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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 13


Chapter 13 - Third layer, Ghost Step

Qing Shui felt a burst of dizziness, the yin and yang jade pedant on his chest was distributing rapidly a refreshing feeling on his whole body. It was as if the drought that Qing Shui felt from a long time ago found by chance, sometime like nectar!

That kind of cool and refreshing feeling did not stop, and although he felt his four limbs all lacking in strength, he felt lazy but extremely comfortable. Qing Shui was relaxed like in the past when he fell asleep when something strange happened!

This time, he hasn't entered into panic when he had his breakthrough through the ancient strengthening technique's second layer, he felt exceptionally calm. A trace of warm qi was surrounding his whole body, and it was moistening his bones and meridians. The flow of qi that was like knitting wool it became thicker. Qing Shui felt that his meridians were also becoming more tough and durable, and even thicker too!

The strength is gradually returning to his body and felt like he surpassed the second layer's peak in excess. Simply speaking, he couldn't do two things at the same time. Qing Shui is aware that the ancient strengthening technique has nine layers and every three has a new stage. In the actuality he was on the third, so as long as he enters into the fourth, he would be in a new realm. Unconsciously, he barely entered into the third layer so Qing Shui was now yearning for the fourth layer!

The ancient strengthening technique was travelling on each edge of his whole body. Qing Shui was incomparably happy, and it was not strange at all, he experienced real combat. Although it was dangerous he gained enormous benefits!

Looking at the Giant Golden Wolf with great care, Qing Shui knows that it was a dog cornered. He felt that the Giant Golden Wolf was slowly retreating!

He would not chase a cornered enemy and besides, Qing Shui felt that it was thanks to the Giant Wolf that he was able to reach the third layer. When inspecting his meridians and datian, he found a lump of qi but that wasn't everything, the blue lotus also reached the third layer. And also, he found that his ancient strengthening technique was mixed with the blue lotus, and now the blue lotus was different from other people of the Qing Family. What part is different? Qing Shui was unable to tell. Qing Shui is with a wrong impression, but by no means, the ancient strengthening technique is in par with the blue lotus, at most they differ in category!

’’Could be that I'm not more a waste?’’ Qing Shui hasn't been looking at the Giant Golden Wolf who escaped, rather, he was in the middle of a doubt!

’’The ancient strengthening technique will become only more complicated to cultivate. I don't know when I will be able to break through the fourth layer, but I will not give up even on the blue lotus. Could be that never again I will be a waste...?’’

’’Forget about it, I have the ancient strengthening technique, the solitary nimble fist and now the concealed weapon, en. That's right;now that I broke through the third layer I have a new technique!’’ Thinking on that, Qing Shui was jumping without stop on his mind, and the best medicine for his heart would be refinement technique...

’’Escape technique!’’ That was his new martial art for reaching the third layer! Looking at his new technique, he wanted to cry but no tears fell down!

’’Now I have an escape technique? Even If I hadn't obtained a technique to refine medicine, at very least I wanted the way of maintaining good health, ah. I'm really depressed now. I don't know how many days;months would take me to have a breakthrough through the fourth layer. When I would be able to learn the refinement medicine technique, the small pellet, the Buddha relic, a five dragon pellet, or even the nine revolutions resuscitation pellet? Tsk, tsk!’’

The reason why Qing Shui wants to learn as soon as possible the refinement medicine technique is to not run out of herbal medicine and make some for Qing Yi's health, so it's a pity. The other reason is to make some medicine pellet to help with his cultivation, because if he relies on his body, then it would be very difficult to make estimation with his aptitude. The ancient strengthening technique is incomparably powerful, it's sufficient to oppose the heavens, but at the same time there are many restrictions! If he had elixirs, he could save half of the time when cultivating!

’’Escape technique. It's better to have something to nothing. The only thing is that I don't felt like is suitable for me at the moment. If this technique wasn't one of the best, then it would be good to practice. After all is hard to find one to technique to save one's life.’’ Qing Shui is aware that the technique is excellent and first class!

Qing Shui closes his eyes, and looks at the technique inside of his mind. He found that it was similar to the techniques that thieves use. Inside of his mind, there are many complicates details and matchless plans to every kind of topography, every kind of concealment technique making full use of the environment. Qing Shui cannot help but be amazed!

’’But how I will be able to escape if this is for hiding? If I am found, what I will do?’’ Qing Shui was muttering for himself. He felt that this should not be all of it and although he didn't finished seeing all, he knows that there must be another part of the technique!

As expected, after Qing Shui rapidly finished seeing that sort of stealth techniques, at the end there was an escape technique. That escape technique also needs the ancient strengthening technique to work!

The footwork technique name was very vulgar, it was called Ghost Step!

Qing Shui didn't care about names, because from the concealed weapon and with the solitary nimble fist he could learn many things. So now, Qing Shui was yearning without stop for the ghost step.

But learning caused headaches to Qing Shui. He is aware that isn't easy to learn as he imagined. He learned the concealed weapon easily because of the enlightenment if not he would have taken more than ten years of hard learning.

He counted about nine steps to learn the ghost step and they were the same like in the numerology, spread in a mat. It was not the best thing to learn. Although they were forced in his mind, he needs a long time because it takes time to digest!

鬼步的學習居然要學九宮算數、奇門遁甲一類的東西做鋪墊, (TN: It's referring to something like this: IMAGE , it was a little confusing to translate this sentence and that thing is used to make divination)

Qing Shui shook his head;he decided to leave the wolf. He didn't want to touch the powerful beast, because it could bring him many benefits but if he is lucky enough, it could bring another Golden Giant Wolf or a pack of them. He believes that he wouldn't be able to run away if that happens!

’’No! I can't even run, but if I learn this Ghost Step, then it would be safer!’’

Qing Shui wanted to learn the Ghost Step because it could be used the footwork to attack and coordinated with the nimble solitary fist it would be possible to display several times it formidable power!

The sun was falling on the hillside outside of Qing Family, it was leaving only afterglow. From the west the sky was bright red. The burning clouds resembled a lion, a horse and a rabbit...

Strike the iron when it's hot. Qing Shui started his first practice of the ghost step above the hillside. To practice the ghost step he needs the nine steps together with the numerology. It's hard in the beginning but no hard to use. The first realm is the speed;need to be fast to the limit, so fast that a mirage appears. In order to escape he needs to use them, because to enter one inch into the realm requires the nine steps and the numerology!


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