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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 137


AST 0137 - The feeling of a heart warming family


Qing Shui gazed at the adorable little girl walking over with a bounce in her step as he swept the little girl into a hug under the gentle smile of Wu-shuang.

’’Okay, come look for me when you are free. I won't disturb you all any longer.’’ Wu-shuang lightly pinched the cheeks of the little girl as she laughed and departed.

’’You're back!’’ It was only at this moment that Mingyue spoke.

Qing Shui looked at Mingyue Gelou, whom he had not seen for half a month. That saintliness of her motherly love was extremely attractive to him. Compared to back then, her smile now was even wider, and filled with warmth. Every movement she made would cause people to be mesmerized. Not only that, but she was also extremely amicable and easy to approach.

’’Sister Mingyue, have you gotten used to staying here?’’ Qing Shui joyfully led the way as all three of them walked in the direction of the Qing Clan's medical store.

’’Yes, the people here are all very nice to me and my daughter. Thank you, if not for you, my daughter...’’

’’Mingyue, Yuchang has already regarded me as her daddy. I've said it before that I was fated to meet her. Curing her makes me even happier than you feel, so don't worry about it.’’

Qing Shui, in a moment of agitation, had directly called her Mingyue. He wasn't willing to see Mingyue keep putting herself down, treating herself like a servant.

Mingyue Gelou felt a warmth blossom in her heart as she heard the words of Qing Shui. It was unknown when it had started, but the shadow of Qing Shui had already left an indelible imprint in her heart.

The most important thing was that Qing Shui was currently her support. It could even be said that he was the very sky supporting her. She felt that if there was no Qing Shui, even the sky would crumble.

’’This place would forever be considered as home for both of you. The people living here are also your kin. Do you agree Yuchang?’’ Qing Shui laughed, as he slowly enunciated each word of the sentence to his daughter. Although the sound of his voice wasn't loud, it resounded like thunder in Mingyue's heart, as tears involuntarily flowed down her cheeks.

’’Daddy, home, lololo!’’

Qing Shui kissed the cheeks of the little girl, and walked into the medical store together with Mingyue.

It was afternoon now, so only Yuan Ying was around. The rest were all busy with their own tasks;even Qing Zi and his wife were away settling some business deals.

Recently the Qing Clan, in the period of time that Qing Shui was away, had started a small trading business where they import and export items. The main items were beast furs, coal and specialty merchandise. Qing Zi and his wife were helping out in this new business venture. They had already planned it all out, and wanted to start this long ago. The only thing that had held them back before, was the lack of funds. Before Qing Shui went to the Golden Ringed Valley, he took out about 30,000 taels of silver for them to use as their startup capital.

’’Qing Shui, was that woman earlier your fiancee? She's so beautiful, and you guys look so cute together!’’ Mingyue remarked happily along the way.

Looking at how happy Mingyue was chatting about his 'fiancee', Qing Shui silently scolded the stupid man who tossed Mingyue aside. This type of man didn't know how to cherish a woman. How could he ever allow such a good woman like Mingyue to suffer.

’’She's very beautiful, as beautiful as sister Mingyue, but she's not my fiancee. Nobody wants me anyway. Do you want me sister Mingyue?’’ Qing Shui smiled as he replied.

’’Ah! No, no. This sister is already a flower that has lost its bloom. How would I have the qualifications be with you? Sister's greatest wish is just to see you attain happiness.’’

’’Don't say it like that, in my heart, you are very pure and saintly. He left you because he was blind. Be more confident in yourself. You don't lose out to others at all, and even look more beautiful compared to them.’’ Qing Shui held her hands after speaking, apparently intending on giving her courage.

’’Thank you, Qing Shui!’’ Mingyue blushed, causing Qing Shui to be breathless, awed by her beauty.

That night after they had heard that Qing Shui was back, and upon learning that there were demonic beasts to feast upon, the Qing Clan members were all endlessly shocked. Qing Shui had brought back quite a bit of the Snake King's flesh.

Meat from demonic beasts were incomparably delicious. Everyone in this world knew that the higher grade a demonic beast was, the tastier their flesh would be. Not only that, their flesh could be preserved for longer periods of time, even through the blistering heat of summer, the meat wouldn't spoil even if it was left out in the open for half a month.

After Qing Yi realized that Qing Shui killed a Xiantian grade demonic beast, she was initially joyful, but it soon turned into reproach. She repeatedly reminded Qing Shui never to attempt such a feat again.

’’Brother Qing Shui, my idol. Little brother future happiness will all depend on you from now on. Groom me to the xiantian level, and find me a Xiantian wife...’’

Everyone burst into laughter after hearing the words of the joker, Qing You. The younger generation had all started to use their language 'to beat up' Qing You, as Qing You helplessly pleaded with Qing Shui, but was of course rejected. From this, Qing Shui could feel the happiness that came about from the warmth of a family. He understood that Qing You had very thick skin, and seemed invulnerable to whatever jeers were thrown his way.

The 3rd generation of the Qing Clan weren't numerous, and couldn't be considered a big family Clan. However the relationship between them were as close as real brothers, and they would go all out for each other. Qing bei, the only female in the 3rd generation received more care and love compared to the others.

Now that Mingyue and Yuchang were staying over at the Qing Clan, little Yuchang became the focus of attention, and everyone felt as though she really was the daughter of Qing Shui.

