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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1207-1208


Chapter 1207-1208

AST 1207 –Disciples, the two girls arrive

The Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal… The reason why it got upgraded in the past was due to Yin-Yang Union. But later on, despite the Yin-Yang Union taking place once again, it still didn't manage to ascend in grade. Hence, this phenomenon kind of made him rethink what he used to believe in

If that method didn't work, Qing Shui really didn't know what else would make the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal ascend in grade. He was laying down on the couch in the courtyard pondering over it.

It was already late autumn and soon going to be winter. The sun in the sky felt warm and bright, as it shone on his body, he felt warm and comfortable.

So far, Qing Shui still didn't know what the girl's name was. However, she had already started showing an expression which seemed as if she regretted parting with him. It was just like how a girl behaved around her father or rather, a kind of reluctance a sister had with her older brother. Qing Shui was very happy. This was also an improvement. He hoped that she would become happy.

The girl's strength was also improving significantly during this month. Not only that, she was even growing taller. The meridians and bones within her body were also undergoing changes.

Qing Shui's Constitution Nurturing Acupuncture played a huge role in boosting her cultivation. The Taichi which the girl cultivated had completely toppled over Qing Shui's knowledge of it. However, he couldn't really change anything at the moment. She had already walked up a different road of Taichi.

Within these twenty days, the girl became Qing Shui's apprentice. It was likely that she had already thought things through. This was the first apprentice which Qing Shui took in in the true sense. They carried out the ceremony very formally with people from Yan Clan as the witnesses.

The energy of the Blood Terminator Bead could aid her in breaking through all the way up to being a beginner Grade Three State Master. Her current fighting strength however was already really terrifying, it was not something that could be measured with an ordinary person.

She had already achieved so much despite being only sixteen… In the future, there would definitely be no limit in her potential to grow. Qing Shui wanted to see if she could find the good fortune which belong to her to achieve more after bringing her to the Heaven Secret Academy.

But as he thought about her personality and the fact that he took her in as his apprentice, he shook his head. It should be very hard for her to learn things from other people now. Who would want to take her in? Even though she was incomparably talented, she had always distanced herself from other people, this was the biggest existing obstacle.


Qing Shui opened his eyes and saw the girl standing beside him with a cup of tea. He smiled and took it, "Let me do these kinds of things. You can do it for me when I am old."

Qing Shui pointed at the wooden chair opposite him and told her to sit down.

During this time, the Blood Terminator Bead within her body awakened, causing her strength to significantly increase. Her Taichi was also already at the Small Success Stage. Even though her body was really powerful, her footwork was extremely messy. Her ability to fight all relied on the baleful aura and fierce strength. Hence, Qing Shui felt that he could start teaching her other stuff now.

The reason why he didn't do so earlier was because he wanted her to focus on cultivating Taichi Fist. It was all so that the Taichi fist could reach its small success stage and suppress all the baleful aura within her body.

It was just that he had never expected Taichi to completely change its nature once it went into her hands. Nevertheless, they could still suppress the baleful aura within her body. From the beginning, Qing Shui did everything just for this, now, he had already accomplished what he wanted.

In the afternoon, Qing Shui began teaching the girl footwork. Deer Cantering and Ghostly Steps. Qing Shui felt that the Ghostly Steps suited her very well. Of course, there was still the Duality Steps since it was the most suitable for Taichi Fist. Of course, he taught her through the relevant stages. From Origin to Duality, then from Duality to Four Phases before finally reaching Eight Trigrams.

Hence, both the Four Phases Steps and Eight Trigram Steps were made more suitable for Taichi. It was just that for now, the only one she could learn was the Duality Steps. As for the Origin Step, it was the basic.

The girl had supreme talent for learning martial arts. If the Blood Terminator Bead was similar to an inheritance, they could have immediately done strength infusion. But now, the things she cultivated were taught by Qing Shui. Despite this, she was still improving at a godly pace.


Just as Qing Shui planned to visit Yu Ruyan in Southern Sea, they showed up. Furthermore, on this day, people from Yan Clan were also at Firecloud Blacksmith Store. Yan Yangchen and Yan Leng's wounds had all completely healed.

Yan Jinyu, the Seventh Princess and even the Fifth Princess were here. Yan Jinyu and Yan Yangzhao knew about the girls Tantai Xuan and Yu Ruyan. The others on the other hand, didn't know. It was just that at the moment when they saw the two girls, they as though even their breaths were stolen away..

