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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1203-1204


Chapter 1203-1204

AST 1203 –Snowjade Poison Jiao, Killing with the Nine Yang Gold Needles In One Move

Qing Shui took action directly. Even in the past, Qing Shui would dare to hit the people from Mu Clan. Right now, the Seal of Roc was at the small success stage and thus the pressure on him had lessened even more now. Moreover, this person’s mouth was extremely foul.

Mu Clan was situated on the boundaries of the Great Yu Dynasty and was very far away. Although Mu Clan’s reputation was great, their influence here wasn’t as strong as Yan Clan’s.

Qing Shui was very sudden when he struck and he struck at that person’s face. This was equal to smacking Mu Clan in the face. Therefore, everyone around them was instantly stunned. Many of them didn’t know who Qing Shui was and felt that this time around, he was in deep trouble. After all, these people were members of Mu Clan.

“Full of shit. Haven’t your seniors at home taught you how to speak? Did they teach you to be so arrogant, biting everyone you see?”Qing Shui sent one of them flying and said unhappily.

That person’s mouth was too foul. They were at Yan Clan and there was going to be at a happy event. Therefore, he didn't want to make too big of a deal out of this and only broke off his teeth.

“It’s none of your concern whether our seniors have taught me how to speak. I only saw that you raised your hand against a member of our Mu Clan. How can our people be hit by anyone?”The young-looking man in the middle frowned and stared at Qing Shui.

This man, Mu Chaoye, held a respectable position in Mu Clan. When had he ever been treated with such contempt? The other time, this person had stopped him from getting close to Seventh Princess and right now, he had even struck the face of one of his clan members.

“Oh? So you’re going to rely on Mu Clan to bully others? You’re prepared to bite?”Qing Shui remained calm as he looked at this man.

“What kind of skill is lip service? If you’re that capable, then let’s have a spar.”Mu Chaoye looked at Qing Shui with a cold gleam shining in his eyes.

Qing Shui was taken aback by his words as well. Only then did he carefully sense this guy’s abilities. This person was very strong, as expected of a member of an aristocratic clan. Their clan’s legacy should be very powerful. However, his abilities should be about the same as Yan Yangchen. What did he have to challenge Qing Shui with? Was he unaware that Qing Shui had defeated Tian Jiange?

However, Qing Shui very quickly dismissed this thought. It was impossible that this person wasn’t aware. Neither was this the first day the person had been in Yan City. He should at least have heard of Qing Shui. Could it be that he did not believe in what he had heard?

“How are we going to compete? I’m willing to take you on!”Qing Shui wasn’t afraid and thus said to Mu Chaoye.

“We’ll have a fight, with no responsibility held for life or death. If one party were to ask to be spared, he must promise the victor one condition. Otherwise, the victor will have the rights to decide on the loser’s life or death.”Mu Chaoye looked at Qing Shui and said each word clearly.

“Qing Shui, you guys are here!”

At this moment, Yan Jinyu, Yan Yangchen, Seventh Princess, and the others came over.

Qing Shui turned to greet them.

“Lad, why, do you dare to accept this challenge?”Mu Chaoye looked at Qing Shui and said again.

“Qing Shui, don’t accept it. His weapon is a Snowjade Poison Jiao. That Snowjade Poison Jiao of his is a mutated beast and has killed many Grade Three State Masters.”Hearing Mu Chaoye’s words, Seventh Princess quickly informed Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was stunned to hear that the guy’s weapon was a Snowjade Poison Jiao. In the past, he had only heard of people using living things as weapons, but he hadn’t expected to encounter such a person today. Using demonic beasts as a weapon was different from Beast Tamers.

Those who use demonic beasts as weapons tended to use snake-type demonic beasts. The smallest kind could be hidden in one’s sleeves while bigger ones could cover even the skies. Demonic beasts which were used as weapons tended to feed on the blood essence of humans and had a mental connection established with their owners. With the demonic beast’s ability and the brain of a human, the prowess of the demonic beast would be brought to its peaks.

Demonic beasts’prowess and grade were much more powerful humans. They were much stronger in terms of their physical strength, endurance, and resistance. Their only problem was that they weren’t as intelligent as humans. This was considered a balance. Otherwise, it would really be hard for humans to remain competitive.

However, there were times when such situations would be changed. For example, when using demonic beasts as weapons.

“Why? You don’t dare and are going to shrink back like a tortoise?”Mu Chaoye spoke with great contempt.

“Mu Chaoye, we don’t welcome you here. You can leave.”Seventh Princess looked at Mu Chaoye and said with displeasure.

