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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1220-1221


Chapter 1220-1221

AST 1220 –Heaven Secrets Academy’s and divine Might Dynasty’s Exchange Competition

It was fine even if it was a gamble. If it were to succeed, it would have too much of an effect on her. It was a pity that there was only enough for one refining process and she could only hold back. If there was at least a 30% success rate, she would dare to attempt it. It was too much of a pity that the success rate was less than 10%. Even if she had the Golden Snake Grass, the success rate would be less than 20%. It was only slightly higher. The Eldest Princess couldn’t see any hope in this. This was why she had waited until now.

30% wasn’t considered little. Each person could only take ten at most and the time required between each intake was very long. However, Qing Shui was able to take ten of them within a very short time frame.

Of course, other people might have some other things which could replace time and thus shorten the interval between each pill. Although in principle it would require a very long period of time, in reality, the time required would be shorter.

Qing Shui hoped that he would be able to get ten of the pills since he felt that ten Violet Golden Bloodline Pellets would have a very big impact on him. However, he wasn’t used to taking away so many for himself. He had already given the Eldest Princess a Violet Golden Bloodline Pearl. If it came down to it, he could just use another Violet Golden Bloodline Pearl to exchange for ten of her Violet Golden Bloodline Pellets.

In the remaining time, Qing Shui focused on his training. He hoped that he would be able to bring the Seal of Roc to the large success stage or to the great perfection stage as soon as possible. Only then would he have the chance of learning the legendary Dragon Phoenix Duo Form.

The Roc Form was already so powerful, let alone the Dragon Phoenix Duo Form. However, he was still cultivating the Seal of Roc and the divine Nebula Formation currently in a down-to-earth way.

Of course, he would also cultivate the other techniques such as the Tiger Form. Qing Shui wasn’t only able to perform the Seal of Roc. He was also able to bring out an impression of a ferocious tiger. Because of his powerful abilities, the white tiger impression he brought out was even more powerful. In the past, he could only bring out a huge tiger’s paw.

For the Crane Form, he could also perform the Thousand Crane Slash. This would bring out one hundred huge cranes to kill the enemy. It was a pity that he couldn’t do the same for his other forms. Qing Shui’s achievements were also because he had sufficient time for his training. If it was someone else, they would have to choose to specialize in one particular form.

Specializing in one form to win over the world!

He hadn’t succeeded in the Eight-Eight divine Nebula Formation yet. This last star was very stubborn, causing Qing Shui to feel stumped as well. However, the only thing he could do was to work hard to practice it time after time, controlling it patiently.

The next day, Qing Shui went straight to the Breezing Wind Veranda to look for the Eldest Princess to hand her the Violet Golden Bloodline Pellets. He even gave her a drop of Spiritual Liquid. “These are your Violet Golden Bloodline Pellets, and this is Spiritual Liquid which has been refined from 10,000 year spiritual limestone. I can only give you a single drop.”

Qing Shui explained the effects of the Violet Golden Bloodline Pellets to her.

“I’ll give you ten. I need ten, and I’ll let the two of them have five each. What do you think? It’ll take them 50 years before they’d be able to digest all five pellets.”The Eldest Princess smiled and said.

“Alright, Then you can give them these two drops. It would probably bring them great advantages.”Qing Shui handed the two porcelain bottles to the Eldest Princess.

Qing Shui had always been one who was willing to pay back goodwill a thousand or even ten thousand times over. He had always returned goodwill in kind. If people were to show him kindness, he would be willing to return the favor in several folds.

It was because Qing Shui was unique and thus he didn’t really care much for ordinary talented disciples. As long as he was given time, he would be able to defeat those geniuses. With the ten Violet Golden Bloodline Pellets, Qing Shui took one right on the spot.

He closed his eyes and shut himself off from the outside world. He sensed that a ball of violet colored liquid had appeared in his Dantian. When the Violet Golden Bloodline passed by, it just went through it. Qing Shui then saw that the violet colored liquid slowly disappearing while the Violet Golden Bloodline became slightly thicker. The change was so minor that it was hard to tell. However, only Qing Shui knew that he had gotten stronger once again.

A person could take one pellet every ten years, but Qing Shui would only need slightly over a month to take another one. It would take him about a year to finish taking all ten Violet Golden Bloodline Pellets.

