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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1222-1223


Chapter 1222-1223

AST 1222 –Success of the Sixty Four Star. Golden Yang Wolf, Victory.

Qing Shui stood still on the arena. The thing which he said made Fu Yanting a bit surprised. But very quickly, he smiled, "Sure, why not? I don't think an arm is enough. Why don't we bet on two instead?"

"I think that will be a great idea," Qing Shui said with a smile.

Now, a lot of the people below the arena were all having their own discussions. Fu Yanting was quite a famous figure within the Heaven Secrets Academy. Normally, people wouldn't dare to provoke him. Not only did he have powerful martial brothers, he himself was also considered to be quite formidable.

Not every person who talked big was useless. A real good-for-nothing person would still have something which he could boast about. Merely the family background or the people behind their back were not enough to make someone arrogant. Well at the very least, they wouldn't be able to stay that way for long.

It might have seemed like Qing Shui stood out without thinking carefully about the consequences. But he didn't actually do it out of rage after being pointed at by someone and being called trash. Naturally, logically, he would feel that way. But right now, the reason he stood out wasn't because of this. Qing Shui was confident that he would be able to handle him even now.

The Eldest Princess had already broken through. Besides, the battle this time was witnessed by a lot of people. Even if there were people who had wanted to do bad things to him, they would have to think twice before doing so. Heaven Secrets Academy might be loose with its rules but it still had discipline. There were a few rules which were stated clearly by the academy itself. Firstly, one could never bully someone else just because they were weak. Secondly, they were not allowed to attempt to win a battle with numbers. Last but not least, one could never kill someone through dirty methods like poison or assasination.

Even though there were a lot of issues regarding these modern laws, it was just as stated above, things would be fine as long as no one noticed it. It was also because of this that Qing Shui wasn't worried. Since they had wanted to deal with him in secret, it was impossible for them to make such a huge crowd appear. Furthermore, his level didn't manage to force them to send out their strongest candidates. By the time they realized his true strength, everything would have been too late.

Hu Yiya had already gone down. On his way up to the arena, Qing Shui passed her some Golden Medicinal Salve Powder and whispered to her, "This is something brother told me to give you."


"Let's start. I will give you the initiative to attack," Fu yanting said generously.

"Sure, I won't be polite then."

As Qing Shui finished speaking, he operated his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. At the moment he swung his Big Dipper Sword, the surroundings got covered in ocean.

Tidal Cloud Waves Seal! 他不想一直依赖金鳞龙象,如果招出金鳞龙象可以瞬间将这个府徒,或者说已经比起一般的府徒地位高很多的人秒掉,但那样对他实力,最重要的是以后的境界提升有影响,所以他决定不到逼不得已不想使用,毕竟现在他的实力还在一个快速的提升阶段。 He didn't want to constantly rely on the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. If he had summoned it, he definitely would be able to instantly defeat the core disciple. Or rather, even people who were stronger than core disciples. However, that would influence his strength from growing. He wouldn't use it unless it was absolutely needed.

Water Binding Force, Monstrous Wave, Toppling Mountains and Oceans!

Qing Shui continuously swung the Big Dipper Sword in his hand. He also began operating the divine Nebula Formation. As these things happened, it was as if his entire body was right in the middle of an enormous catastrophe. The moment the battle started, both sides had already gone up into the air.

Both Qing Shui and Fu Yanting were surrounded by a vast ocean. Enormous waves could be seen constantly assaulting them. However, it was unable to make its way to within three meters within Fu Yanting. There was a faint invisible halo around him, blocking the waves and the killing intentions in the surroundings.

Qing Shui didn't feel surprised. Fu Yanting ought to have something mysterious with him, perhaps, maybe even mysterious martial techniques. Just like himself, he had a lot of secrets not known by other people. The others would also have it. Actually, every individual would have their own secrets. The only difference was the level of the secret. But they all shared one similarity, since it had already been said that it was a secret, they would definitely not want anyone to find out about it. A secret would no longer be a secret once someone found out about it.

