuang again. ’’Am I being greedy, or just daydreaming? Those from the well-to-do families across the world of the nine continents mostly had many wives and concubines. Only commoners would stick to a monogamous arrangement. It's not that they did not wish to have multiple wives and concubines, but that they just did not have the power to do so!’’

’’Power, power is still a requirement?’’

Qing Shui took two of the Small Revitalizing Pills and immediately sat cross-legged, beginning to quickly channel the Ancient Strengthening Technique!

A burning and impulsive gush of Qi rose from his Dantian. It was not a particularly comfortable or uncomfortable feeling. Qing Shui only gradually stopped when the burning Qi was absorbed by the Ancient Strengthening Technique!

Qing Shui felt that his abilities had increased by quite a lot, and the automatic circulation of the Ancient Strengthening Technique also seemed to be stronger, and provided a more comfortable feeling all over. Qing Shui started to notice the his speed and strength!

After this bout had ended, half a day had already passed. The Small Revitalizing Pill was only suitable for strong people who were at least Xiantian, otherwise not only would it waste one of the chances of taking the pill, the abilities of the person would also not increase by much!

Storing the remaining four pills in a specially created porcelain bottle, Qing Shui looked at the remaining ingredients, gave it some thought, and decided to refine one more time. With the six additional Small Revitalizing Pills, in addition to the previous four, there were a total of ten pills. He stored them in pairs!

’’To think that both attempts were successful. Is my success rate for alchemy really high? Or is it just that the success rate for alchemy in the world of the nine continents is just too low?’’ Qing Shui didn't really understand, but since it was a good thing for him, he gave up thinking too hard about it!

Refining the Small Revitalizing Pills took him half of his available time. After succeeding in the refining of the Small Revitalizing Pills, Qing Shui's mood was slightly better, and he spent the remainder of his time learning the utilization of the Tiger Form of the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique!

The tiger was the king of the forest in his previous life. The tiger was also considered one of the four celestial beasts in ancient times!

The dragon moved with the clouds while the tiger moved with the wind. The tiger emphasized its presence, it would use its aura to overpower others!

Qing Shui saw that the Tiger Form had a specialized energy channeling technique, the ’’Tiger's Roar’’. At full mastery, upon one's execution of the move it would be as if it were accompanied by the roar of a tiger, and cause a tremor of the spirit and the soul!

There were a few killer moves of the Tiger Form as well, including Tiger's Mount, Tiger's Descent, Tiger Enters the Jungle, Tiger Tailwhip Kick!

The main traits were the emphasis on the form as fist, intent as spirit, using rhythm to exert power and using Qi to boost strength. The Tiger Form emphasized heavily on having a strong presence, on having a strong ferocious and crushing intent!

The reason Qing Shui decided to take up the Tiger Form of the the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique was because it only required the use of his hands. As Qing Shui had trained the Solitary Rapid Fist, if he took up other fist techniques, then it would be easier to grasp, unless it was one of those super mysterious skills or techniques!

After training the ’’Tiger's Roar’’ for some time, he separately practiced hacking with the sword, as well as the Deer Cantering, and even attempting to merge and complement these skills as well!

Time waits for no one. He stayed until he was kicked out by the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal!

He walked to the windows, and looked out at the lights on the streets. There were many people who enjoyed the nightlife, and it was not yet time for them to head back home!*

*TL:(Every time Qing Shui is kicked out by the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal it is slightly past 11pm.)

Qing Shui who was not feeling sleepy, opened the doors and saw that the lights in Mingyue Gelou's room were still lit up. Then it hit Qing Shui that all the rooms were all lit up. Since they were using Light Stones, there would still be soft light even when they were sleeping. If they had important matters to attend to, then they would increase the numbers of the Light Stones to increase the intensity of the light!

He walked to the doors to Mingyue Gelou's room and impulsively touched it. Surprisingly, the door opened and Qing Shui was stunned to see through the gaps of the door that Mingyue Gelou was lying against the edge of the bed, asleep, with the little girl lying down next to her, in a deep sleep.

The weather had turned chilly, and Qing Shui saw that Mingyue Gelou did not have any covers on, and her graceful figure was curled up, with her arms tucked tightly close to her chest.

Pushing open the doors gentle, Qing Shui slowly walked over and gently covered her with a blanket!