Upon knowing that Yu Ruyan was Qing Shui's wife. All of them felt incomparably weird. They all already knew that Qing Shui already had an extreme beauty from the portrait, not only that but he loved her all the way to his core. Now, yet another extremely beautiful wife appeared.

Without noticing, the emotions of the Seventh Princess once again dipped down.

The stronger and more powerful a girl was, the more proud they would feel. It was an arrogance which originated from their moral character. The same thing applied to Seventh Princess. She didn't understand why such an outstanding woman would want to share a man with other women.

They didn't know the story of Qing Shui and his girls. Hence, they had some trouble understanding it. Or rather, the Seventh Princess was unable to completely understand Qing Shui now.

When Qing Shui saw Yu Ruyan, he felt incomparably happy. He ignored the people present and immediately went forward to hug her. At the moment when he saw the beauty Tantai Xuan, he remembered the things which happened in the past and greeted her awkwardly.

There were a lot of people here. Even the Seventh Princess knew about Tantai Xuan. Everyone was chit chatting happily.

Like usual, the girl ignored everyone. Qing Shui introduced her to the others, when he mentioned about Yu Ruyan, the girl politely called Yu Ruyan master's wife.

Everyone noticed this was the first time the girl talked to someone other than Qing Shui. They immediately knew that she spoke because of him.

Yu Ruyan and Tantai Xuan came. Yan Yangchi and the others only stayed for a while before leaving. The girl on the other hand, went back to her room. They wanted to leave some time for Qing Shui.

The three were in the courtyard. It was now late noon. They were having tea while talking about the things which had happened recently. Actually, when they first arrived, Qing Shui could already feel the strength of the two girls had improved rapidly.

Qing Shui would often feel unnatural when facing Tantai Xuan. Last time, it was almost as if she fled. Upon seeing her this time, he could recall it fairly easy. Qing Shui didn't even know why she came again.

"You have such a huge reputation now. To think that as soon as we reached the inner castle and tried to listen for news about you we didn't even have to try and we already managed to find this place." Tantai Xuan smiled and looked at Qing Shui.

But whenever Qing Shui looked at her, she would unintentionally avoid his eyes.

"Really?" Qing Shui asked a bit shocked.

"Yeah, we heard so many things about you along the way," Yu Ruyan smiled and carried on the topic.

"Oh yeah, Ruyan, I have heard news about Di Chen." Qing Shui felt the need to tell her.

"Oh, then that's great. When will you be able to find Sister Chen?" Yu Ruyan asked happily.

She was sincerely happy.

"She was seen by Eldest Princess from Great Yu Dynasty three years ago when she was in divine Might Dynasty. For now, I don't know if she's still there."

"divine Might Dynasty? That's a Grade Four Dynasty," Tan Taixuan said.

"Yeah, a very powerful dynasty."

"Oh yeah, Qing Shui, what are you planning then?" Yu Ruyan asked Qing SHui.

"I will be joining Heaven Secret Academy at the latest after the new year. After building a reputation there, I will think of a way to go to divine Might Dynasty to look for Di Chen," Qing Shui told Yu Ruyan.

"You intend to join Heaven Secret Academy?"

The two girls were really shocked.

Anyone would be shocked about it. The requirements to join Heaven Secret Academy were very high. One would at least need to possess the strength a State Master. Not only that, they would also need someone to introduce them to it.

Even though the two girls were powerful, they still needed quite some time to be the most low ranked State Master. If they cultivated through normal methods, it would be even slower. If they had people helping them or medicinal pills to aid them, it would naturally be faster.

Furthermore, Qing Shui had a feeling that either their cultivation in Southern Sea must have been really special or they had some external aids. Or else, the two girls wouldn't have been able to make such fast progress in their cultivation.

"What's wrong? Is joining the Heaven Secret Academy not good?" Qing Shui smiled and asked.

"No, of course It's good. Who would have thought that you're this lucky. Eldest Princess has given you a place, hasn't she?" Tantai Xuan looked at Qing Shui with a strange look.

Qing Shui looked at Tantai Xuan. He kept doing it and waited until she withdrew her eyesight, then only he turned around. Previously when he saw Tantai Xuan's shy expression, he felt really happy.

He also didn't know what he was happy about, it was as if his intuition told him that as long as he was able to make women bashfully withdraw their sight, he would feel happy.

"Ruyan, how are you doing in Southern Sea?" Qing Shui looked at the current Yu Ruyan. It was obvious that she looked a lot happier compared to back when she was in the five continents.

"I am doing great! It was just that sometimes, I miss you," Yu Ruyan said softly.

"Can you guys only start getting corny after I am gone?" Tantai Xuan asked.