"Little brat, if this is all that you're capable of, then today, it's already been decided that you will lose both your arms." Fu Yanting could be seen shuttling through the wave. In every spot where he passed, the waves around him would retreat back like a falling tide.

Roaming Dragon Steps!

Nine Palace Steps!

Inside the enormous wave, Qing Shui was like a deep sea dragon. He carried a powerful aura with him. That was a combination of both tyranny and quick-wittedness. Following his increase in strength, the power of his footworks had also become a lot stronger. His strength was the foundation for all of his martial techniques and postures. Brute strength was enough to destroy all skills. In front of absolute strength, everything was meaningless.

Certainly, Fu Yanting hasn't reached the extent where he could destroy Qing Shui's skills with brute strength. From this movement, one could already tell that if Fu Yanting didn't have powerful killing techniques, he wouldn't even be able to even drag on the fight.

Emperor's Qi!

Qing Shui was aware that he would need to use the fastest and most tyrannical method to face off against opponents like this. He needed to make him felt completely disheartened and unable to face the reality.

A 20% reduction in strength was absolutely sufficient to make Fu Yanting cry. Before he managed to recover from shock, Qing Shui had already proceeded to land another hit with his Big Dipper Sword. He also swiftly tossed out his Primordial Flame Dragon Whip. These sorts of whips were almost a match to Qing Shui's previous martial arts motions. He right away whipped it towards Fu Yanting.


Standing in front of an enormous power with terrifying strength, Fu Yanting was put in a difficult situation and gave his all in avoiding them.

Qing Shui was stunned. He had forgotten that there was already a significant improvement in his strength. Now, his raw strength was already worth around forty seven nimbus. Naturally, its strength would be a lot stronger than before. Fu Yanting was only a core disciple, he was not qualified for Qing Shui to even keep in his eyes. He once again swung the Big Dipper Sword.

Ninth Heavenly Lotus Confinement!

An enormous petal which looked like a lotus which had just bloomed appeared. It was shining with bright light and in just a short while, it had already surrounded Fu Yanting at its center. However, Fu Yanting struggled inside the petal. The golden petal shook vigorously, causing Qing Shui to feel rattled. He was sure that Fu Yanting would have something which could resist it, maybe even something which he could use to reflect spirit energy attacks.

divine Nebula Formation!

Qing Shui abruptly arranged the nebula within his sea of consciousness. It was just that its vigorous movement this time stunned Qing Shui for a moment. He had tried more than a hundred thousand times in arranging the sixty fourth star with little to no success. Previously, he subconsciously arranged the sixty fourth star using the Seven-seven divine Nebula Formation but at the instant he moved it, he felt as if his entire body completely burst open.

It actually succeeded at a time like this?

Qing Shui didn't have time to feel the changes within his body. He immediately activated the divine Nebula Formation, without having a clue on whether he was activating the Seven-Seven or Eight-Eight divine Nebula Formation. After that, an enormous palm appeared above Fu Yanting. Seven enormous palms merged into one in an instant. Furthermore, Qing Shui saw the picture of a nebula on top of the enormous palm. It was a profound eight trigram picture of the nebula.


Qing Shui abruptly pressed down the "One Hand Cover Sky".

A look of dispair flashed across Fu Yanting's eyes. A white light emerged from his body. This time, it was even brighter than those before, so much so that the light itself began to look a bit dense as if it was very concentrated.

As Qing Shui witnessed this, he operated his spirit energy all the way to its maximum and pressed it down not holding back at all.


An enormous noise came through. The heart of the stage was in a completely twisted and destroyed state. In there, even divine iron would be ripped into pieces. Even though Fu Yanting had the white light to protect himself, he still got blown away quite miserably. He even spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Qing Shui lifted up his steps and slowly made his way towards Fu Yanting.

After that, he slowly lifted up his hand and once again formed the motion of One Hand Cover Sky.