Mingyue Gelou's brows were closely knit together, as if she were having a bad dream. Her eyes were tightly shut, and her face was slightly pale!

’’Give back my daughter, you beast, give her back!’’ Mingyue Gelou was talking in her sleep while two rows of tears dripped down from her tightly shut eyes!

’’Mingyue, wake up! No one would be able to snatch our daughter away!’’ Qing Shui grabbed onto her waving arms, and slowly spoke next to her ears!

Mingyue Gelou opened her eyes which had turned slightly red. Upon seeing Qing Shui, she was stunned before she slowly drew back her arms, allowing Qing Shui to gently wipe away her tears.

’’What's wrong, Mingyue? Did you have a bad dream?’’ Qing Shui said softly.

’’That rascal was so bent on taking away my daughter, I'm so scared!’’ Mingyue Gelou looked at the little girl who was in a deep sleep and said.

’’Don't think too much. Mingyue, with me around, no one would be able to even think of bullying you and our daughter in the future. Be more cheerful and happy!’’

’’It's so late, what's the matter?’’ Mingyue Gelou said with a slightly ’’uneasy’’ look!

After all, it was considered very late. With Qing Shui appearing in her room, her heart was beating a bit faster, even though the two of them had already had a physical relationship previously.

’’Your husband misses you, isn't that okay?’’ Qing Shui saw Mingyue Gelou's shy look, and started to feel heated up. It did not help that the refining of the Small Revitalizing Pills had diluted the troubles he had with Wenren Wushuang!

’’Mmm...’’ Mingyue Gelou did not know what to say to Qing Shui. What did he mean that he missed her, calling himself her husband, and even asking her if it was alright...The two of them have had se*. Most people would think of that act when hearing this, and he had even asked for her consent at the end...

Gently tilting up Mingyue Gelou's chin, looking at the charming and shy expression as well as the beautiful lips which were like flower petals, Qing Shui gently planted a kiss on her lips and began to seriously suck on them!

He may have been awkward on the first attempt, but was well accustomed from the second time onwards. To Qing Shui, kissing was now like a walk in the park, and he could even add in some tricks!

Gradually, Qing Shui's kiss turned frantic and greedy. His hands were not left idle, as they ascended her magnificent peaks, feeling the full and substantial feeling which had a surprising bounciness in his hands. He started to caress the two erected pearls on her peaks, causing Mingyue Gelou to wiggle as if she were itchy!

The clothes on the two people were gradually removed. The voluptuous beauty had snow white skin that was smooth and tender to the touch, as if it were brimming with moisture. Her slender and long legs were mesmerizing as well! He grabbed onto that slender waist of hers.

Upon seeing the extreme beauty of the slender figure, Qing Shui could hear himself gulping!

As Qing Shui was afraid that they might wake up the little girl, he carried the naked Mingyue Gelou, placing her on top of himself, and with that high-spirited and erect weapon of his...

A raspy and seductive cry sounded as Qing Shui slung his arms over her knees while Mingyue Gelou wrapped her hands around Qing Shui's neck. Qing Shui moved rapidly, yet his eyes did not blink, and instead remained on Mingyue Gelou's pure yet lusty pretty face. The seductive charm left Qing Shui unable to stop himself, and he had the urge to devour Mingyue Gelou.

The room regained its peacefulness as Qing Shui held Mingyue Gelou in his arms as they laid down on her bed, covered with a nice-smelling quilt. Qing Shui liked the feeling when Mingyue Gelou was lying naked on his chest. He occasionally teased her by saying dirty jokes, which made her complain in embarrassment, yet caused her to gently laugh non-stop!

’’Did you have something on your mind?’’ Mingyue Gelou snuggled her face on Qing Shui's chest as she spoke!

’’Mingyue, do you think women are willing to share a man with other women?’’ Qing Shui wanted to know how women thought!

Mingyue Gelou smiled and looked at Qing Shui. ’’Qing Shui, there is almost no capable man across the world of the nine continents who only has one women. On the other hand, women are very strange creatures;they like to envy, to snatch. If a man had no women, then it would mean that he does not have the abilities. Those with abilities would have a number of women after not too long. Actually, there are many women who would rather share an outstanding man with others instead of spending their entire life beside a useless and common man. Of course, there are also exceptions!’’

Upon hearing Mingyue Gelou's words, Qing Shui's eyes had a look of determination flash past his clear eyes!


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