“So you’re a good-for-nothing who only knows how to hide behind women. To think that I had previously thought that you’re a powerful expert. I had overestimated you.”Mu Chaoye didn’t pay Seventh Princess any heed and continued to speak to Qing Shui in great disdain.

“You deserve to die!”

The girl’s pernicious aura exploded out toward Mu Chaoye. A thick layer of pernicious aura encompassed Mu Chaoye.

The girl was about to move when she was held back by Qing Shui.

“Alright, he’s just a clown. I’ll just take it that I had been bitten by a mad dog. You really think that you’re unrivaled just because you have a Snowjade Poison Jiao? I’ll take up your challenge. If you can take three attacks from me, then I’ll take it as my loss.”Qing Shui held back the girl and said to Mu Chaoye, whose countenance had turned pale. The things that these people said, especially what they had said about the little girl, had initially made Qing Shui wanted to kill them. These people were actually no different from ruffians and the only thing different about them was that they came from a well-to-do family.

“Qing Shui…”

“I know what I’m doing!”Qing Shui smiled and said.

Qing Shui and Mu Chaoye went up into the air. This was how it was like in the world of cultivators. Ordinary people and commoners wouldn’t be able to understand. The moment both parties couldn’t agree on something, they would draw their weapons and send blood splattering!

“Lad, you didn’t even think of the consequences before you boasted. I shall see how you’re going to win against me within three moves.”Mu Chaoye looked toward Qing Shui from afar and said.

“Bring out your weapon. Don’t die because you weren’t able to bring it out and end up not even being able to regret it.”Qing Shui drew out his Big Dipper Sword and said to Mu Chaoye.

This time around, Mu Chaoye didn’t say anything and just stretched out his hand. A small Jiao that was snow white like jade circled around his body. It exuded an aura that was sharp as a needle. The eerie part about this Snowjade Poison Jiao was its snow white body which only had a pair of pitch-black horns. The two horns were a purplish-black color. The Snowjade Poison Jiao was only about 30 meters in length and was the thickness of a person’s upper thigh.


Mu Chaoye let out a soft bellow and waved his hand. The Snowjade Poison Jiao was like a snow white arrow, bringing with it a hint of black as it shot out toward Qing Shui.

Qing Shui had made a claim earlier and thus he didn’t dare to be careless. He had already had it thought out. If all went to naught, he would just completely fall out with Mu Clan. Right now, he felt that they won’t be able to do anything to him.

Area Dominance!

White steam gradually extended out around Qing Shui!

The gold needle in his hand flashed.

Nine Yang Gold Needle, Demon Binding Ropes!


Although Qing Shui had a strong resistance to poison, he didn’t wish to let his guard down and thus circulated his powers to their limit and also activated Area Dominance.

That Snowjade Poison Jiao’s pitch-black head slammed into the region of the Area Dominance. Its color faded off a little and the poison remained in its head. The Area Dominance was still quite powerful.

In that instant, Qing Shui bound the Snowjade Poison Jiao with the Demon Binding Ropes and avoided the venom it had spewed out. His right hand then pierced the Nine Yang Gold Needle with great accuracy into its reverse scale.

Violet Gold divine Force!


In addition to the primordial flames, a domineering force erupted from Qing Shui’s blood, and the Nine Yang force from his bones exploded inside the Snowjade Poison Jiao’s body.

Pa pa pa…

A series of densely packed explosive sounds rang out, turning the Snowjade Poison Jiao’s internal body into a messy lump. The Snowjade Poison Jiao had a body that was tough as diamond and it was almost impossible to hurt its body. This was also where Mu Chaoye's confidence laid. However, snakes, pythons, Jiaos, and dragons would all have reverse scales where they were the weakest. However, they weren’t so easily attacked. The Snowjade Poison Jiao’s reverse scale was only the size of the tip of one’s pinky. Bigger weapons wouldn’t be able to attack it.

The Snowjade Poison Jiao was unlucky to have encountered Qing Shui and it died from his gold needle attack!

Qing Shui looked at the Snowjade Poison Jiao which had lost its vitality. This was a coincidence as well. If not for the fact that he had the gold needles and powerful acupuncture skills, it would really be hard for him to kill it. If it was some other cultivator, even if they were to use the gold needles, they wouldn’t be able to pierce its reverse scale, let alone hope to mess up the Snowjade Poison Jiao’s meridian channels completely.