It might be because there was already Violet Golden Blood in his body that there weren't many changes this time around. He only saw that there was a layer of faint violet glow on his body which disappeared very quickly.

Qing Shui left the Breezing Wind Veranda!

One year. In one year’s time, Qing Shui hoped that he would be able to gain some breakthroughs in his Seal of Roc and the divine Nebula Formation. Afterwards, he also hoped to refine that power in his body within this year.

One year!

Qing Shui was deep into thought as he walked. He wanted to find Di Chen as soon as possible. Every time he was alone, he would feel very upset. It was an indescribable feeling. Even if it was for Di Chen’s sake, he must quickly refine that power that was in his body.

It was because they couldn’t delay it anymore. He was afraid that if the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant were to attain a breakthrough once again, he might not be able to refine it then…

“Qing Shui, this way. I heard that divine Might Dynasty’s royalty had come to our Heaven Secrets Academy for a challenge.”When Yan Jinyu saw Qing Shui walking over, he smiled and said.

Two months had passed and during this time, Qing Shui had continued to cultivate. His body, which had been modified by the Spiritual Liquid, now grew stronger at a faster rate. Two months ago, Qing Shui’s physical strength was at forty two nimbus, but it was already at forty seven nimbus now. Even the two ladies and the girl had progressed and grew stronger at a faster rate. Their abilities were no longer of the same standing as before.

The increase in the Eldest Princess’abilities should be even more but Qing Shui couldn’t tell. Another thing was that he had heard was that a large area around the Breezing Wind Veranda already belonged to the Eldest Princess. This meant that her status in the Heaven Secrets Academy had increased by a lot, lot more.

“divine Might Dynasty’s royalty are here for a challenge?”Qing Shui walked over, feeling puzzled.

Qing Shui had basically not gone out for the past few days and had instead invested all his time into his cultivation. Therefore, he was not aware of many things that had happened in the Heaven Secrets Academy.

“divine Might Dynasty, Tyrant Dynasty, and Heaven Secrets Academy are all at the grade four level. Therefore, there are often sparring events at varying levels. This time around, the people who came are the younger members. This is a form of interaction as well. Qing Shui, winning a round can get you a very high contribution level and those with exemplary performance may be taken as a direct disciple by some of the Elders.”The Seventh Princess smiled and explained.

If it was in the past, Qing Shui wouldn’t want to be taken in as a direct disciple. Even now, Qing Shui didn’t wish for it either. He felt that there was nothing that they could teach him. Qing Shui was aware that his attitude was not commendable. It was a scary thing for people to be too proud, unable to listen to other’s opinions.

Qing Shui also knew that Heaven Secrets Academy’s Elders were very powerful and the Eldest Princess was going to join the ranks of the Elder Association soon. Once she did, she would become the youngest Elder in the Heaven Secrets Academy.

This also reflected how powerful the Elders in the Heaven Secrets Academy were. However, if it was just so that he could be taken in as a direct disciple by an Elder, Qing Shui was actually not very willing. Right now, he would only need to refine that power and attain a breakthrough in the divine Nebula Formation to be able to become more powerful at a tremendous rate.

“Come, let’s go over and take a look!”Yan Jinyu suggested.

Qing Shui lifted his head and saw that Tian Jiange was there as well, thus he walked over. He thought it would be good to take a look to see how the top performers amongst the younger generation in the Western Oxhe Continent were like.


When Tian Jiange saw Qing Shui, he walked over happily.

After meeting in the Huge Desolated City previously, they hadn’t met each other since. They didn’t intentionally try to get closer to each other. It could be due to the fact that this was how their personality was. But this was good as well. They did not feel distant when they met again.

“Brother, are you going to take part this time around?”Qing Shui smiled and asked.

“It’s likely that I will. At least, I’ll be able to accumulate some contribution. If I’m lucky and an Elder was to think well of me, it’ll be good. I can skip the process of becoming a core disciple.”

Everyone had their own aspirations and Qing Shui didn’t find this surprising. If he didn’t have the ancient legacy, if he didn’t have all the things he had now, he would probably have a very large gap when compared to Tian Jiange.

“I wonder how many members of the divine Might Dynasty’s royalty had come this time around.”Qing Shui looked around and saw that there were over ten arenas and people were gathered around each of them.

“There should be about thousand people taking part, and over ten thousand people coming to support.”Tian Jiange said as he pointed to those people from the divine Might Dynasty.

