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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 144


AST 0144 - There's an Expert in the Situ Clan?

’’I came for a marriage proposal today!’’

Qing Shui spoke slowly as he looked at Shi Qingzhuang who had a panicked look on her face. He said each word very clearly.

’’Marriage proposal? What marriage proposal?’’ Shi Qingzhuang was once again puzzled.

Seeing that Shi Qingzhuang did not seem to be pretending to be unaware, a few thoughts popped up in Qing Shui's mind. The clearest one of them all was that she had never thought of them being together.

’’I told your grandfather that I want you as my wife!’’ Qing Shui said gloomily.

’’Me? Didn't you know that I am already betrothed to the Situ Clan?’’ Shi Qingzhuang looked at Qing Shui in surprise.

’’I know, but you can only be mine. Could it be that you actually want to be married to Situ Bufan?’’ Qing Shui raised his head to gaze at this cool beauty.

Shi Qingzhuang's beautiful eyes looked at Qing Shui without blinking as she sighed. ’’I will not be married to anyone in this life, not to anyone!’’

’’Why? I know that you may not like me now, but I also know for a fact that you do not like Situ Bufan. Do you really not care that that night, we...’’ Qing Shui said, panicking.

’’Enough, didn't I already tell you that I do not like Situ Bufan? Forget about what happened that night. Take it as if nothing had ever happened!’’ Shi Qingzhuang had long regained her unapproachable coolness.

’’If I were to kill Situ Bufan, what would you do then?’’ Qing Shui was interrupted by Shi Qingzhuang and was feeling slightly irritated, but he still controlled himself and spoke calmly.

’’Although you have already attained the realm of Xiantian, it would be better if you don't. Don't push your kin towards danger so easily.’’

Qing Shui was not stupid. Shi Qingzhuang's words had made him think about a lot of stuff. He looked towards Shi Qingzhuang with doubt, feeling slightly hurt by her, by her heartless words.

Seeing that Qing Shui's clear eyes which were filled with elements she could not describe, Shi Qingzhuang felt her heart tugging slightly. She sighed and said, ’’I don't know much, just that there's an expert from Situ Clan who was travelling out of the city. That person had ventured out many years ago, and had returned to the Situ Clan some time ago. He is a Xiantian expert, one who has been a Xiantian cultivator for tens of years. It was said that he has strong backing behind him.’’

’’This is the reason that you are not accepting me?’’ Qing Shui's broken heart once again felt some warmth. It seemed she was not that heartless.

’’Qing Shui, there are many accidents in life, and I have been through enough of them. I even doubt my own value now, appearing like a zombie. The future in front of you is smooth-sailing with plenty of opportunities, why are you so bent on taking this dead end?’’ Shi Qingzhuang frowned slightly, her long lashes fluttering, looking so poignant that one's heart would ache for her!

’’Who said that this is a dead end? After removing all the obstacles blocking this route, would you still call it a dead end?’’ Qing Shui said as he moved in front of Shi Qingzhuang, staring hard at her cold and beautiful gazed.

’’Qing Shui, don't be so childish. Listen to me, you are a talent blessed by heaven, why would you want to act on impulse? There are too many good women out there, when you reach the peak of your martial prowess, you would have all kinds of women! If you can't restrain yourself now, you'll bring harm to your family. The powers of sects are too terrible!’’ Shi Qingzhuang said softly and warmly, a forced slight smile hung on her cool face, as if it were the warm sun in the winter, yet it was also as if spring had returned, as if all the flowers had bloomed!

’’Could it be even stronger than Skysword Sect?’’ Qing Shui could not help but ask when he heard Shi Qingzhuang mentioning sects. After all, he had heard some information related to sects from his goddess-like master previously.

’’I had vaguely heard that it is slightly stronger than Skysword Sect, but it is not in Cang Lang Country!’’ Shi Qingzhuang's cold voice that sounded had a gentle note to it in Qing Shui's ears.

’’No matter who he is, I will destroy all those who dares stand in my path. Young lady, you can only be my woman in this life. No one can think of snatching you away!’’ Qing Shui looked at Shi Qingzhuang's cool and pretty face and said with a smile that wasn't a smile, but his expression was dead serious.

Shi Qingzhuang smiled gently. This was the first real smile he had seen from her today. The slight smile earlier was only a nice curve of the corner of her lips, but it was an actual smile now. The white and pearly teeth on the cool face made one swoon.

’’Did I say that I want to marry a rascal kid like you?’’ Shi Qingzhuang smiled gently and looked at Qing Shui!

One cannot deny that Qing Shui felt even better when he saw Shi Qingzhuang's smile than when he had taken the soup made with the Drunken Fragrance Fruit. It was an indescribable joy.

’’I'm an adult man, you had said so yourself that night...’’

’’You're asking for a beating!’’ A layer of pink crawled over Shi Qingzhuang's pretty face, making her cool and charming face even more mesmerizing. It was even more attractive than what it looked like after they had se* when she was drugged. After all, this time around, she was awake, and only Qing Shui could enjoy charm of this unparalleled beauty at this moment!

’’Be assured, we will be engaged very soon. We will wed when you want to marry me. Qingzhuang, what do you say?’’ Qing Shui reached out his hand, wanting to hold Shi Qingzhuang's, but the other party threw a sideward glance at him and dodged.

’’You're not allowed to touch me. I've already told you everything. You're not stupid, just don't do something which you will regret!’’

When Qing Shui bade Shi Dingtian goodbye, he told the Old Master to pass along his message of ’’I will bash whoever dares to vie with me for Qingzhuang’’ to Situ Clan. Whoever does not agree, would be bashed by him till they do!

When Shi Qingzhuang had mentioned that the other party's backing was not in Cang Lang Country and was slightly stronger than Skysword Sect, Qing Shui knew that it would not do them much good to pick a fight in Cang Lang Country. Moreover, the one from Situ Clan was merely a Protector.

A Xiantian cultivator, would only be a Protector in a sect like Skysword Sect. So what if he had spent tens of years as a Xiantian, he should be able to handle him. Moreover, his goddess-like master should have sent someone to keep an eye on him. It felt good to have someone looking after you!

’’Old Master, I will get my elders to send the betrothal gifts in the next two days. These next few days, we should reject Qingzhuang's betrothal first!’’ Qing Shui told Shi Dingtian before he left.

The next day!

Situ Clan!

’’Rejecting marriage?!’’ Situ Bufan asked Situ Nantian, puzzled.

’’Yes, the Shi Clan wants to reject the marriage. They said that that chap Qing Shui wants to marry Qingzhuang, and even let out the word that he would bash whoever dares to vie with him for Shi Qingzhuang!’’ Situ Nantian snarled and said.

’’Granddad, isn't old ancestor back? Is our Situ Clan going to accept this humiliation?’’ There was a strand of hate in Situ Bufan's eyes.

’’You go back first, Granddad knows what to do!’’ Situ Nantian got Situ Bufan to head back, but he himself was deep in thought in his room!

Situ Bufan left silently, but the hatred in his eyes got stronger and stronger. Once the marriage was rejected, it would be the worst humiliation of his life!’’


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