The things which she just said made the three of them feel awkward, "Miss Tantai… You saw all of me……"

"Go to hell! Stop talking. Do you seriously think that I want to see it? It was so ugly."

"Which part of me looked ugly? You have seen it and yet you said that it looks ugly. Are you cold-blooded? I am the one who is at a disadvantage." Qing Shui was particularly speechless.

He was really speechless. After all, while he was making love to Yu Ruyan, those insastiable expression and, invasive movements of his has all been seen by her. Actually, men never liked a third person looking at them and their women having fun. Even if the spectator had been a beautiful woman, as long as the woman didn't join in, they would feel repulsed by it.

"Alright, stop talking." Yu Ruyan added on in an embarrassing tone. Actually, she felt just as embarrassed. But since they were close like sisters, she decided to forget about it.

Or else last time, she wouldn't have visited Southern Sea again.

"Ruyan, I miss you… I have a lot of things that I want to tell you about." Qing Shui held Yu Ruyan's hand.

This made Yu Ruyan blush. Tantai Xuan on the other hand, scoffed and stood up, "Make it quick. At night, I am sleeping with Sister Ruyan."

"Ah, could it be that you like women?" Qing Shui looked at Tantai Xuan strangely. He was so shocked that he dropped his jaw.

"You filthy man… What are you thinking? You are the one who likes women." Tantai Xuan noticed that nothing good would happen whenever she met Qing Shui. But she felt very strange that she felt this way.

In the past, she would never even dare to think. Maybe because he had done her a huge favor before in the Ancient Ruins or maybe because Qing Shui was the first man to hug her……

In any case, she felt conflicted. She had never had any thoughts about wanting to do anything with Qing Shui, so much so that she never even once thought about it with any other guys. Actually, she felt really conflicted, especially after the awkward incident which happened last time. The most important thing was that even this man had already found out about it. This made her felt conflicted for a very long period of time. Since that, she was never able to be at peace, like how she used to in the past.

The impact of those pictures was too large. That was a feeling which she had never felt before.

Tantai Xuan went out!

As Yu Ruyan saw Tantai Xuan go out, she glared at Qing Shui. That sweet and charming face of hers made Qing Shui feel excited. It was true that she was totally different from before. At least now, she was a little woman in front of him. It was not that she had thrown away her usual mature, charming, lazy and strong-willed self from the past. But when in front of him, he was the only person who would get to see this side of her, as a little woman.

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AST 1208 –The Eldest Princess' letter, heading off to Heaven Secrets Academy after new year

Yu Ruyan was looking at Qing Shui who was looking back at her. Her face immediately blushed from shyness. She lowered her head slightly. Despite this, she felt really happy deep down.

She had actually been feeling really conflicted, especially when they were in the five continents. Other than her, this man didn't bring along anyone else to this place. At the time when he mentioned bringing her along, she was already aware of his motives. That touching moment remained fresh in her memories. Until now, she still remembered it clearly in her heart. All along, this man had always had her in his heart. It was because he was concerned for her that he had been working so hard all along.

She noticed that she had started to change unwittingly, so much so that she had even begun to feel unfamiliar with herself. Back when she was in the five continents, regardless of what had happened, she never thought that she would progress till this step with Qing Shui. She kept on telling herself to forget about everything, so much so that she even had planned on disappearing from Qing Shui's life.

Perhaps this was destiny. Or it could also be considered an ill-fated relationship. Back then, he saved her life. Soon after, he then saved her entire clan. She no longer had to worry about her daughter nowadays and this was all because of him.

Humans weren't plants and could never be heartless. No matter what, if a man was willing to do so many things for her, it was impossible for her to not feel moved. Let alone comparing herself to the other women around him, she didn't really hold any advantage.

Most importantly, she noticed that she loved this man a lot. Unknowingly, she had been changed by this man. It was just like the awkward incident that happened previously, she realized that she could accept it. Furthermore, when she was with this man, they did a lot of embarrassing things. In the past, she never once thought she would be able to do all of those things. It was when they were together alone…

As she thought about all of the embarrassing scenes, she would feel as if her blood within her body was boiling. Lifting her head to look at Qing Shui, Qing Shui smiled and dragged her into his room. It had been many days since he last felt the feeling of flesh. Furthermore, when he shared gazes with Yu Ruyan, her eyes looked really fiery and seemed like she was ruminating on something.


After being pulled up by Qing Shui, She felt both shocked and shy and couldn't help but let out a soft cry.

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder, my wife has become shy." Qing Shui quickly kissed Yu Ruyan's mouth and smiled. He directly picked her up and rushed into their room rapidly.