Such exchange competitions were very casual and free. There would be a referee for each arena. A person would first step up and then someone else would challenge them. The former could choose to accept or reject the challenge.

Regardless, each person would only have a single chance to fail. If they were to lose, they wouldn’t be able to enter the arena again. The person on the arena could reject the opponent’s challenge, but after rejecting it, the former would need to step down. Once he did, he could still continue to challenge other people until he lost a battle.

Late in the morning, an old man announced the start of the competition in the biggest arena. He also briefly went through the rules of the competition and instructed that one mustn’t intentionally kill. However, accidental injuries leading to deaths were considered normal. One could admit defeat. Once the participant admitted defeat, the victor was not allowed to continue attacking.

At the start, the people from the Heaven Secrets Academy would head up and then the members of divine Might Dynasty’s royalty would step up to challenge them. As long as one had sufficient endurance and abilities, he could continue to remain in the arena.

However, the possibility of this happening wasn’t very high. What made Qing Shui surprised was that Tian Jiange was the first to step up the biggest arena near them. Before he did, he greeted Qing Shui. Standing in the arena, he cupped his hands to the surroundings and then stood there.

There was also a member of the Heaven Secrets Academy on each of the other arenas as well.

Although this was an exchange competition amongst the younger generation, the people from both Heaven Secrets Academy and divine Might Dynasty’s royalty seemed to place it in very high regard. It was obvious that there were many people with distinguished statuses present. After all, the younger generation was their hope for the future.

Anyone amongst the younger generation could participate, even those who were a hundred or two hundred years old. Tian Jiange was a hundred years old last year and had now exceeded the hundred year old mark.

Qing Shui saw the Eldest Princess, however, she was seated in a high position very far away. Qing Shui also saw an old granny next to her with white hair but a youthful face. The granny’s eyes exuded amiability and intelligence, but she didn’t give off an overwhelming aura.

“That should be her Master!”

When Qing Shui looked over, the Eldest Princess also looked in his direction. The old granny also looked over, appearing to be very calm.


A metallic sound rang out and Qing Shui turned to look back toward the arena. A man in battle armor was battling against Tian Jiange.

Compared to the time when they were in Yan City, Tian Jiange had gotten a lot stronger. His opponent had the lower hand from the very start but Tian Jiange didn’t deal any vicious attacks.

After about the time for half an incense to burn, the other party took the initiative to admit his defeat. Tian Jiange thanked him for the spar.

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AST 1221 –The Loser Will Break Off One Arm, Dare You Take the Challenge

No matter what, Tian Jiange’s decision was a clever one. Those who headed up first tended to not be too strong. He gained three consecutive wins. At the beginning, more people would pay attention as well.

He might have gotten the attention of people from divine Might Dynasty’s royalty. This time, the person who came forth was a lady who was quite beautiful, with a generous and mature beauty. Most people with good aptitude would tend to have a good bone structure, a proportionate body, and good skin. This was why there were no lack of beauties and handsome men amongst cultivators.

“Please!”The lady smiled and said to Tian Jiange the moment she went up.

“Please!”Tian Jiange cupped his fists together.

The lady was very nimble, with a footwork that was as flexible as a sly little rabbit. The lady had a snow-white claw-like weapon which glowed with a fluorescent light, appearing to be very eye catching.


Their weapons collided and Tian Jiange’s body trembled a little. His body appeared a little weird and he retreated a step a bit unnaturally. Qing Shui managed to notice something. He felt that the lady’s attack must have an ability that was similar to a numbing effect.

If it was Qing Shui, he could fend it off with his Nature Energy. There was an increasing number of people with unique abilities as they grew stronger. At this level, who would not have a killer move of their own? It wasn’t surprising for this lady to own an ability like this. She might even have some other, even more terrifying abilities.

Sky Sword of Emotions!

Tian Jiange’s longsword was also snow-white and now it was releasing a brilliant snow-white and sharp aura through his body. Very quickly, the numbness was gone and his movements were even smoother than before.

Song of the Sky Sword!

Tian Jiange’s longsword created a clanking sound that was like a song. When hearing it, one’s morale would be boosted and it also unleashed a powerful killing intent. If ordinary people were to hear it, fear would develop in their hearts and they wouldn’t be at ease.

