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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 134


AST 0134 - Accompaniment of a Beauty on a Journey

’’Is it really that funny?’’ Qing Shui looked at the Wenren Wu-shuang who had been laughing nonstop on the journey, feeling gloomy.

Qing Shui and Wenren Wu-shuang were traveling on a horse drawn carriage, with Qing Shui acting as the coachman, and Wenren Wu-shuang guiding the way. Therefore, the curtain of the window facing the coachman seat was drawn back. One in the carriage and one outside, the two of them chatted happily to spend the time.

When they left in the morning, Yuchang was hugging Qing Shui calling him daddy, refusing to let him leave. Wenren Wu-shuang saw the whole scene, and even went up to her to give her a hug.

Everytime she recalled how Qing Shui was trying to coax the little girl helplessly, she felt like laughing. They had merely travelled a few li distance and Wenren Wu-shuang had already laughed for the 3rd time. Her melodious laughter, though it was slightly wilful, was still graceful. One could not help but feel that no matter what action a beauty performs, it would still be a beautiful scene.

’’Funny, it's too funny. When I think of how you looked, I can't help but feel like laughing.’’

Qing Shui remained silent. There was only Wenren Wu-shuang's melodious laughter in the air. While Qing Shui appeared gloomy, he was in fact feeling happy on the inside. After all, it was a joyous thing to be able to make a beauty happy.

’’I really don't understand. What's so funny about my daughter calling me daddy.’’ Qing Shui turned his head and stared hard at Wenren Wu-shuang's protruding peaks.

Wenren Wu-shuang saw Qing Shui's look and lightly snapped at him, ’’What are you staring at? You're already a man with a family and daughter, you need to stop being being so flirtatious and treat them well! I'm so envious of your cute child!’’

Qing Shui smiled, and said something which made Wenren Wu-shuang put down the curtains.

’’No need to be envious, if you like, then we can also have one. The child would be equally cute and pretty! You seem to quite like kids, mmm, don't put down the curtains...’’


Silence fell suddenly, and Qing Shui started to feel uneasy. Did his words poke where it hurt her...usually when he joked with her, she was not so easily angered.

As time slowly passed, but Qing Shui did not feel good when Wenren Wu-shuang did not reply when he tried to call out a few times. He knew that he must have hurt Wenren Wu-shuang's feelings and he started to feel increasingly uneasy.

’’Wu-shuang, which route should I take ahead? We've reached a crossroads.’’ Qing Shui finally came to a crossroads, thinking you would definitely need to say something now.

The curtains opened, and she pointed the way for Qing Shui. The curtains stayed draped down, so her mood must be very bad. Even her beautiful eyes were slightly reddish.

’’Wu-shuang, I'm sorry. I won't say such a thing to you in the future!’’ Qing Shui solemnly apologized.

Wenren Wu-shuang gave Qing Shui a complicated look and said, ’’Let me share with you some stories of my past. I have yet to speak to anyone about them.’’

’’Alright!’’ Qing Shui threw a glance at the moody Wenren Wu-shuang, and kept on silently driving the horse drawn carriage.

’’My sister and I came from a normal family, in fact, a very poor family. In spite of that, the four of us were very happy. Sister was 8 years older than me. When I turned 2 years old, our father got into an accident. The originally poor but happy family immediately fell into a desperate situation. My mother brought along my sister and I and tried to make a living for three years. It was a very tough three years. The year I turned 5, my mother finally fell to exhaustion. My sister who was 13 then, brought me along to run about in the marketplace, living a life not knowing when our next meal would be. This was until we met with my master.’’

Listening to the sad tone, Qing Shui could feel her grief. He had originally thought that he was unhappy, but at least in his childhood, he had a mother who loved him. But this was not the case for her.

’’When I heard what you said earlier, I couldn't help but think about my past. I feel that with children, one needs to take up responsibility, and bring them up. If I were to have a child in the future, I would make them the happiest person in the world of the nine continents.’’ Wenren Wu-shuang mumbled to herself as if she was talking in her sleep.

’’Turns out that it was because my words just now were too irresponsible!’’ Qing Shui thought to himself bitterly.