"Little brat, you're the one who forced me to do this. Don't blame me for it. Come out, Golden Sun Wolf!" A ruthless look flashed across Fu Yanting's eyes. He once again retreated. As he did that, an enormous wolf in golden scaled armor with a size of a hundred meters appeared. After that, it shot out a mouthful of True Yang Flame into the sky. Those were all fireballs. They immediately bombarded Qing Shui's enormous palm imprint in rapid succession.

Qing Shui was stunned. That was a Golden Sun Wolf. He had seen information about this demonic beast from the demonic beast intel which he happened to come across not long ago. The Golden Yang Wolf was a pet wolf of the sun. They cultivated the Sun Immersion Technique and also the Golden Yang Pellet. All of their attacks contained the True Yang Force. Not only was their True Yang Fire powerful, they also possessed terrifying physical strength.

Qing Shui observed the opponent's demonic beast. It should be in a state where it was almost going to reach adulthood. However, in terms of strength, it should be almost as strong as the fire baby dragon.

If Qing Shui had relied on himself, it was very likely that even protecting himself would also be a problem. He still didn't have any idea on how the Eight-Eight divine Nebula Formation was doing. But he was able to feel a profound and mysterious strength from his "One Hand Cover Sky" from before. It felt as if there was nothing which it couldn't overcome. But at this moment, that enormous Golden Sun Wolf on the opposite side was already charging towards him at an unusually fast speed. Most importantly, this demonic beast was very intelligent. Other than both of the wolf's eyes looking fierce, there was also a kind of deceitful look to it.

It was an extremely cunning beast.


"Golden Yang Wolf, Fu Yanting is indeed blessed with luck. To think that he would have a brother like the Saint Child. Prior to this, I have only heard that for his safety, the Saint Child used a high grade Sacred Beast Pill to help him tame the Golden Yang Wolf." Everyone from below screamed in shock when the Golden Yang Wolf showed up.

"The Saint Child could accomplish this easily. But to us, it was something which we would never be able to achieve even if we have spent our lifetimes working hard."

"Don't feel sad anymore. Who is this young man? To think that he is able to beat Fu Yanting. Unfortunately, Fu Yanting is someone with personality, he will absolutely not let go of this young man so easily. I feel that this young man might end up getting killed by mistake." At the moment when this man mentioned the words "killed by mistake", he clenched his teeth particularly hard.

"Hai, this young man is also considered another super genius. This is such a waste."

"Geniuses are meant to fall. Every day, there are a lot of geniuses parting with this world. The smarter one is, the higher the chance they die young. However, for all you know, this young man might come up with a surprising killer weapon of his own. After all, considering that he is this strong, he must have had a very powerful backing as well. For all you know, it might be even stronger than the forces behind Fu Yanting."

"It's hard but I do hope that this young man will defeat Fu Yanting."


Qing Shui didn't dare to let loose. In any case, he was no match for the Golden Yang Wolf, hence, he summoned the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant right away. A noise resembling the enormous grunt of a dragon as well as the trumpet of an elephant was heard. After that, the dragon elephant immediately stood in front of the Golden Sun Wolf.

The Golden Yang Wolf chickened out. But indeed, Qing Shui wouldn't hold back just because of that.

Kill! Qing Shui gave the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant the order to kill the Golden Yang Wolf. If he was not mistaken, it was very likely that the Golden Yang Wolf had done a lot of bad things before.

Diamond Sword Qi!

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant locked onto the Golden Yang Wolf with a bloody red colored sword qi.

Instantaneous Diamond Evasion, Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack!

Vajra Subdues Demon!

Emperor's Qi!

Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack!

Qing Shui coordinated himself with the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and let off a series of continuous violent attacks. Their strength differed by one fold or more. After getting weakened even further, even if the Golden Yang Wolf had been a Mutated Species of Heaven and Earth, it also got bombarded to death right away. Only after that did Qing Shui make the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant stare at Fu Yanting.

"I admit defeat!"

Fu Yanting screamed quickly.

"Sure, break off both of your arms youself. Or would you prefer I do it?" Qing Shui smiled and said.