However, when Tian Jiange heard this sound, the blood in his body would boil, as if a person’s fresh blood was lit up. It was an ability that could stimulate a person’s potential within a short period of time, making him stronger than before.

Soul Attracting Claws!

The lady didn’t show any signs of faltering. With a swing of her left hand, another claw appeared in her hand. When the two claws clashed, a crisp and melodious sound like a wind chime rang out, overpowering Tian Jiange’s clanks by a lot. The melodious sound she produced was one which could calm a person down and even induce sleepiness.

Soul Charming!

Just as Tian Jiange fell into a short trance, the lady made her move. She was fast as a fox and her claws attacked toward Tian Jiange’s neck and chest, as if she was out for a kill. Moreover, her sharp claws were not ordinary weapons. It felt as if she would really able to kill Tian Jiange.

Ding ding…

Tian Jiange tried very hard to defend. A series of densely packed metallic sounds rang out and even his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation sent out rippling waves. If not for his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, Tian Jiange would have died many times over.

“Admit your defeat. If I wish to kill you, it wouldn’t be hard to accomplish. Your Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation won’t be able to fend off my attacks.”After forcing Tian Jiange back, the lady smiled and said.

Tian Jiange felt very depressed as well. He wasn’t a match for this lady, but he didn’t wish to admit defeat. It was actually very normal for one to admit defeat in a sparring exchange like this. It was good for one to understand the feelings of humiliation and use that as to propel one towards becoming even stronger.

“I’m not admitting defeat. You can either knock me off the arena or kill me.”After a long hesitation, Tian Jiange said.

“Why?”The lady looked at him, her eyes gleaming.

“I can’t get it past myself.”Tian Jiange smiled bitterly and said before gradually lifting up his sword.

“Sigh, what’s the point.”The lady shook her head and her Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation appeared as well. It looked very light. If one didn’t pay extra attention, it would be hard to tell that it was a Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. It was something like a robe made of a fox’s fur.

Sky Fox Flash!

Soul Charming Bone Corrosion!

The lady suddenly dashed out toward Tian Jiange like an illusion. Her claws glimmered with colorful lights and she brought about a series of dreamy colors as she waved her claws above.

Tian Jiange looked at his opponent’s terrifying yet beautiful attack and tried to fend it off. However, in the end, his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation dissipated and her ice-cold claws stopped at his throat and chest respectively. The sharp claws flashed with an icy cold light, exuding a killing intent which was not to be doubted.

Tian Jiange had lost. He looked at the lady and said slowly, “I’ve lost. I’ve lost in the battle.”

With that, Tian Jiange turned and headed down.

“I’m called Hu Yiya!”The lady said to Tian Jiange’s back view.

“I’m Tian Jiange.”

“This is my first time at Heaven Secrets Academy. I wonder if you can bring me around later?”The lady said with a poised tone.

“Of course. You can come look for me later. I’ll be over there.”Tian Jiange pointed to Qing Shui’s location and said.

“Good for you Brother. To think that you can attract good fortune with women even under such a situation.”Qing Shui looked toward Tian Jiange and remarked.

“What good fortune with woman. If you’re capable, then go and beat her down.”Tian Jiange said helplessly.

This was the lady’s eighth round and the other people after Tian Jiange weren’t as lucky. Those who didn’t admit defeat would suffer some injuries. Due to this, many people could tell that she seemed to treat Tian Jiange a little bit better.

The lady’s consecutive wins brought about loud cheers from many members of divine Might Dynasty’s royalty. They were all cheering for her. When Qing Shui saw the next challenger, he was stunned for a moment.

It was Young Master Fu!

since the last time he had quickly left the Sacred Hall, they hadn’t met since. When Qing Shui looked up toward the arena, Young Master Fu just happened to look in his direction as well.

“The two of you have a grudge?”Tian Jiange looked at Qing Shui and asked.

“We had a little problem.”Qing Shui said, not paying it much heed.

“He’s a member of the Saint Child Band and is now Elder Tianyi’s disciple. You’re better off keeping your guards up against him. A hypocrite like him is worse than a villain.”Tian Jiange gritted his teeth and said.

This perked Qing Shui’s curiosity. He could sense that there was definitely bad blood between Tian Jiange and Young Master Fu, and it seemed to be very mysterious. Qing Shui could see that Tian Jiange's eyes were spewing fire as he looked towards Young Master Fu.