Yu Ruyan bashfully burrowed her head into Qing Shui's chest.

As soon as they entered the room, Qing Shui impatiently closed the door with his leg and immediately rushed towards the bedroom. Qing Shui pressed himself onto Yu Ruyan. That smooth sensation made him comfortable to the point that he let out a long breath.

"Qing Shui, don't rush…"

Before Qing Shui managed to kiss her, Yu Ruyan raised her hand and pushed it against his chest.

"What's wrong?" Qing Shui asked Yu Ruyan while looking at her red face.

"Do you think the same thing which happened last time would happen again?" Yu Ruyan asked softly.

"I don't think so. She went out," Qing Shui looked at Yu Ruyan and said.

"Qing Shui, why do you think such things happened?" Yu Ruyan looked at Qing Shui curiously. In fact, she had been feeling baffled regarding that incident. How did things turn out like that?

"I'm not sure as well. Can we stop talking about it? Let's have some fun first." Qing Shui smiled and was about to lower his head.

"But what happens if Sister Xuan sees it again?" Yu Ruyan was a bit worried. "She has already seen it twice. We have already been completely exposed. I'm not scared anymore. Worst comes to worst, I'll just let her see all she wants." Qing Shui once again lowered his head. When Yu Ruyan wanted to say something again, Qing Shui immediately blocked her mouth.

Very quickly, their clothes were scattered around the room. Her perfect body was completely presented in front of Qing Shui. The sensations when their skin touched, the warmth of the body that could be felt through to the bones… It felt as if even the temperature in the room was increasing.

This time, Yu Ruyan was unable to let herself loose completely. She was worried that history would repeat itself. She even demanded Qing Shui use the blanket to cover both of them up.

As time went on, the blanket covering their bodies slowly fell off. Unknowingly, the two had already changed a few different positions. Yu Ruyan also seemed like she had forgotten about her previous concerns. It has always been said that when one was thirty, they were like wolves whereas when one was forty, they were like tigers. He should already be at the age where he was like a wolf in comparison to his previous incarnation.

Yu Ruyan was laying by her side while Qing Shui laid behind her, his stomach stuck tightly against her pale butt. That well-rounded butt of hers wiggled slightly every time Qing Shui bumped against it. The splendid feeling and visual impact made Qing Shui feel as if his spirit was floating.

Qing Shui had never been able to comprehend how Yu Ruyan's breasts could still look so perfect even when she had such an old daughter. The two spots on top of them were still pink. They even managed to maintain the same look even after they became erect. Even with Qing Shui's knowledge from his previous incarnation, he was unable to understand it.

Could it have something to do with the divine Bodies of the women from the Portraits of Beauty?

Qing Shui didn't think much about this. The fact that he could marry Mingyue Gelou already meant that he didn't mind whether they were virgins. Even though men said that they didn't care about it, it was just empty talk. However, he could only blame himself for meeting her late. The fact that they were able to meet was already good fortune the heavens had blessed him with.

They moved unhurriedly. Yu Ruyan had already lost count of the number of times she had soared up high into the clouds. Qing Shui himself had soared up once midway. But he couldn't resist his even stronger craving for her body. Only by doing it slowly for many hours would they feel incomparably satisfied.

Both Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan laid down by their side, facing each other while their bodies still joined. Looking at her firm breasts and the two bulging pink spots on top of them that were soft and firm, plumped and upright, Qing Shui bent down slightly and sucked on them while using his hand to massage and play with the other.

Yu Ruyan's beautiful pupils squinted as she made slight gasping noises, wrapping her hands Qing Shui's head. ……

It was only until the sky was almost dark that the two put their clothes back on and came out. Not long after, Tantai Xuan came back. She was shocked when she saw Yu Ruyan's beautiful face and proceeded to say, "Sister Ruyan, you look so beautiful now. Indeed, it's great to have a guy pamper you."

Right at this moment, Qing Shui happened to walk out of the kitchen. He heard what Tantai Xuan said and was immediately stunned. Upon seeing Qing Shui, Tantai Xuan felt so embarrassed she couldn't even show her face. Normally when she was alone with Yu Ruyan, she would joke with her and tease her. She had never expected Qing Shui to hear her. This caused her, a virgin who had no prior experience, to feel so ashamed she wanted to look for a hole and hide in it.

"Miss Tantai, it's very easy for you to find a man to pamper you. What do you think about me? I have a nice body and I am good at warming the bed." Qing Shui said while holding the food.

Even he himself didn't know why he said that. Perhaps it was because he heard what she said previously.