’’Wu-shuang, don't be sad, it's all over, and it'll be alright in the future. My situation is no better than yours. You've been to the Qing Clan's Medicinal Hall a couple of times. To be honest, I've never met the guy whom I'm supposed to call father.’’

Hearing Qing Shui's words, Wenren Wu-shuang could not help but look at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui slowly shared with her what he knew, including the stories of Yan Clan.

’’You really plan to head to Yan Clan in a few years time to pay them back for what they've done?’’ Tears streaked down Wenren Wu-shuang's face as she listened to the story, especially when she heard that Qing Shui still had an elder sister who had been taken away before she turned one year old.

’’I don't care who they are, those who bullied my mother will need to pay back for what they've done. Every year delayed would mean that they'd need to pay back one time more, ten years delayed would means that they'd have to pay back ten times more!’’ Qing Shui said calmly as he said with a determined look.

’’Your mother must be very happy to have a son like you. But, I hope that you'd be able to discuss this more in the future, and look for a solution to the problem.’’ Wenren Wu-shuang put aside her grief and said sincerely.

’’Wu-shuang, is this also the reason why your sister is not married yet?’’ Qing Shui remembered that Wenren Wu-gou was still single.

Wenren Wu-shuang sighed. ’’Sister said that she has yet to meet a guy she likes. She said that she'd rather spend her life alone than to look after a man whom she doesn't like.’’

’’Wu-shuang, what about you? You're grown up now. Do you have a man you like? Quickly tell your elder brother! Elder brother will help you take a look at him!’’

’’No!’’ Wenren Wu-shuang did not reprimand Qing Shui for calling himself her elder brother despite being younger but rejected him outright.

’’You have a hidden agenda. I'm concerned that if there was a man I liked, you'd poke him with your needles. By then, there'll be serious consequences.’’ Wenren Wu-shuang's cheeks were dyed red, probably recalling the time when she was fully exposed to Qing Shui at the mention of acupuncture.

’’Hehe, you know me well. If I knew of anyone who had evil designs for you, I would poke him so that he'd have the same condition as the youth who came seeking medical treatment yesterday.’’

Wenren Wu-shuang was stunned. She recalled that Qing Shui had mentioned that the youth had a condition where he was deprived of Yang energy or something, resulting in his impotence, and inability to do the deed with women...

’’Wu-shuang, I have something to discuss with you!’’ After a while, Qing Shui suddenly asked.

’’Oh, go ahead!’’

’’Are you interested in joining the Skysword Sect?’’ Qing Shui recalled that that beautiful master of his had mentioned that a Xiantian cultivator could join the Skysword Sect as a Protector via referrals.

’’Skysword Sect is the biggest sect in Cang Lang Country. Who wouldn't want to join? But it is too bad that one can only join under the referral of one who is at least a Protector from the main branch.’’ Wenren Wu-shuang sighed as she spoke.

’’Although I'm not a Protector, I should be able to refer you in. Sometime in the future, why don't you head to the Skysword Sect with me?’’ Qing Shui wanted to make use of the platform of the Skysword Sect to show himself off.

’’Mmm, I forgot that you're a disciple of the Skysword Sect. Alright, I hope that your reputation is big enough!’’ Wenren Wu-shuang looked at Qing Shui and said.

That smile was simply magnificent!

Three days later, they were nearing Golden-Ringed Valley. Qing Shui saw the winding valleys in the distance, covered closely with vegetation, trees, old vines, and weeds everywhere.

There were many towering trees whose vines were as thick as a person's arm, causing Qing Shui to be filled with amazement since he had only seen small trees in his previous life.

The Golden-Ringed Valley was named after the Golden-Ringed Snakes in the valley. Many places across the world of the nine continents were named after the demonic beasts or wild beasts that lived there. A good example of this was the Wild Boar Mountains!

’’Wu-shuang, you are bright, so I'll teach you a movement technique.’’ Qing Shui thought of the Deer Cantering of the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique.

Qing Shui reached out his hand!

Wenren Wu-shuang hesitated, but eventually took Qing Shui's hand.