"Brother, everyone makes mistakes, you should learn to forgive them whenever possible. What I said just a moment ago was just a joke. We're both people from Heaven Secret Academy, there's no point in stressing one another," Fu Yanting said seriously in an noble manner.

This was the first time Qing Shui saw a person with such a thick face. A lot of people from below had long since started criticizing him. Qing Shui responded slowly, "Since we have already agreed on it prior, you should be responsible and admit defeat. I will let my dragon elephant help you with it."

"Prior to this, we're just speaking without really thinking matters through. Do you have evidence? Can you find any witnesses?"

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AST 1223 –No alternative, confinement strength, toughness, the tyrannical Saint Child Band

"I am the witness!" Tian Jiange shouted from below.

"You are his brother. Friends and family members are not allowed to be witnesses. If this were allowed, I would have been able to prove that I had never mentioned anything about accepting the bet!" Fu Yanting's face didn't look red, nor was his heart thumping fast. Qing Shui really admired his accomplishment in terms of being shameless.

The others didn't have the guts to prove it. Fu Yanting would definitely dig up the graves of the ancestors of whoever dared to make him lose his arms. People who survived would feel as if they were dead.

Tian Jiange on the other hand, wasn't really scared of him. However, he really couldn't do anything about him.

"Qing Shui, forget about it!" At this moment, the eldest princess who was watching from a distance spoke out. He observed the surroundings and realized that only he was able to hear her. He looked at the princess confused.

The eldest princess nodded her head at him. Qing Shui knew that he wouldn't be able to break off his arms today. But it didn't mean that Qing Shui would let go of him. The reason being that he realized that people like Fu Yanting would definitely not admit defeat so easily.

Roaming Dragon Steps!

Nine Palace Steps!

"You big bully." Qing Shui spoke up. While speaking, he rapidly took out a golden needle and pierced it quickly into Fu Yanting's ears and head while holding Fu Yanting's arm with his other hand.

From other people's view, Qing Shui may seem like he was trying to break off Fu Yanting's arm. However, only Qing Shui himself knew what he was doing. He didn't know if others were able to tell but his movements were very obscure. So obscure that no one was able to find out anything about it. The reason being that the Gold Needle which was thin like a cow's skin didn't leave behind any evidence. Even Fu Yanting himself felt nothing.

"You dare? You are underestimating Heaven Secrets Academy!" Fu Yanting screamed loudly.

"Forget it, he has already admitted defeat. Lets sort out the grudge you two hold against each other some other day," the old man who was being the judge stepped forward and spoke at this moment.

Fu Yanting smiled at Qing Shui before going down to the arena. He showed a face which looked as if he was the person who won the battle. But actually, only Fu Yanting knew that his heart was bleeding. The Golden Yang Wolf was dead. He has already made up his mind that he would definitely kill this man.

However, he wasn't aware that Qing Shui already laid hands on him. The thing he was injected with was the Nine Yang Life Seeking Needle. So long as Qing Shui found necessary, he could make Fu Yanting die suddenly without making any moves. But he didn't find now to be an appropriate time.

Qing Shui wasn't in the mood to continue standing guard in the arena. He was also about to head down to the arena. Normally, no one would be willing to challenge him since his Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant exploded onto the scene. Despite him leaving the stage, he had unknowingly helped significantly raise the honor of Heaven Secrets Academy.

Today, it could be considered that he had officially planted a seed of hatred within Fu Yanting or maybe, even Saint Child Band. Furthermore, it was planted deep. At least he had already embarrassed Saint Child Band. The stronger an organization was, the more concern they would show towards their reputation. Hence, a day would come when Qing Shui and Saint Child Band tried to strangle each other to death. The majority of people thought that Qing Shui would vanish very soon.

Qing Shui went down to the arena. Tian Jiange patted him happily, "Brother, you are indeed really powerful. You violated Saint Child Band because of me but worry not, at least I can guarantee that they won't seek trouble from you."

"Can you guarantee that?" Qing Shui smiled.