Mu Chaoye looked at the Snowjade Poison Jiao he had lost and stood there in a daze. He couldn’t accept the fact that Qing Shui had managed to kill it in one move. The reason he dared to fight against Qing Shui was because he could rely on the Snowjade Poison Jiao. Without it, he could only wait for an instant kill. Earlier, he was protected by the Snowjade Poison Jiao but right now, he was completely exposed…

Qing Shui slowly walked towards Mu Chaoye. Each step he took felt very heavy. When Mu Chaoye saw Qing Shui walking over, he shouted out as if he had seen a devil.

“I’ll promise you anything! Don’t kill me!”

Qing Shui looked at this Young Master from Mu Clan. He was just dreg who came from a good background, inheriting the clan’s legacy and receiving powerful medicinal pills, living a smooth life till today.

“Do you want to cripple your own cultivation or shall I do it for you?”Qing Shui asked softly.

“Ahh, don’t! I’ll give you anything you want! Don’t cripple me of my cultivation!”Mu Chaoye shouted out, terrified.

“My condition is to cripple your cultivation.”

This time around, Qing Shui was using him as a warning to the others. He wanted others to know what the consequences would be for offending him.

“Uncle Li! Save me!”Mu Chaoye shouted out loudly.


A sigh rang out and with two flashes a man appeared next to Mu Chaoye.

“Uncle Li, kill him, kill him….”

“Shut up! Haven’t you been humiliated enough?!”Uncle Li bellowed loudly.

Qing Shui looked at this old man called Uncle Li. He couldn’t tell how old the old man was but his hair was snow-white. However, there wasn’t a hint of wrinkles on his face. His thin eyes exuded sharpness and might and his plain looking robes made him exude the aura of a great expert.

The old man was strong!

“Young man, I’m from Mu Clan. Can you do a favor out of respect to Mu Clan? As the saying goes, it’s better to make friends than enemies. What do you think if we were to forget everything today?”The old man looked at Qing Shui as if he was smiling but yet not doing so.

“Forget everything? Respect? What kind of respect do you deserve to have everything today canceled out?”Qing Shui looked at the old man and asked calmly.

He didn’t like how the old man was putting up a domineering front. How was he going to show his face if he were to shrink back just because of a word from an old man?

“Haha, excellent, excellent. Youngsters really do have great vigor. There hasn’t been anyone who has refused to show me any respect. I shall see how you’re going to cripple his cultivation today.”Uncle Li bellowed.

“You’re treating the royalty in contempt, as well as looking down at all cultivators in contempt.”Qing Shui refused to back off.

“How dare you! I shall see how capable you are to be so arrogant!”The old man was about to take action after saying this.

“You can go ahead and try. I’ll see if I can let your blood splatter. Cripple that good-for-nothing yourself. If I were to be the one to do it, I don’t mind crippling you of your cultivation as well.”A charming voice rang out. There was an indescribable temptation to her attractive voice.

Eldest Princess!

Qing Shui could tell that it was Eldest Princess’voice.

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AST 1204 –Crippled, wedding, Seeing another wedding arena

Qing Shui recognized the Eldest Princess's voice, but he didn't see her in person. He didn't know why Eldest Princess had stepped in, but he assumed that it had to do with the Seventh Princess.

When the old man called Uncle Li heard what the Eldest Princess said, his body trembled. He then extended his trembling hand towards Mu Chaoye's Qihai Acupoint, where his Dantian was located at.

"Uncle Li, don't… You can't cripple me…"

Before he could finish his sentence, the old man had already poked downwards. After a short yet painful cry, Mu Chaoye immediately fainted. When that happened, he must have felt completely disheartened.

The most important thing to a warrior wasn't their life. It wasn't that their life wasn't important but the most important thing to warriors was their cultivation, especially for someone who has reached this level. Only by having high cultivation would one be able to live long. But when someone suddenly lost his cultivation and became a crippled person, it was very likely that he would die immediately. Even his heart wouldn't be able to take it.

The Eldest Princess of the Great Yu Dynasty was definitely a legendary character. On the surface, she was the Eldest Princess from the Great Yu Dynasty and also the youngest teacher in the Heaven Secrets Academy. It was also said that she had a very, very strong backing behind her.

The old man did not doubt the Eldest Princess' words. Since he was already unable to protect Mu Chaoye today, he felt that he shouldn't sacrifice himself pointlessly. He only hoped that he would be alright when he went back to the Mu Clan. He still held some status within the Mu Clan. Hence, he wasn't sure if he would be able to continue living peacefully. In any case, Mu Chaoye was still the grandson of the Mu Clan's Clan's Head, even though he was a good-for-nothing, he still had a bit of talent.

Let's talk after we settled the problem at hand!

"Let's go!" The old man carried Mu Chaoye and left with the others from the Mu Clan.

