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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 130


AST 0130 - Martial Clinic (2)

’’Ai, why are you still here?’’ Qing Shui felt a bit weird after realizing that Shi Mushi was still following him.

’’I wish to ask you for help.’’

Shi Mushi seemingly spoke with hesitation, the look on his face was as though he had never begged someone for a favor before. Qing Shui was astonished, exactly what kind of help did Shi Mushi needed?

’’What do you need?’’ Qing Shui inquired, as he looked upon the complicated expressions on Shi Mushi's face.

’’If you are free, could you visit my elder sister?’’ Shi Mushi regarded Qing Shui as he seriously spoke, the sincerity apparent in his tone.

Qing Shui never expected Shi Mushi would ask this of him. Not only that, but he did so sincerely. Qing Shui wondered whether Shi Mushi knew of the things that happened between him and Shi Qingzhuang.

’’Why?’’ Qing Shui couldn't describe what he was feeling now, as he asked in a low voice.

’’I once unintentionally noticed that my sister was doodling on a piece of paper, while staring blankly. Do you know what it was that she wrote?’’

Qing Shui shook his head!

’’Your name. The piece of paper was filled with the words 'Qing Shui'!’’

Even after Qing Shui returned back to the medical store, he was still thinking of Shi Mushi's words. ’’Your name. The piece of paper was filled with the words 'Qing Shui'!’’. If someone were to tell him that Shi Qingzhuang was in love with him, Qing Shui would have never believed it. Although he took her first time away, it shouldn't be love. Could it be she wrote his name down, because she hated him?

After that, Qing Shui created a ugly looking tablet for himself. Using red ink from cinnabar, he wrote the words ’’Martial Clinic’’ in cursive. Looking at the words that were half-crooked, it gave off a sense that Qing Shui really knew a thing or two about the healing arts.

The members from the 3rd generation moved some tables, chairs, and even beds to the clinic. The tables and chairs were moved to the 1st floor, beds on the 2nd floor, while the 3rd floor was empty.

Qing Shui hung the tablet up, as well as prepared some firecrackers at the entrance. This was the most dilapidated looking clinic in history. There wasn't even any medicine in it!

Qing Shui wrote on another tablet stating that just for today, since today was the first day he opened this business, all consultation would be free, regardless of any types of illnesses.

During this period of time, because he had been concocting nothing but the Golden Sore Ointment, he had a huge excess of it. Thus, he filled many bottles up with the powder, and placed it on the table. Without a choice, he had to use the Golden Sore Ointment as a substitute for his lack of herbs.

’’Qing Hu, Qing You, go help me create a shelf or something like a cupboard. It would be better if the cover is transparent instead of opaque.’’

’’Okay, got it!’’

The crowds of people were all attracted by the sound of the firecrackers. Voices of their discussion could be heard as Qing Shui started to hand out leaflets.

’’Is this for real? He can even cure those weird and strange illnesses and ineradicable disease? Who does he think he is!’’ A disdainful voice sounded out from the mouth of an old man with a goatee.

’’He is the one who killed a Xiantian Cultivator, Qing Shui from the Qing Clan.’’ It was unknown who had spoken.

It could be said that Qing Shui was extremely famous in the Hundred Miles City. Of course, merely hearing his name wasn't the same as meeting him in person. The moment that earlier person said that he was Qing Shui, an uproar spread and it even attracted more people!

’’Doctor Qian, he was the one who cured the old man from the Yu Clan, enabling him to recover his strength back to the Xiantian realm. That was something that almost no doctors had any solutions for. Don't you think he is stronger than you?’’ A skinny young man about 30, laughed.

’’Waaaa, so young and so handsome and he's even a Xiantian Cultivator, and still able to cure illnesses. I want to marry him!’’ A fat little young lady screamed out in a cutesy voice.

’’Erm, pretty lady, I think you better abolish that notion. Even Xiantian experts wouldn't be able to withstand your beauty!’’

It was unknown who replied, but the sentence caused the entire crowd to laugh.

At this moment, someone clad in hunter attire walked over with traces of panic, holding onto his right hand with a bitter expression.

’’Doctor, my arm was almost destroyed by a ferocious bear. Help me, the pain is killing me!’’

The hunter didn't seem to mind that Qing Shui was young, as he rolled up the sleeves of his injured arm.

As Qing Shui inspected the wound, the interior of the wound was bright red, and there was even fresh blood splurting out. The wound was so deep that even the white of bones could be seen as Qing Shui swiftly tapped on a few acupoints to stop the bleeding. Luckily the hunter was strong enough, if not, there was no way he would have been able to bear it.

’’I didn't think that the Golden Sore Ointment would need to be used so soon’’ Qing Shui retrieved a bottle of the best quality Golden Sore Ointment. The Golden Sore Ointment possessed disinfectant properties, so he applied the powder directly to the wound of the man.

’’Waa, so comfortable!’’

Qing Shui perspired madly as he heard the exclamation by the man...

’’Remember, do not exert any strength in this arm for three days. Your arm will be fine after that.’’ Qing Shui instructed.

’’Can you sell me a bottle of the medicine earlier? It's too miraculous! It wouldn't be too expensive right?’’

’’Don't worry, today is the first day of my business. It's free of charge. But only for today. I will start charging money starting from tomorrow. So if you want free consultation and medicine, quickly go and get more injuries today while the offer lasts!’’

The muscular hunter, ’’..................’’

But still, the hunter happily took the free bottle and left. ’’Everyone has seen it, he's a divine doctor. Nothing more needs to be said about his ethics or medical skills!’’