"For the time being, the powerful people from Saint Child Band are unlikely to come looking for you. I believe that you would have been handle those small fries fairly easily." Tian Jiange was really happy. Of course he would be, seeing Fu Yanting getting eaten empty was something which he looked forward to the most. Furthermore, the Golden Yang Wolf which Fu Yanting had been proud of and relied on the most had now died. This was a significant loss to him.

Tian Jiange didn't ask anything like why he didn't break off Fu Yanting's arms. Previously, even though he had said that he could be a witness, that only meant that he didn't fear Fu Yanting. He wasn't actually supporting Qing Shui breaking off his arms. This was because if Qing Shui really did that, it would have been very difficult for Qing Shui to stay alive.

Tian Jiange was aware that there would definitely people be stopping Qing Shui if he really wanted to break off his arms. For example, the leader of Breezing Wind Veranda, Saint Child or the woman whom his elder brother was after. She knew how strong Saint Child was. She would definitely not let Qing Shui break off Fu Yanting's arms.

"Well then, I apologize in advance for the trouble caused to brother then," Qing Shui said formally. It was also quite a good thing to have a few friends helping him at a time like this. At the moment, he was still quite weak. But what he was happy about was that he still had the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. At least no Grade Four Masters or people below that could threaten him.

Added on that he had the Emperor's Qi. The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was definitely an invincible existence among the entire Grade Four State Masters force.

"We're brothers. There's no need for you to be so formal with me. Let alone this whole problem this time started because of me," Tian Jiange explained with a smile. He didn't know that prior to this, there had already been disputes between Qing Shui and Fu Yanting.

A lot of people were curious as to why Qing Shui didn't continue to remain on stage even after he won. Nevertheless, no one commented on it. The victors had the right to choose whether they wanted to stay.

Qing Shui only went up once for the competition this time. However, a lot of people already remembered Qing Shui in their minds. Not only because of his formidable dragon elephant, it was also because Qing Shui himself had proven himself to be really powerful. A few of the elders from the academy also took a fancy to Qing Shui's future. Unfortunately, it was interrupted by Saint Child Band.

Don't underestimate Saint Child Band. It was a gang which even some elders from Heaven Secrets Academy wouldn't dare to provoke.

No one looked for Qing Shui, which was something which he wanted. Now, he had already thrown away his intentions to make the elder his teacher, let alone that he would most likely have been able to toss these elders far behind once he refined the strength within his body.

Qing Shui left before the competition ended. He would definitely kill people like Fu Yanting. In fact, it should be very soon. The day when he became capable would be the day Fu Yanting died.

Both the little girl and Qing Shui left while Yan Jinyu and Seventh Princess stayed behind.

By the time they went back to their residence, Qing Shui let out the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and went into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He wanted to take a look at the current situation. Amidst the battle, he could feel that the sixty fourth star had been put into its rightful place. Furthermore, he had also seen the Eight Trigram Cosmic Images from the Golden Buddha Palm imprint which he released.

He immersed himself within his sea of consciousness.

Qing Shui noticed that the sea of nebula has gotten a lot bigger again within his sea of consciousness. The other nebula had officially separated itself away from the sixty four stars. The gold star was right in the center of the sixty four stars. It gave off abundant golden light, it was very bright, yet it wasn't harsh.

Eight-eight divine Nebula Formation!

Qing Shui activated it instantly and felt the change in his strength only to find himself confused once again. His strength didn't change. It only increased a little bit. The Seven-seven divine Nebula Formation helped raise spirit energy attacks by one fold but the Eight-eight divine Nebula Formation continued to maintain it at only one fold. This only meant that compared to the previous formation, there weren't really many improvements.

In doubt, Qing Shui used it a number of times only to get the same result. Upon trying it countless times, Qing Shui had no choice but to face reality. The strength of both the Eight-eight and Seven-seven divine Nebula Formation were the same. But what was the use of the eight trigram picture?