Tantai Xuan remained silent. Yu Ruyan on the other hand got annoyed with Qing Shui. Qing Shui left quickly and conveniently asked the little girl to come down to eat.

Qing Shui left.

Tantai Xuan looked depressingly at Yu Ruyan, "He heard me, this is so upsetting."

"Alright, let's stop talking about him," Yu Ruyan said, somewhat embarrassed.

"Sister Ruyan, you look really beautiful…"

Yu Ruyan was a bit speechless.

Soon after, the little girl and Qing Shui came down. Qing Shui also wanted to let the girl interact with others. The atmosphere throughout the entire dinner didn't really go so well. The girl almost didn't say anything, neither did Tantai Xuan. Yu Ruyan and Qing Shui on the other hand, talked casually.

"Qing Shui, I am going back to my room with Sister Xuan." Yu Ruyan said after cleaning up the things on the table with Tantai Xuan.

"You are my wife. It's very rare that we get to be together." Qing Shui said bluntly.

"Ah, haven't you guys already…" Tantai Xuan got worried. Luckily, she didn't finish her sentence.

"You are a rascal! A bad person!" Tantai Xuan ran away.

"I am going to sleep too." The little girl said before leaving.

Yu Ruyan looked at Qing Shui speechless. Soon after, she said, "I am going to look for Sister Xuan. She seemed mad."

"That's good too, remember to come back. If you don't, I will assume that you had come specifically to look for me for that. Hehe. I will only hug you to sleep at night and guarantee we won't do anything else."

Yu Ruyan scoffed lightly and immediately went after Tantai Xuan.

"Sister Xuan, don't be angry. He is like that." Yu Ruyan grabbed Tantai Xuan and walked to their room together.

"Why would I be mad? He really loves you. Sister Ruyan, you have to cherish him." Tantai Xuan smiled and said.

"Sister Xuan, do you like him?" Yu Ruyan asked all of a sudden.

"Ah? No! How is that possible? He likes so many women, why would I like him? I am not as kind as Sister Ruyan." Tantai Xuan responded in shock.

Both Yu Ruyan and Tantai Xuan had been together for a long time. Normally, Tantai Xuan wouldn't even talk to men. It was also because of this that Yu Ruyan felt that Tantai Xuan was closer to Qing Shui than she was with other men.

That was why she asked that question.

Yu Ruyan smiled and stopped talking. …… The next day, Qing Shui brought the two women and the little girl out to stroll around nearby and buy some stuff in passing. Luckily, the world was large enough. They had sufficient places to visit. Besides, there weren't much entertainment around.

Since the two girls visited, Qing Shui was able to save his time to go and look for them. After all, if he was heading to Heaven Secrets Academy, he should at least meet them before that. ……

In a flash, another two months passed. It was near the end of the year. Even after these two months, Qing Shui's Seal of Roc was still at its small success stage. However, his raw strength has gone up to forty nimbus.

The Seven-seven divine Nebula Formation was still stuck at the Seven-seven divine Nebula stage. But now, the amount of stars that could be rearranged had increased to sixty stars.

It was on this day that Qing Shui received a letter.

It was sent by the Eldest Princess. It was a letter for him to head to Heaven Secrets Academy. With the letter, he would be permitted to enter the Heaven Secrets Academy.

It was almost new year. After that, he would finally be able to head there. Deep down, Qing Shui felt happy. He was finally able to go to Heaven Secrets Academy. This would be one of the most important platforms in his life. Through it, he would be able to see an even broader world.

This was his first new year since arriving in the four continents. However, Yu Ruyan and Tantai Xuan didn't come over. It might have been because they knew that Qing Shui would be leaving after new year.

During the new year, Yan Yangchi and the others accompanied Qing Shui at the Firecloud Blacksmith Store. Both the Seventh Princess and Yan Jinyu were also there. They would be heading to the Heaven Secrets Academy together with Qing Shui.

He was going to have to temporarily put aside the things here. His blacksmith store would also be closed for a while. Qing Shui was preparing all of the things necessary for living in Heaven Secrets Academy in the future. Actually, he found out that the regulations within Heaven Secrets Academy were very lax through the girls. They could even leave for half a year. It was fine as long as they went back once a year to report.

It was also because of this that Qing Shui joined Heaven Secrets Academy solely for the title. He could soon say that he was from the Heaven Secrets Academy. With this halo, he would be able to go to the divine Might Dynasty to inquire about Di Chen.

"Chen`Er, wait for me. I will be able to see you very soon." Qing Shui held the letter and said to himself.

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