Looking at the hunter advertising for him, Qing Shui naturally would feel joyful in his heart.

A few of the crowd also tried consulting Qing Shui and all of them left with satisfaction. One of them had an incurable disease, and another had been lame for 20 years, but to think that Qing Shui actually managed to cure them.

At noon time, Yu He actually came!

’’My great doctor, opening a clinic and not informing this little lady? Isn't this not giving me face?’’ Yu He lazily laughed.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose as he replied sheepishly, ’’I'm just playing around, and was afraid that you were busy. That's why I didn't inform you.’’

’’Haha, it's already noon. Let's go grab some lunch together!’’ Today, Yu He was clad in a white, high-collar blouse. Her hair were neatly tied up, and her beautiful countenance in addition to the sensual curves of her body emitted an indescribable charm.

’’Staring at me? You are always staring at me, haven't you seen enough yet?’’ A hint of laughter could be seen in the charming eyes of Yu He.

’’Hehe, one must always gaze at beautiful scenery when presented with the chance!’’

’’Hmph! Again!’’ Yu He couldn't bear it anymore as she burst out laughing. Looking at the scene where a beautiful looking woman the age of a young wife laughing at him, this was a type of charm that caused Qing Shui to feel slightly moved.

Looking at his empty clinic, Qing Shui left the door unlocked as Qing You and Qing Hu had not returned yet. After which, he departed the clinic together with Yu He.

’’Why did you suddenly decide to start a clinic? Don't tell me you are lacking for money again!’’

’’Yeah. A rich heiress like you would never understand the suffering of us common people!’’ Qing Shui teased.

Yu He almost fainted, and she glared at Qing Shui. Didn't she previously split 50-50 of the proceeds of the black fish with Qing Shui? Where had all his money gone?

’’How's the sale of the All Aspect Nourishment Soup coming along?’’ Qing Shui felt his mood lightening up, as he conversed with the beautiful Yu He.

’’Just like what you had said, those men, after they tried it once, they came every day for it. Qing Shui, does the soup really have...that... effect?’’

Qing Shui felt a shiver of excitement as he stared at the bashful, and nervous Yu He. He couldn't help but want to tease this mature lady a little.

’’Hmm, what effect?’’ Qing Shui replied, forcing his face to appear extremely serious.

’’That effect where the male and female together powerful!’’ Yu He incoherently mumbled quickly!

’’Oh, that. Naturally, I told you this before, after drinking this, a man can wage 3 rounds of great war, and satisfy all the desires of his woman...’’

’’Oi, don't leave! You're the one who wanted to know this!’’ Qing Shui chased after the back of Yu He as he laughed.

During lunch with Yu He, Qing Shui insisted on saying the effects of the turtle soup again, which made Yu He stuff him with food in order to shut him up.

In the afternoon, the number of patients Qing Shui received increased by a few times. This was all thanks to the advertisement by his patients this morning, especially the guy who had been lame for 20 years. Only after a short while, the news of Qing Shui's clinic spread far and wide!

He wasn't tired, it was just that he was not used to this yet. After he returned to the Qing Clan's medical store, his family naturally began a round of questioning. Qing Shui knew that this was because they were concerned about him. Thus, he leisurely chatted and spent some time with them.

The next morning, after Qing Shui woke up, he felt somewhat fidgety. The recipe for the Five Dragon Pellet would accumulate enough experience to be unlocked tomorrow! How could he not be excited?

After breakfast, Qing Shui hurried to his Martial Clinic. Maybe because it was still early, but there were no customers. Qing Shui opened the door, sat by the table and lost himself in his day dreams.

A few hours later, patients start to flood in. However, these were all the common cold and small scale illnesses. Qing Shui didn't even collect money from them, as he just prescribed them with free medication. To people who were poor and suffering, he didn't mind helping them for free. He could just treat it as accruing karma.

Just as Qing Shui sent the last of his first batch of patients off, a woman frantically entered. More accurately, a woman who was embracing a little child frantically entered his Martial Clinic.

’’Doctor, quickly take a look at my daughter!’’ A melodious panic-stricken voice implored him!

Qing Shui involuntarily glanced at the child that was embraced by the woman. This child was only about 2 years of age, had her eyes closed and her breathing was hurried and shallow. Her exquisite little face was incomparably pale.

Qing Shui shifted his gaze onto the woman as his heart trembled. This woman was about 25 to 26 years of age, and was wearing coarse clothings. Despite this, it had no way to hide her radiance. Her face was untouched by makeup of any kind, and yet, that did nothing to mar her beauty. Endowed with a pair of phoenix eyes, as well as a well rounded breasts, sharp shoulders and an elegant neck. All of which emitted a sense of nobility.

Qing Shui was immensely shocked that such a young married woman wearing such ordinary clothings would actually have such a saintly aura. Without a doubt, she was also a beauty!

’’Give me the child!’’ After Qing Shui spoke, he lifted the little girl up, as he examined the little girl with his other hand.

’’Doctor, how about it? Is there any cure for my daughter?’’ The beautiful young wife inquired.

Qing Shui was slightly stunned. It seemed as though this woman knew what illness her daughter had. Otherwise, there was no way she would ask so directly whether or not was there a cure.

’’Did you visit other clinics before?’’

’’Sigh... all of them said that my daughter is innately weak and will never be able to live past a certain age. They have no solution.’’ The young married woman sighed, as though she already knew the result, and only came here to fight for a slightest chance of hope.

’’Your name. The piece of paper was filled with the words 'Qing Shui'!’’


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