They never expected the Eldest Princess to appear. If she didn't show up, the incident today would definitely not have ended up this way. If he had confronted her just now, it was very likely that he, Mu Chaoye and the others would have all died here.

Qing Shui also didn't know why Eldest Princess showed up. He wasn't sure if he would be able to defeat Uncle Li. Even with his Seal of Roc currently at Small Success Stage, he still wasn't confident in beating him.

Even when he was leaving, Uncle Li still didn't know why the Eldest Princess had showed up to protect Qing Shui.

Many people below were looking at Qing Shui enviously. They wished the person in mid-air to be themselves. To think that the Eldest Princess would stand up for him. From now on, no one would dare to ever provoke him in the Great Yu Dynasty, at least they wouldn't do it outwardly.

Qing Shui was still holding the corpse of the Snow Jade Poisonous Jiao in his hand. Even he himself didn't know how he ended up holding it. He conveniently threw it into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. The skin of the Snow Jade Poisonous Jiao was decent and could be used to forge armor. Its bones could also be forging materials while its blood essence could be used in medicine making. Overall the corpse of the Snow Jade Poisonous Jiao could be said to be very precious.

"Serves the people from the Mu Clan right for acting so savagely here!"

"Exactly, do they really think that they are invincible? They didn't even put the people from royal family in their eyes. Sooner or later, they will be eliminated."

"No matter how huge a clan is, they would still be afraid of wastrels!"

"It's still the royal family that has a rich background. The Eldest Princess truly is the legendary royal fairy. This is what you call deterrence."


Qing Shui was listening to the surrounding comments while walking with the little girl and a few others towards a living room.

There was already a woman inside the room. She was exceptionally enchantin. She had a slender body and the loose clothing she wore could not conceal the curves on her body. Even though it wasn't some exaggeratedly curved body, people would still find it tough to look away. The undulations of her peaks were graceful beyond compare.

Not only were the curves of her breasts, waist and butt perfect, every part of her body was extremely alluring. Her beautiful hair was tied up, revealing her slender, white neck. Her beautiful neck and perfect figure gave off an enchanting luster.

Her face alone already gave off all of the charm in the human world. The pair of brilliant pupils of hers gave off the feeling of a very wise and farsighted woman. They were so pretty that it could make someone stop just to look at them.

Eldest Princess!

At first, Qing Shui was a bit distracted. However, he managed to return to normal very quickly. Furthermore, from her aura and her appearance, he could already confirm that she was the Eldest Princess.

"I thank the Eldest Princess for helping me once again." Qing Shui's expression was really calm. Even Qing Shui himself didn't know how he felt when he saw the Eldest Princess.

There seemed to be a constant faint smile on the Eldest Princess's face, yet it also didn't seem like it. She was openly looking at Qing Shui seeming very interested in him.

"You are friends with them. Don't worry about it. I would also like to thank you for helping them." the Eldest Princess spoke very softly. There was an unusual beauty to it. Her attractive voice was a little hoarse and seemed to pull in one's soul when listening to it.

This was a woman who could enchant people with just her voice. Compared to Di Chen, Canghai Mingyue and Yiye Jiange, she wasn't the slightest inferior to them.

At the very least, this woman wasn't inferior to the women on the Portraits of Beauty.

The twelve Portraits of Beauty, Qing Shui once again felt that it might be talking about women with twelve types of mysterious bone structures. The only thing Qing Shui could comment on at the moment was that the Eldest Princess wasn't at all inferior to the women in the Portraits of Beauty. But compared to Yan Jinyu and the Seventh Princess, she seemed to have the upper hand in terms of charm.

As everyone sat together, Qing Shui noticed that the people from the Yan Clan were very reserved. Even Yan Jinyu was acting that way. Only the Seventh Princess looked slightly more natural. It seemed like they very rarely saw the Eldest Princess.

"That's right, I still need to thank the Eldest Princess for helping me enter Heaven Secrets Academy." They were all sitting together drinking tea instead of wine, yet the atmosphere felt very tense.

Despite Yan Yangchi's efforts in trying to make the atmosphere more relaxed, it didn't seem to be working out.

The Eldest Princess's aura was too strong and was a concealed suppressive feeling.

"Mister has truly shocked me. Not only in martial arts and forging, but it seems that you have great accomplishments in drawing as well." Eldest Princess looked and smiled at Qing Shui.

"You can call me Qing Shui. Eldest Princess, how did you find out that I can draw?" Qing Shui asked casually. No matter what, this woman had helped him. In the future, he might still need more of her help, at least during this period of time.