Facing the familiar soft touch once again, Qing Shui calmed himself and slowly shared the key points as he led Wenren Wu-shuang and demonstrated the movements of the Deer Cantering.

Qing Shui shared the key points with Wenren Wu-shuang, explaining the details with regards to the acupuncture points. To help Wenren Wu-shuang understand it better, he even used his hands to point out the acupuncture points on Wenren Wu-shuang's legs one by one. Although it felt flirtatious, the results were very obvious.

Wenren Wu-shuang had always been a person for fine details and pick things up fast. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to reach Xiantian so early.

’’Wow, this is so mystical, it increases one's speed by a lot. On the other hand, the Xiantian Qi is reduced a lot!’’ Wenren Wu-shuang happily use the Deer Cantering by herself and leapt with so much grace that it looked very charming.

Qing Shui watched on happily. To think that the stance of the Deer Cantering would differ from person to person. For him, it looked more like drifting or floating, while for Wenren Wu-shuang it appeared graceful. The similarity was the nimbleness and speed.

This practice took them half a day at the Golden-Ringed Valley.

Qing Shui seeing that it was getting dark soon, said, ’’Wu-shuang, let's rest here for a night and set off early tomorrow morning.’’

’’Mmm Mmm! Alright!’’ Wenren Wu-shuang was still drunk in happiness. After all, movement techniques were severely lacking, therefore it was everyone's dream to be able to increase their speed.

Qing Shui smiled bitterly as he looked at Wenren Wu-shuang who had almost neglected him. Only when Qing Shui had completed roasting the meat did Wenren Wu-shuang stop, and came running happily to sit beside Qing Shui. Qing Shui applied some condiments and continued roasting, causing a thick and nice aroma to waft out.

’’What do you think? Do you want the front leg, hind leg, or the pen*s?’’ Qing Shui smiled as he held onto to the wild lamb's two legs and the pen*s and asked.

’’Disgusting!’’ Wenren Wu-shuang smiled as she took away the front leg.

The smell and skill of Qing Shui's roasted meat was not bad, and the condiments were something he had made himself. Although there was still a gap between his culinary skills and condiments, it was still plenty delicious.

The wild lamb was roasted to a tempting golden-yellow color, with a oily and crispy texture. But that oily texture was in fact very fragrant and intoxicating. Although Wenren Wu-shuang took small graceful bites, she was eating very fast.


Qing Shui turned his head and almost spit out his food. He suddenly recalled a perverted joke from his previous life, which was about the effects of when a woman tells a man that she wanted more.

He quickly passed her a big chunk of the wild lamb's upper thigh meat!

’’You roast meat better than I do!’’ After finishing, Wenren Wu-shuang finally gave a comment. Qing Shui was very touched. She ate for very long time without even a comment, but thank goodness she still gave quite a good rating after finishing.

They set up the tent near the walls of the mountain. A man and woman alone in the wilderness, Qing Shui wanted very much for something to happen. But those were merely thoughts.

Unknowingly, the bright moon hung high in the air, very pure. Qing Shui and Wenren Wu-shuang stood at a high point looking at the blurred night view afar.

’’It's late, let's head back and get some rest!’’ Qing Shui helped Wenren Wu-shuang tighten her outer coat and said softly as he looked at the mesmerizing beauty which appeared graceful, like jade under the moonlight.

’’Mmm!’’ It was the first time that Wenren Wu-shuang was stared at by a man in such close proximity in the middle of the night! Qing Shui was very tempted by the blushing unparalleled beauty in front of him.

’’Wu-shuang, you're really beautiful! Oh, how I wish I could hug you!’’ Qing Shui smiled lightly, and he immediately woke up from the trance surprisingly.

Wenren Wu-shuang lifted her shy head and blinked her beautiful eyes. To Qing Shui's surprise, she gently wrapped her arms around Qing Shui's neck and gently rested her beautiful figure into Qing Shui's embrace.

With a beauty in his arms, the soft and bouncy touch made Qing Shui blank out as he instinctively wrapped his hands around Wenren Wu-shuang's thin waist.

Feeling the smooth touch of the skin with his hands, an elegant fragrant rose to his nose, and Qing Shui's arms instinctively tightened!


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