And when Young Master Fu looked at Tian Jiange, there was a smirk in his gaze.

“This bastard…”

“Brother’s new girlfriend might be in trouble.”Qing Shui looked at the arena and said softly.

“All these years, none of the ladies I’ve taken a liking to have had a good ending. Not even a lady who merely had some more contact with me.”Tian Jiange sounded especially helpless.

“Why is that?”Qing Shui looked at Tian Jiange.

“He is related to Saint Child Band’s Saint Child by blood. They are brothers. I’m the brother to Lord Sect’s leader. There has always been friction between Lord Sect and Saint Child Band but it was merely competition. Sometimes, things can be truly unbelievable. His fiancee liked me and after this Fu Yanting found out about it, he announced that he will make sure that I’ll never get married in this life. Any lady who is even a little bit closer to me shall not be met with a good ending.”Tian Jiange smiled bitterly and looked at Qing Shui.

The battle on the arena had already started. Young Master Fu was Fu Yanting. He held two short daggers, which were in a way similar to Hu Yiya’s claws. However, this time around, it was Fu Yanting pushing back Hu Yiya. Occasionally, Fu Yanting’s short dagger would suddenly reach out from his sleeves and slashed against her Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation.


Fu Yanting’s dagger slashed Hu Yiya's shoulder. Not only did it injured her, but it also made her panic. After all, if her clothes were torn, she could possibly be exposed.

Fu Yanting’s two daggers were like an executioner’s blades and he was just like a cat playing with its prey.

“Senior Martial Sister, admit defeat! Stop fighting with that bastard!”

“How can this person be like this? Torturing a lady like this. He’s really bringing shame to Heaven Secrets Academy. This will definitely worsen the following battles between Heaven Secrets Academy and divine Might Dynasty.”

“Speak softer, Young Master Fu is Saint Child’s brother. Don’t let him hear you. Otherwise, we’ll be in big trouble.”

Qing Shui also saw Tian Jiange’s conflicted gaze. After all, many people had seen that the lady seemed to have taken a liking toward him earlier. Most importantly, Tian Jiange felt that it was because of him that she was in such a situation. If she hadn’t met him nor spoke with him, then Fu Yanting would not have taken action.

“Admit defeat!”Tian Jiange let out a sigh and said to the stubborn lady on the arena.

“Admit defeat? If she had wanted to do that, why would she wait until now? Tian Jiange, are you feeling pained for her? Are you feeling upset? Hahaha.”

Fu Yanting continued to attack without rushing, occasionally leaving another wound on Hu Yiya.

“Fu Yanting, if you have a problem with me, then direct it at me. What you’re doing is creating problems between Heaven Secrets Academy and divine Might Dynasty. Aren’t you afraid that the Elders would put the blame on you?”Tian Jiange bellowed.

“You only know how to holler down there. You can’t even defeat a lady. What’s there to blame? She’s not admitting her defeat, so I’ll continue to fight until she does. Is there something wrong with that?”Fu Yanting looked at Tian Jiange and spoke with disdain.

“Go on. What must I do for you to stop?”Tian Jiange sighed and said.

Qing Shui finally realized why Tian Jiange and that lady had hit it off well. The two of them were actually very similar, and they were similar to him as well. This was the feeling he got.

“That person besides you seems to be your brother? The elder brother is trash. I wonder how the younger brother fares. Why don’t you let him take the place of this lady to have a fight with me? What do you think?”Fu Yanting looked at Qing Shui, his gaze filled with challenge and viciousness.

Tian Jiange didn’t say anything but clenched his fists tightly. It was a pity that he wasn’t a match for Fu Yanting. Moreover, he no longer had the rights to step up onto the arena.

There were no rules in such an exchange competition that those who were from the same side couldn’t spar. It was just that even though there were no strict regulations, people from the same side wouldn't usually challenge each other in such a situation. They had plenty of time usually. Why would they have to fight between themselves in front of outsiders?

However, Fu Yanting’s words caused many people in the surroundings to be taken aback.

“A bunch of cowards, just like that trash.”Fu Yanting threw a challenging look toward Qing Shui.

“It’s fine to have a fight. However, it’s a bit petty for there to be no prize. How about this, the loser will break off one arm. Do you dare to take the challenge?”Qing Shui appeared on the arena.

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