"I saw your wife's portrait. If I'm not mistaken, you drew that." The Eldest Princess said with great interest.

"Why would you think that way?" Qing Shui was a bit confused.

"I have some foundation in drawing. If that drawing is the portrait of your wife, it definitely must have been drawn by you. This is because that was a drawing which couldn't be drawn with just artistic skills alone. Without a deep-rooted love that is unchanging till death, the artist wouldn't have been able to draw it. Am I wrong?" The Eldest Princess looked at Qing Shui and asked.

In between, she also gazed at the Seventh Princess.

Qing Shui didn't say anything but the others were able to tell that the Eldest Princess had guessed correctly. However, they only noticed now that Qing Shui was very good at drawing. This was because they had all seen Di Chen's portrait. They didn't ask who drew it because they never expected Qing Shui to be the artist.

Qing Shui didn't know what Eldest Princess meant and simply smiled at her. The heart of Seventh Princess, on the other hand, was thumping up and down all this time. This was a very strange feeling. ……

Two days passed really quickly and it was already Yan Yangchi's wedding day. The whole place was decorated with lanterns and colored banners. When it was around 8 in the morning, the wedding started.

Quite a lot of people from the royal family showed up. The Eldest Princess was also here. Many people who were rarely seen on ordinary days could be seen, making the Yan Clan seem more glorious than before.

The Old Ancestors from the Yan Clan also showed up. At the banquet, every guest held an honorable status. After all, the people they were associated with at their level would definitely not be ordinary.

It wasn't a matter of whether they looked down on ordinary people. They had already lived for hundreds of years. How long would normal people live? Even if they had such friends in the past, most of them would have passed away by now.

Birds of a feather flock together. Similarly, people who are alike would also divide themselves into factions.

Although it was a flourishing scene, many people were still worried. They were worried that people from the Scarlet Flame Region would show up. Qing Shui was also thinking about this problem. He wondered if the Eldest Princess had been able to stop them with her words.

Roughly two hours later, the wedding arena started. Qing Shui never expected that there would also be such a thing here. Continents with flourishing martial arts were like this, hence it wasn't really all that weird.

Marrying the princess, the royal family would be the first to guard the arena!

This was also a symbolic competition. If the royal family really wanted to resolutely defend it, the princess would truly be unable to be married.

One of the youths from the royal family walked up the arena and cupped his fist to the spectators, "Today, I will be fighting the first round. Youngsters from the Yan Clan, whether you would be able to marry the princess today depends on how hard you guys are willing to work for it!"

The teenager looked very cheerful. He was quite young and had a slender and tall body. He wasn't very strong. Qing Shui smiled and watched. He knew that the Eldest Princess had appeared merely for formality.

Yan Clan also sent out a youth. His strength was similar to the youth from the royal family. They were all comparing their techniques. The battle was in full swing, with most of it being a performance. In the end, the fight was concluded as a draw.

After that, both the Yan Clan and the royal family once again sent out their disciples, with each following disciple being stronger than the last. Even though it was mostly putting on a show, they still displayed their strength and fought brilliantly. ……

After Yan Yangchen defeated one of the royal family disciples, the duels were considered to have ended as there was not much time left. As Yan Yangchen cupped his fist in all directions and was about to descend, a figure suddenly appeared on the arena.

"I am wondering if I can fight on the wedding arena? If I win, does it mean that I will be able to marry the princess?" A lazy voice was heard.

The person who appeared on the arena was a man who looked young, He was very handsome yet nefarious and had a lazy smile on his face.

"Impudent! Who are you, we don't welcome you here!" Yan Yangchen shouted annoyedly at the man.

"It's a happy occasion, everyone is here to join in the fun. Did you set up the arena just for show? Could it be that you people from the Yan Clan feel that you aren't able to defend the arena?" The man said carefreely.

"Then I will kick you out now!" Yan Yangchen shouted loudly and charged towards the man.

The man remained silent. He only extended his hand and casually struck out when the enormous fist in the air was about to hit his body. However, he landed his blow first, immediately striking Yan Yangchen's chest.

It might have seemed like a casual attack but Yan Yangchen was blown away and even spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

The sudden unforeseen event caused the situation to become passive. Everyone was astonished and there were some people who had a schadenfreude expression but even more people were indulging in the bustling scene.

"Too weak, could it be that other than the Eldest Princess, no one else can defeat me?" The man on the arena smiled as he mocked.

"Allow me!"

Yan Leng charged onto the arena. He was very fast and was holding the weapon that Qing Shui had forged for him. He was also wearing the armor and boots that Qing Shui had forged!

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