Qing Shui stopped thinking only about strength in his experiment this time. Slowly, he came to notice the problem with the Eight-eight divine Nebula Formation. Even though it didn't directly increase the strength of spirit energy attacks, it helped make the spirit energy within the sea of consciousness more abundant. Also, in terms of its toughness as well as its confinement strength, they had both become more powerful by more than one fold.

For example, if Qing Shui was to use the Eight-eight divine Nebula Formation at the time he used the Confinement Strength of Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm, he could make the confinement strength of the golden palm imprint which looked like a golden lotus to go up by one fold.

And also, the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines had become a lot tougher. With good toughness, it would be even more capable of trapping its opponent. Hence, toughness was one of the most crucial aspects of the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines.

The Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal didn't ascend in grade. Qing Shui wasn't really that upset but deep down, he still found it a bit depressing. It had been a long time since he last upgraded the realm. Could it be that he really needed a woman in order to upgrade it? Who could he look for?

The final Mysterious Fruit had also been refined into Spiritual Liquid and consumed. Now, Qing Shui felt a bit helpless in terms of upgrading the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

He let out a long sigh and carried on with his cultivation. Qing Shui also refined his magic treasures. If they were able to break through, the strength of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant would once again take another huge leap. The time for the Nirvanic Fruit to ripen was near. The Fire Bird had already been guarding that spot for many days. Normally, it would only behave this way at the time when the fruits were about to ripen.

He was also really excited, excited for the day when the Fire Bird had another transformation. At present, the Six-headed Demonic Spider's strength was also quite formidable. It was very intelligent. That metallic, soft and immature voice of its was also slowly maturing. Now, it seemed to be sounding more and more like the voice of a young lady. Qing Shui found it really weird, the reason being that now, the Six-headed Demonic Spider was almost as intelligent as the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

An Immortal Demon, Qing Shui felt that in the future, this Six-headed Demonic Spider might end up a being equivalent to that of an Immortal Demon. The reason why such weird thoughts arose in Qing Shui was because of the intelligence possessed by this Six-headed Demonic Spider. But as he remembered the fact that Immortal Fairy had to be at False God Grade, he found his thought really absurd.

Very quickly, the friendly competition between Heaven Secret Academy and divine Might Dynasty ended. What shocked Qing Shui was that Tian Jiange and Hu Yiya had become a couple.

Even though back then, Qing Shui was able to tell that Hu Yiya liked Tian Jiange, he never thought that Tian Jiange would feel the same for her. Indeed, it was easier for women to go after men instead of the other way round. Just a soft poke would have easily broken the barrier between them and established the relationship.

Qing Shui didn't really feel anything for the friendly competition this time. Originally, he wanted to take a peek at the strength of the young generations from divine Might Dynasty but he soon lost interest because of the appearance of Fu Yanting and the fight they had. That incident caused him to feel solely that he only wanted to break through as soon as possible and refine the strength within him. The most unworthy thing that could happen was someone ending up broken after standing guard over a mountain of gold.


Yet another month passed. Suddenly, a group of people came into Qing Shui's manor. There were more than ten of them.

This entire month went on really quietly. So quiet that even Qing Shui himself found it hard to believe. Today, at least fifty men burst into his house right away. Among them, there were seniors as well as youngsters. But with one glance, Qing Shui could already tell that the group was led by two men.

These were two elderly men with balanced builds. One of them was wearing a blue colored gown whereas the other one wore a light grey gown. Qing Shui didn't notice them just because they were standing in front of him. On the contrary, it was because of their auras which felt as deep as an ocean.

"Young man, the reason why we came uninvited today is to get back something which belonged to us." The old man in blue gown slightly knitted his brows. But very quickly, he released it.

"What would you like to get back? What's so important for you to go to the extent of even mustering such a large force." Qing Shui hinted to the girl behind him to leave.

"We are people from Saint Child Band. Saint Child has given us orders to come and get back something from you." The old man in grey gown who was standing at the side calmly stared at Qing Shui. The old man's eyes looked way too gloomy.

"What thing?" Qing Shui asked in confusion.

"An arm, an arm of yours." Like before, the old man was still looking at Qing Shui really calmly.

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