The little girl was the most favored in the Qing Clan. No matter who saw her, they would involuntarily rush over and bring her to go shopping in the streets. No matter what she wanted to buy, she would get it. Especially Qing Yi, she spoiled the little girl the most. Maybe it was because she was transferring the love of her lost daughter over to little Yuchang.

During the night, the antics of little Yuchang caused Qing Shui to have a headache. She insisted on going into Qing Shui's room before she would sleep, causing him to be helpless.

It didn't matter if the little lass wanted to sleep in Qing Shui room. But, what was troublesome was that the little lass also wanted Mingyue Gelou to go along with her, refusing to be separated from her.

Qing Shui stood there dumbly while Mingyue blushed furiously, as she wanted to forcibly carry the little lass away.

The little lass tightly clutched the shirt of Qing Shui, refusing to let go.

’’Mingyue it's fine. The little lass should fall asleep soon after she plays around for a while.’’ Qing Shui carried little Yuchang as he stated to Mingyue.

Quite some time had passed after they finished dinner. Because of his cultivation, Qing Shui chose to stay at the highest level of the medical store because no one would disturb him there. When Mingyue and little Yuchang decided to stay with the Qing Clan, their room was also arranged on the top level.

The little lass was tossing and turning in his bed, and as long as Qing Shui played with her, she would be very happy. Qing Shui had long treated her as his own daughter. Even though he didn't know what feeling would he experience when he hugged his real daughter in the future, for now, little Yuchang, was his daughter.

Now, it was already late autumn. It was quite cool during the night, and as the moonlight outside shone through the window, illuminating the interior of the room with a soft radiance, the room looked very beautiful.

Under the silvery moonlight, Mingyue resembled a goddess cloaked in silver satin. Her saintly, beautiful face caused one to lose themselves in it as she rocked little Yuchang asleep. As little Yuchang fell asleep, Qing Shui froze like a deer in the headlights, thinking to himself how great would it be if he had a pure and gentle wife like her.

When Mingyue caught sight of the dumbfounded Qing Shui. She felt an indescribable emotion shaking her heart. It was as though she could somewhat tell what Qing Shui was thinking.

Realizing that Mingyue was gazing at him, Qing Shui hurriedly rearranged his features as he awkwardly smiled, ’’you look amazingly beautiful when you are rocking little Yuchang to sleep, so mesmerizing...’’

The words of Qing Shui caused her to be in shock as her misty eyes lowered, not daring to look at Qing Shui. The demure Mingyue adopting such a shy posture emitted a kind of charm and grace that did not lose out to the radiance of the moon.

His heart stirring as he was lost in his thoughts, Qing Shui instantly moved towards Mingyue as he pulled her into an embrace.

Like warm jade, feeling the well endowed body of Mingyue in his embrace, Qing Shui's mind instantly went blank. Ever since he tasted Shi Qingzhuang, Qing Shui had been longing for this feeling again. Even though the night fragrant court had plenty of woman, Qing Shui disdained the thought of paying money to get se*. He didn't want se* just to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. If he did, he would just gradually become an empty vessel.

Mingyue initially wanted to struggle the moment Qing Shui embraced her. But, after thinking about all the things Qing Shui had done for her, she decided not to. She knew that the reason why Qing Shui acted like this was because of the passion of youth. Her cherry lips were sealed, but opened after a moment of shock.

Without a sound of protest, Mingyue closed her eyes, allowing Qing Shui to do as he wished. Gradually, a slight moan escaped her lips as she had once again felt a feeling that she had not felt for a long time. As she opened her eyes, she glanced at Qing Shui, however, he was still lost in a state of enrapture.

Qing Shui was greedily licking his lips while pressing that slender body of Mingyue into him.

Slowly, both the hands of Qing Shui left the willowy waist of Mingyue, as he slipped his hands further downwards, savoring the feeling of caressing that beautiful butt. That smooth and soft feeling caused Qing Shui to be totally lost in it.

Gradually, the clothing on both of their bodies got lesser and lesser. Mingyue's face was already burning red, and as she looked at Qing Shui removing the clothes on her upper body, two complicated teardrops slid down her face.

Abruptly, Qing Shui paused, as traces of complexity could be seen in his eyes, as he gazed at the snowy white amble bosom of Mingyue before looking at her tear-filled eyes.

However, one of his hands was already cupping one of the soft mounds of Mingyue, while his other hand was stroking back and forth between Mingyue's slit.

Knowing that he had lost control, Qing Shui hurriedly threw the blanket over Mingyue Gelou, blocking the sight of her beautiful body.

’’I'm... sorry, I'm a beast.’’ Qing Shui replied in pain.

Mingyue gazed at the clear eyes of Qing Shui. Although Qing Shui had also covered himself with the blanket, she could still feel the erection that Qing Shui had developed.

’’Don't blame you, I don't blame you, I truly don't blame you. I've said it before, I would give everything to you!’’ After seeing that Qing Shui was clearheaded again, Mingyue gently smiled. That holy aura she exuded combined with her beauty, perfectly melded together at that instant.

’’Elder sister, I won't take advantage of you while you are down. If I did go all the way, there would be no difference between me and those other beasts out there that lust after you.’’ Qing Shui gently hugged Mingyue through the blankets.

’’You are completely different from them. Elder sister will never again remarry in this lifetime. The concern you have towards me and little Yuchang is something that I will remember forever. I feel miserable looking at you like this. If you don't mind that elder sister is a flower that has already lost its bloom,then take me, right now.’’ The softly spoken words of Mingyue caused the fiery flames of passion to rise again in Qing Shui's heart.

Should I do it, or not?


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